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The burger and fries at Mickey Ds had not been the nice evening meal I would have preferred, but it was true to its fast food designation, quick and easy. I didn’t need to waste a bunch of time tonight on eating as I had a shop drawing submittal I needed to spend time with and get on its way to the architect first thing in the morning. With the plans all spread out on the extra bed in my motel room, I have finally marked up the six copies of the plans with corrections and stamped them with the company’s approval stamp, “Approved as Noted.” Just another day in the construction business, I think with a sigh of relief. Always something pressing to keep it continually stressful.

My wrist watch reads a little after nine as I slip out of my room and head down the corridor. Not a lot of time left to unwind after another tiring day, but I will make the best of what is left of the night. A couple of cool ones in the motel lounge sure sounds good. Besides, I really enjoy the group they have playing in the lounge now. They play great pieces to dance to both fast and slow and usually draw a good crowd of locals, even a nice number of stray females sometimes. What the hell, maybe it will be my lucky night.

Sure enough, the place is packed. All the tables are occupied with only a few empty stools remaining at the bar. I hate that but have no choice. I could get by a lot longer at a table without having to order another drink than I can with that aggressive bar tender. He will be right on top of me as soon as I finish my drink wanting to know if I am ready for another. I would really like to string them out until the band does their second set. Amazingly, they transform themselves in appearance and sound into a band of yesteryear and play a set of oldies that really bring back great memories.

The first two cold beers go down so easily and I don’t have a problem with the bartender pushing drinks at me. I was more than ready for them. The third one I manage to nurse a little bit as I turn on the stool toward the room and the band, with my back to him so that I can ignore his stare. Not much in way of unattached women that I can see as I scan the room. Maybe I should just finish off this one and go get a good night’s sleep. Besides I am beginning to feel just a bit of a buzz. Been a while since that quarter with cheese I am guessing.

As I turn back toward the bar with the intent of finishing my beer and leaving, I catch just a glimpse of her as she enters the room. Just like me, she stands there for a moment trying to find that one empty seat. She has my full attention now as I know that empty seat is right next to me at the bar. She appears to be about my age; mid thirties would be my guess. Her attire is not what you would expect a gal to put on to go clubbing to attract the opposite sex by any means. It surely has to be a costume of some sort. Probably a waitress I am guessing just getting off of work for the evening. Dressed more in the theme of the country that the restaurant specializes in is my further assumption. Not a firm young petite girl anymore as age and maybe kids have added a few pounds here and there but still very attractive. More buxom than petite now would be a better description.

She gives me a nice smile as she slides onto the stool at my right just as the bartender is taking my order for that fourth Bud I hadn’t planned on just a few moments earlier. And before he can get away, she turns to me on her stool, her left knee against my right thigh, and sweetly asks, “You wouldn’t mind buying a lady a drink would you? I just got off of work and I sure need one.”

The bartender doesn’t even wait for my reply before turning to her and asking, “And what would the lady like?”

“Seven and seven,” is her instant response and without a pause, turns and adds, “Thank you so much kind sir. My name is Jodie,” offering her hand to me.

“Jim, I’m Jim,” I repeat for no good reason other than I am caught a bit off guard. I would have offered to buy her a drink anyway but she didn’t give me a chance to offer, just ordered it for herself. She sure must be confident that that I would be willing to pay for it.

As we wait on our drinks she tells me it has been a bad night and she really needs the drink. It seems she had a customer stiff her. The bastard as she names him had a nice expensive meal and then slipped out without paying the tab and she got stuck with it. “That’s awful,” I concur.

“Oh it happens from time to time. Good thing I got some nice tips from some others or the night would have been a total loss. It just pisses me off when a man takes advantage of me like that, Well, not just a man,” she quickly revises her remark.

“Where do you work?” I inquire.

“Maria’s,” is her short reply and then she continues when it doesn’t seem to register with me, “It is a fine Italian Restaurant out toward the beaches. “You should give us a try. Their Italian dishes are wonderful if you like Italian crusine.”

