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I have done wallpapering for about 5 years. I do this on the side for pin money. Also to pay for some of the woman I have on the side. I have been married for a few years and my wife does not enjoy the kinky and sexy things I do. So that only leaves picking up woman. I was sitting home alone on a Saturday watching an XXX movie. I have this thing for panties. I love to jack off in them. Sometimes I like to have them on as I do this. Today was one of those days. I was watching a girl give this guy a blow job. I was just ready to cum. “FUCK THE PHONE.” I just stopped the movie and picked up the phone.

“Hello.” Yes is this Mr.?….”

“Yes it is. who is this?”

This is Helen, I live in Lakewood, I got your name from Mary and Jim down the street. Do you still do wallpaper?”

“Yes I do.” Not a bad sounding woman.” I have two bedrooms and a bathroom I would like for you to look at. Could you stop over later today and look at them? Jim and Mary said you do great work.”

As this lady was talking tome I could hear my wife’s car pulling in the drive.

“Could you hold on for a minute? I have to, I’ll be right back.” I put the phone down and ran to the T V. Off that went and I grabbed my pants. I put them on and pulled them up. Back to the phone. “Yes, I’m back. Sorry my wife just pulled in and I had to.” What the fuck was I saying.” Yes I can stop over and look at your rooms.”

In walked my wife. I had put a shirt on and was writing down the address as she came in. Damn Now I’ll never get to change.” Yes I’ll stop over in a few. I just have to get a few things. I told my wife what was going on and off I went. This would not be the first time that I had panties on when I went out. But I never do it that much. And not to some ones house that I didn’t know.

As I drove I thought I might stop at the book store on the way home. Watch a movie and Jack Off in front of a hole. I got to Helen’s house in 10 minutes. I could feel the panties holding my cock. Damn I love the feel of lace.

As Helen open the door I could see that she was not all that tall. I would Pendik Esmer Escort say about 5’4″ with black hair. She had on a blouse that was open, not to much, but I could see some “white meat.” I would say 34b or 36b. She also had on a skirt and stockings. The skirt was about 4 inch’s above the knee. My eyes told her that I liked what I saw.

“Hello, I’m Bob and I do wallpaper.” I was thinking of tell her I do her. But then…..

“I’m Helen, come in and I’ll show you the rooms. I have two bedrooms I would like done. And a bathroom. Come this way.”

We went up the stairs. I was looking up at her and I could see a garter belt holding up her stockings. Damn I love that look.

This is the bathroom. I looked at it and then we walked down the hall. “This is my room. Do you think you could do it.” I looked at her and thought I could do you. “Yes I can.” Just then the phone rang. “I’ll be right back, The other room is.” And she pointed down the hall. I could not tell what room it was. She went to get the phone and I walked down the hall.

As I open the first door I just looked. I have never seen a room like this. I saw mirrors and all four walls. It had hooks on the walls between the mirrors. On the hooks I saw a few whips. Also some rope. Hanging on one hook was a pair of lace panties. This lady knew how to live.

“Do you thing you could put wallpaper on the mirrors?” I turn and she was standing looking at me. “I’m sorry I thought this was the other bedroom.” What could I say. I took a step towards the door to leave but she did not move.” Do you think you could wallpaper the mirrors?”

“No…… I’m sorry I’ll look at the other room.” Her hand went to my cock. She held on to it and pulled on it and looked right into my eyes.

“Would you like to try this?” She let go and started to unbutton her blouse. I could see a white lace bra and as she open her blouse it fell to the floor. Her eyes never left my eyes. Her hands then went to my shirt. She unbutton it and pulled it from me. Tat to fell to the floor. She looked at me and a smile Pendik Eve Gelen Escort came to her. She then pull down her zipper to her skirt. It fell to the floor. Now standing in front of me in a white lace bra, garter belt and stockings and white silk panties. I could not move. Her hands went to my pants. Off with the belt and down came my zipper. Then as she knelt she pulled my pants down. Still not being able to move I let her.

Then when I looked down I could see that she was looking right at my cock. Still in my lace panties. And it was hard and the tip was sticking out the top. I went to put my hands over it.

“Please let me look. I think a man looks great in lace. And this man looks great in this lace.” She bent and licked the tip of my cock. “Are you KINKY are you in the mood to try some thing that is real KINKY?”

She bent and took the tip in her mouth. I could feel her pulling my panties down and taking more into her mouth. Soon I felt her take all of me. All 6.5 inch’s. Her hand holding my ass as she let me fuck her face. I could feel her fingers playing with my balls. I was going to cum. I was trying to hold back.

“Please, just let go. Fill my mouth. then the kinky things will start.” And it happen. I let go and I could feel my cum flood her mouth. Her mouth never let go of my cock. She looked up at me as I came. Her eyes never left my eyes. Her hand pulling on my cock till I had nothing left inside. She pulled her mouth off and stood up. She hooked her hand around my head and pulled it down. I felt her lips on my lips. Then I felt her tongue pushing on my lips. Then I felt it in my mouth. I felt her pushing my cum from her mouth to my mouth. I have done this a few times and thought fuck it.

“You like that. Don’t you?”

“Yes I do. I like a lot of things.” I could now see more of her. She was standing about 3 feet in front of me. She was rubbing her panties. My cock was still hard.

“Would you like to? You know, kiss this?” Her hand started to pull her panties down. All I could see was skin. She shaved.

“You Pendik Evi Olan Escort shave, I like that. The feeling of skin. The softness of skin. This way you can not hide.”

I knelt and looked up at her. Her breathing was getting faster and faster. I just looked at her eyes. Blue and so soft. I put my hands on her ass and she took on e step towards me. Her panties almost to her.

Then I felt it with my hands. She open her legs and I got the first look at her. I just looked. I could not believe what I was looking at. Right in front of me was a cock. About 4 inch’s long and hard. I had seen a few. And I have touched a few. But I have never sucked one. I started to pull back. She held my head and pulled.

“I have never.” That is all I could say. She had the tip on my lips and I open. For the first time I had a cock in my mouth. Not a big one like I see in the movies. But a small one.

“That is good. Just let it go in and out. In and out. Would you like it if I put a condom on it?”

All I could do was say “YES.” Soon I was back to sucking her. And it felt great. I had thought of it but never…..

“I’m getting close. Can I cum in your mouth with this on me?”

“Yes. I would like that.” I felt her push al of it into my mouth. I felt I could have taken no more. Then I felt her push harder. Then I felt her cum fill the rubber. She kept fucking my mouth as she came. As she fuck my face I looked up at her. Her eyes looking down at me. She stopped and started to pull herself from my mouth.

I just knelt and looked up at her. I could see her pulling off the rubber and jacking off in front of me. “I cum twice. Watch me.” She was jacking off and I felt my own hand helping her. Soon she was shooting once more. This time on me. I looked in her eyes and felt it hit my face. She came as much as I did the first time. Hot cum dripping down my face and she smiled at me.

“Now you are a true cock sucker. Now you know how it feels. And next time I’ll teach you how to take it in your ass. Are you going to do my walls for me?”

“Yes. And much, much more.”

That is the first time I ever sucked a cock. And it was on a she-male. I have done it a few times since then. But that first time was the best. I still love to jack-off to movies, and in front of others. And let them see me in my panties. But I will never forget that first time….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32