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When I got home from Adam’s house I went straight to my room and fell into bed. It wasn’t that late but I was exhausted from the fucking he’d given me. I drifted off to sleep, and when I woke up and looked around, the dim light in the room told me the sun was about to rise.

I was still wearing the clothes I’d worn the night before, so I sat up enough to peel off my shirt and shorts and threw them on the floor. I had the usual morning wood, which got even harder as the events of the night before came back to me. I lay back and stroked myself a few times, not really intending to jack off, but after a few strokes I got into a rhythm and in barely a minute shot a huge wad of cum over my stomach and chest. I scooped as much as I could into one hand and brought it to my mouth, letting it drip onto my tongue and licking the fingers clean.

I realized I was beginning to like the taste of cum.

As my dick softened the urge to piss got stronger, so I rolled out of bed and turned on the shower. While I waited for the water to heat up I took a piss, then looked at myself in the mirror.

I had the firm body of an 18-year-old, but I felt tired and there were dark circles under my eyes. I was glad I didn’t have much to do that day, because I obviously needed more sleep, and I looked forward to taking a nap in the afternoon.

When the shower I was ready I stepped in, turned the heat up as much as I could stand it and let the water stream over me. I washed myself slowly and thoroughly, taking special care with my still-tender ass, then stood for a long time, thinking.

I had decided even before I left Adam’s that I would not see him again. It wasn’t that I hadn’t liked him or what we did – it was easily the most intense sexual experience of my life – but I sensed somehow that it was an ending, not a beginning.

Maybe it was because I was already mixed up with one married man – my girlfriend’s dad, no less – but also because I was beginning to feel that my sex life was spiraling out of control. I needed to simplify things.

The coming end of my relationship with Jenny, when we went off to different colleges, would remove one complication. We hadn’t talked about it, but I was pretty sure neither one of us wanted a long-distance relationship.

And when that relationship ended, so – I hoped – would the fooling around with her father and mother. The more I thought about what had happened over the summer, the less I wanted it to continue. The fact is, I was kind of creeped out by the whole thing.

The only thing that I felt good about in retrospect was the brief encounter with Gil, my best friend. Trading blowjobs with him, and finding out that he had sex with guys as well as girls, was in a way reassuring. Made me feel, well, normal.

Plus I actually liked Gil, when I didn’t much like Jenny’s parents and wasn’t even sure I much liked Jenny anymore.

The thought of Jenny made my dick stir again. We had had a lot of great sex over the last few months, and I was pretty sure all this experimentation with guys hadn’t eliminated my attraction for women in general. Certainly not for one woman, anyway, whatever the state of our romantic relationship.

Finally the hot water started to run out, so I turned off the shower and got out. As I dried myself off I looked in the mirror and tried to objectively appreciate my own body.

It wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t ripped like some guys I knew, but I was in good shape, with barely an ounce of fat. And my half-hard cock looked pretty sizeable, and when I took it in my hand and slowly wanked it to a full erection, I thought, “What guy wouldn’t want to suck this?”


By then less than a week remained of summer vacation. Come Monday, all of my friends would have scattered, some to college, some to full-time jobs, a couple to travel.

All of us thought there should be a goodbye party, but no one seemed to be doing anything to get one organized. I was beginning to think it wouldn’t happen when Jenny issued invitations for a final bash.

I had mixed feelings about this, because I didn’t particularly want to see her parents, but there didn’t seem to be any way to avoid it.

The party got going early on Saturday evening, by 8 the place was jammed and by 10 all but a handful of people were drunk. Jenny and I sat by the pool for a long time and had a good talk, and without actually using the words we more or less agreed to break up.

One of the drunk people was Jenny’s mother, Tina, who was openly flirting with a couple of young studs and at one point was grinding to the music with one of them, a guy I didn’t know. This didn’t seem bother Dan, Jenny’s father, who was watching from across the room with a hungry look I had come to recognize, but I was glad Jenny was somewhere else, because I was pretty sure she would have been mortified.

By 12 the crowd was starting to thin, the next day being a travel day for many of us, and by 12:30 kayseri escort less than a dozen were left, including Gil and the two guys Tina was flirting with. Jenny had actually left with two or three other girls who wanted to hit another party with kids from another school, and by 1 there were only Dan, Tina, Gil, me and four other guys.

