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Sometimes me and Mike just love to go out, pick up a slut or a stud, or a couple of them, and have ourselves nasty threesomes or foursomes. Lately we’ve really been getting off on picking up guys, especially since about a year ago I got my husband to start messing around with bi guys, even a few gay guys, bringing out Mike’s ‘bi’ side, which I soon discovered was a big part of him. Man, once he discovered cock, he couldn’t stop! Of course I worked him up to that by using my big dildos and strap-ons on him. He took to them like a real champ and we both new what the next step was.

I woke up one Saturday morning really horny.

“Hey Mike? I said, “why don’t we call those two guys we’ve been chatting with online and see what they’re doing tonight.”

We met these two dudes on a bi site and they said they were curious to mess around with a sexy couple. Rick and Dave were two college guys, great looking, muscled and lanky and smooth, and if they weren’t faking it with the pics, they had themselves a pair of huge, gorgeous cocks, two rock hard tools which gave new meaning to the word hung. They knew what we were looking for, and they sounded like they could really get into it.

“Sounds like a plan, Jackie,” Mike said, horny grin on his face. Man, was he ever a sex freak. A real slut, just like his wife!

“Those two look like they can fuck all day and all night,” I said

“I sure hope so,” Mike said, reaching down to stroke his always horny dick.

So I got in touch, and the guys were very game for a scene that night. They’d be over around eight. At around six I started getting very excited, all turned on and shit, going through my sexiest numbers, deciding what I’d wear. Of course I wouldn’t be wearing it very long, but first impressions do make a difference. I decided on a super short mini and a low cut sexy top that showed off my 38D tits. No bra, but under the skirt a peach-coloured thong, very sexy. Mike put on a pair of old jeans, worn in the crotch, nicely showing off his bulge. Mike packs himself a nice bundle down there, big and meaty, and when that cock of his gets stiff – which seems like just about all the time – he has himself a thick, steely, hard eight inches to offer me and any other lucky slut or stud who became our playmates.

“Strip for me, boys, I want to see those big dicks of yours, nice and hard!” I ordered the three guys as I put on some funky music and started to dance for them, really sexy and lewd, grinding to the beat, acting all slutty and whorish.

They tore off their jeans and their tee-shirts and shorts and all of a sudden I was looking at three fully erect, steel hard cocks. Mike’s I knew well, a perfect rigid eight inches of pleasure-providing perfection. But our two guests were something else, hung even bigger, longer and thicker than Mike, and just as hard. If I had a ruler handy, I’d measure them, and I bet that ruler would show close to ten inches of thick cock for each of the two. Now I couldn’t keep my eyes off those three beautiful tools as they fisted themselves for me, and ripped off my skirt and top, down to just my thong now, swaying my big tits for them like a horny stripper, those big firm tits bouncing now as I lewdly brought my hands up, cupped the massive tits, and lewdly rubbed and pinched the aroused, corky nipples.

They sure appreciated the show, their eyes locked on me like three sets of lasers, stroking their steely cocks like maniacs,

Mike now reached down and took Rick’s and Dave’s cock in his hands, stroking them lewdly, wrapping his hands around the two immensely thick tools as the guys reached down and together started fondling and fisting Mike’s own dick.

“Oh yeah, guys!” I urged them, now falling back in an armchair and spreading my legs wide, really showing off, “fist those cocks, feel how hard they are, how hard I’m making you boys. And pretty soon you won’t be just fisting them, you’ll be sucking them for me, you’ll be taking them up the ass! All for my viewing pleasure, right boys?”

They nodded, smiling lewdly, knowing just what was in store for us all tonight.

“Yeah, baby, Mike growled, “you’re gonna see so much cocksucking and ass fucking, you won’t be able to stand it!”

“Uh huh!” I said, looking my sexy husband right in the eyes, “and watching all that, I’m gonna feel like I gotta have lots of that cock for myself.”

I was getting so fucking wet the crotch of my thong was getting soaked, and I knew the three of them could see it, staring at me as they fisted away. Now I pulled the thong’s crotch aside, flashing them some gleaming, raw pussy, their eyes fixed between my legs like I was showing off the Mona Lisa.

Then Mike had the three of them fall back on the big leather couch opposite me, their fists still wrapped around each others’ dicks. Next Mike leaned over to his left, to Rick, and lowered his face, looking me right in my eye as he opened his mouth wide and took Rick”s thick cock in his mouth erzurum escort and started to suck it.

