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Katy lay on the table without moving for a moment. The sudden quiet and still of the room was a stark contrast to what had gone on here only seconds before. The sensation of nothing so suddenly made her want to scream.

Katy reached up and pulled the blindfold off as she slid to the edge of the table. The large dildo still lay there on the table and she was finally able to see just how big it was. No wonder it hurt so much! It was not a natural size, at least not anything she had ever seen. She had to lean on the table for a minute before her legs were steady underneath her. The ache in her pussy was intense, and she wondered how long the soreness would last.

She looked at the large toy and wondered if she could get away with finishing off her orgasm. She was so close and her body desperately needed the release. At this point she wouldn’t even need the toy. She could probably get there on her own. Without her being conscious of it, her right hand had made its way to her pussy and she was slowly stroking her clit. As her knees started to weaken and her hips thrust forward on their own, Katy pulled her hand away from her pussy and chastised herself for doing what she knew she shouldn’t.

She picked up the massive toy and made her way to the bathroom that joined the playroom to her bedroom. She started the shower while she cleaned and returned the toy, taking a towel to wipe down the table, as well. Marc never made her clean up like this. He was certainly showing off for David having her do these things.

When she returned to the bathroom, the steam was thick and the room was warm. Katy could already feel her muscles relaxing as she stepped into the shower. As she soaped up her body and resisted the urge to put her own hands between her legs and finish what the guys had not, she wondered what the rest of the night held for her.

She rinsed her body taking note of the bruises that would likely form at her wrists and ankles from her pulling on the cuffs, her over stimulated nipples that were nearly raw from tonight’s abuse, and her sore ass wouldn’t show any bruises, but she would certainly think about it anytime she sat down for the next few days. The soreness inside would be a dull reminder for a while. She smiled at the thought as she shampooed and rinsed her hair. She ran her hands over her body as the suds slipped over her curves and made its way over her hips and down her legs.

She let herself slip her hand between her legs and press against her lips and enjoy the soreness there. She closed her eyes and let the hot water flow over her as she pressed against her pussy and remembered the painful pleasure of the oversized dildo being repeatedly shoved inside of her. With Marc’s help she’d conditioned herself to move beyond the pain of these sessions enjoy the pleasure of it. She’d learned to enjoy the pain even, including the soreness that lingered after. It was a tangible way for her to stay in touch with the memories and sensations of the moment that were sometimes even better when she relived them.

Katy made herself snap back to the moment and finish rinsing her hair so she could get out of the shower. She still had to dry herself and her hair before she could return to Marc and David. She didn’t want to take so long that Marc needed to come looking for her. She reluctantly turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She quickly dried herself and combed through her hair to dry it too. As she combed out her wet hair she wiped at the steamed up mirror to see herself better. She stood there looking at herself in the mirror. The events of the evening were settling into place.

She looked at herself and questioned who she’d become in the last couple of hours. She had let Marc share her. She’d let a man she didn’t know at all have his way with her body. She even enjoyed his hands and mouth on her body. She’d taken his cock into her mouth and down her throat and enjoyed knowing she was giving him pleasure. She’d gotten excited knowing how badly he wanted her. She had blatantly shown him and Marc that she liked him watching Marc fuck her. She had pushed the line of obedience so they’d both treat her more harshly, and here she was, readying herself for whatever they had in mind as an encore. She dried and brushed her hair as she resolved to rise to the challenge of whatever they wanted, knowing she wanted it too.

Katy tied her hair back into a low ponytail and slipped into her short black silk robe. She loved the feel of the soft silk against her naked body. The whisper of silk slipping across her nipples was enough to bring them to attention. She cupped her breasts and rubbed her thumbs across her nipples, relishing in the feel of the silk against the sensitive skin. She checked herself in the mirror one last time, before she crossed through her bedroom on her way back to the den. She liked the person she saw looking back at her. Confident, sexy, and wholly owned by the man she loved.

She made her way through the house Bycasino and paused at the open door leading to the den. Both men were inside enjoying a drink and talking in low hushed voices. The lighting was low, with only two lamps to light up the room. She cast her eyes down as she stepped inside the room. She stood just inside the room, waiting for one of them to acknowledge her.

