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“Master, I will call you tonight, I will be a good girl all for you.” She assured me and as I nodded she left.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The shower, as I had anticipated, was warm and soothing. I couldn’t tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed that first day. As I toweled off in the bedroom and threw the clothing into the hamper, later finding a comforting meal and then escape to my computer, the phone finally ringing as I was reading through my favorite erotic literature website. It was the same quiet, excited little 19 year old voice on the other side.

“Master?” she seemed to coo.

“Yes, Dela, how was the rest of your day?” We had a pleasant conversation about her cozy 2 bedroom apartment and her strange roommates. When I say cozy though, she shared half a room with another couple and another room was filled with a bunk bed of two girls and another bed with another couple, she was crammed. She helped me to understand that she couldn’t afford rent alone and that her friends were all pretty tight and it made the rent much much less with 6 other people in the same apartment because it seemed like some of the other college students did. They seemed to share 3 computers and only one was privately stashed in her bedroom so ‘masturbation is difficult’ and she told me how extremely aroused she truly was. We decided to go over a list of her own do’s and don’ts, things she imagined she’d love doing, and things she couldn’t imagine ever doing. So I found where my limits were set, however most of the things she listed as a don’t were things I myself couldn’t imagine and would never do either. We spoke at length how sex could be both rewarding or punishing, and I set a rule that she was never to cum without my permission not even by herself. She whined to me at some length how it was impossible, that she needed to masturbate.

“Save it, you can cum for me, I will control your sex entirely, or did you not understand that that’s what you’d be giving up, that your entire sexuality would be mine to control?”

“Well… No I knew, but… Master, please don’t take that from me, please.” she begged.

“You can earn it.” I smirked to myself as I knew she was growing wet from my restriction.

In fact, after I realized I knew, she told me she was going into the bathroom to clean herself because her panties were now smelling of it. I grew myself, and as I pulled up pictures and began touching myself I let her hear my grunts to these portrait sluts. She begged me to touch herself there in that bathroom, Tipobet I let her because I wanted to hear her moaning. Fucking myself to explosion and then telling her to stop and save it, only seemed to make her beg more and more… That begging was what kept my dick hard. I told her our conversation was over, she’d wait for what tomorrow would hold. She gave me a pleasant fare well, thanking me for letting her touch herself, even if she couldn’t get off.


I got off work to see that bitch waiting at my apartment.

“Glenda get the fuck out of my yard.”

Dela walked past her, her delicate little figure decorated beautifully with a cute short little pin stripe and dolly skirt dress, legs full out in fishnet and a darling little choker. Her arms wrapped around my right and she kissed my cheek.

“Who the fuck is she?” Glenda blurted out her face red with angry jealousy.

“She is my pet.” I said with an utmost sense of pride.

“I am his doll.” She said as she quietly rested her head on my shoulder.

“Oh so your playing those games is it? Fucking mind fuck crazy games.” Glenda stomped back to her car and drove off.

I turned to walk into the apartment with Dela clinging to my arm.

“Sit” I told her.

Now the one thing I can say before I continue, Glenda never came back, except maybe one time to get what was left of her shit that hadn’t already been thrown in the trash. The dolly dress was driving me crazy, but the moment I asked her to relieve me of it, my dick was so hard I took off my pants to relax. A corset with uncovered top (her breasts in full view), trashy little garters, cute lacy boy shorts and the stockings, I hadn’t noticed before, had a bow at the top of each thigh. I tied her wrists behind her back. Pulled a ball gag from an old private collection still brand new, and pushed it into that sexy mouth of hers. I rummaged through her little back pack. A dildo? What a score, it was time to test my toy of her ability to hold out without orgasming. I first pulled her hair, and then burned her with candle wax. She shivered and her arousal was again a scent in the air. I threw her over my lap spanking her on her ass, and then moved my hands over her thighs. SMACK! Her own juice betrayed her. It increased the pain. I smacked her thigh again. The glitter of her wet was so thick as I slipped my finger up between her legs teasing her clitoris, labia, and little ass hole. My finger slightly delving into the star. I sat her on Tipobet Giriş her knees. Grabbing and kneading the beautiful mounds of her chest, fingers softly grazing the hardening nipples.

She moaned and pouted and her hips swayed with hot want. Wanting to feel my cock deep within her sweet little sex. I pulled the gag from her mouth.

