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I’d been looking forward to a quiet day in the office, with no meetings and a chance to catch up with the pile of papers that had been gathering dust on my desk over the previous few weeks. The first few weeks of the year are always busy, and this year was no exception. I had spent the last few weeks rushing from one meeting to another, travelling all over the place, barely having time to catch my breath. But now, at last, I had a chance to catch up.

So, when the phone rang and my receptionist asked if I could talk to a potential new client, a lady, my first thought was to ask for the call to be put through to one of my less pressured colleagues. But when I was told that she’d already tried that, I knew that I had to take the call.

And I’m glad I did. And this is why.


Her name was Holly — and the business she had started a year or so ago with her best friend was in trouble. The problem with the business wasn’t financial, but was all about the two of them having fallen out in a big way. She had told me this on the phone, speaking in a rush, as if she wanted to get it off her chest, her voice sounding breathless and slightly husky.

As soon as she had told me, I had mentally sighed. So often these cases left no winners behind, only losers. It must be the accountant’s equivalent of being a divorce lawyer! I listened to her for a while longer, sympathising with her, and then explained that the best way to help her would be to meet with her, and go through the issues and how they might be sorted out. She sounded so relieved, and happy that I could help her, that I agreed to meet her an hour later.

I didn’t think much more about it as I worked through some correspondence, reviewed some accounts, fielded a dozen questions from staff, and generally tried to catch up with my much neglected Inbox. The meeting totally slipped my mind until the phone went again an hour later, and I was told that Holly was waiting in reception for me.

I quickly put the tie that I’d discarded earlier back on, grabbed my jacket off the back of the door, and headed downstairs. I dropped my usual notepad off in the meeting room we’d be using, and then made my way back along the corridor to our reception area. I stepped into reception — and stood staring………

She wasn’t by any means beautiful, but she had a way, a look, about her that made her more than that, that took your breath away. She stood up confidently as I stepped towards her, fervently hoping that I hadn’t stood frozen, staring at her, for as long as it had felt. Her hand was warm and small, her grip firm and just a little sensual. Or was it just my imagination running riot?

She was tall, maybe only three or four inches shorter than my six feet. She was younger than I had imagined — I found out later that she was twenty three, almost half my age! Her light brown hair was long, hanging around her shoulders, with some stray bits pushed back behind her ears to keep it way from her face.

Her eyes were a startling green, bright and alert, her nose pert and sprinkled with freckles beneath her light covering of makeup. Her mouth was wide, her generous lips painted pale red with lipstick. She looked naïve and vulnerable, but confident all at the same time

“Hi,” she said in the same breathlessly husky voice as she looked me openly and frankly up and down, “I’m Holly.”

“Steve,” I told her, my voice catching much to the amusement of my receptionist, before adding lamely, “It’s lovely to meet you.”

I led the way back down the corridor towards the meeting room, catching a few envious glances from the colleagues I passed on the way, their eyes on Holly even as they nodded to me. I stopped at the last but one door, pausing to hold it open to let Holly enter first. As she passed me, I caught a faint hint of her perfume. I watched as she crossed the room to the round table and put her bag down.

She was wearing a cream jacket that hugged her slender frame, pinching in at the waist before flaring out at her hips. Her black skirt followed the soft curves of her ass, before finishing a few inches above her knees, the rest of her shapely legs covered in sheer black nylon.

I quickly stepped forward and helped her with her jacket as she started to take it off, catching the smell of her perfume again as I stood close behind her. I hung her jacket on the back of a spare chair as she turned to thank me. I could see now that under her jacket she was wearing a white round neck top that seemed to cling to her, but which was partially hidden by a short black vee neck cardigan that was tied off just below her pert breasts.

She smiled a delicious smile of thanks, flashing her small white teeth as she sat down, watching me as I took my jacket off and hung it on the back of my chair, and then rolled my shirt sleeves up a little as was my habit at meetings.

We chatted for a few minutes as I tried to make sure that Holly was relaxed. I enjoyed her company immediately — something which isn’t always the case the first time I izmit escort meet a new client. I even ended up confessing that my first serious girlfriend had been called Holly.