As the Tipobet bartender returns with our drinks, I know I need to drink mine cautiously as I am already feeling it just a little. She quite the contrary, drains about half of hers in one long continuous gulp. “Whew!” she exclaims, “I needed that. It’s gonna make everything okay.” Then again turning toward me, she adds, “Thank you again for the drink.”

She makes no effort this time to return to facing the bar, her left knee pressing against my right thigh as it had originally. “Well Jim you know I am a waitress, but I don’t know what you do.” She states and leaves it at that, obviously expecting my reply.

“Construction. I work in construction.” Again repeating myself as if for some reason I need to say it twice.

“Oh, I always thought construction workers were big muscular guys with calloused hands. You just don’t look the type at all.”

“I’m a project manager,” I volunteer. “My work is mostly in the office handling the job’s paperwork……

And before I can explain further she interrupts, “So you are the one that makes the big bucks eh?” And then before I can answer that she grabs my hand and exclaims, “I just love this old song they are playing. It brings back great memories.” Then pulling me to my feet she continues, “Let’s dance.”

As we reach the dance floor, I slip my left arm around her waist and reach for her hand with my right one. She ignores it and puts both arms around my neck, holding me tight, her soft body contoured against mine. I can feel the softness of her ample breasts flattened against me. And as we begin to move, she slips her right knee between my legs, capturing my right thigh between her legs and rides it as we move around the dance floor. Her face is nestled high on my chest and my chin is buried in the softness of her hair. Her eyes are closed as she presses herself hard against my thigh. Not a word is said and I can feel an old familiar stirring in my loins as I have never danced so intimately close as this before. She just looks up at me and smiles.

As the song ends it is her again that takes my hand and leads me off the dance floor and back to our seats. Not a word is said as we sit back down but I feel that knee against my thigh immediately and as she lifts her glass with her right hand, I feel her left on my right thigh. As she begins to caress my inner thigh with her fingertips, she must have noticed how I stiffened a bit at that touch. “Relax Jim,” she offers, “I don’t bite.”

The invitation seems very clear and I ignore my beer completely. The dance has me more than ready and I lean over and whisper in her ear, “Why don’t we cut out of here and go to my room?”

“I thought you would never ask,” she replies as she stands again, taking my hand and leading me from the room.

That’s how it all began months ago. I didn’t get much sleep that night and I could hardly believe it when the wakeup call came the next morning at 5;30am. She had not only been aggressive in getting me into bed but had been an aggressive lover as well. When had she left I had wondered first and then I quickly checked to see if my wallet was still in my trousers pocket and it had been. Then it had dawned on me that I had no idea where she lived and she hadn’t given me a telephone number either. The one thing I had known was that I wanted an encore. I did know her name was Jodie and that she worked at Maria’s. That should be enough I had thought.

It had all taken place on a Thursday night and with the end of the work week on Friday, I returned home for the weekend. Jodie would have to wait till Monday. I had done my weekly reports and labor cost projections for the project in the company’s home office on Saturday but my mind had been on Jodie for sure. I had loved the way she took charge in bed and the sex had been great.

The first thing I did that Monday morning when I arrived back at the job site was to look up Maria’s in the phone book. It had a nice big ad in the yellow pages and seemed to be an upscale Italian restaurant. It had also been easy to find as it was on one of the main streets that lead out to the beaches just as she had said. The bad news had been when I asked the maitre d for Jodie, he had given me a knowing smile and said you’ll have to come back tomorrow, Jodie is off every Monday.

I had not even opened the menu when she saw me sitting in her section on Tuesday. She smiled and came over as quickly as she finished with her present table. “They told me someone was in here last night looking for me; was that you, Jim?”

“I’m the guilty party, I must confess.” I had replied.

“How nice,” she admitted before asking me if I had decided what I wanted to eat.

“You.” had been my simple answer.

It was a devilish smile that spread across her face at that thought but she told me it would have to wait. “May I suggest the Chicken Parmigiana with white clam sauce on the spaghetti.” She had Tipobet Giriş offered.