“Oh yeah, honey, suck it! Suck that big dick, suck it for me!” I urged

And suck it he did as Dave now leaned over and took my husband’s cock in his mouth. They both stared right over at me, their mouths stuffed with cock, sucking away lewdly and loudly as I finally tore off my thong, my pussy dripping, my clit all swollen and vivid.

Is there anything hotter than watching a good-looking, masculine stud suck another handsome stud’s big cock? Yeah, there is, watching him bury that cock up another stud’s tight ass! But we’d be getting to that pretty soon. They took their sweet time, putting on a show for me, dragging their tongues up along the underside of the hard shafts, to the tips, then wrapping their lips around the cocks and sucking them down, taking inch after inch of thick cock in their mouths and down their throats, as much as they could.

“Uh huh! More! Keep sucking!” I urged, now picking up my big, black vibrator and bringing it between my legs, to my cunt and working that cunt now with my favorite vibe as I watched the cocksucking spectacle, the guys cupping and fondling balls as they sucked cock.

“Switch now, fellas,” I said, “I want to see you suck Dave now, baby. And Rick? You suck Mike just the way he sucked your big dick.”

Now Dave was getting his cock blown by my husband as Rick took Mike’s cock in his mouth and sucked it with real passion, cock craving passion.

“You’re my boy toys,” I cackled at them, “and now I wanna see you three bitches fuck some ass!”

“Mike?” I said to my husband, “let me see you get Rick’s ass nice and ready while Dave does yours.”

Mike stopped sucking on Rick’s cock and had him turn around and stick that sexy, muscled ass of his in Mike’s face as Dave grabbed hold of my husband’s cheeks with his big hands and spread them wide open. I was going insane with my vibe, my hand a blur between my legs, watching the two male bottoms held wide open as two faces dug in to feast on ass.

“Uh huh!” I groaned, urging them on, “lick those assholes, get ’em good and ready!”

I was like a zombie in a trance, my eyes wide open, unblinking, as I watched Mike dig his tongue into Rick’s crack and start to lick his hole as Dave did the same to my husband, the two guys slurping away hungrily at hot male ass. And best of all, the three studs looked over their shoulders right at me as they licked ass and had theirs licked. What a fucking beautiful sight for a male-ass loving bitch like me!

“That’s it, keep lickin’!” I urged them as they lapped away, eager to rim.

God, I just loved watching these three great-looking naked men licking each other’s assholes, their big aroused cocks sticking up hard and thick and straight.

Next Mike reached over for a big jar of lube, scooping up a big dab, then handing it Dave, behind him, who dug in for another big scoop. I kept busily working that vibe of mine up my cunt as I now watched Mike grease Rick’s asshole while Dave greased Mike’s, the two guys spreading lube over the exposed holes, then working more inside with a couple of stiff fingers.

“Oooooh, tight, huh?” I purred, “Tight and hot and slick.”

“That’s right, Jackie,” Mike said, looking back at me with a sexy leer as he dug his fingers up Rick’s greased ass, Rick pushing back his hot bottom like a slut in heat against Mike’s probing fingers.

“I love to watch you bitches fool around with each other’s assholes,” I smirked, really loving the sight of these masculine studs reaming ass, getting good and ready to fuck!

Now Mike took his cock in hand and stepped forward, teasingly working it between Rick’s smooth, muscled cheeks, rubbing it against his lubed hole.

Dave, taking the hint, stepped up to Mike and started working his tool into Mike’s crack.

“Enjoying the view, Jackie?” Mike asked, looking back over his shoulder at me as he slid it up Rick’s ass and Dave slid it up his.

“Loving it!” I growled, working my pussy like a frenzied nymphomaniac, that cunt on fire. “Keep fucking. But remember, don’t cum! Your fuckin’ cum belongs to me!”

Mike knows how much I crave semen. These boys can fuck their asses all they want, as long as I get my turn!

Mike’s hands on Rick’s hips, driving his big cock up Rick’s ass and Dave’s holding on to Mike’s hips, slamming his even bigger cock inside Mike, the three studs found a perfect rhythm in this lusty three-way male ass fuck. I fucking loved it! What bitch could ask for a hotter, better view!

“Now switch,” I ordered them, “Dave? Now you fuck Rick. And, Mike you get behind Dave and fuck his ass.”

So Mike and Dave pulled out, their shockingly erect cocks slick and glossy from lube, and switched places, Dave driving it into his buddy’s ass now, as Mike took a minute to grease up Dave’s asshole, then worked it in, the three keeping up the fucking, exchanging holes.

