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Jen’s Story.

Jen was so happy with Peter’s message, she took a couple of selfies of her in the mini-skirt, the outfit she had been wearing at lunch. She then put on a push-up bra and a very tight fitting top which made her tits look massive, attached them with this message, “Dear Peter, thank you so much for your kindness and your prompt reply. I will be there at ten tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to working with you. I know that I’ll make a good Vicar who will look after and care for all of my flock. I’ve attached two pictures of me in the outfit that I was wearing today. I noticed that over lunch, you were admiring my big tits. I hope that you like the attached picture. Unfortunately, my housekeeping budget restricts me in the amount of lingerie that I can buy. If there’s something special that you’d like me to wear, then please let me know, and I’ll save up for it. Until tomorrow, Jen.”

Fifteen minutes later, Peter replied, “Dear Jen, so happy that I will see you tomorrow. I’ve checked my diary. I’m pleased that I can spend all day with you. As you start your Vicar training tomorrow, this entitles you to a salary and expenses, I’ll go into more detail tomorrow, but I’m sure that you’ll find it much more than your housekeeping budget. Thanks for the pictures. I love your big tits. I look forward to getting them more intimately in the future. If it’s possible, I’d like to see you in a shorter mini-skirt than today with self-supporting stockings. The top you are wearing in your tits picture aroused me, perhaps something similar for tomorrow? Looking forward to spending time with you. Peter.”

Jen was a little nervous as she drove to Peters; she wondered how private it would be. She had been open with John, telling him that she hoped to be a Vicar in three months, she had worked in the Vicarage for twenty years, she knew the daily running of the Vicarage inside out. She also told him that she would have security when she became a vicar; if anything happened to him, she would still have a roof over her head. John asked, “Why are you wearing such a short mini-skirt?”

Jen replied, “Peter, complimented on it, I must always try and keep my boss, the Bishop, happy. This is a critical development for me; I must make sure that I’m successful in what I do.”

John had wished her luck then she left. Jen arrived at the Bishop’s Palace; it was impressive, she parked in the designated visitors parking area. As she walked to the main entrance, she was happy that she was wearing a coat that concealed what she was wearing underneath it. The door was opened by either a housekeeper or secretary who said, “Good morning, Mrs Grey?”

Jennifer nodded her head in recognition, “Please follow me.”

Jen was shown into a magnificent lounge with luxurious seating and a coffee table, she was asked, “Tea or coffee, and how would you like it?”

“Milk coffee please with no sugar, thank you.”

“May I take your coat?”

Jen took off and gave her coat to the lady. She came back five minutes later with a tray with two coffees and a selection of biscuits; the porcelain was beautiful, the lady said, “His Excellency will be with you shortly.”

A minute later Peter entered the room from another entrance; he was dressed casually, he shook hands with Jen and said, “I like what you are wearing, everything looks good, let’s sit on the sofa and enjoy our coffee, have you told John about our meeting?”

“I have, I believe that this course is my future, John is now seventy, he’s getting quite forgetful, my days are spent making sure that he is carrying out his clerical duties. How do you want me to address you?”

Peter replied, “We have so many old vicars now, I have had my secretary draw up a list of all the duties a vicar needs to perform, I’m sure that you’ll know how to proceed on everything. You can take the list home and study it. When we are alone, Peter is fine, in public Bishop Stevens or your Excellency. I have a fetish; when we are together, I will call you mum or mummy, you can call me then baby or my baby. We have a bungalow in St Peters Wood which was bequeathed to the Church, we can use that for our rendezvous. I don’t like using condoms, are you on the pill?”

“You don’t need to worry about that; you can cum inside mummy’s hungry cunt, mum would love to be your cum slut. It would be nice to have a bolt hole, where we could spend fulfilling times together. You must tell me what you enjoy and what your fantasies are then I can bring them to reality.”

Peter replied, “Would mum like to follow me to St Peters Wood and we visit our rendezvous bolt hole. We will both have keys, but I’ll also give you a zapper for the garage door, it would be more discreet if we both used the garages. I ask that you use all discretion as we enter this exciting phase of our lives. I ask that you leave first and we meet in the car park of the Red Lion, five hundred yards from here.”

