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Mr. Morison looked at his two 18 year old daughters and gave a long sigh. The girls, Samantha and Sarah, both had bodies to die for but the manners of well spoiled princesses. He knew he had spoiled the girls all their lives and especially after his own wife’s death, giving them money to go to the mall whenever they wanted, sending them to an exclusive boarding school, and not disciplining them when they misbehaved. Now, he was reaping the fruit of spoiling them so.

The girls had just asked their father for a large amount of money, to help them “improve their assets”, or as they thought, go from B cups to D cups. Mr. Morrison had agreed, and shelled out the money for their improvements. The girls giggled and left the house, while Mr. Morrison went on the computer, to investigate a new school opening up nearby.

Ms. Madison’s appeared to be a normal house, but according to some of Mr. Morison’s friends, the school turned out a totally different kind of graduate. Mr. Morrison had gone to see this new type of graduate, and was shocked when his friend’s 36 year old wife and 22 year old daughter came crawling out, bells on their nipples, ribbons in their hair, and lace surrounding their breasts. Mr. Morrison was even more surprised that they acted just like well behaved puppies, barking and yapping as thought they had been raised from birth to be dogs. Mr. Morison asked what and how their transformation had occurred, and his friend instantly began a long story of how his puppies were before and after their visit to Ms. Madison’s. Upon hearing and comparing the story with his own daughter’s behavior, Mr. Morison decided that a call would be needed for his girls as well.

Sarah and Samantha had decided that they both loved their lives. Their dad had made the passing of their mother a little easier, but instead of trying to help him with the house or concentrating on their studies, they had joined the cheerleaders and the ballet class, and done just about as much as two spoiled brats could do to idle their lives. Now, both girls had completed their breast surgeries, and were sporting some nice D cups.

As they got home a new sight greeted them. There was a girl on the floor, barking like a dog. Sarah and Samantha were looking at her curiously when their dad called the girls into his study. The dog girl followed, crawling on her hands and knees.

“Girls, meet Misty. She is going to be living here with me for a time, while I send you off to a new college. With those looks, I am sure you’ll have no trouble fitting in.” Mr. Morison had bought Misty from his friend, and offered him the choice in Sarah or Samantha, when they finished puppy school.

The girls looked again at Misty, and decided they probably should go to the new school soon, since they weren’t sure what their dad was up to. The girls were about to leave the room, when they felt a sting in their asses. Looking down, the girls spotted a dart in their left ass cheek. Before they could yelp, the powerful sleeping Tipobet agent went to work, and the girls collapsed to the ground.

Misty yelped and scampered out of the room, while Mr. Morison and the school collection goons approached and stripped the girls. Mr. Morison asked that when the time came, Sarah would be given violet ribbons and Samantha pink ribbons. The men made a note, and then began to install the hardware to keep the girls in the proper pose.

Sarah, having been stripped first, was the first to be outfitted. The men attached ankle cuffs with a 3 inch chain locked to the cuffs first. Then they installed the thigh cuffs with a 3 inch chain on her thighs. A chain was wrapped and locked around her waist. Wrist cuffs with 3 inch chain were locked on her wrists. Then connection chains were linked to the wrist and thigh cuffs, connected to the waist chain, effectively keeping Sarah on all 4’s. A leather collar and ring gag completed the equipment. For an added touch, however, her hair was parted and put into pigtails. With her bondage completed, the men placed the still sleeping girl into a large dog cage, and locked the door shut. They then turned their attention to Samantha.

Samantha was similarly equipped, with ankle, thigh, and wrist cuffs, connected to the waist chain. She also got the leather collar and pigtails, but after seeing her hairy pussy, the men paused to wax her smooth. They checked Sarah, and saw she was smooth, too, before placing Samantha in her own cage, and locking the door.

Mr. Morison had arranged that his girls should come back to him only after their training and behavioral conditioning was totally completed, and after his friend had been allowed to make the selection of which girl he wanted for himself. As the details were now completed, he watched as the cages were loaded into the school’s van, and driven off.

Sarah and Samantha awoke unable to move, their mouths held open by their ring gags. Moans and rattling chains could be heard from their cages, alerting Ms. Madison that her new students were awake. The girls tried opening the cage doors, tried calling out for help, but when both failed, they were forced to sit in their cages and wait.

Ms. Madison let the girls wait for an hour after waking up, to let their helplessness sink in. She had found it made it easier to train the girls when they knew escape and resistance was futile. Finally, she went down to the training basement, and stood before the girls. The girls could see her, of course, and they again began with their rattling and begging, but a quick and stern glance had both girls quiet almost instantly.

“Well, good morning puppies. You have been sent here, because you acted like spoiled pets, rather than the charming girls you were expected to be. So, now I am going to train you, to behave like the pets you are. From now on, there will be no talking, no walking, and no human behavior from either of you, or else you will both suffer Tipobet Giriş the same punishment. The training program will last one year, and could last longer, if either of you misbehave.”