Watching all this hot male ass get fucked, I couldn’t ignore mine any longer. So, working the vibe with one hand, I wet a finger and slid it up my own tight ass as I watched the boys fuck each other’s.

“See boys!” I said, showing off, fingering myself lewdly, “you’re not the only ones here with hot, horny assholes.”

It was all getting too much for me, watching the studs fuck, my vibe down there, finger in my ass. All of a sudden, like a roaring locomotive, a spectacular orgasm began to rip through me, rocking my body as I howled and shook in utter abandon, the three guys whipping their heads around to look, surprised at the sudden outburst of pleasurable groans and sighs coming from me, Mike smiling, happy to see me get off.

“Okay guys,” I said to them as I settled down some, “Rick’s really been getting his ass pounded by you two. Now it’s his turn to fuck some ass. So Mike? Dave? Pull those dicks out and get up there on your elbows and knees, and stick those hot asses out for me and Dave.

Like two rugged male sluts in heat they got up on all fours alongside each other and stuck ’em out. I swooned as I stared at the two sexy male asses, these two masculine studs sticking it out like a pair of whores hungry for cock. And those holes! Those two assholes had been fucked nice and hard and had that raw, open ‘just been fucked’ look. I couldn’t help it; I had to move closer to those dishy orifices, getting up now and approaching. God, I just love the look of a wide open asshole right after it’s been fucked, my own or another bitch’s, or a stud’s. Now I leaned down and ran my tongue along the open rim of Dave’s hole as he groaned and sighed, then my husband’s, who I knew just always loved a wet tongue in his ass. Rick, meanwhile, was staring down, fisting himself like a madman, crazed with ass lust.

“Okay, Rick,” I said, turning to him, “Fuck the two of them. Right up the ass. First Dave, then Mike.”

He didn’t need any more encouragement than that as he knelt behind Dave and worked his huge tool right up Dave’s ass, taking hold of his hips and fucking Dave with raw, scorching power. And then he pulled out and fucked Mike. And then Dave again. And then my husband. I watched, heating up my cunt some more with a couple of busy fingers as I now got behind Rick and started rimming his open hole as he kept fucking the other two studs, then I worked three fingers inside his hot ass, twisting them around in there as he kept fucking the other two.

Mike and Dave were fisting themselves crazily as Rick hammered their two assholes, and I knew the three studs couldn’t hold out much longer. So if I was going to have a piece of them and selfishly enjoy their semen, now was the time.

“Alright guys, now it’s my turn,” I said, tugging at Dave, having him pull his big dick out of my husband’s asshole. I looked at Rick, pointing to the rug. “Rick, lay down there.

Rick lay flat out on his back, his huge, hard dick sticking straight up. I squatted down and straddled his body, taking that dick in hand and working the big shaft into my cunt, lowering myself, impaling that greedy pussy of mine on his thick tool. After fucking male ass, this lucky stud was now going to get to fuck some very prime female cunt. I was feeling rough and frisky. These were my boy toys. If I wanted them to suck each other’s cocks, rim each other, or fuck each other up the ass, that’s just what they were going to do. If I felt like having their cocks all to myself, these bitch boys were going to oblige. I was in that kind of mood, wanting to have everything my way, in charge, wanting to use these boys, these men, anyway I wished.

“Mmmmmmh, that feels good,” I growled, looking down at Rick, riding him.

“Got it all warmed up fucking the guys, now you get to fuck me. Then I looked over at Dave. “Dave, get it up here, right by my face.”

Dave waved that big gleaming dick of his in my face like magic wand, the dick that had plowed Mike’s ass and Rick’s. Now I wrapped my lips around that beautiful dick and started sucking it, that cock hot and slick from having fucked all that male ass. I fucking loved chewing on it now!

Then I felt my husband getting behind me, slapping some grease into my crack, then pressing the tip of his cock against my asshole and driving that beautiful hard baby of his home. God, I always love it when Mike fucks me up the ass. And now I had a big cock in my cunt while he was doing it, and another one between my lips. I was one happy, cock-fulfilled bitch!

“Cum inside me, boys, drain your big heavy balls in my mouth, cunt and ass,” I told them as I pulled my lips away from Dave’s cock for a moment. And they soon were to obey, as they’d been obeying all evening. “Because if you give me plenty of cum, later on I’ll have a big surprise for the three of you.”