“That must have been a few years ago,” she teased, a lovely twinkle in her eye as she reached over and touched my hand.

With a laugh, we got down to business – and Holly began to tell me all about her problems.

She spoke quickly, again as if she wanted to get everything off her chest as fast as she could. She had started the business with her best friend Becky a little over a year ago. At first, everything had gone well, the business had grown, they had got some good customers on board, recruitment — which is what they were doing — was in a bit of a boom period.

But then differences had started to creep in between them – small things at first, often petty things, until they found out the hard way what I’d seen so often before — best friends don’t always make the best business partners.

As Holly told me the whole story, I sympathised at the right times, took some notes, but generally let her talk as much as she wanted. I smiled at her encouragingly if she faltered, until at least she was finished. The trouble was, I didn’t want her to stop – I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she spoke. Her face was so animated, her eyes so bright. I found myself distracted by the way her mouth moved, by the open way she looked at me.

As she finished, I shook my head, feeling a bit silly. I gathered my thoughts, looking down at my notes, conscious of her looking at me. When I looked back up, she was looking at me almost appealingly, her naive expression almost asking “was that okay?”

“I don’t see how you can go back to where you were,” I ventured, “it just seems so bad between the two of you.”

“I know,” she almost sobbed, her eyes filling up as she looked at me, “I just want a chance to be friends again, but I need the business, I enjoy it too much to lose it know.”

I leant forward, and before I knew it I was taking her hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze. In that moment I froze, wondering what on earth I was doing taking this young girls hand. Trying not to panic, I pulled my hand back, mumbling that she had a number of choices.

For the next half an hour, I ran through the choices she had, all of the time trying not to think about how I had taken her hand in mine, how I had been so indiscrete, so unprofessional. As we talked, more details tumbled out, details she had forgotten — or hadn’t meant to tell me.

“She even tried to blackmail me.”

I looked up, and knew straight away from her expression that Holly hadn’t meant to tell me that.

“How, what about?” I enquired hesitantly, not sure that I really wanted to know.

For a moment Holly looked embarrassed. She stared at her hands, as if she was trying to make up her mind about something.

“If I’m going to be able to help, its best I know everything,” I told her, “no secrets.”

“She said that she’d ring my Dad.”

I looked at her as to say “so what?” But before I could speak, she continued.

“And tell him things she thought I wouldn’t want him to know.”

“What sort of things?” I enquired, still assuming that they related to the business as she had already said that her Dad had invested in the company, but the expression on Holly’s face as she looked up at me told me that I was way off the mark. I was about to tell her to stop when she spoke again, her eyes on mine.

“About me and Becky …. about what we did … the two of us …. together ….”

Although she mumbled, I could hear what she was saying very clearly.

“What sorts of things,” I asked, realising the stupidity of my question immediately as she continued.

“It only happened once … when we were drunk …. we …. we ….”

“It’s okay,” I told her, “You don’t need to go on, I think I know what you mean.”

I’m not sure I did, but my mind was running away with itself, pictures of Holly and Becky, who I could only imagine, rushing through my mind. She looked at me, both of us feeling a little uncomfortable.

“I don’t regret it though,” she added quietly.

I could hardly believe my ears.

“Just thinking about it makes me … well I’m sure you can guess.”

This time she realised that she may have said too much, and blushed furiously.

“You should see what it’s done to me!” I tried to joke, not realising what I was saying until the words were hanging heavily between us.

For what seemed a long time, there was total silence, almost a shocked silence, in the room as we stared at each other. And then Holly spoke.

“Show me!”

I sat stunned as her words sank in, not quite comprehending what I was hearing.

“I said show me!”

This time there was no doubting her meaning. I looked at her. She looked back, challenging me, daring me, the desire her eyes mirroring mine.

I stood up slowly, her eyes on me, mine on hers. As I stepped towards her, she swung her legs around so that she was sat sideways on her chair. I saw her pressing her legs, her thighs, tightly together.

I stepped in front of her, my bulging cock clearly outlined against my trousers. She stared at the bulge for a few long seconds, not moving apart from when the pink tip of her tongue flicked across her lips. I looked down as she reached out, moaning as her fingers pressed against my cock, hot despite the clothes between us. She pressed the palm of her hand against my length, moaning as she felt my size, my hardness. She pulled her hand away and looked up at me, her eyes bright with lust.