Marc spoke to her from across the room. “Come over here with us.”

Katy glanced up just enough to see that he was sitting on the end of the couch where David had been earlier and David was across from him in an arm chair. She crossed the room and stood in front of Marc. He patted the seat next to him and she sat down. She still didn’t know what he had in mind so she kept her eyes cast down and stared at David’s shoes.

“Open your robe,” Marc told her as he adjusted his position to turn his body toward her more. She tugged at the belt and ran her hands down the front edges of the robe from her collarbone to her waist, making a point to go slowly and drag her fingers across her nipples as she opened up the robe for them to see her body. David adjusted himself in his chair and let out a low moan of approval. Katy rested her hands on her thighs.

“Open your legs,” Marc spoke in a low voice as he leaned in next to her. He ran his hand up her thigh as she spread them apart for him. He nibbled at her ear and neck as he continued his hand toward her crotch. “You don’t mind David watching do you?” He asked with a chuckle.

Instead of answering, Katy lifted her right leg and eased it onto Marc’s lap to give him better access and give David a better view. She looked up at him and watched him as he rubbed at his crotch and watched Marc open the lips of her pussy and slip a finger inside of her. Her breath caught and she slid her hips a little more forward as he pressed his hand into her pussy and rubbed at her clit with his finger buried deep inside her. She leaned her head back and Marc instantly put his hand at the base of her neck and held her tightly.

“Look at him. Look at how much you turn him on. You are such a good little slut. You like it that he’s sitting over there with his dick getting hard don’t you?” Marc’s breathing quickened as he spoke to her and she could smell the whiskey he’d been drinking. He got rougher with her pussy, too, shoving another finger inside her and working it harder and faster.

Marc squeezed her neck harder and spoke through gritted teeth. “Don’t. You?” He accented each word by ramming his hand into her pussy.

“Yes, yes I do” Katy answered him, short of breath and more than a little lost in the battery of her already sore pussy.

Marc brought his hand up to her mouth and she sucked his fingers clean. They did this often. She liked cleaning herself off of his hand. She liked the taste of them mixed together. But now, this time, he was rough and uncaring as he shoved his fingers into her mouth as he spoke to David.

“You want that pussy, don’t you?”

“You know that I’d love to bury my dick deep inside her. If you keep offering her up to me, you are going to have to follow up on it.”

Marc grasped Katy’s jaw and rubbed his thumb across her lips as he spoke to her.

“Well now Bitch, since you like him getting his dick all nice and hard over you, what are you going to do about it? I don’t think that mouth of yours is going to be enough this time around.”

Marc grasped the inside of her thigh and pulled it higher on his lap and opened her legs up wider. He slapped the inside of her thigh and slid his hand up to her pussy. He pinched at her pussy lips and rubbed hard on her clit.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to do, Sir,” Katy answered as he continued to get rougher with her pussy.

“I know you will. That’s what my Bitch is supposed to do.” He slapped the inside of her thigh once again, harder this time and Katy yelped in pain.

David mumbled his approval as he unzipped his jeans and started to stroke his hardened cock.

“You like that David? Do you see that Bitch? I think he likes it when I hit you. Watch him. Look at that cock you got all hard over there.” As he spoke to her he slapped her thigh again, even harder this time and Katy called out in pain. There would definitely be a welt there.

David noticeably flushed and stroked his cock faster. He certainly was liking her suffering.

“Get across my lap,” Marc told Katy as he pushed her legs closed. He slid to the edge of the couch and turned a bit more so she could lay with her ass pointed at David and her face on the couch. When she turned to lay across his lap he took off her robe and slipped the belt from it. As she lay across his legs he used the belt to tie her hands up behind her back. The silk was soft against her wrists, but he pulled it tight enough to hurt just the same. He grasped at her ass and run a finger down to her pussy. He teased at her opening then pulled his hand back and Bycasino giriş slapped her ass, hard. Katy gasped and he spanked her again, harder. He landed several blows hard on her ass and Katy was struggling against the urge to move away from him. She could hear David grunting as he stroked his cock to the sight of her reddening ass. Marc rubbed the cheeks of her ass adding friction to increase her pain and she moaned and whimpered at the pain. He ran his hand to her upper thigh and nudged at her pussy.