One of them was Nick, the guy Gil had told me loved to suck his cock, and from the way he looked at Gil I could tell he was dying to yank his pants down and get at it. One of the others was Tom, who had been the star of our school’s lacrosse team, but I didn’t know the other two.

“How about a swim?” Dan suddenly asked.

Everyone seemed to like that idea, but one of the guys I didn’t know said, “We don’t have suits.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Dan said. “We’re all friends here.”

The guy looked uncertain but Dan was already peeling off his shirt and heading for the pool. The back yard was dark but the pool lights were on, giving the whole yard a blue glow.

At the edge of the pool Dan kicked off his sandals, and stripped off his shorts and underwear and without a further word jumped in. The rest of us turned and looked at Tina, wondering what she would do, but without a moment’s hesitation she took off her blouse and shorts.

Turning her back to Tom, she said, “Would you unhook me?”?Tom reddened, but stepped over and, after a little fumbling, got her unhooked. The bra fell away and TIna turned around.

I knew from experience how beautiful her breasts were, not overly big but firm and very round, with small areolas and dark nipples that were already erect. She had no tan lines.

Looking at the two guys she’d been flirting with, she reached down, hooked her panties and, bending slightly, slid them off.

Her bush was light brown and neatly trimmed. The outer lips were very full, and the cleft between them was slightly open.

Tom gulped, and I thought I heard one of the other guys say, “Oh, my God.”

Tina turned and headed for the pool. The two unknown guys shucked off their clothes and followed her.

One of them had an average-sized dick that was already poking straight out from his body; the other wasn’t hard but his dick was absolutely enormous. Nick eyed him hungrily, and I noticed that Tom, too, followed him with his eyes.

Nick, Gil and I started undressing, but Tom hesitated. Not until Nick and Gil had stripped and walked off did he remove his shirt, and when I was naked he still had his pants on.

“Come on,” I said, giving my dick a stroke.

His eyes dropped from my face to my crotch, so I stroked once more.

He didn’t moved, so I reached over and yanked his pants down.

“Whoa…” he said, trying to cover himself up.

“Dude, relax,” I said, and he let his arms fall to his side. I pulled his underwear down, and now I understood his hesitation. He had an enormous boner.

“Nice,” I said, and headed to the pool.

When I got to the side everyone else was already in, except Dan, who had climbed out to sit on the edge of the pool, his cock fully erect. Gil and Nick stood chest-deep in the middle of the pool, watching the two unknown guys, who were circling Tina like a couple of wolves. She was splashing them playfully, but when they moved in closer and circled their arms around her, one on either side, she didn’t resist. Soon they had her pressed against the side of the pool and she was making out with both of them.

Tom was still standing just inside the house, trying to cover his erection. Dan got up, strode across the deck, pushed aside Tom’s hands and grasped his cock. Tom gasped.

“You’re coming with me,” Dan said, and without letting go of Tom’s cock started backing toward the pool. Tom had little choice but to allow himself to be led.

At the edge of the pool Dan dropped to his knees and, before Tom could react, swallowed his cock down to the pubes.

Tom, startled, opened his mouth and made a noise that was somewhere between a moan and sob. He looked like he wanted to back away, but Dan had gripped him firmly at the back of the thighs. He started moving rapidly up and down Tom’s cock, and Tom threw back his head and gave himself completely to the feeling.

Tina and the two guys had stopped to watch, but when I looked at Gil and Nick they were furiously making out. I turned again to watch Tom, whose breathing had become ragged; he was obviously getting close.

“Gonna…cum…,” he managed to say, and grabbing Dan’s head, rammed his cock in as deep as it would go. With a sound that started as a groan but ended as a roar he came, nearly falling down as he did so. But Dan, his arm muscles tensing, kept his grip on Tom’s thighs and held him upright.

Not until Tom’s body had stopped jerking did Dan relinquish his grip.

Tom’s legs buckled. He lost his balance and sat down hard on the edge of the pool, then half-slid, half-fell into the water.

