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Meg looked around nervously as the car slipped into a parking garage and ascended several levels before pulling to a stop in a remote corner of the garage with a view of the Manhattan skyline. Her master reached down to the floor and pulled something out of a leather bag – her collar. He only made her wear the collar when he was going to make her do truly degrading things – like the time he’d made her suck him off during a carriage ride around the park, or the time he’d had her pick up the gray-haired man in a hotel bar and fuck him in a nearby stairwell.

He fastened the collar around her neck and kissed her sweetly, flicking his tongue in and out of her mouth and smoothing her ruffled hair.

“Remind us both again of what you are,” he whispered softly.

“I’m a whore,” she said. “I’m a slut.”

“And whose whore?” he asked. “Whose slut.”


“Yes,” he said. “All mine. And that means your pussy is mine too.”

“Yes,” she said. “It’s yours to do with as you please.”


He kissed her again, a long, lingering kiss that grew in intensity until he was pressing her against the seat, running his hands over her breast, digging his fingers into her back as he held her close to him. She felt her pussy growing warm again, felt wetness between her legs and a desire for his cock, which was out and still wet from her saliva but limp.

“Do you want to fuck me?” he asked.

“If that’s what you want.”

“Good girl,” he said. “But I can’t fuck you because you’ve made me soft. You’d better make me hard again.”

“How would you like me to do that?”

She felt his fingers slip into the metal loop on the collar, pulling her face close to his, the leather loop digging into the skin of her neck.

“Get in the front seat,” he said.

She leaned in to kiss him again but he pulled back, then turned away from her. She opened the car door and walked unsteadily around the car, hearing David and her master exchange words but unable to make them out. David slid over from behind the wheel and into the passenger seat, which he cranked as far back as it would go.

He already has his cock out when she opened the passenger door.

He was handsome enough, blonde and square jawed and younger than he seemed from the backseat. He had fox-like, narrow blue eyes that unsettled her, but his cock was big enough and throbbing from the show she’d put on earlier. She straddled him, taking Bycasino his cock in her right hand, and pulled the door shut behind her.

David immediately began kissing her neck, running his tongue over the soft skin below her ears and flicking his tongue into her ear in a way that made her laugh. As soon as the first laugh escaped her throat, she felt the collar tighten as David gripped it hard, pulling her head back sharply.

“David is not going to talk,” came her master’s voice from the darkened backseat. She could barely make out his face, backlit by the bright parking lot lights. If anyone were to come by, they would see her and know what she was doing.

“What would it please you for me to do?” Meg asked.

“It would please me if you would fuck him of course,” her master said.

“Yes sir,” Meg said. “Can I come while I fuck him?”

“There will be plenty of time for that later,” he said.

She kept her eyes open and locked on her master’s eyes as the stranger pawed at her body and yanked down the top of her dress. He pushed her back against the dashboard, suckling her tits, which were still covered in his drying cum.

She hiked up her skirt and held his cock straight with one hand as she eased herself onto it, allowing the thick, pulsing tip to slide easily into her wet folds and lowering herself onto it slowly, feeling the way it filled her up. When she had half of it inside her, she felt David’s hands clutch her hips and pull her the rest of the way down, and the fullness of his cock thrust inside her made her gasp.

As David suckled her and his bare dick throbbed inside her, she kept her eyes locked on her master, whose hand was now working the slowly stiffening cock in his lap. She smiled when she saw how much it pleased him – how after sucking him off not moments before he could get hard again at the sight of her being used by this stranger. She felt another flare of arousal, and when she started moving on David’s cock it slid in and out of her slickened cunt easily.

She rode him gently at first, bouncing a few times before taking him to the hilt and just grinding her hips, feeling her clit rub against his pelvis in a way that promised the start of an orgasm. But David started grinding his hips back against her, and she felt his fingers tighten on her hips as he started to take control.

“Don’t just fuck him,” her master said. “Talk.”

“I can’t focus on anything but his hot Bycasino giriş cock in me,” she said. “It turns me on so much that I just met him ten minutes ago and now I’m riding his dick like a cum-hungry tramp.”

