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Note: English isn’t my mother tongue so have that in mind when reading, but I tried my best. Sorry for the grammar mistakes and all that jazz; be kind about it or better yet, let me know what I’m doing wrong in a respectful way. I will be publishing more often… at least for this series. Hope you enjoy!


“Our star judge finally dares to show up!” Kendall says as Michael enters in the room. The white boy ignores him as he always tries to do, even though Michael can’t avoid admiring that black Adonis’ body while Kendall takes his shirt off.

The black guy really has a fucking big and annoying mouth, so Michael can barely stand him, but he also can’t deny Kendall has some reasons to think he’s a big-shot. Strong and muscled chocolate dark body build as hard and tight as a brick wall; buzz cut black hair, dark brown eyes, handsome shaved face with cheekbones models would die for, and fleshy lips begging to be bitten.

“I had some business to finish,” Michael finally replies after getting some comfortable chair where to sit, a devilish smirk plastered on his face, as he remembers his recent encounter.

“Oh! I don’t like that dirty smile! What did you do, Mikey? Who did you fuck up this time?” Kendall asks pretending concern, fingers efficiently loosening his belt.

“I didn’t do anything that wasn’t necessary,” Michael’s smile turns sinister as he remembers how he put Johnny in his place.

“So, you definitely fucked someone up! I know that stupid smirk of yours!” Kendall replies, taking Michael out of his own thoughts.

“It’s not any of your goddamn business! Now let’s begging with this shit, I have other shit to do,” Michael barks back, already tired of the black hunk’s running mouth.

“Lovely as always!” complains Kendall, not really bothered by the white boy’s rudeness; he loves to piss Michael off. The black guy puts his whole attention in his rival for the night, Jack, observing how the redhead hunk undresses as fast as he can.

“So eager for this black meat, don’t you, ginger?” Kendall teases, already naked, with his flaccid but imposing dick on his hand.

“I’m eager to kick your sorry ass! This time I’m pounding that black asshole!” Jack replies, removing the last piece of clothes from his body.

“Nice!” Kendall admires the ginger hunk’s physic, as athletic and muscular as his own. Jack has been working out really hard lately and it is showing. Kendall can complain, he’s going to have so much fun with this match. White cocky boys always amuse him, always thinking they’re too good for this world. Therefore, Kendall loves to show them how good bitches they really can be, show them they aren’t as tough as they like to believe.

As one of the very few black male students in his university, Kendall not only has decided to be the best in the academics and the star player of the tennis club, he also has decided to take as his job to show white cocky boys their place in the Man to Man Fraternity League (MTMFL).

Such determination he has, he became the league champion two years ago, when he participated in the competition for the first time. Last year, though, he was eliminated from the competition at the end of the eliminatory phase, just because he was unable to do the minimal number of matches demanded by the rules. Nonetheless, he remains undefeated since he joined the league.

This year he’s planning to get his title back and he’s eager to kick as much white asses as he can in his way. There is nothing better for Kendall than a confused and pleasured white boy face, when they’re about to lose his cum on his big black cock fucking them no-stop. Kendall loves it and he’s sure some of his white conquered rivals deep down also love it too, just like the sweet ginger Jack.

“You can’t live without it, right boy?” Kendall keeps teasing, massaging his soft dig with his right hand, looking lasciviously to the white boy naked in front of him.

“Fuck you!” Jack responds annoyed. “I’ll have my way with you this time, bitch!” he adds, masturbating his already hard dig, his fit and harmonic body already chinning with a thin film of sweat over his skin.

“You can’t even wait for my dick, uh? You pretty and sweaty thing!” Kendall mocks, noticing the already horny state of his rival. This is not the first time they meet against each other. Jack has never been able to beat Kendall, losing all his three matches against the black Adonis.

“I’m gonna fill that black hole with my spunk, you’ll see!” Jack growls, convincing himself that this time will be different. He just needs to keep the initiative and his ass out of Kendall’s reach.