Jen then left with the papers Peter had given her, the lady who brought the coffee, wished her luck as she left. Peter arrived at the Red Lion ten minutes after Jen had arrived there. Jen had speed-read the papers; she could answer every question. She followed Peter to the bungalow; it was beautiful, it was secluded with electric gates, a long driveway then the bungalow itself. Peter drove around the back, then opened the double garage door. Once inside, he showed Jen how to set and neutralise the Alarm System. He gave her a zapper for the main gates and the garage. He also gave her keys for the main, but she wouldn’t need these as she could access the bungalow from the garage. The bungalow was gorgeous, a magnificent kitchen, lounge and bedrooms. Peter showed her the well-appointed wine cellar. They went to the kitchen. Peter opened the fridge, chose a bottle of Champagne then poured two glasses. They toasted each other, they were now sitting in the lounge, Jen was stroking Peter’s thigh, Jen said, “This is a lovely place, would you like me to look after the day to day running of this, cleaning, laundry and the other necessary things that need to be done, that means that we won’t have someone prying into the private things that we do here?”

Peter replied, “I like how you think, the Bishop’s office pays all bills, so that’s easily concealed, I will make arrangements that you’re recompensed for any expenses that you incur. I have the fantasy of eating mummy’s cunt after I’ve fucked her, are you comfortable with this?”

“Of course I am, mummy has a wonderful imagination, if I’m here first one day would my baby like to come in and find mummy playing with her hungry cunt?”

“I would love that, if I’m here first would mummy like to come in and find her baby stroking his hard cock?”

“Then mummy would go down on him, sucking him until he was hard, does my baby know that mummy loves it in every hole. Shall we set up a password system, green is good, yellow is let’s be careful with what we’re doing, red is stop and stop immediately. Shall we use this system?”

Peter was impressed, he said, “That is a good idea, we will use that system. I haven’t much experience of anal, but I’m willing to learn, Jen, I love how you think.”

“Does my baby want mummy niğde escort to teach him about sex, so he gives a great fuck when mummy’s not around? Is it ok if mummy takes her baby’s cock out and makes him hard?”

Jen then undid his belt and unzipped his trousers, Peter then stripped naked as Jen did the same, Jen had a beautiful body, her tits were huge and didn’t sag, her vulva was perfect, smooth and swollen. Peter’s cock was a little bigger than John’s, there was some precum on his cock slit, Jen licked it away then started to suck his cock and massage his balls, five minutes later Peter shot his load in Jen’s mouth. Jen swallowed a little then cum kissed Peter. It was their first kiss. Jen said, “Did my baby like cuming in mummy’s mouth, the baby gave mum so much cum that she had to swallow some, but then mummy cum kissed her baby, and they shared my baby’s spunk, it tasted so sweet?”

Peter replied, “I loved it. I’ve never cum kissed before. You sucked me so good that I came too quickly, I’ll be better tomorrow. What time can we meet?”

“Tell me a time, and I’ll be here, tomorrow I want that big cock deep in my cunt.”

Then Jen got the surprise of her life, Peter told her that she was now on a salary of thirty thousand pounds a year, the bungalow was her living accommodation, she could use it as she wished. He then gave her an envelope with two thousand four hundred pounds in cash in it; this was a gift from Peter to her to buy lingerie. They arranged to meet at the bungalow at ten tomorrow morning. They left together, as Jen drove home, she knew that she had down the right thing. Within a week she was running Peter. Peter could only manage it three times a week. Jem taught him so much about sex; Peter fell in love with Jem; she was the first woman that had given him love and good sex.

Three months later, Jem was a Vicar, working alongside John in St Peters Wood, Jen was made the senior Vicar, three villages were attached to her congregation, she was happy. She could spend more time with Paula. A few months later, the problems started with John, his fetish for women’s underwear was taking over his life.

