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Big Dick

Barbie dolls have always held a fascination for me. Their long limbs, large breasts and exceptionally bright blue eyes were something that I had genetically been blessed with, I didn’t have that ridiculous waist though. Mine was more like a Rueben’s model. Nor was I suppose, an air head, my career as police officer had blossomed due to my attention to detail.

As a little girl I had multitudes of Barbies, Malibu was always my favorite until the Farrah Fawcett edition arrived. It seemed stupid to lust after a doll when I was 34 years old but lust I did. My desire to own one was consuming. Living in Australia had its drawbacks sometimes, the stocks were limited and the demand was high. It seemed every woman who had loved watching Charlie’s Angels as a kid wanted one.

Finally one of my many leads got back to me. ‘Knightrider22’ had one for a reasonable price and they were based in Melbourne. The only downside was that they didn’t deliver and my shifts were long and at unreasonable times. I arranged to pick up my Farrah after a shift on a Tuesday night, luckily for me ‘Knightrider22’ was an accommodating vendor. Unfortunately, on the Tuesday night we were busy at work, I didn’t have time to change out of my uniform as I was already over an hour late. I called ‘Knightrider22’ to say I was still on my way. His voice was deep and inviting, almost soothing. He assured me that he was a late night person and that it was fine.

Arriving at his residence I was taken aback. The house was vast and lit up well. It was like a beacon drawing me in. As I drove up the circular drive I felt slightly intimidated, not a normal feeling for me. I pulled a RipCurl hoodie over my uniform as I got out of the car, I wasn’t supposed to be in uniform when I wasn’t working. My first instinct was to timidly ring his doorbell but years of training made me knock forcefully on the large timber door. It gave me back some confidence. I stood at the door for what seemed a few minutes, not used to being ignored I knocked again, somewhat harder this time. Half way through the knock the door swung open and my fist missed contact with the wooden surface. I almost overbalanced, fighting gravity.

“I assume you are ‘Smith27’, please come in while I finalise your purchase” My eyes were great at capturing detail, but there was so much to see I couldn’t process fast enough. ‘Knightrider22’ was like a banquet for my mind. His eyes disarmed me and his voice deemed me incapable of rational thought. I knew better than to enter a stranger’s home, I gave lectures on safety and how to protect yourself from predators yet in I walked. I followed him trance like into his office. There on his walls were images of thundering surf, serene shots of sunsets over some of the best beaches in the world and a beautiful Malibu board.

“Where is your favourite place?” I asked in a quiet voice.

He looked at me and smiled.

“Where I went as a kid, Smiths at Phillip Island. Funny you being ‘Smith27′”

My name on ebay was a reflection of my other life, that as a teenager loving the water, riding the waves until my brother drowned at Smiths beach.

He looked at me right at the moment when my eyes suddenly pooled. I hated crying, it made me feel weak, but sometimes it just happened. I suppose trying to do CPR on a person and failing does that to you. The tears that threatened to fall made my eyes a reservoir but they didn’t spill.

“Hey, I didn’t charge you that much for the doll! Do you want to inspect her?” I lifted my head and smiled.

“Yep, sure do”

She was in pristine condition, still in the box which was fully intact.

“Wow, I have lucked out here, she looks fantastic. You have the funds don’t you? I transferred them to your account yesterday morning?”

“Yes, that is all fine. Please don’t think I am rude but why did you want this particular doll? As a Police officer I would have thought a Barbie in a swimsuit would have been a bit kitsch for you”

“Well that is a stereotype, as a man of wealth and obviously athleticism, why sell dolls?”

My mouth honestly has a mind of its own and it can get me into trouble.

Knightrider just laughed and saluted me “Touché Smith 27”

“Grace.” Without even thinking I gave a potential pyscho my Christian name.

“Well Grace, it has been a pleasure and to answer your question, because I like to collect things of potential value. I obtain things that I think others will like or have an interest in and then sell them at a profit.”

“Well there must be good money in that.” I said gesturing around his wide hall.

“I make my money from I.T. Grace. People are constantly purchasing new technology too; my role doesn’t just involve Barbie dolls. I like to find new initiatives and developers, I nurture their ideas and provide them with the cash and then reap the benefits when their products come into fruition.”

“Do you take all their earnings? Are you exploiting people?” My indignation was evident.

