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Rob arrived at about seven thirty, he knocked very loudly on my door, most people knock so softly, not him he wanted it known he was there. I opened the door to find him dressed in street clothes, he was a totally different looking man still so very sexy, well built, his face was so masculine, rugged, but again I was captivated by the eyes, they were the only part of the man that was soft. Rob charged in, closing the door, as he grabbed me and pulled me into a hug, he slammed my body into my front door, the air escaped my body as his pushed himself into me.

My gaze never left his eyes till the man puckered up his lips, he grabbed my chin with his huge hands, I was held in position, Rob was in total control, his other hand at the small of my back slowly slid down to my ass, he grabbed my butt cheek and squeezed it hard. My cock was rock hard the whole time, I could feel the man’s cock straining to be freed, worshiped. Rob pulled me in a kiss, Most men are not into kissing! I myself love to kiss! He can kiss me anytime he wants or like too!

Rob’s hand let go of my chin and roamed my body, my arms naturally went around his neck, I pulled him close to me, running my fingers thru his hair, down his neck massaging his back as they slowly slid down to his perfect bubble butt. I pulled him in tight to me,

“Do you want something to drink?” Rob’s lips were all over my mouth,

“Do you have beer?”

I took Rob’s face in my hands and quickly pushed him to the door, I held him firmly to the door kissing him, Rob moaned and groaned,

“Yes I have beer!”

My hand elazığ escort went to his chest, down to his hand I pulled him with me as I went to get his beer, I took him to the couch, making him sit.

“Be right back sexy guy, Beer you said right?”

His eyes transfixed on my ever growing cock,

“Yes beer please!”

He reached out to grab for my ass as I walked away, when I came into the sitting room Rob was totally naked not even socks on, sitting on my sofa stroking his beautifully hard cock. I handed him his beer, he let go of his throbbing cock to grab the beer, he drank down half the beer as I fell to my knees, between his legs, I took his huge tool in my open hand, I examined it, it truly was a perfect specimen, perfectly straight, thick from the base to the knob where it gradually narrowed down with its loose foreskin covering its perfectly shaped knob.

I am one to keep my cock and balls shaved smooth, it was nice to play with a hairy set of balls, they were so manly, The clear liquid formed on the tip of the mans cock, Rob gave me a look of

“Are you going to let that go to waste?”

I went in for a taste, I sucked in the precum into my mouth milking it from his huge tool, but did not swallow it, instead I shared it with Rob. He later told me he had never actually tasted his own precum or cum for that matter.

I stood up and removed my clothes, shirt first, then the pants quickly came off, my cock stretched the fabric of my Calvin’s, I slowly pulled them down, Rob watched as I did all this not a word said, I took his hand and led him to my bed. I laid him down, restraining his hands in the cuffs I had attached to my bed, he went to speak but I put my hand to his mouth.

“Don’t say a word lover, I am in control here not you!”

I could see he was a tad nervous, but he trusted me for some reason. Once his legs were bound I sat between them admiring his perfect form, the man was so perfectly shaped in every way, his well built chest was dusted with dark almost black hair, his nipples a pinkish brown, his ribs showing, you could wash clothes on his perfect abs. His pubic hair untouched, perfect curls, and so thick, his cock rock hard, balls huge orbs in a hairy sack, hairy legs, to two beautiful feet.

My hands roamed his body, starting with his feet, the man was so ticklish, but he loved the attention, his body craved touch. I massaged his body head to toe, I sat on his huge cock while I massaged his face neck and shoulders, his cock was throbbing, it longed to have release, I rode his cock as it slid along my butt crack, I wanted him in me I wanted his seed in me. I licked kissed and sucked him everywhere, I released his feet and rimmed his perfectly untouched ass, the man was going crazy he had never had anyone go there before. His cock oozed precum like a leaky fire hydrant, I quickly lapped it all up, I grabbed the lube and lubed his beautiful dick up I needed him in me and I needed him now.

I lubed up my hole, sliding a finger in to get it ready for its upcoming penetration, I was not gentle I positioned his huge cock at the back door and slammed my ass on it, his cock disappeared in one stroke. I got a,

“Fuck Tom! Oh that feels so good so tight!”

“Honey I have not even started yet!”

I rode his big cock like I was in heat and needed it more than life itself. I released Robs hands so he could stroke my own cock as I rode his huge pole.

“Oh Fuck Tom I’m gonna cum, Tom, Fuck!”

His body rocked, twisted, jerked, he had a death grip on my own cock, the pressure making me shoot my load at the same time. Rob laid there eyes closed, I was almost sure I had killed him, I would be in prison for a very long time.

“Rob are you okay?”

He simply laid there eyes closed, finally gasping for breath.

“Fuck Tom that was I can’t even describe it! I have never cum like that ever!”

My own deflated cock was still dripping cum, his deflating cock slipping out of my stretched butt hole.

I laid down beside Rob, I too had to catch my breath, Rob got on top of me, all of his weight on me now, it felt so good, Rob rested his head on my chest, my hands went in to hold him in place. Soon Rob was sound asleep, a slight snore emitting from him, I pulled the covers over him and laid there. It felt so nice to have him on me, I ran my hands thru his hair, down his back, rubbing his shoulders, the man was out, he slept for about half an hour, he later apologized for dozing off.

“Rob it’s all good, felt good to have you on me and in me for that matter, we have to do this again soon!”

“Tom I will need an hour or two before I can do that again! No restraints next time, I want to be able to touch you back! How about I come back tomorrow after work Tom!”

I only gave him a smile,

“Like I could say no to you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32