“Show me,” she repeated.

I hesitated for just a second, suddenly aware of how public the room was, how people were moving about further down the corridor, of the small, glass security panel in the door. And I didn’t care. I undid my belt quickly, and then my trousers, letting them slip onto my hips. My cock was pressing against my boxers, looking for a way out, a wet patch of pre cum already appearing.

Before I could go any further, Holly reached out again, her hands sliding up my shirt and onto my belly. I gave a silent thank you for the time I’d spent in the gym trying to keep in shape as she pressed the flats of her hands against my belly for a moment before sliding them downwards. She twisted her hands as they moved downwards, and deftly tugged my boxers down.

My cock sprung free, thick and hard and leaking pre cum. Holly stared for a moment as my cock bobbed on front of her, taking in the sight of my hardness, of my tight balls. I couldn’t remember when I’d last felt so excited, so full of lust.

Holly leant forward, her tongue flicking out to catch a bead of pre cum as it leaked from my cock, only to be replaced with another. She sat back a little, watching as the new bead of pre cum formed into a drip at the tip of my cock.

“I really enjoyed being with Becky,” Holly murmured, almost to herself, “but I love cock….”

With that, she dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached out and touched me for the first time, her hand hot on my cock. I watched as she wrapped her fingers around me, noticing her red painted finger nails for the first time. Her fingers barely reached around my shaft as she slid her hand slowly towards me, peeling my skin back as she reached for my balls with her other hand.

She cupped my balls, caressing them gently as she stroked me slowly, as I moaned quietly. She leant forward, taking me slowly into her mouth, her lips sliding down my shaft as I moved to meet her. She pulled her head back, then slipped forward again, her tongue lashing across my cock head as her teeth grated lightly along my shaft. Sitting back again, she stared at my cock as it bobbed in front of her, wet from her mouth, streaks of lipstick along my shaft.

Holly looked up at me and then reached for my trousers and boxers, tugging them down further. She ran her hands up and down my thighs, feeling the muscles before pulling my trousers and boxers down and off, my shoes and socks disappearing with them until I was stood naked from the waist down, my cock pointing straight at her. She reached forward, putting her hands on my hips and pulling me to her, her hands sliding around onto my ass as I sank my cock deep, deep into her hot mouth.

I gasped as she pulled me tighter, as her finger nails dug into my cheeks, as she sucked me hard, my cock as deep inside her mouth as I could reach. Then it was Holly’s turn to gasp, this time for air as she released my cock for a moment before sucking me again. This time I stayed in her mouth for longer, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked me, as her hand moved along my shaft.

I rested my hands on her head, feeling her soft hair as my cock grew even harder, as this beautiful woman reached for my balls again. I could feel my cum rising — but so did Holly, who teasingly slowed down before letting my cock fall from her mouth.

She looked up at me again, her eyes locked on mine as she twisted her head a little and moved my cock sideways. Slowly, she licked along my shaft, licking every part of me, the tip of her tongue sending shockwaves through me as my balls tightened in her hand.

She pushed my cock up against my belly, and then licked me again, her tongue moving slowly from my balls to the very tip, and then back down again. She licked across my balls, and then probed lower, her tongue darting as far as she could reach as she pulled my cock upwards. She sucked my balls into her mouth, one at a time, rolling them with her tongue, our moans echoing around the room.

With a groan, I reached for her head again, pushing my cock back into her wet and willing mouth. I plunged my cock into her, my fingers entwined in her hair as I began to fuck her mouth, my hips thrusting forward to meet her bobbing head. It was only her hand on my shaft that stopped me from driving my cock down her throat, her hand that stroked in time to my thrusting hips, in time to her sucking mouth.

I heard a noise in the corridor outside, and started to twist my head in alarm, to see what was happening, a sudden panic setting in. But Holly pulled my cock harder, sucked harder, her hand straying from my balls to reach between my legs, feeling, probing. I eased my legs apart, everything forgotten again apart from the amazing sensations crashing through my body.