David apparently liked this, because he began making animal grunts and bouncing her up and down on his cock, their bodies making slick sounds as the shocks on the car’s front axle squealed with each thrust. He slapped her ass hard once, then again, and she could feel the hand-shaped welt burning.

“I love fucking strangers for you,” Meg said. “I want to be your good little whore.”

“You are,” he said. “You’re such a good, nasty little whore.”

Her master’s cock was fully hard now, and he was slowly stroking it while David’s thrusts became more and more intense. David was running his hands all over her body, squeezing her breast one second and then yanking on her collar the next. She felt a spreading warmth growing in her core as his hard dick hit that secret spot deep in her, and she knew she would come soon and started groaning in counterpoint to David’s crude caveman grunting.

“Are you going to come?” her master asked.

“Yes,” Meg said. “Ohh, oh yes. Oh god I am.”

“David?” he said.

Immediately, David stopped thrusting and she felt a searing pain as he slapped her ass, much harder than the last time. David’s other hand immediately went to Meg’s collar and formed a fist around the back of it, pulling the leather strip tight against her throat.

“What did you do wrong, my pet?” her master asked.

“I don’t know.”

“You do know.”

“I forgot to ask permission?” she said.

“That’s right,” he said. “I was very much looking forward to watching you come all over David’s cock, but I’m afraid I can’t allow it now.”

“I’m sorry.”

“David?” he said again, and immediately Meg felt two of David’s fingers shoved down her throat. She gagged lightly, then began sucking the fingers and grinding her hips on David’s cock, moaning lowly and keeping her eyes locked on her master.

“Good girl,” he said with a grin. “You understand, don’t you, that this is nothing compared to what is in store for you later tonight? This is just…warming you up.”

She couldn’t speak with David’s fingers down her throat, so she just nodded lightly and moaned again.

“You’re going to take men in your mouth, and in your pussy, and in your tight asshole tonight,” he said. Bycasino deneme bonusu “They’re going to pass you around like a party favor, gag you with their dicks, make you suck their balls like a gutter whore and lick the taste of your own holes off of their cocks. And you’re going to do it all to please me.”

David pulled his fingers out of her mouth and she immediately said, “Yes, yes I am, I’m your fucking slutty whore and I’ll do anything you tell me.”

She’d barely finished the sentence when David’s fingers pushed into her ass and she let out a long, primal moan. It was her favorite sensation – both of her holes filled up at once, though she would’ve preferred it was a cock in each hole, and another for her mouth.

But it was enough to make her pussy clench hard around David’s cock, which caused his grunts to reach a new pitch, one that meant he would be coming soon. She redoubled her thrusts, riding his cock hard and leaning back so she could push her breasts together and push them into his face.

“I’m your whore, David,” she said, keeping her eyes on her master. “Use me. Use me, oh fuck, use my cunt. I want to feel your hot cum, David. I want you to pump your cum inside of me like a filthy rented slut. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

David buried his face in her chest and she felt his body tense as he released a monstrous groan and a massive load of cum into her pussy. She felt the hot jizz squirt into her in bursts – one, and another, and another, each timed to his grunts, again and again and again until he gave one last mighty thrust and his whole body collapsed like a machine that had been suddenly switched off.

He gasped desperately into her breasts for several moments, his cock slowly going soft inside her. She kept her eyes on her master, relieved to see the smile on his face and the stiff dick in his hand: she had pleased him.

David pushed her back, sliding his softened cock out of her, his gestures heavy. He slipped a hand between her legs and she felt him slide his fingers into her cunt, in and out for several long moments until he withdrew it, his fingers glistening with a mixture of her wetness and his own cum.

He pulled her collar back again, forcing her to arch her back and open her mouth, and he smeared the mixture across her face and then shoved his fingers into her mouth. She clamped her lips down, tasting the salty cum and pussy residue.

David pulled his fingers out of her mouth and leaned forward to try to kiss her, but she palmed his face and shoved him away, hiking up the straps of her dress and pulling open the passenger-side door. It was against her principles to kiss a stranger on the mouth. She wasn’t that kind of girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32