“Say it slut, beg me to fuck you.” My voice hot with desire as hers was almost slurring with much the same.

“Mas…ter… ” She groaned.

I pinched her nipple hard pulling it away from the soft plump bulb.

“MASTER! Please, fuck me, take me.” She strained.

“And what if I want to fuck your ass?” My eyebrow was quirked, as she moaned to my statement her legs seemed to spread more.

“Yes, Master, fuck my ass! I wish nothing more than to be your ass slut right now Master! Please, please, please, Master fuck me!” She begged.

I shoved the soft rubber cock into her mouth, as from my extensive tools set out on the coffee table, I grabbed the lube. I squeezed some into my hand as the other fucked her mouth with the rubber cock. I ran the lube down her crack and around her anus. Softly massaging the orifice with my fingers, I slowly pushed one into the tight opening. My finger moved slowly at first and then faster in and out of her asshole. Adding another finger, fucking her slow as I pursued the addition and then faster as her ass would relax again, finally adding a third finger, I felt she was ready to receive the rubber dildo. I demanded she lay her chest over my chair and spread her legs wide. Slipping the dildo between her cheeks and rubbing it against her anus until I could fit in the head. My fingers came down rubbing her clitoris. I slowly pushed on the dildo until I had finally gotten it to the hilt and then pulled it out again. Finally as I quickened my speed her ass seemed to accept the intrusion, her moans roamed wildly across the air of the room. I started to fuck her harder as I rubbed and pinched her clitoris between my fingers. Her quivering was uncontrollable. She came close shortly and begged me for her release, but I would not have that. I pulled the dildo from her quickly. Leaving her body empty as her hips humped the front side of my leather comfort chair.

“Beg me for my cock, slut” I grabbed and stopped her hips from moving. As she steadied she almost couldn’t speak, shivering all over her wanting to release became a dire need to. I slapped her ass when she had yet to answer.

“Y…y…your c..cock” she stumbled on her words.

“I Tipobet Güncel Giriş need your cock in my ass, Master, deep in my ass, please Master, take my slutty little ass.” She begged.

“Do you want my cum in your hot ass, slut?” I slid my cock from my boxer shorts.

“Yes, Master, please fill my ass with your cum, please fill me up Master! Make me your ass cum slut, Master please!” She tried to move her hips back some, but my hand kept her steady and I soon had my cock pointed at it’s destination. I ran it up and down between the cheeks and against her blood-engorged cunt lips and clitoris. Teasing her so she’d beg me even more. And she did, when I finally slid in the head at some ease, she yelped with excitement. My cock soon filled the begging hole and my hand moved over her hip down to her clitoris. Teasing and stroking her she moaned and moaned. My other hand grasped her hair and I pulled her up against my chest grabbing at her beautiful orbs. Pinching the skin and tweaking at her nipples as she cried to me about her filthy obsession with my cock, how she was my little ass-fucked cum drinking slut.

“Yes, your my filthy little slut, my dirty little girl, my wanting sex slave.” I only coerced her to go on as my dick grew in her ass. She moaned her Oh God’s and fuck me’s and thank you’s until I was slamming her ass as I held her hair in a deep grip and rubbed her extremely engorged clitoris she could no longer hold out. And right as I was exploding deep inside her, she managed to ask me again if she could cum, but my answer wouldn’t form, her cunt dribbled with that of her orgasm as she spasmed in my arms and I pushed her off.

“You didn’t ask for your cum, into the corner with you slut.” I picked her up by the forearm, her body willingly obeying and moved her into a corner for a time out. The juices, hers and my own dripped onto my carpet. And when I waited long enough for her legs to turn pink with stress from her squatting position I commanded her to lick and clean them from the floor. She was also made to lick my cock, balls and ass clean of the sweat and juice. She was soon hot again. But I dismissed her comments and made her sit on the couch while I watched the rest of the news.

She was pouty, and seemed very disappointed in herself. I finally pulled her back into my lap and grabbed two clothes pins from my coffee table and placed them on her nipples. I laid her with her chest extensions between my legs and started fingering her. She was getting hot again, but I this time restrained her from her orgasm. And that would be her punishment, with her again hot and wanting I sent her home. After she assured me she would call I made sure she left all her undergarments as her little dress was so high up it would be hard to hide that hot little ass from public eye… God she made me hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32