“Nah! Boy! You’re just looking for another careless beat down adana escort and my black cock deep inside your sweet ass!” Kendall gets near the sweaty boy, liking Jack’s right ear and pinching his left nipple. The black hunk smiles big time as the ginger’s body shivers in respond, head falling backwards, exposing the bearded neck instinctively and the black hunk travels over it with his tongue, taking advantage.

“He’s so deep,” an amused Kendall thinks to himself, somewhat distracted by how cute the white boy looks with that medium length-lightly wavy ginger hair, curling tips framing his blue-eyed face, making a killer combo with a short and redder beard covering his cheeks, chin and jawline, giving a fake sense of masculinity to an essentially boyish face.

“Fuck you!” Jack snarls, getting back to his senses, pushing Kendall’s naked body onto the bed. He is over the black guy right away, his lips attacking Kendall’s passionately. The black hunk is taken by surprise, but he lets Jack do his stuff rather than fight him back. Kendall knows how much Jack really likes him, which always gives him the upper hand over the redhead.

Kendall is pretty sure how this match is going to turn out, boring and predictable just as Connor’s latest match was going, until Kendall made his innocent suggestion. So, to make things more interesting and challenging this time between him and the redhead, Kendall decides he’s gonna let Jack has his fun until all the affair gets boring and he’s ready to put an end to the match. The treatment his getting from the eager white boy is not that bad at all anyway.

“This gonna be easier than I thought,” Kendall murmurs over Jack’s lips. He can feel Jack’s horny moans vibrating over his lips and running along his body. The poor guy is groaning so much while kissing Kendall, needy and desperate. Jack doesn’t say anything, his right hand travels right over Kendall’s semi hard and starts stroking it slowly but firmly. Jack rubs Kendall’s frenulum with his thumb, getting a loud “Fuck!” from the black boy. He repeats the action again and again, pulling and frotting gently over the sensitive spot, until Kendall’s moans get as frequent as Jack’s. With his other hand, Jack grips tightly over the back of Kendall’s neck, keeping him in place so he can work efficiently over the black hunk’s lips.

“Fuck, boy! That feels really good!” Kendall pants having to break free from the kiss, looking for some air. Jack takes advantage and attacks the dark neck with his greedy mouth and his right hand moves to play with the dark and hard nipples, making Kendall squirm under him.

“My dick inside you gonna feel much better, bitch!” Jack groans aggressively, sucking Kendall’s ear lobe between his lips, his left hand still working over the black and hard cock, which is starting to get wet with precum. Kendall moans in respond, enjoying the treatment and admitting to himself the white boy is doing a great job over him.

“I think you were the one who was really eager for this match. Getting so wet already!” Jack teases cockily, ignoring the fact that his own cock is also wetting, without any work put on it yet. Kendall is ready for a comeback, as always, but Jack’s lips are there to keep him from replying. The ginger’s wet tongue gets into Kendall’s mouth and Jack smirks satisfied to see the surprise in the dark brown eyes of his nemesis, not used to such boldness coming from the ginger.

The black Adonis moves his hands from Jack’s hair towards his sweaty back until he’s massaging the white boy’s round little butt cheeks. Jack knew Kendall would try to make a move and get some control over the match, as Jack has him gasping and his dick pouring more precum. It does not matter if Jack wants to admit it or not, the truth is that Jack’s asshole is basically his Achilles’ heel and when Kendall starts working on it, Jack is technically done! That is the way all his previous matched against the black guy have ended up like. This time, though, Jack is ready. He won’t let Kendall get away with it again.

The second Jack feels Kendall’s fingers getting dipper into his asscrack, teasing the sensible skin there, he breaks the kiss and lifts himself enough to make those fingers away from the spot. At the same time, he goes for Kendall’s black nipples, sucking the left one. Kendall drives his body involuntarily towards those pink lips, as he lets a loud gasp scape from his mouth. Jack takes advantage of his rival surprise, taking him by the wrists and pining his hands next to his head, against the bed. Jack doesn’t find too many resistances and goes for the other nipple, this time biting lightly the sensible skin, hard enough to send shivers all over Kendall’s body.

