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The story continues from Ch. 1 where the eighteen year old school boy watched the vicar’s wife behaving badly in the church with the choir master.


I called her that evening and she asked if I would be interested in some help from her and her husband to complete my project. I said that I would and we agreed that I should visit her at the vicarage after school the next day.

I was nervous all through the day and when the time came to visit the vicarage I was trembling. I rang the door bell at four o’clock precisely and she swiftly came to let me in. I had been in their house on many occasions and remembered the spacious entrance hall, the huge staircase and the drawing room, the study and two substantial reception rooms on the ground floor. She led me to the study which was at the rear of the property, where she beckoned me to sit while she went to the kitchen to make us a cup of tea. On her return she sat opposite me and we sipped the tea. She was dressed as usual with her hair in a pony tail, some light make-up, a white buttoned blouse, black long pleated skirt and stocking clad legs. She was wearing her spectacles today with little round lenses which made her look like a school ma’am. She looked over the top.

She appeared apprehensive as she sat opposite me and started to speak. “John, I will be pleased to help you with your school project and so will my husband but he is not here at this time as he is away at a conference, however he has agreed to give some of his time. I told him of our chance meeting in the church yard and about our conversation that day.” There was long silence as she wrung her hands nervously.

“I think I know what you saw when Mr. Wilson and I were in the church and I would like to buy your silence. I am ashamed of what I have done and it will cease from now on. You can imagine the consequences if my husband or any of his parishioners learnt about my behaviour. Will you agree to my proposal and never mention what you saw to any soul?”

“I will agree to remain silent about you and Mr Wilson, but…..” I now saw my chance. My heart throbbed and my mouth was dry. I sipped my tea.

“But what?” she whispered.

I replied with a stammer. “I want to do what Mr Wilson did with you on that afternoon.”

“What, you want me to allow a young man to see me naked and be intimate with me.”

“I want to make love to you.” I said with more confidence now.

“Oh no………..I’m stunned and shocked.” She replied.

There was silence in the room now as she thought. I sat and waited for her response.

“We cannot do this.” She muttered.

“We can, I really want you Mrs Rawson and I have seen you almost naked. I love your mature body and want to realise my fantasy to make love with you.”

“No John, it’s so wrong. You are a young man and I have known you since you were a child. I am almost three times your age.” She sighed.

“I am old enough; it’s no more wrong than your meeting with Mr Wilson, we must or I will spill the beans.” was my forceful response.

“How could you, how could you ask me to do this, what about my husband, what about Mr. Wilson, what about your parents?” she cried.

“No-one will ever know.” was my quiet reply.

“Let me think.” She pleaded.

Silence reigned again and she stood and walked around the study, hand top mouth, thinking.

She pushed her glasses up to the bridge of her nose.

“I promise that I will not tell a soul, Mrs. Rawson.” I vowed.

“How about if I let you see me undress.”

“Yes please, but I want more.” I insisted.

“I will let you masturbate in front to me.” She pleaded. “I’m sure you would enjoy that.”

“No, I really do want to love you, and caress you, please Mrs. Rawson. I am so excited by being in your presence.” I responded.

More silence, and more thought.

“Will you be satisfied if we do this once and then never again and all will be forgotten, John?”

“Yes, I promise.” I replied.

I was getting quite excited now, my heart was thumping again and I was perspiring. My penis was erect and weeping precum.

“Then that is what I must do, John. When shall we do this thing?” She spoke in a low tone with her head bowed. “I am ashamed and I must pay for my sins, however, we must look upon it a lesson in life. Maybe we can both learn from this experience.”

“Can we do it now?” I said optimistically. I could not wait now she had agreed. It would drive me mad to have to wait for this erotic thrill.

“OK let’s get it over with while my husband is away, but you have given your word to keep this our secret. You mustn’t ever mention it to anyone, not even your best friend.” She insisted.

She took my hand in hers and led me from the study into the spacious hall and then up the stairs into a large bedroom. As I mounted the stairs I was more anxious than I had ever been in my life. I was going to make love to the vicar’s wife, a mature lady, older than my mother and with a voluptuous kırklareli escort body. What would it be like?