Meanwhile Tina had made her way to the stairs and climbed out of the pool. The two unknown guys strode after her, and when she stopped at a table stacked with fresh towels she stopped and let them dry her off. Then she picked up a towel and dried them off one by one, making sure to pat dry their rigidly erect cocks, and the three of them strode into the house together. ?For a moment we all gazed after them. Then Gil, Nick and Tom turned to look at Dan, wondering how he would react. I knew it didn’t bother him a bit, because he was interested in other things, but it took them a few minutes process what they had just seen. Nobody said anything.

After a minute or so, Dan climbed out of the pool, dried himself off and headed for the cabana, his erection pointing the way. When he disappeared inside the four of us looked at each other a moment before Gil and Nick climbed out, dried themselves off and followed.

For a moment Tom and I looked at each other, then I headed for the cabana, too. Just inside the door I turned to look at Tom, who was standing besides the pool looking lost. First he looked at the house, and then at the cabana, then back at the house, as if he were trying to make up his mind. I noticed he was getting another hardon.

Finally he turned and came toward the cabana. I moved in the hallway so he would see me, stroking my cock, when he walked inside. Already I could hear moaning sounds from the inner room.

When Tom stepped inside the door he saw me and stopped. After a brief hesitation he moved closer, nudged my hand aside and took my cock in his hand. When I reached for his cock, he was fully hard again.

After a few seconds of stroking me, Tom leaned toward me, his lips seeking mine. I met his kiss, and soon we were passionately making out. I broke the kiss off and, still holding him by the cock, pulled him into the inner room.

The room was lighted only by a few candles. Nick was on all fours with Gil’s cock in his mouth and Dan’s cock deep in his ass.

Tom’s mouth dropped open. I reached over and grabbed his cock again, and we started making out again. He broke off to kiss me on the neck, then kissed his way down to my chest, where he licked my nipples briefly before slipping to the floor with my throbbing cock just inches from his face.

I leaned toward him until the tip of the head brushed against his lips. He gave it a tentative lick, opened his mouth and took in about three inches. He paused, as if deciding whether or not he liked it, then backed off. In the dim light I could see him looking up at me. I leaned forward, pressing the tip of my cock against his lips. He opened them, and I slid it in.

This time he took in nearly all of me. He gagged for a second, recovered, and started slowly moving up and down the shaft. Not that I’m an expert, but he seemed to be doing pretty well. While he worked on me, I watched the other three. Nick and Dan were facing the other way, but Gill was facing me, and when our eyes met he gave me a big smile, and his look said, “Isn’t this great?”

Feeling the cum started to rise, I started to pull away, but Tom didn’t seem to want to let go. I had to put my hands on either side of his head to get him to stop.

“I don’t want to come too soon,” I said.

He stood up, his cock fully at attention again. He was on fire with lust, I could tell. He looked over at the other three going at it on the air mattress, took a step or two and positioned himself next to Gil. Nick backed away from Gil’s cock and turned his head slightly to take Tom into his mouth.

Gil moved away from the mattress and stepped over to me. When he got close he leaned in and kissed me, forcing his tongue past my lips, and pressed his rigid cock against mine. After half a minute he broke off the kiss, slipped to his knees and swallowed my cock.

While Gil expertly sucked me I watched the other three on the mattress. Nick was going to town on Tom’s cock while Dan gave him long slow strokes from behind. Both Tom and Dan were moaning, and I knew they were both going to cum soon.

Dan came first, making a sound like some crazed animal and slamming his cock into NIck’s ass for the last few strokes. Tom, making no sound at all, came half a minute later.

NIck, exhausted, rolled away on the mattress, his ass making a popping sound when Dan’s cock slid out of it.

Dan, still kneeling at the foot of the mattress, turned his head and looked at me. He turned away again, crawled forward on the mattress to the same spot Nick had occupied moments before and spread his legs with his ass in the air.

I pulled away from Gil, who let me go reluctantly. My dick was absolutely rock-hard, dripping wet from the sucking he and Tom had given it. It glistened in the dim light.

I kneeled behind Dan, put my hands on his hips and positioned my cock at the opening of his ass.

“Fuck me,” Dan said.

“You bet I’ll fuck you,” I said.