“No, I love to watch others realize their dreams Tipobet and their potential.”

Was this guy too good for words. I was so going back to the station to find out more about him.

However, it was like he read my mind, “You are going to use your resources to see if I am genuine, aren’t you? That’s an easy way out Grace, why don’t you just ask me. I am sure you are trained in interrogation.”

I felt conflicted to say “Yes on both fronts, or, I am not that rude and it was a pleasure doing business with you.” Instead I said, “I don’t know.” He raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

He walked into a large sitting room and I followed like an obedient puppy. He poured two whiskeys and handed me one. “Ask away Grace, I am all yours for the next hour, unless you need to be somewhere?”

“No, I don’t have to be anywhere, no-one is expecting me.” What the hell was I thinking, pyscho now knew he could murder me and no-one would care until the morning!

Knightrider read my mind yet again, “You know for a cop you are pretty silly. I could be a pyscho Grace and now I have you in my home.” I laughed at his skills.

“Yeah, but I do have handcuffs and I know how to use them.” I blushed from my navel to my hairline, why would I say something so incredibly provocative?

He shifted the conversation back to himself and true to his word I had a better idea of his world within half an hour. I felt as though I had met a person of incredible honesty, credibility and that had a set of values that were hard to find. Perhaps I had been dealing with lowlifes for far too long.

“Well Mr…I realized I hadn’t actually asked his name…Knightrider, thank you for my doll and the very enlightening conversation. It is rare that I meet someone who pleasantly surprises me, but you have succeeded.”

“Well Grace, the feeling is very mutual. I have enjoyed your company, I usually find cops overbearing and pretentious. But you are like an open book and you know, I would like to read some more. Would you consider dinner tomorrow night?”

His request shocked me but also sent a shiver of excitement through me.

I agreed to an 8 o’clock dinner, this time in a public place. Finally, sanity prevailed.

My day was so intense that I almost forgot the dinner date. The dress I had thoughtfully packed was quickly thrown on in the car park of the station. I just pulled my regulation bun from my hair and shook it loose, wishing I had time to straighten out the kinks. My makeup consisted of a swipe of gloss.

I was mentally exhausted and felt awful when I saw that our dinner table contained a glass of champagne and a ten tiny pairs of Barbie shoes neatly lined up next to the glass. I had confessed to Knightrider that I secretly loved Barbie’s shoes more than the dolls. His gesture threatened to make him my all-time hero.

Our conversation was small talk, time filling banter that relaxed me to the point that I started watching his hands. They were large, his fingers were long. Big enough to grasp my whole breast. God, my thought shocked me. Once again I blushed deeply. He noticed.

“Grace, are you ok? You suddenly blushed, is there a criminal behind me or something?”

“No, I am just hot.”

“Yes you are Grace, very.”

My big blue eyes shot up to look at him. The answer was mirrored in his green eyes.

Without asking me he requested the bill.

We made it to his car. He opened the door for me and then secured me in the seat belt, his hand grazing my left nipple. I groaned with the shot of ecstasy that ripped through me.

He got into the car and looked at me, “Soon Grace, I will be fucking you hard. Do you understand and do you agree?” My head nodded on its own accord.

His mouth found my neck as soon as he shut the front door of his house. He forced my arms up and out and held them there while he raped my neck with his mouth. I was moaning so much he dropped his left hand and covered my mouth. “Shhh Grace, you could make me cum with that moan.” He released my arms and lead me to the couch. As he laid me back I let my eyes roam his form. He grabbed my foot, stiletto still intact and ran his hand down my leg. He grasped my underwear and ripped them from my body. I was shocked but more excited than I had ever been in my life. I felt my pussy pulse. He stood above me looking down at her. “MMM, just as I had imagined last night, soft and wet. I wonder how wet?” I thought his finger would release me from this torture but instead he leant down and unleashed his tongue. He probed me, deep into my core. He circled around my clit with the tip of his tongue and then captured it in his teeth, lightly nipping at it. Never in my life had I experienced anything like it.

“Cum for me Grace, right now so I can watch.”

Rightio, I had never had that said to me before, especially with a face buried in for a front seat view. His tongue increased its tempo, he was salivating from his effort. I couldn’t hold back, no-one had ever looked at me like Tipobet Giriş that and I came with his face feasting on my cunt.

