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When I confessed to my new husband on the second night of our honeymoon my secret attraction to other women, he was surprised but not overly so.

“Really, Katie,” he said, with that same wry smile on his lips that had sent a thrill of excitement through me from the very night we met, “Do you think that’s been a secret from me? I’ve watched you, when you didn’t think I was watching. I’ve seen the way you look at women sometimes, that dreamy, longing look. I’m just surprised you’re telling me this now.”

We were in bed, in our room at the Bahamian resort that we had taken for the week. His hand, large and slightly rough, was lazily stroking my bare breasts, one and then the other. My nipples were responding, hardening against his touch, sending little currents of pleasure through me.

“I thought that, since we’re officially starting our life together, it would be a good time to share that with you. I don’t believe in having many secrets.”

“Tell me what you like about women,” David said. “What draws you to them?”

His beautiful blue eyes had taken on a new shine. He was inviting me to tell a story that would arouse him.

“Their softness,” I said. “I like the ones who are soft. Curvy, voluptuous, and not ashamed of being that way. Tough, wiry women are great; long may they live—but I can have a man for that. I have you for that. You are strong and hard, and that is perfect for you. But I want the softness too. Like a pair of nice, warm, yielding breasts pressed against mine.”

He drew a quick breath, and his hand dipped lower to graze across my belly. The tent in the sheets over his cock grew a little taller.

“Like a body that I can love the way I love my own.”

And with my left hand, I cupped my right breast lovingly, as if to illustrate. At the same time I slipped my right hand down around the top of his thigh and found his cock, rigid and pulsing with his heartbeat. I wrapped my fingers around its girth.

“Oh yes, you like that, don’t you?” I said.


“My hand, or what I’m telling you?”

“Both.” His own hand was now grazing over my mound, an inch above my lips. Teasing me.

“But you’ve never had one, have you?” he said.

“No. I never had the chance.”

“Or you just weren’t assertive enough about finding one who would want you. Unsure of yourself. Afraid of rejection.”

He knew me so well. “You’re probably right.”

“Baby, I know all about that. I’ve been there too. I finally had to realize that the chance I wanted wouldn’t happen by itself.”

We had paused in our caresses as the conversation grew heavy. David went on.

“But no matter. It’s not a good idea to enter a marriage without having fulfilled one’s major fantasies. I think we should find you a woman.”

My heart wanted to leap out of my chest. It was all I could do to gasp a response.

“Here? Now?”

“Yes, here. Before we go home. We’ll start looking tomorrow.”


“I’m not going to throw you into the deep end by yourself, am I? Of course I’ll help. We’re partners now, right? It could be a great adventure.”

“Wait a minute. Are we looking for someone for me or for you?”

“For you, darling. But I hope that whoever you decide on will at least share you with me.”

“Three of us together, huh? And no third leg of the triangle?”

“Would you object, if she wanted that? To complete the symmetry?”

I had to think about that for a moment. I longed for what he was offering, but how far was I willing to go to obtain it? Was I willing to share him?

He took my moment’s silence as an opportunity to continue.

“Katie, I’m perfectly willing to have you play with another woman. I’ll be happy only to watch if that’s all you and she can agree to. I’d be happier to be one of your two lovers. Can you imagine that? Imagine me inside you while she sits on your face. Then imagine we change places and she eats you while you suck me.”

His hand was busy again, stroking at the very top of my slit, letting my lips tug at and slide over my clit. I could well imagine the things he was saying. That and his touch were making me wet, filling me with hot desire, distracting me from any concern.

“Yes, yes…” I heard myself saying.

“Now imagine all three of us sharing. Imagine the possibilities.” He was stroking me harder now, making my pussy sing with need, bringing me almost to the edge of climax.

“Yeesss!” I rasped.

He slowed, stopping me short of the peak, letting me come down gradually.

“But she might not even want that,” he said. “So, we’ll just let whatever happens, happen, okay?”

“Okay,” I agreed. I grabbed his cock and used it as a handle, pulling him toward me. He followed my lead and ended up on top of me. “Now will you please get inside me? I need it bad.”

I did, and he did.