I realized I sounded angry, and for a second before I entered him I wondered why. Maybe I resented what he had done to me this summer – turning me into a cock whore, basically – but as soon as the thought crossed my mind I knew the real truth: that I was a willing accomplice.

Still, the anger was there, and now I took it out on him.

Without any preliminaries I rammed my cock into his ass, right down to my pubes. If I was hurting him he gave no sign of it; if anything, he seemed to enjoy it, because a soft purring sound came out of his mouth.

I bottomed out, pulled back and hit him again, then again, and soon I had a rhythm going. Gil had moved to the other end of the mattress, where he kneeled so that Dan could take him in his mouth.

Gil and I looked at each other. A message seemed to pass between us, and we both started fucking Dan harder.

It was then that I remembered the camera.

Without pausing in my steady pounding of Dan’s ass, I turned to look to see if the red light was on. It took a second for me to find it, but there it was, high on the wall in one corner of the cabana, the red light glowing in the semi-dark.

Through the weblink from that camera, Tina had watched me and Dan fucking weeks earlier, I had later watched the two of them fucking, and later still had watched Dan fuck another guy while I was in the bathroom stall at the mall – which led to my meeting with Adam.

Who else had that link, I wondered.

A moan from Gil snapped me back to the present. He had Dan’s head in his hands and was steadily thrusting his cock into his mouth. By the look on his face I knew he would soon come, so I speeded up my pounding of Dan’s ass to match him. I reached around and grasped Dan’s cock, which was fully hard again and leaking like crazy. I looked to the side, and saw that Nick and Tom had moved to a low couch near the mattress, and were eagerly 69ing.

Thirty seconds later, Gil and I both came, he with a series of spasmodic jerks of the hip, I with a final hard thrust that nearly knocked Dan flat. At the same moment I felt a gush of liquid into my hand, and I knew Dan had come, too. Then I heard some strangled noises from the couch, and I figured Nick or Tom or maybe both had come once more.

Everything after that was a blur, but I remember we disentangled ourselves from each other and lay there panting for several minutes. The smell of sex was overpowering.

After a few minutes Dan got to his feet and walked into the cabana bathroom. The shower ran briefly, then he came back into the room, still dripping.

“Time to go, boys,” he said, and left the cabana.

One by one we got up to shower and get dressed. Tom and I were the last.

“What’d you think?” I asked him.

“That was the most intense sex I ever had,” he said.

“Be careful,” I said. “It grows on you.”

He was silent for a few seconds.

“Can we do this again sometime, you and me?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

I reached over, gave his flaccid dick a quick tug and and got up to shower.

When I was done I went back to the pool, found my clothes, got dressed and went inside the house. The two guys who’d been with Tina were just going out the door, and the rest of us were about to follow when Dan took me by the arm.

“Make sure Jenny gets in OK?”

“Sure,” I said, and he headed for the bedroom.

I got myself another drink and sat down to wait. ?About 20 minutes later I heard keys jangling outside the front door, and after a little fumbling Jenny opened it. She stumbled in, obviously drunk.

She stopped, steadied herself, and glided into the room. She didn’t seem startled to see me.

“Oh, hi,” she said. “Have fun?”

“Yes,” I said. “You?”

“Loads,” she said.

She started for the hallway leading to her bedroom but lost her balance and started to fall. I jumped up to catch her, then led her down the hall and into her room.

She pulled aside the covers and flopped across the bed. I slipped off her shoes, moved her legs so she was pointing more or less in the right direction and pulled the covers over her.

Her phone was still in her hand, so I slipped it out of her grasp. I was about to put it on the nightstand when something made me hesitate.

I pressed the home button and the screen lit up. It was locked.

I stood there for a minute, thinking, wrestling with myself.

Finally I took Jenny’s hand, brought it up to the phone and pressed her thumb against the home button. The lock screen disappeared.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and stared at the screen for several seconds, then pressed the photos icon. The app opened and the pictures sprang into view.

My heart sank as i realized, without having to look closely, that the last several pictures were mostly of naked people.

I tapped the last photo and it opened. It was of someone seen from behind but turning to look at the camera. ?The light was dim and the background figures hard to make out, but the face in the photo was unmistakably mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32