I followed her up the stairs and my gaze was fixed on her bottom, moving and rippling under her long pleated skirt right before my eyes. I imagined what was under there. I hoped, stockings, suspenders, or corset and large knickers would be found when I looked beneath. I was tempted to lift her skirt but I thought better of it. I could wait a few more minutes.

Once in the bedroom I noted the walls were adorned with religious paintings and there was a chest of drawers with a wooden cross on the top, a dressing table with a large mirror and laid upon it a hair brush and a few trinkets and some glass dishes and candle holders. The bed was large and old fashioned with a wooden head board, many pillows and a floral quilted cover. Everything was immaculate, tidy and clean and smelt of the church. Some sort of incense perfume. There were simple tables on each side of the bed with books and a lamp on each and an alarm clock on one.

She asked me to sit in a large armchair and wait for her to return. I asked her where she was going and she replied that she was going to the bathroom to undress. I asked her to stay as I wished to undress her.

“I am embarrassed about my body and want to cover myself with my nightdress.” She pleaded.

I said, “I have seen you undressed before Mrs Rawson and I found the vision of you very beautiful and exciting, so please don’t be afraid of revealing yourself to me.”

“If you insist, John, but I must go to wash.”

She slipped into her bathroom and I heard water running but she soon returned.

So what shall I do? Shall I undress in front to you?” she asked.

“No, please let me undress you as we go along Mrs Rawson.” I answered.

I got up from the armchair hiding my erection with my hands and stepped towards her and took her hands and pulled her gently to me. I kissed her lips softly and then more firmly. She did not respond initially. I put my arms around her substantial body and felt the softness of her fleshy hips and the firmness of her under garments. I hugged her close to me. I looked into her eyes through her spectacles where I could see fear and tears. I could feel her large breasts pressing against my chest and her belly against my groin. My cock grew stiff to bursting as I pressed it against her. She pulled back but I held her tight. I pressed my lips against hers again and this time she pressed back, opening her lips a little. I could taste the tea and maybe alcohol. She may have had a drink to calm her before I arrived.

This was how I had imagined I would act with a mature woman in my fantasies. It was a dream coming true. I would have liked her to take the initiative, but it was apparent that I would have to hide my fears and take the lead. I began to relax but my stomach was in a knot, my cock was dribbling pre cum and I was trembling at the knees.

I kissed her neck and her ear and fondled her fleshy back and her hips and finally her full buttocks. She had her arms around me but there was no movement. I began to kiss her in the “V” shape above the buttons of her blouse, and with one hand gently eased back the material to reveal more of her upper chest and I kissed her there as far I could, towards her shoulder. He upper chest was a little wrinkled, but was now flushing as I had seen during her interlude with Mr. Wilson. She was becoming aroused. My hand went to her hip and then her midriff and I stroked her body gently, then I felt her left breast from below with my right hand. I slowly and gently encroached upon that large orb through the material of her silk blouse and the protection of her supporting bra. She sighed and looked me in the eye. There were tears now and her spectacles were slipping down her nose. She was perspiring which gave off a wonderful sexy aroma.

I reached for the top button of her blouse and slowly undid that and then more buttons gradually revealing her all encasing substantial white bra which was plain and well worn and revealed a little cleavage. It allowed her breasts to hang a little. Her arms hung by her side as I uncovered her. That flushing of her upper chest had now spread to her neck, her face and her cleavage. I slipped her blouse off her shoulders and pulled it from the waistband of her skirt. It fell to the floor behind her. She looked down, first at the blouse and then at her bra covered breasts.

I felt each breast in turn through her bar and gently pinched her erect nipples poking out under the material. I lifted the material to look down inside her bra at her bare breasts. Her skin was a slightly wrinkled and quivery.

“When will your husband be home?” I asked.

“Not until tomorrow,” Was her breathless reply. “He’s staying away overnight at the conference.”

