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After two weeks of being with Ella, I had gotten used to sleeping over at her place and waking up to an orgy or a party; usually both. We had an open relationship, meaning I didn’t care if she slept with others, but she still had to make time of me, so if she was a part of an orgy, I didn’t mind. I probably would join in. Though, it would always be women at the parties, never men. I knew Ella was bisexual, so I knew that she had men over before I came along.

One evening, I walked in Ella’s home to see he being fucked, by a dark haired man, on the kitchen counter. She was enjoying it, too, which somewhat hurt. It looked like she enjoyed it more than being with me. With my great timing, the two came and finished up. The boy left to a different room, and I never saw his face.

Ella walked over, pulling down her dress and playing with her fresh-fucked hair. “My, oh, my.” She licked her lips. “You haven’t met Neo, have you? Holy shit, he’s a good fuck. I think I should leave you two alone and let you see what develops. How about it?”

I was shaking my head violently. “I don’t even know him- and he’s completely naked!” But damn, that ass is fine. No! You love Ella. Ella. Ella… Neo, please.

Ella pouted. “Please, Immy. I can watch if you want!” She added excitedly.

To see her so happy, I agreed to one. “You leave, if it works, then you can watch next time.” I smiled as she flung her arms around me. “He’s such a good fuck, believe me. And he- oh, just… yeah.” She looked me up and down. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

I nodded. “Go ahead, now, Ella. I’ll call you when you can come back.”

“Oh, I’ll cum alright.” She winked, laughing along with me, pecked me on the cheek, and locked gaziantep escort the front door behind her.

Neo walked out of the restroom, in jeans only, and into the kitchen. He leaned on the counter, touching it with his tanned skin. His bright blue eyes traced my body, and his jaw moved as he swallowed, bobbing his Adam’s apple. Damn, how I wanted to literally rip it out with my teeth. “Hey.” He started. His voice was low, sweet like hickory. “I’m Neo. You’re the infamous Immy, am I right?”

I couldn’t resist not talking to him. He was so beautiful. “Imogen, actually. Only Ella calls me Immy.”

Neo’s smile dropped. “I apologize, Imogen. Ella said she wanted us to meet. I know you’re a lesbian and all, so we can just talk-“

“I’m not a lesbian!” I snapped, louder than expected, which made me feel bad. But instead of leaving or getting angry, Neo seemed to get pleasure from it, and grinned. “I just haven’t tried with men. I’m not so sure yet.”

He walked over to the dining table and sat on its top. “Would you like to?”

How could I say no? He had perfect features, but crooked teeth, which was one of the hottest things I could think of. Oh, Christ, I couldn’t say no to him. “Sure. No dildos, though, those piss me off.”

Neo grinned, his eyes squinted, laughing heartily. “Cm’ere, Imogen, let’s try over-the-clothes stuff.” He watched me intently as I stood in between his open legs. He leaned forward, making the first move, and kissing me. His lips were magic, and I wondered what they would be like in other places. Neo pulled back, and asked, “Do you mind French?”

“Such a gentleman,” I slipped my tongue into his mouth and he sat (I stood) there for at least hatay escort a dozen minutes, just kissing. It was more than just pleasure. I didn’t know him more than that day, but I already liked him. He interlocked his fingers under my ass and laid back, pulling me with him. We broke the kiss, and just stared at each other. “Sex?”

I nodded vehemently. “Yeah, for sure.” My fingers fumbled with his zipper for a few moments as he smoothly pulled my dress over my head and knocked my panties down my legs and to the floor. I finally got to the point of pulling down his briefs (a briefs boy! also a plus) when he gripped my hands with his left. “I don’t want you to do this because Ella said to. Are you sure?”

My reply was pulling my hands out and gripping his already hard dick between the fabric. He grunted and grinned. “You sure you’re inexperienced with a guy?”

My eyebrows answering, I slid down him and the table, catching the line of his underwear and pulling them to the top of his ankles. For a minute, I just looked at him, and he got pretty hard. He was really long, and sort of thick, too, which was a plus again? I wasn’t sure, but I knew one thing guys liked. Blowjobs.

Neo gripped my head as my tongue played with his. He became rigid, trying not to moan. My mouth grazed the tip and I allowed him inside. My head was used by him, and my tongue swirled by me. He came quick, which was somewhat depressing, but I swallowed, and he tasted… better than Ella did.

I climbed off of Neo’s dick and climbed back on him. “I’m a straddler.” I told him, and he kissed me, hard, still gripping the back of my head. When he stopped, he watched me kneel over him and touch the entrance to my pussy, hatay escort which was wet from his pleasure. “You ready?” I winked, sliding down onto his dick, but he pushed me up. “Condom.” He said, sitting up and pressing against my breast as he dug in his pocket for a wrapper. He laid back down and ripped the package open with his teeth, throwing it across the room. I took the condom from his hands and slowly rolled it down his quivering cock. He was anxious, as was I. I repeated my kneeling position, and he finally entered me. It felt like I was going to break in half, and he held down my thighs for a moment, just feeling me. His hands explored my torso and he played with my breasts a second. A bit of cum from me slid down him and he chuckled as I tried not to make a noise. Then, we fucked.

Learning from Ella did me good. I bounced on Neo, again and again, and he gyrated, grabbing my shoulders occasionally to kiss me and scream with me into each others’ mouths. That was amazing.

We rolled over on our side, and he gripped my back, pulling my close to him. He fucked and fucked me until his came all inside the condom, and so I continued the movement while he sputtered to keep quiet. He wanted to hide that he had pleasure from me. That was fine. I’d just have to make him screech.

Sliding onto him was easy, since my pussy was so wet, but when I had my orgasm, I screamed louder than I have ever with Ella. I drooped, shuddering. Neo was still inside of me, and we were just wrapped together, silent and motionless. He broke the quiet and licked my lips, kissing them after. Neo pulled out of me and went to clean himself up. I just laid on my back, biting my lip as my pussy tingled, closing my eyes just to imagine him back inside of me. And it worked to. I felt that dick back in me, well, because when I opened my eyes, it was, and Neo was grinning.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I simply let go.

I didn’t make a call to Ella until the day after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32