“Fuck!” the black hunk moans, arching his body over the bed, trying to escape, but Jack has him firmly trapped under his body, sucking and licking the nipple. Kendall soon relaxes and stars enjoying the treatment, but then his other nipple is nibbled, making him shudder all over. He can feel the pleasurable/pain running through his spine, ending in his throbbing dick.

Jack keeps Kendall quivering under control, sucking and licking gently the sensitive and stiffened skin, and when his rival settles in the sensation, he assaults the other nipple with his teeth, making Kendall squirms once again. Jacks repeats this attack several times, leaving the black guy mind played and distracted, moaning in anticipation for the next bite on his sensitives and hard nipples. Kendall doesn’t consider himself as a “nipples” person, but he can’t deny the ginger hunk’s game is making him horny.

Jack is pleased, even proud! He has distracted Kendall enough to keep the control of the match for this long, but he knows he still can do more damage! Tightening his grasps over the black hunk’s wrists, he goes for the exposed armpits, licking a long and wide trail over the hairy skin in Kendall’s right pit.

“MAN! THAT’S NASTY!” Kendall exclaims in surprise, the tickling on the sensitive area breaking his voice. Jack keeps on his work, intercalating licks with kisses and suctions over the pit skin. He is enjoying the taste, the mixture of salty skin and soap. Jack always wanted to do this if he must be honest.

“Dude, that’s… Argh! That’s… unfair… It’s ticklish!” Kendall complains between moans and laughs, but Jack is on a mission. He attacks the left armpit once again to Kendal’s surprise.

“You’re really a nasty boy!” the black hunk gasps between laughs, trying desperately to escape the ginger assault over his sensible skin. The ginger isn’t letting him go away, putting all his force to keep the black Adonis trapped and teased as long as possible.

“You seem to like it!” Jack says, frotting his hardon against Kendall’s, which is even harder if that is possible. Jack doesn’t wait for his rival to reply, he directs his mouth and tongue attacks to the other armpit; then, a nipple; next, the other armpit; later, the other nipple; then, the other one… He continues licking and biting Kendall’s sensitive flesh until the black guy stops laughing and complaining, until pleasurable moans and breathless gasps are the only things coming from his mouth.

“Oh Fuck, dude! You’re fucking showing off!” Kendall moans, as he lays on the bed, just able to take what the white boy is giving to him. “You really came with some plan!” he gasps while Jack’s mouth now travels down south along his body, running over his hard abs, until his tongue tastes the precum leaking from Kendall’s cock slit.

“Yeah, take it!” the black guy moans totally relaxed, letting Jack work on his dick, relieved his armpits are let alone finally. It also feels so good; he doesn’t even think on stopping Jack anymore. He just lay there trying to catch his breath, enjoying the wet mouth over his throbbing dick. Jack sucking his cock is always a good thing!

Winning the match has passed to a secondary place for Kendall, since he’s enjoying this moment too much and he doesn’t want it to end yet. Lucky for him, his white opponent doesn’t want it either. Slowly but surely, Jack engulfs the big black cock completely, keeping it deep down there, massaging it with the muscles of his throat.

“Oh Yeah! Suck that dick! You really missed it, huh boy? Take it! I gonna let you have it, don’t worry!” Kendall moans really enjoying the ginger’s mouth. He puts his hands over the red-haired head, but Jack takes them off him and pins them against the bed sheets once again, next to Kendall’s tights, refusing any kind of control to the black guy.

“Shut the fuck up!” Jack gasps a little out of breath after releasing the black cock, but he’s back on it right away. He sucks and swallows that pole of meat furiously, getting it as deep as he can; he pumps on in some more and then he sucks the gland with his lips, teasing the slit with his tongue, just to get that dick deep down his throat again. The black hunk can barely keep his eyes open watching how the milky cheeks get pink in shame, exertion and excitement, as Jack works on his member. Kendall really loves this white boy… Jack probably is his favorite!

“OH! You’re doing so good! Oh Fuck! Suck me! Yeah! Oh! So good, little red!” Kendall moans lost in the feelings, he’s somewhat close now and he must to fight against that tightening feeling starting to take over his abs; he knows that feeling really well and what it means. Kendall is not even thinking in losing or winning the match, he just wants to keep that mouth around his cock as much as possible! He knows he’s playing a dangerous game, but he can’t help it, he loves games! “Oh, Yeah! Work me harder!” he commands, or maybe begs… He really doesn’t care!