My mouth was watering at the sight of those huge breasts and below, her middle age spread, her midriff protruding over her skirt waistband. Her belly was round but still hidden by her skirt. I slipped her bra straps first one side slowly off one shoulder to reveal more of her breasts and then the other side and slowly and gently lowered the course firm material lower and lower, k issing and licking as I went and revealing inch by inch those massive bosoms. I smothered her shoulders and her upper chest and then her breasts with kisses. Eventually all was revealed and her tits were barely being supported as they flopped over the bra which was still held by its clasps at the rear. I asked her to turn around to help me with my fumbling to unfasten the four clips holding the whole thing up. The strap around her back was almost four inches wide, frayed and faded. Once the clips were released the bra fell to the ground at her feet and those tits flopped on to her midriff. They dangled there and she stared at them, slightly elongated.

“I am embarrassed by my old floppy breasts, John; please let me cover them with my blouse.” She asked. “I cannot believe that a young man could find them attractive.”

“No, please let me see them in all their glory, I love them, I want to hold them and kiss them. They are glorious.” I replied.

She smiled a nervous coy disbelieving smile as I took her left breast in both my hands and gently lifted it to my lips. I kissed it all over and with my thumbs, I gently massaged her nipple. It quickly hardened as it became erect in front of me. Her areola was oval shaped, pitted and filled as it also became hard. Her nipple was as long as the last joint on my middle finger. I now took her nipple in between my lips and softly sucked and licked it before taking as much of her nipple and surrounding breast into my mouth as I could. She asked me to be firm but gentle. I then allowed that breast to be lowered to her midriff and turned my attention to her right breast. I again lifted it with both hands feeling the very substantial weight as my lips lowered to her erect nipple. She sighed as I sucked on that elongated protrusion.

My penis was fully erect and had been for some time thus becoming uncomfortable, so I adjusted it in my pants to be pointing upwards. She watched as I made the manoeuvre and smiled a more relaxed smile this time. I hugged her and we kissed quite passionately, I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and she willingly responded. I held her with my left hand on her bare back stroking her bare skin down to her waist and with my right hand fondling her left breast, weighing, caressing, pinching, squeezing and tweaking her nipple. I felt the fullness of her hips and discovered the presence of a corset beneath her skirt.

Her arms were now around my shoulders holding me against her bare breasts. I felt them against my shirt and she moved them in such a way that they brushed against me. She was apparently getting some pleasure from this activity. She was becoming relaxed and letting herself go. She was making groaning noises and her kisses were passionate and agitated. Saliva dribbled between our lips and down our chins. She pulled away and dropped to her knees. She went to my trousers fly and undid the buttons. She groped inside and felt my penis. It had to be released from within my underpants. This was difficult due to my erection. She now went to my belt and unbuckled it and the one remaining button. Then my trousers and underpants were pushed to my ankles. She took my penis In both hands and rubbed down the length as if she were rubbing her hands together. I was dribbling precum and she went hesitantly to my circumcised knob and licked the white sticky substance. I felt my orgasm coming and tensed. The first shot hit her full in the mouth and the second went all over her glasses and more hit her chest and breasts. She squeezed the knob and wiped the semen onto her hands. She reached for her blouse which was lying on the carpet and wiped the sticky substance from her face and her glasses. She then cleaned her hands. To my utter surprise, she now took my still erect cock into her mouth and sucked and licked the remaining semen from my purple knob.

Mrs Rawson stood and walked to her bed where she sat and exhaled licking her lips. I stood there with my trousers and underpants around my ankles. I looked at her sitting there with her huge breasts almost resting in her lap. Her face was flushed and the moisture from our passionate kissing shone from her chin. She now stared at my nakedness from my ankles to the bottom of my shirt and my erect penis jutting out pointing almost directly at her. I was still very aroused and had a desire to get my hands under her long skirt.

“John, please remove your shirt so I can feast my eyes on your young virile body.” She whispered.

I stripped naked and she beckoned me to get close to her. She rubbed her hands over my chest first and then my flat young stomach and my legs and thighs and then my buttocks smiling as she did so.

“I am enjoying this after all, John.” She murmured.

