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About a month after fulfilling Cassie’s fantasy, I realized our relationship was in trouble. Ever since the night I was publicly gang banged, she had made our sex life all about me. Now it had been great at first, her attending to my every need, and treating me like a king all the time. But in doing that, she was not being fulfilled herself, she hadn’t taken charge in the bedroom like before and instead was now submissive. Because of her promise, she was now my servant. She didn’t enjoy the role, but she wasn’t going to tell me.

I realized that if we were to save our marriage, I had to restore the balance and there was only one way. I had to have her live out my fantasy, then we’d be even, and we could go back to the way things were before. It was Saturday night, and we were eating dinner, when I introduced my plan.

“Honey,” I said sweetly, so she would know I was about to ask for something. “I’ve been thinking, and since I fulfilled your fantasy…”

Cassie looked at me like a woman drowning in debt.

“Maybe you could fulfill mine?” I said in a half statement and half question.

Her brow wrinkled and she answered cautiously “Well, I guess that depends on what you have on your dirty mind.” That wicked smile flashed, and then disappeared.

“Well it has always been my fantasy to have a slave,” I said softly.

Cassie tilted her head and looked at me like I had just spoken Japanese. “Really? How is that any different than now?” She seemed almost perturbed at the idea.

“Well, for one thing, you would have to do whatever, whenever and wherever I wanted.” I left things vague on purpose.

“Hmmm,” she said eyeing me. “I need more than that, what are the details?”

“Well, I can’t say I have everything figured out, and I want it to be spontaneous, but it would involve a sex machine, and public sex.” I almost whispered the last bit.

“Did you say sex machine and public sex?” She asked. Her tone changed from annoyed to almost interested.

I paused, and blushed faking embarrassment. “Yes.” I said staring at the floor.

“Well.” She held back a smile. “That’s a lot to ask.”

I looked up and met her gaze. “I know, and you don’t have to. I just.” I stopped like I was to uncomfortable to continue.

“It would have to be the same deal for me. I would have to hide my identity.” She paused thoughtfully. “Wow, I don’t know babe, I really need to think this out.”

I could tell by her answer that she was just playing hard to get, and so I agreed to give her time to think it over. We finished dinner and went to bed. That night, there was electricity back in our bed. She was feisty and dripping wet. She pulled out her strap on and fucked me. She pounded my ass like nail and called me her slut. I came all over the bed, and she came screaming. She licked up my cum and then let it dribble from her lips all over my face. She rubbed it into my cheeks, and lips and pushed a cum covered finger in my mouth. She then pushed me down and sat on my face until I licked up all her juices. My girl was back and as sexy as ever!

She picked out some panties for me and we fell asleep in each others arms. I slept great knowing my plan was working.

The next morning I woke up in bed alone. I sauntered downstairs to find Cassie sitting at the computer at the kitchen table. She smiled when she saw me walk in, stood up and threw her arms around me. “Good morning sweetie.” Her strap on dug into my hip as she pulled me close. This was a great sign, as Cassie hadn’t been wearing her cock around the house lately.

“Good morning babe” I said and hugged her back.

She stepped back, took my hand and sat me down. She brought me coffee, and a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Grabbing her laptop she sat down. “So, I think I have the identity issue solved. I’ll wear a wig, and a masquerade mask, but I don’t know about the sex machine part, how do we bring it with us.”

I nearly choked on a spoonful of cereal as she said this. I hadn’t planned on using the sex machine in public, but this idea was taking on a life of it’s own. I looked at her over the top of her computer and smiled “Well, I have the identity issue covered, and I’m sure I can work out the machine. That is if you’re game.”

“I’m not saying i’m game, but I want to make you happy, and I want to be open minded.” She said seriously, but I knew she was hiding her excitement.

She closed her laptop, and took my hand “So babe, here is one other thing.”

“Yes” I replied sheepishly.

“If,” she stressed the word to make it clear she hadn’t agreed to anything, “I do this, then we’ll be even.”

“Even, huh?” I questioned like I was negotiating a contract.

“Yes,” she replied matter of factly. “Even, and that’s a bargain considering all the attention I’ve been giving you.”

“Hmm, you drive a hard bargain sweetheart, but if that’s what it costs, then that’s what it costs.”

Cassie shook my hand “Okay then it’s a deal, you set everything up.”