It turned out to be easier than I had feared. I had pictured myself trying to chat up any woman who was remotely attractive Ataşehir Yabancı Escort and appeared to be unattached, making awkward conversation about our home towns and our vacation experiences, then oh-so-gently coming on to her. In my daydreams, I imagined getting everything from looks of disbelief and even disgust, to the brush-off of “Thanks, but you’re not my type,” which was even worse.

But David was as good as his word. We were at poolside, reclining in lounge chairs, watching the sunlight playing off ripples in the crystal-clear water, and being bathed in that same sunlight, which was warming my body and inspiring heated memories of last night and even more heated fantasies, when our attention was drawn to the entertainment staff member who was announcing resort activities through a small PA system from the far end of the pool.

She was slim and petite with short blonde hair, a perfect little gamine in a sky-blue bikini. We had watched her with the other members of her crew the previous evening, as they put on a cabaret-style show of light comedy and song in the main ballroom. They were young, and mostly from Europe or the islands.

She was not who I was looking for, and in any case she surely had a morals clause in her contract that would cost her her job if she were caught fraternizing excessively with guests. But David had a different idea and nudged my arm with his elbow.

“I’m going to go up and talk to her,” he said, nodding his head in her direction. “She might be able to help us find someone.”

I nodded and tried not to watch as he got up and approached her. I wondered what he could possibly say to her. “Hello, my wife and I are looking for a woman to take to bed with us, do you know anyone?” It seemed absurd. But there he was, now chatting pleasantly with her, that winning smile on his face, and she was responding in the same happy, animated manner that she used to address the group around the pool, but with the PA off so we couldn’t hear.

He was so good at this, as I well knew. It was how he got me. Coming up to me at that party, he had just started to talk as if we had known each other for years, and it just drew me in. We had gotten so deep in conversation that it was a full two minutes before he introduced himself and before I realized he hadn’t yet.

He chatted with the little blonde for about the same amount of time, then he was gesturing toward me, leaning in toward her and seeming to take a lower, more conspiratorial tone, while her face turned neutral, listening. I was facing forward, toward the pool, but my eyes were turned to them; I trusted my sunglasses not to give me away.

Suddenly she opened up in a wide, knowing smile and started talking again. They carried on their lively conversation as before for another minute. I thought I saw David pass her something as he shook her hand and started back toward me.

“Her name’s Annalise,” he told me cheerfully when he had reclined next to me again. “She’s Swiss. Comes here in the summer to earn money for her university. A delightful person, really. I had a hunch, and it paid off. We’re not the first couple to come through here looking for a third. She will pass the word discreetly to women who look promising and are not with a man, and also ask them to pass it along if they’re not interested. They can find us in the bar during happy hour. We’ll be the Adamses.”

“You gave her something,” I said.

“I tipped her, dear. Gave her twenty. A little gratuity for looking extra well after her guests’ comfort and happiness. Which is her job, you see.”


It was as simple as that. Starting that afternoon, we would hold court in the resort’s lounge for an hour or two before dinner, sipping on weak sweet drinks, a chair at our table pointedly empty. I realized the usefulness of our having a last name when David brought out a small card on which he had hand printed “Reserved for:” and then below, in larger letters “Adams”. The card had been folded as if to stand up on the table, then unfolded again. He palmed it and slid it onto the edge of the table near him, then removed his hand. We were there for those in the know to see, but others should suspect nothing. At least not until one young woman after another would greet us, some shyly, some boldly, and sit with us in the third chair to chat.

We quickly discovered that, as hard as it is to face rejection, it is at least that hard to have to reject someone. The first to visit us was Tonia, a blonde, blue-eyed, buxom knockout who on that alone would have sold both of us. But she was much too aggressive, a party girl who needed to be the instigator and the focus of every scene she was in. She used blunt language while boasting of her previous exploits with men and women, so much so that we were fearful of attracting attention from other guests in the bar. The clear feeling she projected was that she regarded us as another conquest.

Finally I just said, “Thank you Ataşehir Yeni Escort for stopping by, Tonia, but I’m afraid you’re not the one we’re looking for.”

She looked stunned, and I wondered how long it had been since she had been turned down.