It was now my turn to drop to my knees in front of her as she sat there on her bed. Her pleated skirt covered her belly, her thighs, and her knees and fell to midway down her calves. I reached forward and stroked her thighs through her skirt. I could feel her suspenders and the clasps holding up her stockings and then I stroked from her ankles up her legs to her knees. My hands slipped down to the hem of her skirt and stroked her stocking clad calves again and gradually felt up to her knees and behind her knees. She did not move but just sat watching me. My hands by now were under her skirt on her thighs. I slipped my fingers between her thighs and eased them slightly apart.

There was no resistance so I just continued to feast on the feeling of her warm silky stocking covered thick thighs and the sight of her sitting there naked from the waist upwards. This was the vicar’s wife, the lady who was in church every Sunday and weekdays supporting her reverend husband. She had known me and my family since I was a small child and I had dreamed of some sex action with a mature woman, but this was beyond my wildest dreams.

I gradually slipped my hands further up her thighs till I reached the hallowed stocking tops and felt the beautiful warm, soft, smooth flesh above those stocking tops, and now the hem of her large French style knickers. More silk to feast on, making my mouth water; my hands tremble and my cock dribble precum. I felt the course hard material of her corset. I needed to look at this.

I just relished the feeling of her bare upper thighs and the occasional brush by my thumb on her silky pants. I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs only a finger tip away. I put pressure on her to open her legs a little more and she did as the fingers from both my hands ventured into the warm dampness of her inner thighs.

She leaned back on her hands and let out a soft warm sigh.

My finger tips touched the gusset of her knickers and I could feel the hairiness of her pubes through the silk as I very nervously felt towards my goal. I could feel a mound and a soft slit covered in hair. I rubbed it with one finger and she gasped. I continued until my finger pushed the material in to the slit. I then used my thumb and all my fingers to fondle this area and she gasped again and closed her eyes. My fingers pulled the gusset towards me and then I slipped my hand in through a leg hole until I could grasp that soft swollen, damp, hairy vulva.

She now laid back on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. I pushed her skirt up over her waist to see her beautiful white silky pants and her corset/suspender holding in her belly. I unclipped the stockings from her suspenders and then tried to pull her knickers down. She lifted her ample bottom and I slipped them down her thighs. I removed her shoes and her knickers and suspenders. I now parted her legs further to feast my eyes on her very hairy bush and that tell tale slit which was by now swollen and moist. I shuffled between her legs on my knees and opened her vulva with my two index fingers. It was very large, very wet and very red. I could smell her now — a new experience as she smelt different to my earlier, younger conquests. I pushed a finger into the slit and then two while I held it open with my other hand.

All that was left of her clothing was her skirt bunched up around her waist and she tried to manipulate it to hide her ample belly

My fingers immediately became soaked in her juices as I gently slipped them in and out of her vagina. She now started to respond by fidgeting her bottom and by pushing forward to enable me to go in deeper.

“Please tell what you would like me to do.” I asked her.

After a short silence she replied huskily. “Go deeper, gently, more fingers, that’s right, work on the top, the upper part of my vagina, massage there. Look for my clitoris.”

I knew she would like me to massage her clit, so I used my left hand to gently stroke that hard little bud at the head of her vagina. The moisture was spreading to her clit area and it glistened as I fixed my gaze on her now erect secret button. I wanted to lick it. Would she like that?

I extended my tongue towards her vulva as my fingers worked on the two sensitive places. I licked her clitoris. She jumped and let out a huge sigh. I continued to lick and she opened her legs as far as she could and with her fingers held her labia lips wide open revealing all of that gorgeous, blood red, glistening orifice. She was breathing very heavily now.

I went to her labia with my lips and sucked both in to my mouth licking and sucking on them, tasting that sweet ladies juice.

“That is wonderful, John, please don’t stop.” She grunted and groaned through clenched teeth.

After a few minutes she spoke again. “Push your tongue down harder on my clit, John, yes harder, go under the tip, lick all of the hood and yes that’s good more please more. Harder, faster yes more.” She shuddered to a long and draining orgasm, grunting gasping and squeezing her thighs around my head. My fingers got soaked as they were gripped inside her now swamped cavern.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32