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For any readers who are not familiar with my wife and my activities over the past couple years, allow me to begin with a quick summary of the transformation of our sex lives that are still going strong. For the first couple years of our marriage, I couldn’t endure the thought of my wife with anyone else sexually. I don’t mean her cheating on me. No marriage can bear infidelity. I mean that even the fact that she slept with anyone else before she met me was unbearable.

Then there was my secret shame, the fact that I thought the idea of two guys taking on one girl was incredibly sexy. I wouldn’t allow myself to fantasize about my wife that way, so it led to some unnecessary sexual frustration. As time went on, and as Ann and I grew closer and more honest with each other, I began to learn and become more comfortable with parts of her past, and our communication became more transparent when it came to sex.

Now I was entertaining the thought of sharing my wife with another man, not in a cuckhold scenario but one in which Ann was respected and I was very much in control. What I didn’t have control over was this fantasy, which began to dominate my thought process when Ann and I would talk about different ways to keep our romance spicy. At last, I confessed to her my turn-on, and it just so happened that Ann had long held the same fantasy. I guess it’s not incredible to think that a girl would like the idea of two guys pleasing her at once. I just didn’t think my faithful spouse would admit to such a thing.

To keep it brief, we began to field local men online, selected one, met at a downtown hotel and enjoyed an amazing threesome. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching this other man fuck my wife, and the icing on the cake was when Ann let us double-penetrate her, which, personally, I think is the hottest sex act possible. I just never imagined I’d ever get to do it since I was sure Ann would never go for it. It turns out all I had to do was ask.

We didn’t meet up with that guy again because he made us uncomfortable in the following days and weeks, but Ann and I had a blast regardless and decided to keep it up. We met other guys, mostly online but some at bars. We met a lot of cool people and had a ton of great group sex. As we grew more comfortable with this new setup we were exploring, we continued to test the limits. It wasn’t long before Ann was ready to invite two other men, then three. Since then, I’ve been part of a five-man gangbang of my wife on a couple occasions, if memory serves me right.

This lifestyle has been kept very secret from our friends and family. One of Ann’s sisters knows, and only two of my friends are aware – both of whom have gotten to fuck my wife, and one of them pretty regularly. Given the circles we’re known in, a hotwife marriage would certainly be looked down upon by most, but to the few old friends and many new friends we’ve made, our relationship is applauded.

As for our marriage, it’s only improved since we started having group sex more than two years ago. We were on solid footing before then too. Enjoying this type of fun with my wife has made me only admire her more, and the trust and honesty has risen to the level it needs to be if this type of setup is going to work. More than a few people have told us it’s inspiring.

As for a particular incident, we enjoyed an especially hot July – both in outside temperature and in activities in bed. At the height of protests for racial equality, Ann and I thought it would be a fun way to support black lives by posting for black men only for the summer. I had shared her with a few black men already, and we were still in touch with a couple of them.

Then, when we posted for it, we garnered a lot of attention very quickly. Not only are there more straight, respectful guys in our area that are open to group sex than I realized, my wife is no slouch when it comes to looks. She was the prettiest girl I’d ever seen when I met her, and she’s even more attractive to me now. Plus, according to her, black men have always been attracted to her, thanks to her round ass and perky tits. With curves in all the right places, her body screams MILF – and those features aren’t even her best ones. Of Italian heritage, Ann has a gorgeous tan, beautiful brown eyes and long, dark brown hair that she usually straightens, and the prettiest mouth. When we first ventured out into this new lifestyle, I told Ann we’d have no trouble getting men’s attention, and I’ve been proven right ever since.

We took the first week of July off this past summer, and on the very first day of the month, even though it was the alanya escort middle of the week, we had two suitors ready to go. They were the two guys who had already had sex with my wife over the past couple years, and we were very comfortable with them, so we were able to expedite this session. Meanwhile, we did have a couple other sticks in the fire that we can talk about another time. I can’t remember what fake names I may have given these gentlemen in past stories, so I made up ones for this one: Darren and Louis. Darren is 35, about 6’2″ and built like a tank. Louis is 38, 6′ and a little less solid than Darren but out of shape by no means.

I should probably mention at this point that I am white, 6′, skinny and 34. Ann stands about 5’5″, boasts a thin though curvy frame and is about a year and a half older than I.

We don’t normally have people we don’t know outside of looking for hookups come to our house. We tried it a couple times early on, and we were just worried it was too easy for things to get complicated if everyone knows where we live. Even though we knew Darren and Louis now, all four of us agreed we didn’t need to know where any of us lived. We’d make an exception later, as you’ll read, but for now we met at motel. The men we meet usually offer to pay for the room since I’m bringing the entertainment, and Darren and Louis did split the cost of this motel in exchange for another wild night with my wife.