We antalya escort finished breakfast, showered and went our own ways to make this fantasy happen. Cassie went shopping, and I searched local porn shops for a portable sex machine, as well as my other accessories.

I went to a couple of the boutique shops, but they were too small to carry inventory that expensive. I decided to go to the big national chain store, and sure enough they kept an assortment on hand.

The store was empty except for two young clerks wearing sexy costumes. The first was beautiful blonde dressed as french maid. Her costume barely covered her boobs, and her ass poked out from the skirt, revealing a frilly thong. She was completely immersed in the role, dusting the shelves and bending to show off her ass even more.

The second woman was a redhead dressed as a nurse. She wore thigh high stockings, a cheerleader skirt, and a bustier all in white. The bustier had a red cross on it in contrast to the white of all the other clothes. She was built like a porn star, huge boobs, a nice ass and the red cross gave me a flashback to my gang bang. I was instantly hard. I stood there staring, lost in the memories of that night and didn’t notice her walk up.

“Hi I’m Nicole,” she smiled. “Can I help you find something?”

Her voice startled me and woke me from my daydream, I looked at her intently “Yes, Hi I’m Alex.” I pause embarrassed by my thoughts and getting caught of course.

She moved in closer “Well, Alex what are you looking for?”

I turned to the shelves “I’m looking for a sex machine. It needs to be portable, but still powerful enough to bring my wife to orgasm.”

Nicole stood so close to me our arms were touching, I wasn’t sure if it was part of her sales technique, or if she just loved cock teasing guys. At that moment I really didn’t care.

“I have a several models that will work, but it all depends on your price range.” She pulled one of the shelf. “This is the Lovebotz Robo Fuck Deluxe, and I sell quite a few. It’s portable, durable, powerful enough and has a good range of settings. It’s $1000, but for the money it’s the best value. Now if that’s too much, I do have a couple other options, but there really basic models.”

“Can I look at it?” I asked, I was pretty sure you couldn’t test out the merchandise, but I wanted to see it out of the box.

“Sure, do you want to see a demo?” She said enthusiastically.

I can only imagine the shocked look on my face, because Nicole quickly let me know that she didn’t mean she would demo it. She glanced down at my pants, and I’m sure she saw my raging hard on. Leading me to the counter, she pulled them demo model out of a closet in the back. She took it out of the box, put it on the countertop and plugged it in. Reaching into the box and taking out a Fleshlight stroker, three dildos of various sizes and some lube.

I was a bit taken back by the collection and trying to determine if she wanted me to use the stroker while she demonstrated the machine. I thought about what her reaction might be when she saw I was wearing panties. My cock jumped in my pants and my face flushed.

Nicole noticed my embarrassment. “Oh hey, no need to be uncomfortable, we’re just looking here. It’s just a product demo.” She leaned on the counter and her cleavage fought to escape her costume. I’m sure this was a normal part of her sales technique with shy customers, but I didn’t mind at all. “So first, we need to pick a cock for the machine.” When she said cock, my heart started racing and I started daydreaming of this beautiful nurse and a cock hiding under her skirt. I managed to make a selection, the middle sized one. She took it from my hand grabbing my forearm and working her way to my hand. Her touch set my skin on fire, and sent electricity through my body.

She took the dildo and attached it to the machine, and then took some lube and started stroking it. Speaking matter of factly about the machine did nothing to hide her obvious hand job skills. I watched as she lubed up the dildo, like she was jerking off a lover. She rubbed the lube up and down over and over, squeezed it and rubbed her thumb over the tip, and then stroked all the way down and squeezed the ball sack. Watching her lube up the machine was a sexual experience all in itself. She kept her eyes locked on mine. I felt my heart racing, and my dick spasm. I thought I might cum in pants just watching. Then just like that she stopped and grabbed the lube and the stroker. “Next we have to get our pussy wet.” Her voice was sultry and sexy.

Nicole held the lube in front of me and I put my hand out. She poured a glob of lube on my fingers and smiled. I didn’t care if she was teasing me, I was enjoying her game, and wanted to see how far she’d take it. She held the stroker up to me and I pushed a slippery finger inside it I fingered fucked it and massaged the silicone clit with my thumb. I wanted her to see my technique.