God, I felt so fucking full down there, Rick’s massive cock filling my cunt and my husband’s buried in my ass. And I knew the two of them could feel each other’s stiff cocks grinding against each other, thrusting inside me together, their dicks separated only by the thin sheath that separates a woman’s vagina from her rectum. That’s one reason boys enjoy these double penetrations so much. Not only do they get to have their cocks clenched by a hot cunt and tight asshole, but they can feel the undersides of their cocks pressing and moving against each other. It’s as close as a straight guy usually gets to enjoying another man’s cock. And that’s sort of how my husband’s cock love began, when he was sandwiching me with another stud.

God, how I loved this! Fucking and sucking studs who only minutes ago had been fucking each other up the ass.

“Cum for me, fellas, I want some semen. I want, need for you to cum.”

The first signs came from Rick, under me, his face flushed, eyes closed, mouth open, groaning, his body twitching. And then the throbbing of his cock in my cunt as he arched his body upwards, Rick unloading deep inside. Almost at the same moment more throbbing, this time between my lips, as Dave emptied a huge load in my mouth, that mouth filling with semen, soon overflowing, dripping out of the corners of my lips and down onto my big, swinging tits. I fucking loved it! I fucking love cum! I can’t get too much of it. And then more. My husband this time, his cock pulsating deep inside my ass, feeling the cum shoot against my hot, humid rectal walls, a sensation I always crave, one I reserved for myself today. The boys may all have gotten their assholes thoroughly fucked, but I alone got to take a big load in my ass.

And with my finger down at my clit, and Mike finishing up inside my ass, I let myself go, enjoying yet another blistering orgasm courtesy of all this cock and all this cum.

“I’m one happy slut, boys, thank you,” I told them with a smile, meaning every word as I lifted myself off of Rick after Mike pulled out of my ass. I still had a mouthful of cum and now, like some doped-up porn star, I lewdly let the cum spill out of my mouth and down onto my big tits, the guys looking on in amazement, reaching down for their dicks though they had just blown their loads.

We took a little break and I made myself and the guys a snack but I was feeling really charged up and ready for another round, for my ‘surprise.’ Mike and the two guests were recovering quickly too, I could see, as their dicks got meatier, staring at my cum-splattered big tits.

“And now for the surprise I promised,” I said after I had dragged them into the bedroom, reaching for a bag by the bed. I’d gone shopping a few days ago and I had a surprise for my husband and the two studs, a very big surprise. So now I pulled it out and showed it off. It was a huge, incredibly thick, black 12 inch strap-on dildo. God, I was so fuckin’ excited when I bought it, just knowing I’d get to use it tonight, when the studs came over to join me and my husband.

I attached the harness and then showed off for the boys, stroking my new foot long dick like a proud stud, the guys gazing at it in amazement.

“You boys think you’ve been fucked up the ass today? Well you ain’t see nothing yet!” I hissed, stroking the cock provocatively. “Now I want you to get up on that bed on all fours, right next to each other, and stick out those asses for me like the cock-loving sluts I know you are!”

The three rugged, naked men, their cocks quickly stiffening, scampered up on the bed next to each other and assumed their positions. God, they looked so lewd to me, sticking out their asses like a trio of hot male bitches dying to get fucked!

“Watch this, boys,” I purred as they turned to look. I scooped up gobs of Dave’s cum from my tits and slowly spread the cum over the surface of the dildo. Then I reached between my legs, into my cunt, to get some more creamy semen, Rick’s this time. Finally I unclenched my asshole and let my husband’s cum drip out, reaching back to get another handful, and adding that to the cock, smearing and spreading the rubber cock until it was nice and slick.

“Your own cum, fellas, all mixed up. That’s the lube I’m going to use on this big dick,” I told them, showing off the glossy black dildo.

First I got up on the bed in front of their faces and dragged the dildo across their lips, one to the next, as they licked it, tasting their own cum on the cock. Then I had each of them suck it, straining to wrap their lips around the shockingly thick black rubber shaft. God, it fuckin’ turned me on to see the three of them suck a dildo slickened with their own cum, what sluts!

“Taste it, you whores, taste my big dick and taste your cum. Think how it good it’s gonna feel to have a foot of thick rubber girl cock stuffed up your ass-cunts! You horny cock-slut bitches!”

I was really turning nasty now, and loving it!

And now I moved, getting behind Dave, the three of them, down there, sticking out their asses and looking so vulnerable, so utterly slutty. I loved it, their bare butts lewdly exposed like this, waiting to get fucked again

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32