Latter as she had picked up my check to take it to the cashier, she had invited me to come back around 10 to 10:30 and she would show me where she lived. I never made it back to the motel that night. The next morning she told me to go check out of the motel and bring my stuff over to her house the next night. No point paying for a motel room when you can stay with me she had offered. With the puny per diem I was getting, a free room with pussy thrown in was as if from the Godfather, a deal too good to refuse.

It had started out innocently enough with nothing much more than good old fashioned fucking with a bit of oral sex thrown into the mix on occasion. Then one evening as we fooled around, naked as the day we were born on the sofa in her small living room area, she wanted to know if she could tie me up. “Why not?” I had replied.

She had me lay face down on the sofa while she deftly secured my wrists behind my back with the sash out of her robe. “Now turn over,” she had requested.

Being a bit devilish, I had refused.

“So you want to play hard to get do you?” she had muttered as she left to go into her bedroom. When she returned, it was a folded leather man’s belt she had in her hand. “Now turn over like I told you,” she again demanded and still I had refused to budge.

She never asked me again prior to turning my cheeks a very crimson red. It had stung, it had hurt. It had been relentless. But somehow it had been more exciting than painful. I had never been spanked on my bare bottom ever before much less with a heavy leather strap. It had been such a strange feeling I experienced. Instead of being angry, hurting or demanding my release, I had been in fact very excited, very turned on, and when she laid the strap aside and said, “Now on your back boy!” I was suddenly very compliant and had obeyed immediately.

She had laughed a devilish little laugh when she saw the boner on me. “You liked that didn’t you boy?” And as I was hesitant to answer, she asked again, “Answer me boy.”

“I guess so,” had been my meek response.

“Damn right you did!” she exclaimed as she gave my cock a thump. “Proofs in the pudding right here.”

Quick as a flash she had straddled me and lowered herself onto me. She just sat there and reached for my nipples. As she pinched and twisted them, she urged me to get my ass moving. To thrust up if I knew what was good for me. I could see from the expression on her face she was totally enjoying her position of power with me helpless to defend myself under her.

Finally her eyes had closed and her body was moving in conjunction with my upward thrusts. She cried out as I had never heard her before as her release flooded over her. Finally she collapsed on top of me. I felt sure she never realized mine had happened as well. It had been the wildest most explosive sex I had ever experienced and I was totally hooked. I was hers.

And she knew it. From that evening forward, her domination of me was complete and total. The fact that my arrogance disappeared into a very passive and compliant attitude once she had turned my ass red was not lost on her. Thus from that day forward she began our times together with discipline and punishment to ensure my submission.

The joy written all over her face as I writhed and squirmed beneath her as she dug her nails into my nipples had also not been missed by me. The pain I felt was tempered by knowing it was giving her such pleasure and giving her pleasure strangely became very important to me. Her pleasure became like an addiction is to a druggie, a dire need, a hunger, an obsession to me.

Our routine became almost always the same. Since I got off of work long before she did, I would shower, maybe take a short nap and be sure to be naked and waiting when she arrived home. When I heard her car door slam in the carport, I would kneel by the easy chair in her bedroom and wait. More often than not, she would linger just long enough in the kitchen to fix her a glass of wine and if I was lucky, she would bring me some as well. Only my wine would be in a saucer she would place on the floor by her feet as she took her seat in the easy chair. She thought it only appropriate that her pet lap his wine out of the saucer.

My first chore was to remove her tennis shoe and sock from her crossed leg and then massage her tired foot. Then to worship it with my lips and tongue making sure each toe was adequately sucked. After a repeat performance with the other foot she was off to the shower. When she returned she would find me kneeling, head bowed and awaiting my fate.

Her sadistic needs seemed to grow and as she disciplined me, it not only sated that need but fanned her sexual desires as well. Once she had satisfied herself that I had suffered enough, she was more than ready to be satisfied sexually. It always began with me kneeling and her Tipobet Güncel Giriş above me. It always ended with my face buried in her wet pussy. It always ended with her in a comfortable position so she could just relax, watch and enjoy my efforts. Not only did she enjoy the physical stimulation she got from my hands, lips and tongue, but she also loved the visual stimulation of watching a man’s face between her thighs toiling away to give her intimate pleasure.