“Well, you certainly know your way around a cunt,” she whispered, and this time it sounded genuine, not a sales gimmick.

I blushed, and focused on the Fleshlight.

“That’s nothing to be embarrassed about honey, you wouldn’t believe how many guys don’t.”

I looked up and our eyes met. I tried to read her, was she interested, or just playing with me? I couldn’t tell, but it wouldn’t matter, cause I am a married man. I fiddled with my wedding ring and that killed the mood.

“So, I think we’re ready for the demo. You hold this and I’ll power it up” She said handing me the stroker and plugging in the machine. “Now hold this here.” She said placing the stroker in front of the dildo on the machine. Nicole grabbed the remote and pressed start. The piston slowly drove the dildo toward the toy in my hand, and penetrated the silicone pussy. She pressed the button again and it sped up, the force pushing against my hand firmly.

“So imagine, that stroker is a your wife’s pussy. Do you think that’s powerful enough?” She asked casually.

“It’s okay,” I said, unimpressed. “But I was looking for more.”

Nicole took this as a personal challenge and pressed the button 4 more times. The speed and power of the thrust forced my arm behind my back and almost made me drop the toy. “Is that enough for you stud?” She smiled arrogantly.

“Yeah, that’ll do the trick.” I laughed.

“Just remember to work up to it, you don’t want to punch a hole through your wife.”

I grimaced, and literally shuddered at the thought. “So, does all this stuff come with it?”

“No, just the 8 inch dildo and the stroker. But if you buy it, I’ll give you a deal. Twenty Five percent off anything else.”

With that I purchased the machine, a squirting dildo attachment, 4 pairs of panties and 2 vibrating bullets, a medium sized jeweled butt plug and a big bottle of Spunk lube. I grabbed a couple of bondage hoods that had openings for the eyes, nose and mouth and a blindfold as we passed the BDSM set. Nicole said nothing but seemed very interested in what I had planned.

As I walked out the door, I couldn’t help but wonder what might have been with her if I hadn’t chosen to be faithful to Cassie. I started the car and sat there running through the inventory and my plan to makes sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. We had restraints, and the clothing was covered. Check, check, check. I was ready to set my plan in action. I drove home and stashed my supplies until it was time.

Cassie and I talked, and while I didn’t give away all the details to the plan, I showed her the bondage hood and the sex machine. She agreed to live out my fantasy, and we decided on a date. We agreed to take Sunday through Wednesday off in two weeks. We also agreed that we would have no sex until then. I wanted her to be good and horny, then she’d be willing to do anything. The only exception was she would wear the vibrating panties starting the Friday before and I would be in complete control of the remote.

The days in between were pleasant and carefree. The mood was light, and even though I felt a bit deprived of our normal sex routine, the anticipation was incredible. After five days, just thinking about the coming adventure was enough to get my cock weeping precum. I just hoped it was as incredible for Cassie as I thought it would be. We needed this to get our lives back in balance, and to get back to being us.

After what seemed an eternity of unfulfilled erections, it was finally Friday. I laid out a pair of panties with the smaller less powerful bullet in them for Cassie when she started the shower. I joined her and started to tease her nipples with the loofah, but she objected quickly. “No, no, no. No sex and no teasing, I am so horny it’s everything I can do to keep from cumming when I pee.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll leave you alone for a bit.” I said coyly, knowing I’d be controlling the vibrating panties soon.

We finished up and Cassie found the panties I had laid out. She studied them carefully, and the turned to me. “So panties with a vibrator?” She put them on and adjusted the bullet so it was partially on her clit and her labia.

“It’s all part of the plan.” I said acting if it was nothing special.

Cassie stood in front of the mirror wearing only the panties, and put on her makeup. I put on my jeans and a t shirt. Then I sat on the bed where I could watch her, acting like I was putting on my socks and turned on the bullet. The vibration was slow at first and then I turned it up little by little.

Cassie did her best not to show any signs that the vibrator was affecting her, but she couldn’t hide the obvious. Her face and breasts were flushed, and her nipples were hard enough to cut glass. I turned the vibe up a little more and she took a deep breath, it was getting harder for her to conceal her feelings. Then I cranked it all the way up and she bent over grabbing the sink to hold herself from falling to the floor. She started to rock back and forth and moaned softly.