Paige was much more pleasant but unfortunately did not attract me. Her dark hair was cut in a bob, and there was a hint of sensuality in her face, but she was heavily into working out and had a hard body that was clearly visible through her translucent beach cover-up. I admired her, for sure. Maybe one day I could become half as toned as she was. But that’s all I felt.

She appealed to David, though. So much that I had to stomp on his foot as he gave her his happy line of patter that I knew so well, and I could sense that he was seconds away from inviting her up without any input from me.

Then he told her, “Well, I like you very much, Paige, but my wife is telling me no.”

Fucker. He was going to pay for that later.

Laurie was the last that day. She stopped by our table at around five-thirty and hesitated. She appealed to me immediately with her dark hair and eyes, wide sensual mouth accented with bright red lipstick, and hourglass figure. She wore a loose peasant blouse and skirt which failed to conceal her delicious curves, the curves that started an excited twinge in my pussy.

But she was shy and hesitant, unsure when actually facing us.

“Hi,” she said. “Are you Katie and David?”

I nodded.

“Annalise told me about you,” she went on. “I…I’m Laurie.”

“Pleased to meet you, Laurie,” said David. “Won’t you sit with us? Can we buy you a drink?”

“I can only stay a minute,” she said, sitting down. “I have to meet a friend. But thanks for the offer. I was just…curious. I’ve never really thought about anything like this before. Well, maybe just a little. I guess I just wanted to meet you, you know, see the people who were into this.”

All in that hesitant voice. My heart sank a little. I had already been fantasizing about kissing those soft, red lips while letting my hands run over her lush body. But she would not really be into it; maybe she would even panic in the middle of our playtime…or maybe she didn’t find either of us attractive.

But David either was not picking up on that, or he was determined to just land this fish for me. Or was it for him?

“I think you’re just the kind we’re looking for, Laurie,” he said, ignoring my discouraging glances. “Let’s get to know one another better. We can have dinner, then you can come up to our room and—”

I broke in. “Darling, don’t push her so hard, please.”

Then I turned to her. “Laurie, we both think you’re a lovely person, but we need someone who knows what she wants. Why don’t you think it over? If you’re still interested tomorrow, come back and see if we’re here again. We’ll talk about it then. Okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed. “And thank you again. Nice meeting you both. Have a good evening.”

She got up to leave. We each shook her hand briefly.

When she was out of earshot, I turned to my spouse.

“Do you think you’re running this show?” I asked him, making my annoyance clear. “This was supposed to be for me, remember? And one thing we don’t need is to have some terrified girl in the room with us freaking out because she committed herself before she was ready.”

“I’m only thinking of you, Katie,” he began.

“Like hell. Have you forgotten what day it is?”


“It’s Wednesday.”

“Oh, shit.”

“That’s right. You don’t get a pass on it just because it’s our honeymoon.”

His shoulders drooped. “I suppose not.”

“All right then, my love,” I said, letting the smile return to my lips, like honey. “Let’s go to dinner first. I’m starving.”

We had come up with the idea of Wednesdays early on when it became clear it was something we needed. A long conversation focused on the trouble spot in our relationship led to an agreement.

David can do his supremely self-confident, alpha operator thing all he wants. It’s part of what attracted me to him. But he does sometimes get too full of himself and then he starts to cross my boundaries. That’s when he needs to be taken back a place and shown that he is not, in fact, the center of the universe. Soon after we started keeping our weekly date, he confessed that the burden of always having to be in control could become too much for him, and that was when he would start making bad decisions. He admitted to enjoying the times when he could give up the power and be completely under my command. It’s not convenient for him when it falls just when he’s on a power trip, but that’s the beauty of it. Wednesday is always coming.


Thwack! My open palm caromed off his bare ass, making him flinch and draw in a breath sharply. I don’t fake it; I pitched softball in school, have a good right arm and know how to make it hurt. I had given him ten—not enough Ataşehir Masaj Salonu that he wouldn’t be able to sit down tomorrow, but enough that he’d remember it.

“You’ve been a bad boy,” I growled. “You know you’ve been a bad boy, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Kathryn,” he gasped.