“Spread ’em!” he barked at her and Katy spread her legs as best she could. He buried a finger in her pussy and drug it up to her ass. Just nudging at her opening there. Katy gasped at the sensation and pulled away from him before she could think to stop herself. Marc held her tight and slapped her ass again. He spread her ass cheeks and she could hear David grunting and breathing harder. Marc spanked her again, first one side and then the other. Her ass was on fire and tears were starting to pool in her eyes. Still, she could feel herself getting wetter and wished he’d go back to fingering her, or let David have her. She needed a break from him beating her ass, but couldn’t ask for it.

“You like that ass, don’t you David?” Marc asked as he spread her ass cheeks again for David to see.

“Fuck yes, I do!” David answered, a bit out of breath as he stroked his cock.

Marc slipped the belt off of her wrists and pushed Katy back a bit, sliding her ass in David’s direction and pulling her face into his own crotch. He sat back on the couch again directly across from David. He caught her shoulders in his hands and lifted as if to stand her up.

“Hands on my knees, Bitch. Spread your legs.”

Katy did as she was told and with her head bowed down she could see David through her spread legs and he was indeed stroking a fully hard cock with his pants pushed to his ankles. He was red faced and intently staring at her ass and pussy as she displayed it for him. As much as she didn’t want to, she imagined what it would be like with that cock inside of her. For a second she imagined lowering herself onto his lap and sliding his dick all the way inside her pussy while he wrapped his hands in her hair. She wanted to ride his cock and flex her pussy over him until he came so deep inside her that she could feel it. She wanted to feel his hands tighten around her waist as he fought to hold her tightly down on his cock as she rolled her hips against his. Katy was a bit lost in her fantasy when Marc caught her chin and lifted her face to his.

“Look at me.” He smiled as she made eye contact and she knew he could see the tears that had yet to spill from her eyes.

“You have no idea how beautiful that ass of yours is when it’s lit up all bright red from a good spanking. David certainly appreciates it.” He nodded in David’s direction as he spoke.

“Don’t look away from me, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You want that ass David?” Marc spoke louder, but never broke eye contact with Katy. “Go ahead, get you some of it.” As he spoke he slid his hands down his legs and clasped them over Katy’s.

Katy heard David stand and kick off his pants.

She held Marc’s eyes as David painfully stroked her ass. He swatted both ass cheeks and grunted with approval as Katy yelped. He wasted no time in parting the cheeks of her ass and pressing his cock against her opening. She gasped and her mouth fell open as he buried his cock inside her where not even Marc had been before. Searing pain shot through her body and threatened to knock her down. Her knees went weak and it took everything in her not to pull away.

Marc held her gaze, and even as she called out in pain and tears spilled from her eyes, he kept a grin on his face and spoke calmly to her.

“Good Girl”

He repeated it several times as David gripped her hips and drove his cock deep inside her with no regard for the virginity he was searing. David grunted and moaned his approval as he pushed himself to the deepest depths of her and held himself there, grinding his crotch into her sore ass.

He dug his nails into her hips and upped the pace as he fucked her ass even harder. Katy could feel his nuts slapping at her pussy every time he drove himself into her. As he settled into a steady pace, Katy finally felt herself cross the threshold of pain to pleasure. She adjusted her grip on Marc’s legs and tilted her ass up a bit more and rocked back into David to meet his thrust. Marc smiled a broad approving smile as he sat back on the couch with his hands folded behind his head.

“Good Girl!”

David noticed the change in her as well. He slapped her ass as he thrust his cock in her and held it deep, running his hand up her side to grope her breast and pinch at a nipple. As he held himself inside her with her nipple pinched in his fingers, Katy rolled her ass against his crotch and moaned loudly.

“Fuck yes! You like that dick Bycasino deneme bonusu in your ass, don’t you Slut?” David barked at her as he slapped her ass again and began to work up a steady pace.