“Beautiful, fucking beautiful” He looked at me afterwards with such longing that I knew I would give him everything. There would be no holding back with him. My skills in oral sex were not brilliant but I knew the basics, I eagerly went to unzip his pants.

“No Grace, not tonight, I wanted tonight to be about you and learning about your body. My turn will come, trust me.” I was surprised by this, most men I had ever slept with were all about themselves. He left me on the couch but returned with a glass of water. “Drink up, you are no doubt thirsty.” He was one surprise after the next.

He knelt beside me. His hands slipped my dress from my shoulders, my bra soon followed. “Stand up Grace, I want to look at you in only heels.” I stood, self-conscious and went to cover my bad points. “Grace, I asked to look at you, all of you, not with parts hidden. Please do as I ask.” His request was softened with a look. “Turn around Grace” I slowly turned, knowing that my back was one of my best features. As I turned I felt his eyes all over me. He approached me quietly, I felt a light touch running down between my shoulder blades. It roamed over my back. He came in close behind and put one of his large hands around my neck. He tilted my head back and tightened his grip on my throat. The sensation was frightening but so erotic.

“Open your legs Grace.” I immediately obeyed. His other hand snaked down and his index finger ran all along my slit. He teased me by flicking at my clit lightly. As he held me by the throat he whispered in my ear, “Do you like pain Grace? ” He increased the pressure on my clit as I pondered an answer.

“What do you mean by pain?’

“Trust me for a second please Grace?”

At this point I was ready to impale myself on his fingers just to get release.

“Oh this is great pain, keep going.” With that he withdrew his fingers from my pussy but placed his hands on my hip and pulled it up, he then pushed me forward from the centre of my back, all the while holding my throat. I let out a moan anticipating him to enter me from behind but suddenly I heard a thwack and felt a sharp sting on the lips of my cunt. I jerked upwards but he pulled me into him. “Grace bend forward, I promise you will cum very soon. Come on my little doll, show me how much you want me to make you cum.” I relented and leaned forward, he released my throat and whispered “Good girl Grace, now spread those legs a bit more.” I inched my legs apart. He brought the crop up between my legs and hit me right on the centre of my being. The sensation sent a volt through me. “Ahhh, more please…again.” Three more slaps and my orgasm was approaching. He brought his hand around to my left nipple and started rolling it through his fingers. He pulled it out and pinched hard. “Grace, bend lower and hold your calves.”

I bent over and pushed my arse out. “Grace, you are fucking amazing, your pussy is begging for it.” With that he unleashed the crop, hitting my pussy lips and my butt cheeks hard. He groaned and then thrust three fingers into my soaking vagina. “You are so wet Grace, I want to do more to you but right now I just want to fuck you. Are you ok with that?”

I screamed “YES, now right now and please make it hard” He stopped finger fucking me just long enough to unzip his pants and take his cock out. I felt the tip approaching me as he pulled my hips up. He slammed into me, there wasn’t anything gentle about our first fuck. He pounded me hard while I bucked up to him. HIs cock was bruising me internally but it was also hitting places I never even knew existed.

“Grace, I am going to cum in you, I am going to fill you. ” My orgasm spewed forth, my convulsing matched his thrusting. Knightrider did nothing by halves, his orgasm was like an explosion. I felt the hot stream hit the back wall of me with force. So much for safe sex Grace…

He bundled me up and carried me into a shower. As he soaped me all over I felt desire building again. What the hell was going on, I was like a bitch on heat. I went to make my intentions clear but he grabbed my wrists and held them behind me. “Grace, would you consider a few more things with me?”

“What do you mean? I think we have covered any first date kiss questions quite well.” His face relaxed at my attempt at a joke.

“I am serious, I want you to let me do things to you that you have never experienced.”

“How do you know what I have done?”

“A man like me can tell Grace.”

“What? What is that supposed to mean, a man like me can tell?” I suddenly felt inadequate, what had I done wrong?

“Grace, I like to dominate women, I get off on having women serve me. Trust me I know you have never experienced all the things I want to show you.”

I went silent, which was what I always did when I was confused, upset or really worried about something. I didn’t do hysterical but right now I Tipobet Güncel Giriş felt it brewing. What the fuck had I just done? I had screwed the type of guy I normally enjoyed locking up. I shoved him back and forced my way out of the shower. He stood in the shower and let the water continue to caress him, “Grace, don’t run. It’s not what you think.”