Jem took him on when panties were being found all over the Vicarage. She got him to tell her all his fetishes; he liked to see women in their underwear, he wanted to wank in front of women, he wanted to eat women’s pussies after watching them make themselves cum. Jem had recorded the whole conversation on her smartphone. She made several recordings of the original tape. She confronted him with the tape the next morning; she told him that as from now, he was to stop all sexual activity with so many members of the congregation. He could pick two that he could see on a discreet basis. Then she delivered the knockout punch. John had asked Jen on many occasions to have sex with another man then to allow him to eat her pussy, she hadn’t had any men, but she had several women, he was over the moon when Jen allowed him to eat her cunt. Jen told him that if continued with what he was doing then she’d never revisit his room, he would also not get any of the fresh cum her boyfriend would be giving her regularly. He accepted, promising that he would restrict his activities to Mrs Jones, the Church organist and Mrs Gibson, the Church cleaner, a buxom woman who was also a widow.

For the next seven years, Jen’s affair with Peter continued, they would meet in the bungalow at least three times a week. Peter got Jen involved in several of the Church’s senior management committees, Jen had increased attendance in John’s Church, her opinions were respected, she was held in high regard at the top level of the Church’s management.

Peter had been for his annual medical check-up, the doctor had sent him for an x-ray, it revealed that he had an inoperable aggressive tumour in his chest if he was lucky, he had three months to live. Jen supported him in every way she could. Peter was concerned where Liz, his wife, would live; she would have lived with him in the Bishop’s Palace for the rest of his life. Jen suggested that Liz could move into the bungalow as she and Peter did not need for it now. Peter was so happy about this, Jen then asked for a week so that she could remove all her things from the bungalow.

Jen liked Liz, she was a year younger than Jen, she had no children, they had tried everything, but they were childless. Liz was similar to Jen, tall with a curvy body; Peter had told her that Liz had lost all interest in sex about fifteen years ago; they had separate bedrooms at home.

Peter’s health went downhill very quickly. Two days before he died he told Jen that she was on the shortlist to be the next Bishop, he had proposed her and believed she would be the first female Bishop. Liz had been busy looking after him and had not been to the bungalow as yet. Peter had told her that Jen had been given the use of the bungalow, as she was having problems with her husband at the Vicarage. Peter asked Jen to help Liz, all she could. Jen promised him that she would. Jen didn’t see or speak to him again as he died two days later.

Unknown to Jen, the selection of the new Bishop had begun when Peter had informed them that he was terminally ill. Jen’s name had been given to the Prime Minister’s appointments secretary and the Archbishop’s appointment secretary and Jen’s name had been approved. Peter had also wished that Jen would preside over the funeral in the Cathedral, this would turn out to be her first service in her new Cathedral.

Liz and many in the congregation when Jen gave her speech on Peter’s life, the Archbishop commended her on it after the service.

Two weeks after her inauguration and Peter’s funeral, Jen was in complete control of her position, the staff ran the whole operation, there was little for Jen to do, but she changed this and set up several projects.

Then Liz phoned her to arrange a meeting so that she could see the bungalow. Jen arranged to meet her for breakfast the following morning in the Bishop’s Palace; they were both still living there. After breakfast they got into Jen’s car then drove to the bungalow, Liz said, “Thank fuck this is over, I’ve been married twenty-five years, first fifteen as a vicar’s wife, the last ten years as a Bishop’s wife, I haven’t had a life. I have told what to wear, what to think, what to say, thank fuck I’m free now, I might get drunk tonight.”

Jen answered, “I’m the same, but I still do the things that I enjoy. I was married to a Vicar for twenty years; I gave myself freedom from him; my future was dependent on a Vicar with fetishes. I’m free now and can determine my own future.”

They arrived at the bungalow, Liz was impressed. Jen said, “We will get a firm of painters decorators in for you, I will organise that tomorrow for you. I would also suggest changing the light bulbs to LED’s; I have done it in the rooms that I used. The kitchen and bathroom are excellent, but if you want them changed, then I’ll arrange that. You can stay at the Bishop’s Palace while the works been done, I might even get drunk with you tonight.”

Liz came over and hugged Jen, holding her close she said, “I would like that.”

Then they tongue kissed for several minutes. Jen knew that Liz would be in her bed tonight. Driving back, Liz asked, “What were the Vicar’s fetishes?”

Jen replied, “I can’t tell you this now; they were so dirty and naughty.”

Liz squeezed Jen’s thigh then said, “I like dirty and naughty things.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32