And as I felt her body beginning to respond to my attentive lips and tongue, it was not only the culmination of her eventual release but also the climax of my efforts to please her. It was a fulfillment of my need to serve and give pleasure. And as she so often did, inviting me into her bed to be held and cuddled, I found I needed nothing more.

Besides the leather belt, she used a ruler, a hairbrush, even her tennis shoe to administer the spankings that became common place. Finally I made her a flogger using leather boot laces that worked very well and installed a hook in the bedroom ceiling so she could secure my arms high above my head. The thin leather falls made beautiful red lines on my pale white flesh and she loved circling me with it, making me dance to its tune.

Eventually our makeshift gear was not enough and she sent me shopping. I found an adult book shop in a seedy area in the middle of downtown that sold BDSM gear in a back room. When I emptied the big red shopping bag on her bed, her eyes lit up and I could sense her sadistic genes raging. There was a crop, a professional made flogger, clover clamps, a strapon dildo and harness, a ball gag, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, a black leather blindfold, a spreader bar, a butt plug and a short piece of nylon rope. Sooner rather than later she worked all of these items into our playtime.

I could always expect a good dose of pain in our times together but she began expanding her use of me in other was as well. She truly loved her dominance over me and seemed to want to discover what degree of submission I would give her.

She had burned a “J” into my hand so that I would always understand that I belonged to her but when she had me crawl on my hands and knees into the bathroom after her, I had no idea what to expect. I had to kneel before her as she spread her legs giving me a clear view as she relived herself. As the last trickle of her urine subsided, her command had been sharp and demanding, “Lick it boy!” I didn’t hesitate and only when she was satisfied I had cleaned her well did she push my head away.

Emboldened by this, sometime later she had me again follow her into the bathroom. Fully expecting to have to clean her up afterwards I was surprised when she had demanded instead that I put my tongue in her. “As deep as you can get it and keep it there,” she had ordered. Her stream quickly filled my mouth and overflowed down my chin spilling into the toilet. It had happened so quickly that only later I had wondered if she had intended for me to swallow it. I decided that next time I would try to do just that in order to please her.

She did let me wash out my mouth at the vanity lavatory afterwards but once I finished I had to kneel right there. She leaned over the vanity top, resting her elbows on it. Her ass was right in my face. “Lick it boy!” she had demanded.”Let me feel that tongue in me boy.” she had continued. Maybe this was my punishment for not swallowing. “That’s it boy, in and out, in and out.”

Just when I had thought she had used me in any way she might desire, she happened to mention a couple that she thought we ought to get together with sometime. It seemed once she had been approached in the ladies room at a club late one night by a really cute young woman wanting to know if she would consider being part of a threesome. When she had been told that the gal’s husband was good looking, well endowed and long lasting she hadn’t hesitated at all in joining them.

Almost immediately as they had shed their clothes and crawled into bed he had ordered his wife to service Jodie. He had fondled her breasts a little but seemed more intent at watching his wife work her magic between Jodie’s legs. Watching had indeed left him excited and as soon as his wife had achieved her goal, he had mounted Jodie and given her a great fuck. He was indeed well hung. Afterwards he had made the wife clean them both. They had laughed and joked about his wife as she went about this.

As an enticement, she offered that he would probably make his cute little wife service me. But when she added, that he would most likely want to dominate and use me as well, I balked and reminded her I was not bi and had no desire to submit to a male.

She made no attempt to push the matter or to hide her disappointment. “Seeing two males get it on would be so exciting to me,” she had offered as she had let the subject die before we drifted off to sleep.

It had eaten on me, the thought of disappointing my mistress. I just could not seem to get that thought out of my mind and one evening after I had done her feet and she had showered, I mentioned, “What about that professor friend of yours? You know the one you told me that likes to dress up in feminine attire and do his male students.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32