“Keep the fuck away from me, I lock abusers up all the time. You think I would just let you abuse me!”

“Grace, I will not abuse you, in fact it will be the opposite. In a way I will worship you. I don’t choose anyone Grace, I am highly selective. You meet more than the average criteria and realistically broadening your horizons would benefit both of us.”

I shook my head at his self assurance, what a cocky bastard, “I am sorry but I don’t think serving you will broaden my horizons, cooking dinner and cleaning up after I let you fuck me is not my cup of tea. What I want or need is really none of your business and just because I am above the average criteria doesn’t make me want you to teach me your life skills. For fuck’s sake I don’t even know your name.”

I stormed out of the bathroom and grabbed my clothes. I was dressed and out the door before he left the bathroom. I went out the front only to realize my car was back at the restaurant. I dialed for a taxi whilst cursing every God imaginable.

It was two days before I heard anything from him. A simple text with the word “Kyle” was all he sent. I didn’t reply, I didn’t even consider it. When I am mad silence is best, my mouth causes far too much grief.

The following day a beautiful box was left on my car. A pretty dumb move really, the task force dealing with terror threats soon turned a pristine Marilyn Monroe Barbie into several tiny pieces. My worry was more that Kyle had found my car. That night he called.

“Grace, please listen to me. I tried to win you over today with a gift, stupid of me really but I thought you would appreciate her. I know you would have considered that I knew where your car would be, simple really, I followed you the other night. You are so smart Grace, going to your workplace and not your home. It impressed me so much that I dropped my normally careful guard. I know I sound like a fucking stalker and some perverted killer all rolled into one but I am not. I wanted to apologise, I am not quite sure how to with you though. You amaze me, in the space of a week I have been taken by surprise several times.”

I listened intently to his plea for clemency before I responded,

“Kyle, you are unbelievable, who follows someone after insulting them, then leaves a gift wrapped box on their car? A fucking psycho, that’s who. I could have you arrested right now, leave me alone, do not ever contact me again.”

I immediately blocked his number and contacted my superiors, just in case.

After a thorough checking out of Kyle Williams, I felt slightly less intimidated. The guy was clean, nothing not even a speeding ticket. Just a case of bad judgement on my behalf, nothing more.

Six months later I was out to dinner with a date I had been matched up with by a well-meaning friend. The date was dreadful, the guy was a self-conceited bore who expected to talk about football all night and for me to smile and nod. He would probably want a performing seal later in bed. It was then I felt eyes boring into my head. I turned slightly and caught sight of Kyle sitting with what could only be described as a supermodel. He looked as bored as I felt.

I went up to the bar to buy myself a drink, footy dude didn’t want to shout me a drink as he wanted to keep things simple tonight. Simple was right, get through another half an hour and I was out of there. Kyle was suddenly standing at my side.

“Grace, I hope you are well. I see you are with someone so I will keep this brief. I haven’t stopped thinking about you, I truly am sorry for the way I handled things. I never meant to upset you in any way. I found our time together possibly the most intense and satisfying week of my life. Thank you for sharing just a tiny bit of yourself with me, it will always be one of my top moments in my life.”

I looked at him to determine if he was playing me. There was not one iota of deceit in him. He smiled at me graciously and backed away.

“Kyle, wait. Thank you for your apology and I am sorry for calling you a psycho. I enjoyed parts of our time together too.” My blush spoke volumes. He nodded his head and chuckled.

“Is your date as entertaining as mine?” he whispered.

I laughed and explained my current drink scenario.

“Jesus, yours tops mine. Although if I have to hear anymore about the current series of Jersey shore I will probably plead a bad case of a migraine and leave.”

“Well good luck hearing about those horny teenagers, my drink is here and I am going to send it south and head off. It was nice chatting to you Kyle.”

“The only highlight of my night Grace.”

I returned to the table and copped a mouthful from Mr Football, who was I talking too, why was I looking at him earlier and was I some kind of tease? He raised his voice on this end point. I was quite amused by his show of Nethandral Man but Kyle was not. He looked across at Mr Football’s loud tones. I responded by standing and taking my leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32