Jack, just for evil fun, stops sucking, feeling powerful as he has the complete control to do it so. He releases Kendall’s hardon, who doesn’t have time to complain or react when his dick is being pumped by the ginger’s right hand and his big black balls are licked at the same time.

“Fucker! YEAH!” Kendall moans, as his whole body writhes uncontrollably and his balls tighten against his body. His hands grasp tightly over Jack’s hair and his eyes role to the back of his head. Kendall tries to fight the need to fuck that hand, but the tongue licking his scrotum sets a pace and he soon is fucking back that hand.

Jack’s dick, alone and forgotten, leaks abundant precum, twitching in an excitement Jack can’t contain. He has never had such control over the black Adonis, he never has seen Kendall like this, so abandoned and pleasured. The black hunk is always running his mouth, commanding, mocking, but right now, he’s just lying there, squirming, cursing and moaning. Jack doesn’t know how to describe the view or the feeling; he could call it “beautiful” but that maybe is too much. Jack wants more of this, though; he wants to wreck Kendall completely, in the same way his black tormentor has done with him in the past.

Kendall looks almost done and Jack doesn’t want this to end so soon. He promised to finally tame that black ass, but he still wants to play a little more with the conquered hunk, so he stops working on the cock with his hand and gets it back deep into his throat, leavening it just there.

“LORD! YOU’RE KILLING ME!” Kendall moans as his hands fall quickly on the bed sheets, griping them tightly, forcing himself to stay still, not wanting to fuck the tight and wet passages. He’s close, very close, and if it wasn’t for his great control he would has come already, getting the ginger stomach full of his seed.

His balls are so tight, and Jack’s throat works over his member for almost a minute before letting it go and start using his hand again, while licking the black balls. Kendall really considers let it go in that exact moment, but he doesn’t feel ready to quit to his “invictus” status, not yet. That mouth is doing the Lord’s job on his balls, and that pumping rhythm fucking his dick is making very difficult for him to concentrate in not letting his male juice rain all over him and the bed.

Kendall is surprised, even kind of proud… He always has had a weak spot for the ginger guy. The fact that Jack has improved so much and is going so hard trying to take him down is something Kendall never saw in the white hunk. He really is starting to think getting his first defeat against Jack wouldn’t be that bad, the boy is working him so good and he himself would learn to not underestimate a rival never again.

“You’re so wet, bitch! You’re so done!” Jack gasps in excitement, jacking the black guy off hard and fast. Kendall finds his body unresponsive to his will, no matter how much he tries to avoid it, his hips keeps fucking Jack’s hands desperately. Every time he attempts to stop, that wet tongue rolls his balls against his crotch or against each other, making Kendall’s hips snap.

“Boy! Oh! You… Ahg!” the black Adonis starts moaning feeling the end getting closer and closer but he fights back, he tries to resist, he’s not going to give the match that easily to the white guy. It is just matter of time thought, Kendall can escape that jerking off/balls licking combo… Jack finally has figured him out! The black hunk tries to turn onto his front, a desperate intent to free his sensible dick from theat wet and greedy mouth, but Jack keeps him in place, gripping hard over his hairy balls.

“Fuck! I thought you said you were going to take my ass… Agh!” Kendall moans hardly, trying to get some time, fearing the white boy is determinate to end him right there. He’s is really close, and he doesn’t think he could fight against his own needs any longer. He wanted a challenge and the redhead is really giving it to him!

“Are you asking me to fuck you?” Jack teases and sucks Kendall’s right ball, his dick pumping never lacking a bit in intensity. Kendall just moans, mind in blank pleasure, unable to think in a comeback for the white boy. He is so close, sure he and his invictus are already done! Maybe this is karma coming hitting back at him for that Connor’s ridiculous defeat last week.

“FUCK! I’M GONNA…” Kendall gasps painfully, body arching over the bed, balls tight to his taint, all his will to resist lost in the pleasure. He’s done…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32