My goal is always to get to the destination before the others arrive. It often doesn’t happen because Ann takes a long time to get ready, and today was one of those cases. While Ann often runs late, I couldn’t blame her in situations like these ones. She wanted to look her best to make me proud, and I needed her to feel confident and sexy if a group fuck was going to be any fun. When she was finally ready, she asked me to give her one last inspection. High heels – check. Hotwife anklet – check. Stockings – check. Low-cut top – check. Short skirt – check. Straight hair – check. Perfectly done makeup – check. I assured her the guys would not be able to resist her, and we set out to the motel.

Darren and Louis were already there. We hadn’t seen them in a long time since Ann and I both have plenty of responsibility. It’s a wonder we have all this time for sex. We chatted for a few minutes while the guys had a drink and Ann sipped some wine she had brought to help take the edge off. When it was time to go, we had Darren and Louis sit on the bed while Ann stood over by me near the door and began to undress.

There wasn’t a ton to come off. The skirt fell to the floor first, followed by her thong. Ann turned around facing away from the boys as she unhooked her bra under her top, grinning at me as she disrobed, knowing how much it turned me on when I shared her with other men. As the undergarment unlatched, it slipped from her chest, and I helped her push the top down to expose her breasts to me first and then, dropping the bra to the ground with the other clothes, Ann turned around and displayed her bare chest to her other fans, who hooted in approval. It always made me proud when other guys flattered my wife, and I know it makes her feel sexy, which is just good for everyone involved. The hotter Ann feels, the more fun we have with her.

Ann strutted over to the bed and took a seat between the big black men who hastily undressed as the Italian MILF approached them. Once my wife settled in, she had two big black cocks exposed on either side of her. Both were thick, Darren’s being a little longer at, I guess about nine inches, while Louis was about eight. Mine is seven and always gets the job done (we both get off literally every time we have sex), but if you’re going to share your wife, you might as well let her experience bigger dicks. Anyway, Ann instinctively put a hand around each cock and began to stroke her friends while they sat back and sighed with pleasure. Ann looked back and forth between the two guys, smiling at them and then occasionally locking eyes with me and grinning as she beat off these two black men right in front of her adoring husband.

After a couple minutes, the three of them were arranging on the bed, and Louis was reaching for the lube he’d brought. Darren lay down on his back, cock sticking straight up, as Ann straddled him, wearing only her high heels, stockings and anklet (because she knows I love when she does that) and worked that big, black cock into her pussy. She rubbed the tip against her slit for a little bit, helping make herself wet enough to take more and more of those nine or close-to-it inches inside her as she sank lower and lower. Darren cursed, and Ann moaned as the two bodies joined. Meanwhile, Louis stood by waiting to join while I was having a hard time keeping my own pants on. I wasn’t going to watch the whole time. I always joined in eventually. I just wanted to see what I knew was coming before I got out of my clothes and hopped in.

Soon, Darren was fully sheathed inside my wife and lifting her up and down his cock. Ann’s hair and boobs rocked up and down while she moaned and took his huge dick in and out of her married pussy, over and over. Standing behind her was Louis who was now ready to apply the lube to Ann’s butt so they could turn her into the Oreo cookie that we all were there to enjoy.

Ann giggled a bit when she felt that cool lubricant splash on her backside, and she twitched when Louis began to rub it into her flesh. Darren was still pumping into my pretty wife as Louis was preparing her for double penetration. He slowed down to a stop when Louis knelt behind them and began to press his cock against Ann’s asshole. Thanks to the lube, he was able to slip in one inch at a time while Ann moaned.

I didn’t think women outside of pornstars got good at anal, but my wife had dispelled that theory after a couple years now of taking all kinds of cock in her ass, usually mine. She’d often prefer not to have the anal intruders, but she would never deny me long of the opportunity to fuck her ass or watch someone else do it. She was more likely to do it if it were part of double penetration, like she was receiving now.

Ann buried her face in Darren’s chest, while Darren rubbed her shoulders to help ease the pressure she was feeling as these two big black cocks filled both her holes. Louis pushed deeper and harder, adding more lube a couple times until both he and Darren were in. Louis put the lube down and put his hands on Ann’s waist as they all prepared for the hot sandwich fuck for which my wife was so good.

With no further delay, Louis began to pump in and out of my wife’s ass, and Darren immediately met his thrusts. The two were quickly in sync, sawing in and out of my beautiful Italian wife as she moaned and cried from the double-fucking. The black men held tightly to my spouse, worshiping her ass and pussy with their big members and moaning with satisfaction as they fucked my hotwife right in front of me. As time progressed, Darren and Louis began to nail Ann harder and faster. To my amazement, Ann took the hard, double pounding with seemingly no problem. Most of our double-penetration sex was slower and more careful, and yet these guys were going to town on my wife’s holes, and she was taking it like a good wife. It was some of her most admirable work to date. I whipped out my phone and began to record video (I’ve since posted online) of those black cocks slamming in and out of Ann’s ass and pussy while she kept up beautifully.