“Yes, I do,” Katy answered, breathless and matching his thrusts as he fucked her sore and throbbing ass. She could tell he was getting close to finishing and didn’t think she’d get there before he did.

David was pounding her ass and grunting his way closer to coming when Marc shifted his weight on the couch and sat up toward Katy. He held her gaze as he reached to the side table and picked something up. He then reached both hands toward Katy. David never missed a stroke and continued on with his assault and Katy pressed her ass into him enjoying the sensation of his cock inside her a little more with every stroke.

Marc leaned in close enough to whisper into Katy’s ear and grope her tits.

“Such a good Bitch you’ve turned into,” he breathed into Katy’s ear as he clipped the clamps onto her nipples with no warning at all.

The clamps were tight and heavy and made for pain. The bite on her nipples was intense and Katy called out and tried to pull away from the pain that was only made worse by her movement. Marc held tightly to her hands on his legs and David pulled tightly on her hips as he buried his cock inside her and held it there.

“Eyes on me,” Marc reminded Katy. She opened her eyes and held his gaze through the teary haze of pain. She took a deep breath and tried to take the moment to center herself. Pain was coursing through her from so many places. All the sensations were overlapping and blending into one another. She wanted to come. She wanted a steady fuck to push her to the edge and let her fall over into the abyss. She pleaded with Marc without saying a word.

He simply smiled at her, released her hands and sat back to enjoy the view again. David groped her ass and fucked her hard and fast. Katy matched his pace and ground herself onto his dick. The pull of the clamps on her nipples could not be ignored, but she resolved to enjoy it. She knew Marc appreciated his view of them swaying as her tits rebounded from the pummeling her ass was taking.

Her body started to tighten up and she was close to reaching her peak. David tightened his grip on her hips and pounded even deeper into her ass as he approached the finish line. He moaned and grunted as he worked her ass harder and faster. Katy called out and climbed higher toward her reward as David thrust harder and deeper inside her. Nudging and prodding at parts of her never before touched or excited.

Marc held her gaze and knew she was close to the edge. He leaned up and put his hand on her throat. He didn’t grip her hard. He simply put his hand on her neck just enough to have a grip. He could feel her pulse racing under his fingers. He could feel her breath coming fast and shallow and catching a bit at his touch. Marc looked deeply and intently into Katy’s eyes, “Come for me,” he told her as he leaned forward and used his left hand to remove the nipple clamps.

The combination of the rough fucking her ass was taking with the glorious glazed over pain coursing through her body, was amazing. Adding Marc’s touch, his command, and removing the clips to so drastically change the sensations, sent Katy soaring over the edge.

Her whole body tightened as her orgasm rolled through her. Marc tightened his hold on her throat and David buried his cock in her and emptied himself with his final thrusts. Katy’s orgasm rocked through her body and Marc enjoyed watching it from his vantage point. As David pulled himself free of her ass, he pushed her forward and away from him.

Marc pulled her into his lap, as she was not able to hold herself up. Marc rolled her into his lap and coddled and lovingly held her there as her body slowly relaxed and her breathing leveled again. He tugged her robe around her body and held her close to him with her head resting on his upper arm and shoulder. He kissed her forehead and offered her water from the side table. Katy drank deeply from the bottle and thanked him quietly. She then snuggled back deeply in the arms of the man she loved while the pain of the night still stung and bit at her body.

“Marc, if you ever get tired of her, you just send her right on over to me. That is one fine piece of ass right there!” David spoke to Marc between long draws on his drink and shallow uneven breaths.

“She won’t be going anywhere any time soon. She’s just about perfect, and I’ll be hanging on to that,” Marc told David as he ran his hand up Katy’s thigh and rested his hand on her welted ass and Katy knew he could feel the heat that was coming from it.

“I guess I’ll just have to visit a little more often to play with your toys then,” David quipped as he moved across the room to make another drink.

“Why don’t you busy yourself signing those contracts, while I take care of this and put her to bed,” Marc said as he stood up from the couch with Katy still cradled in his arms.

David mumbled a reply but Katy didn’t hear him because Marc had already turned to leave the room with her and she was having a hard time concentrating on anything but the strong arms holding her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32