I turned it off, and everything stopped. Cassie flashed me a dirty look through the mirror, pissed that I had cut the juice to the vibrator when she was so close. “Really? You know how horny I am, and you’re going to play games with me?” If looks could kill, I’d be DOA.

“It’s all part of the plan” I repeated casually, and walked out of the bedroom.

I spent the rest of the time we were together on Friday and Saturday teasing her with the panties. Getting her close, and then shutting it down. Cassie was a good sport overall, but I think if she could’ve overpowered me, she have taken the remote and finished the job. It was a good thing I bought four pairs of panties because she drenched the first two pairs. I took them from the laundry and examined them. They smelled so good, I wanted to wring them out into my mouth and drink her juices.

Sunday morning while Cassie was in the shower I dismantled the bed and put the mattress on the floor. Then I covered the windows with blankets, and removed the bulbs from the lights. This gave the room a dark and dismal look, like a prison cell.

Cassie opened the bathroom door and stood there wearing only the panties, but this time with the larger more powerful bullet. The light from the bathroom behind gave her a glimpse of what was to come.

“Alex? What’s going on honey?” She asked nervously.

I turned the vibrator on low and she moaned. I walked to her, took her hand and led her to the mattress. I placed her on it doggie style and chained her arms and legs. I turned up the vibrations and let her orgasm as a reward. She moaned, swore and thrashed her arms and legs against the bindings and then fell to her stomach. I turned off the bullet and left her alone in the dark room.

After an hour I returned to the room. Before entering I turned on the vibe at it’s lowest setting. It was not enough to bring her to orgasm, but more to announce my presence. I walked in and closed the door behind me.

“Alex sweetie, can you turn on a light? It’s dark and creepy in here.”

I ignored her, grabbed the sex machine from my closet and set it up behind her.

“Honey, please. I feel like a prisoner.” She pleaded.

I slapped her ass hard. “Silence slave.” I lined up her cunt with the dildo on the machine and started it. The dildo pushed slowly into her cunt, and then pulled out again. I turned the panties up a notch, and watched her. She was enjoying the slow fuck and vibrations, but wanting more. She thrust her hips back trying to speed up the machine, but it didn’t work. I grabbed the lube and butt plug. I pulled her ass cheeks apart opening her rosebud, and poured a very generous amount of lube inside. She shifted her butt trying to get used to the feeling of fullness, and the whimpered as I pushed the large plug into her beautiful little ass. I turned up the vibrator briefly to reward her, and then stopped her just shy of cumming.

“Fuck! Really? Are you wanting to torture me?” She was frustrated and almost yelling.

I pushed my cock down her throat. “Maybe this will shut your mouth slave.” I thrust in and out, grabbing her hair to to increase the power. After several minutes I felt the cum starting to bubble up in my loins, and pulled out shooting my load all over her face. I scooped a little in my hand and rubbed it all over her ass. I gave her pussy a spank and walked out.

I waited two hours to come back, and made extra noise walking up stairs, before waiting outside of the room. I could hear Cassie stir inside and slowly opened the door.

“Is that you Master?” This time her voice was soft and sweet, she was catching on and becoming obedient.

I turned on the panties, and the machine, and increased the speed. She started rocking back against the thrust of the dildo. I watched her carefully, watching her breathing and writhing to ensure I could stop her before it was too late to turn back. She started breathing heavy, and I stopped the machine.

“Fuck! Are you trying to piss me off!” She screamed her anger was clear, and then her tone changed. She spoke soft and sweet as she accepted her role. “Master, won’t you let your slave cum? Please won’t you fuck me?”

I played with the plug in her ass, and she wriggled her butt for me.

“Does Master want to fuck his slave’s ass?” She waited several moments for a response, and then spoke again. “Please master fuck my ass with your big cock.”

I pulled the plug and rubbed my dick against her hole. She pushed back trying to penetrate herself on my rod. I teased her a bit more and then pushed my cock all the way into her in one hard thrust. She whimpered and groaned falling forward against the savage thrust. After a moment she got back up on her hands and knees, and pushed back against me. I fucked her hard and fast, like I wanted revenge on her ass. I punished her tiny hole, not caring about her needs or feelings, but just what I wanted. I stopped anytime I got close to cumming and waited for the feeling to subside. I wanted this to last, I wanted her to understand I owned her, and she existed only for my pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32