The room was dark except for the glow of a candle on each nightstand. I had him on his knees, ass-up on the bed. I’d tied his wrists and ankles together, and all he could do comfortably was rest on his forearms, or, as he had done now, just collapse and bury his face in the pillow. His cock and balls swung free, and I noted with satisfaction that he was quite erect.

I reached in between his thighs and took his cock in my fist, giving it a stroke.

“And you know that a bad boy doesn’t get to come until his mistress says he can.”

I continued to pump his cock, being careful not to go so far that he couldn’t hold back. He had standing orders to tell me if he was getting too close. The punishment for coming prematurely was severe.

“Now, slave, who is going to be the one to choose who we play with?”

“You are, Mistress Kathryn.”

“Good. And if you behave yourself I’ll share her with you, but you’re going to share nicely, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Kathryn.”

I let go of his cock and quickly shed my black bra and panties. I got onto the bed beside him, on my back. I spread my legs and turned his head so he could see down my belly to my smooth, waxed mound.

“Now, slave, get down there and eat my pussy. If you do a very good job, I might let you come tonight.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you.”

He crawled into position, somewhat hampered by his still bound hands and feet. I raised my thighs and rested my heels flat on the bed, making it easier for him to reach me. His tongue slipped into my dripping slit and he gave me that first delicious lick that always sent me out of my orbit and on a collision course with ecstasy. The punishment was done and now was the time for pleasure. I relaxed and pulled at my sensitive nipples, preparing to enjoy a nice long, multi-orgasmic licking. Eventually, I would untie his bonds and suck him off or fuck him; I’ve never actually denied him an orgasm. I do love to make him earn it, though. But only on Wednesdays.


Late afternoon on Thursday we were back at our table in the lounge. After a loving morning fuck, we had spent the forenoon on the beach, alternately shaded beneath a thatch umbrella and playing in the gentle surf. After lunch in the resort’s open-air dining room, we had boarded a boat on a snorkeling cruise.

The boat had anchored in a shallow passage between islands, and we along with the other passengers had donned snorkels and lowered ourselves into the sea. The channel teemed with tropical fish of all kinds, and we took many shots with our disposable underwater cameras.

Today the first to visit us at our table was Gina. She was tall, which was fine with me, but I got the sense that David was put off a little. She wore shorts and a t-shirt, revealing a nice figure and shapely legs. Her hazel eyes twinkled below brown hair that fell to her shoulders.

We bought her a drink and we chatted. I traded glances with David, as we each tried to figure out what the other thought. She was pleasant and witty and seemed to be comfortable with us. Could she be the one? I could see myself getting next to her. I let my fantasy carry me along.

In the end, though, she finished her drink and extended her hand.

“Thanks, it was nice meeting you guys. I’m sorry, but I don’t really feel the right chemistry between us. But good luck, I hope you find someone.”

So that was that. This time we were the ones to be rejected, however nicely. It sucked, whichever way I turned it to look at it. But that was the risk. We were putting ourselves out there.

The afternoon grew late, and no one else had stopped to see us. It was beginning to feel like this whole project was doomed to fail. I tried to resign myself to it. I had made it this far through life without fulfilling this fantasy of mine. I had David; he was all I really needed. Maybe there would be another chance someday.

It was a quarter to six. The sun was getting low over the sea, brilliant reflections from the waves scattering jewels of light everywhere. Once we had taken in this sunset through the large picture windows of the lounge, we would have to think about dinner. No rush, though.

Then a figure appeared at our third chair. It was Laurie.

“Hi,” she said. “Remember me?”

Today she was wearing white shorts and a tight blue top. Her legs were stunning, her breasts and bottom bountiful. She looked good enough to eat. That twinge was starting again in my sex. I could hardly speak for a moment.

“Of course we do, Laurie,” David said, covering for me. “You’re a hard one to forget. Would you like to sit down?”

“Thank you, I would.” She seated herself while I regained my composure.

“Katie,” she began, “You were right to tell me to go think about it. I needed to get things straight in my head. I realized that if I wanted to do this like I’d dreamed about it, I would just have to gut up and do it. It’s not that either of you turned me off. Quite the contrary.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32