Sarah and Samantha both looked at the woman as she spoke, their minds frantic and their shock growing with each second. Both girls were thinking the same thought, which was how could they be treated like nothing more than pets? However, deep down, their mental conditioning was already taking hold, knowing they couldn’t walk with the cuffs on, knowing their speech was restricted by the ring gag, the girls knew they were in for a difficult year.

Ms. Madison knew the first thing the girls would need to learn, was how to eat and drink. She placed bowls of food and water down in front of each girl’s cage. Then she opened the cage doors, and watched the girls crawl out of the cage. Sarah and Samantha moaned as they were forced to crawl, and pulled back as they saw the food in the dish. It was a special blend for puppy slaves, mainly chili and chicken, but the girls wouldn’t know until they ate some.

Seeing the girls pause, and watching Sarah trying to pick up the food dish with her hands, Ms. Morison moved quickly, and gave each ass a strong swat, brining a yelp from the girls. She then took a hold of each head, and forced them down into the bowls, forcing the girls to begin licking the food.

After eating and drinking, the girls were led to a corner of the training room, and forced to relive themselves. Ms. Morison knew the only way the girls would learn, would be first by force, then by gentle but firm positive reinforcement for good behavior, and strict punishment for bad behavior. Sarah and Samantha both were utterly embarrassed by their treatment, but were helpless to stop it.

Ms. Morison had developed a solid program to turn even the most brattiest and stubborn girls into puppies. Her plan usually took the first 2 weeks, to break the girls down totally, forcing them to behave. The girls usually always were forced to wear a shock collar by the third day, and from then on, it was an effective treatment to instill the lessons of proper behavior.

After the first 3 weeks, the girls would be renamed with their puppy names, further instilling in them the fact they were now nothing more than pets. In the case of Sarah and Samantha, their names were changed to Sugar for Sarah and Spice for Samantha. To further remind them of their pet status, their collars were fitted with tags, showing their names, as well as the food bowls had their pet names on them, along with “Pet” painted on the side.

In the 5th week of their training, Sugar and Spice were allowed to go outside for a little walk. During this week, the pet slaves were introduced to some pet games, and taught more manners of pet behavior. Sugar and Spice took their training now with a bit more enthusiasm, thanks to the shock collar fitted around their necks. They had both learned their lesson on Tipobet Güncel Giriş behaving the week before, when Sarah Sugar had tried to speak. Both Sugar and Spice had spent 5 minutes rolling on the ground, moaning and yelping in their ring gags, as the shocks hammered their bodies.

After 3 months of behavior modification, teaching basic behavior, and constant punishment and reward, the puppy slaves were taken into a piercing room. Sugar and Spice had their nipples pierced and belled, so that every time they crawled or sat up, their bells would jingle. The slaves yelped of course, as their nipples were pierced, but the pain died away, and they got used to the bells jingle. The also had their hands wrapped in vet wrap, to prevent them from ever using their hands again. Sugar, as her dad had requested, was wrapped with violet vet wrap, and Spice was wrapped in pink.

At the 6 month mark, the puppy slaves had some more decoration added, mainly bows and garters. The garters were wrapped around each girls breasts, giving them a lace look. The bows were weaved into the pigtails and on the paws and ankles. Both girls had their pictures taken, which Mr. Morison and his friend studied in detail.

The last 5 months were spent training the puppy slaves in household behavior, more games, and advanced puppy behavior. The puppies were also a bit more playful, as they had both learned that proper behavior was rewarded. Sugar and Spice had been rewarded one night with a special vibrator for their pussies, which had both puppies yelping loudly as they came again and again all night. Both puppy slaves had, the following morning, sat up and begged and nuzzled Ms. Madison, trying to keep their vibrators.

As the last day for the puppy slaves’ time at the school dawned, Ms. Morison gave them a final test, which both puppies passed. She then locked the puppies in their cages, and wrapped the cages in cardboard and wrapping paper, before watching the men pick them up, and load them in the van. Sugar and Spice were nervous, not knowing where they were going, since they had become accustomed to the environment at the training school.

Mr. Morison had been true to his word, and called his friend, who promptly took out the photos of the puppy slaves, and made his choice. Mr. Morison had called the school, and informed them that Spice was to go to his friend, while Sugar would be returning to his home. The delivery drivers knew which puppy was which, and knew where to go first. The delivered Spice to Mr. Morison’s friend’s home, and then delivered spice to Mr. Morison.

Sugar felt the cage being moved, and knew something was happening. Her cage bumped down onto the floor, and she could hear men talking. She was a bundle of nerves, but before she could whimper, she heard the paper ripping, and saw light flooding the cage. It took a moment for her eyes to clear, but there, standing before her, was her own father and his first puppy slave. Sugar crawled out of the cage, and was about to speak, when she saw the look in her father’s eyes.

“Welcome home, sugar. You and Misty are going to be very good friends now.” Misty yapped and licked Sugar, and Sugar knew her life as a puppy was only just beginning.

(To be continued….)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32