With a groan, my cum erupted from my cock, driven by my ever tightening balls, by Holly’s finger slipping into my ass. She clamped her lips around me, sucking hungrily as my cum pumped into her mouth. Her hands moved around onto my ass, her fingernails digging into me as she pulled me closer, as my cock filled her mouth, as she sucked every last drop of my cum from me.

For what seemed like several minutes, but which as probably only a few seconds, she knelt with her face pressed to me, my cock still in her mouth, her tongue sliding across my cock head. Then she sat back, my semi erect cock slipping wetly from her mouth as she looked up at me, a delicious grin on her face.

She stood up and stepped close to me, her hand reaching for my cock as her tongue swarmed into my mouth, sharing the taste, the feel, of my cum with me. That first kiss went on for a long time, our lips crushed together, our tongues exploring. As we kissed, she tugged at my tie, throwing it to one side, before undoing my shirt. Her fingers scratched across my chest and belly, sending shivers through me.

When we eventually broke our kiss, she stepped back, her ass resting on the edge of the table, her eyes on mine.

“My turn,” she murmured, as she lay back and drew her legs up.

She was lying flat on the table, her heels resting on the edge. As I watched, her skirt slid slowly down her thighs. My cock jerked as she moved her knees further apart, as I caught my first glimpse of her soft thighs above her hold up stockings, of her plump, panty covered mound. I watched as she tugged at the tie holding her cardigan together, as she pulled the two sides apart and arched her back, pushing her breasts upwards, the round swell of her breasts and her erect nipples now clearly outlined.

As she cupped her own breasts through her top, I dropped to the floor, not caring that I was naked apart from my shirt, oblivious to what was happening outside of the room. I found out that she was wearing a thong as I slid my hands under her ass, as I pulled her towards me, her naked flesh hot to touch. Her skirt slid up further, and was around her waist by the time her feet where on my shoulders — and her mound inches from my face.

Her thong was a pale peach colour, her mound barely hidden by the lace that covered it. I could see the wet patch of her own desire, her lips pressing against the thin material. I leant forward and kissed her mound, tasting a hint of her pussy, her juices. I poked my tongue at her clit and pussy through her thong, feeling her move beneath me, pushing her mound towards me.

I turned my head and kissed the inside of her thigh, nibbling and kissing quickly along the tender flesh, first one side and then the other. Holly moaned as my mouth moved between her pussy and her legs, teasing her, her ass lifting off the table as she sought some relief.

After a couple of minutes, I sat back of my heels and looked up at Holly’s face. It was flushed with desire, her eyes bright, a thin film of moisture along her top lip. I slid my hands back under her ass and tugged at her thong, her pussy disappearing from view as she moved her legs together, and then apart again as I swept her thong away and dropped them on the floor. She let her legs fall apart again — and I stared at her perfect looking pussy.

Her neatly trimmed, brown hair, already curly with her dampness, did nothing to hide her clit and pussy. Her clit was stood up, eager for attention. Her narrow pussy lips were red and engorged, her juices running between then. As I stared down, Holly pulled her legs back further, exposing her tight puckered hole to me, exposing everything.

With a moan that echoed around the room, I buried my head between her legs, plunging my tongue into her pussy as she grabbed my head, as she pushed her ass up off the table. I drove my tongue as deep inside her as I could, sucking her, kissing her, her body rocking under me as she rubbed herself against me. With a gasp she came, her juices flowing into my mouth as she clamped her thighs tighter around my head.

I licked and sucked and kissed her, feeling her legs relax against me, her hands releasing their grip on my head. Slowly, I licked along the line of her pussy, my tongue tracing her tight little lips until I reached her clit. I tickled her clit with the tip of my tongue, teasing the rubbery nub of flesh from side to side, enjoying the soft moans of pleasure as Holly relaxed under me, both of us oblivious to where we were.

I licked her again, slowly moving from her clit to her pussy, and then lower, teasing the tight, sensitive skin between her pussy and her ass, before flicking my tongue across the sensitive ridges of flesh around her rosebud as she pulled her legs back again. As she moaned and wriggled, I moved again, licking and kissing my way back to her gorgeously erect clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32