Amid the moans and cries of the three people on the bed before me, I was no longer content to simply watch. I stopped recording after a minute or two and then got out of my clothes and joined the threesome in the bed. Ann looked up at me and smile, her body glistening with sweat, her hair messed up and moans leaking from her mouth. I shuffled on my knees beside Darren, trying to get my wife to take my cock in her mouth and make her airtight. She succeeded in sucking the head for a little bit, but what was happening to her ass and pussy made it too difficult for her to focus on me while her other holes were being assailed by those other huge members. I decided I needed to speak up if I was going to get involved.

As usual, the other guys were respectful of my request. Louis pulled Ann off Darren, keeping his own cock lodged deep in her ass while he rolled over onto his back. Darren remained lying beside them (we always got a big bed with plenty of room for everyone) while Ann beckoned me over with her finger as she lifted and spread her legs for me. The sight of that stuffed asshole and welcoming pussy drove me wild and I got right in between those sexy legs to insert my manhood into my wife’s twat. It was tighter than usual, of course, since her neighboring hole was full, but she was still wet enough that I was able to get in and sink deep. Once I was mostly inside her, I leaned forward, lying down on top of Ann, her sweat-soaked breasts pressing against my chest while her arms and legs wrapped around me. Her moans in my ear drove me on as I began to thrust into her, alternating with Louis who was still in her ass.

Louis and I double-teamed my wife in this way for a few minutes. Most of the time I spent lying on top of Ann and hammering her cunt, but a few times I picked myself up, still fucking her and looking down at her hot body, accentuated by the black man underneath her and his big cock taking turns with me inside her, filling her ass as I fucked her pussy. Ann writhed between us, holding tightly to me and closing her eyes. I could tell she was getting closer and closer to orgasm. For a moment, it looked like she would be the first to get off, but right before he did, Louis grunted and announced that he was cumming in my wife’s ass. As he emptied his balls, I continued to rail her pussy until I pushed her right over the edge to her own orgasm, evidenced that moan of hers that is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.

After Louis finished up in Ann’s ass, he waited until my wife was coming down from her own climax before he lifted her up and got out from under her. I straightened myself up to allow him egress and then lay back on top of my wife, her legs spread wide, reaching out to the ceiling, her arms wrapped around my back as I pounded her pussy, which was now easier to slide in and out of since her ass was vacant. Ann begged me to cum for her as her hands ran up and down my back and neck. I asked her where, and she said anywhere I wanted. She had to know what I was going to do after she said that.

I fucked her hard for a minute more until I felt my balls ready to explode. At last, I pulled out, shuffled forward and pointed my throbbing penis at her gorgeous face. Ann doesn’t let me cum on her face that often, even though she knows it’s my favorite place to cum on, so I take it as a yes anytime she doesn’t say no. Finally, I erupted, shooting ropes of cum across her pretty face from her chin to her hairline. I tried my best to keep it away from her eyes, which was her only real concern, yet somehow it always ends up there. I argue if she’d let me do it more often, I’d get better at aiming it. Anyway, by the time I was done with that very satisfying climax, my jizz was all over her cheeks, nose and forehead, dripping back toward her ears and hair while she shut her eyes and laughed.

Of course, Darren still hadn’t finished, so as soon as I got off the bed, Darren took my place. Ann rested her ankles on his shoulders, and Darren got right to it, holding onto Ann’s shoulders and pounding away at this sexy woman who had already satisfied two men, the evidence of which was streaming down her face and trickling out of her ass. Darren had sex with my wife until he too came, pulling out just in time to splatter his load on her tits at her request. When he got off the bed, Ann sat up, inundated in cum from three different men and looking as sexy as ever. As was often the case with our guests, they clapped for her and showered her with praise for the exceptional performance, which made her laugh and blush.

I stared briefly at my cum-covered partner as the stuff streamed down her face and chest, trickling onto her pulled down top. I noticed a trickle of jizz down her leg too as it leaked from her butt. She looked incredibly hot and sexy, especially while still wearing the stockings, heels and an anklet. I handed her a towel as she bid farewell to our friends and thanked them for a fun night. The men left, and I picked up the motel room as Ann took the rest of her clothes off got in the shower. After I got dressed, I uploaded that video to the hookup site we were members on and even had some time to share the experience of the night with some of our friends on there.

That experience was just one of them for the month of July. Just a few days later we broke our rule about not having hook-up people at our house. We were feeling extra frisky and decided to invite Darren over. It was too late to make arrangements elsewhere, so I picked him up at a spot that was a couple blocks from where he lived and brought him over blind-folded so he wouldn’t know the way to our house (it was his idea). Darrin and I went down to the finished area of our basement where Ann was already ready for us in stockings, heels and lingerie. What followed was the two of us men taking turns having sex with my wife. I got some video of that one too and posted it as well. We didn’t do any anal or double penetration this time because the double-fucking Ann had taken a few days ago had her sore for a while, as I imagined it would, since those guys really pounded her holes. I made sure to tell her over and over again how proud I was of her for taking it like such a good wife.

The next time she would take anal, in fact, would be a few weeks later at our next gangbang. That one was the really fun one, but it looks like I’ve gone on long enough for now. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested to hear about that one in another post.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32