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Sitting on the couch, I changed the channel again, stretched, yawned, and suddenly felt a bare foot brush my face. Abbi had just kicked me, playfully. She grabbed the remote, lay back down, and let her foot fall back into my lap.

“Time for you to get ready for bed.”

I looked at the clock. 9:48. At least it was a few minutes later than last night.

“Yes, Abbi.”

I gently slid out from beneath her feet, rubbed them softly as I stood, let my hand linger on her big toe, then smiled at her as I walked across the room, toward the hallway, and into the bedroom, savoring her smile back. In the bedroom, I still had to remind myself not to close the door behind me; old habits died hard. It wasn’t just that I didn’t need to, now that I was married to Abbi. I wasn’t allowed. No hiding behind closed doors – not at home. Not for me, anyway. Not even as I walked into the attached bathroom.

I quickly stripped, and placed my clothes in the hamper. Then into the shower, where I washed myself with the gel that Abbi wanted me to use. After patting myself dry, I brushed my teeth. And, as odd as it seemed at this hour, I shaved. I decided I’d better. Abbi would likely be in the mood for sex, and she would want my face as smooth as possible. After peeing, still naked, I walked to the bed.

It was mostly dark, but a hint of light still shone into the bedroom from the hallway. I could hear the TV from down the hall. I looked at the clock. 10:18. Slowly, I knelt at the foot of the bed, and waited for Abbi.

Waiting, naked – it was still strange. The door to the living room was still open, and I could hear television sounds, could hear Abbi getting up, walking around, typing on her laptop, opening and closing the fridge, while I waited. At almost eleven, lights started turning off, the TV went quiet, and Abbi walked into the bedroom right past me, into the bathroom, ignoring me.

I could hear the water run as she brushed her teeth. I heard the toilet flush. Within three minutes, she walked quickly toward me, then plopped down hard onto the edge of the bed in front of me. She was wearing the same pajamas as last night – white, pink floral pattern, long bottoms, and a short-sleeve top. They were cute.

Abbi looked me in the eyes. God, she was beautiful. Cute, really. Soft blonde hair, very light blue eyes. She gave me a little smile.

“You did good today, Chris. You’ve been very good.”

I smiled back. Abbi continued.

“You’re adjusting. I know it’s not easy.”

She lifted her right foot up, resting her pale bare sole on my chest. I took it in my hands, supported it, then started carefully massaging it. Abbi leaned back on both her hands, and sighed, obviously enjoying the feeling. I worked my thumbs hard into her sole, loving the soft fleshy feeling of her beautiful foot in my hand, loving the way I was able to make her feel good. After a minute, she sighed again, opened her eyes, and sat back up.

“I haven’t had to paddle you for three days in a row, Chris. That’s the longest yet, I think.”

It was indeed my longest streak, the longest time since we’d been married that I’d gone without being paddled by Abbi. I didn’t think so, I knew so.

“You should be proud of yourself.”

She just looked at me for a long minute with a soft smile. Then she spoke again.

“Does it feel like it’s getting easier?”

“Well, Abbi…”

I continued to massage.

“It is, in some ways. The rules I have to follow, they’re getting easier to remember. They’re becoming more automatic, more internalized. But other things are Betturkey still sort of hard.”

I bent down, and gave the foot that I was massaging a soft, gentle kiss.

“Like what?”

“Like the constant attitude adjustments I have to make, Abbi. I make them. But they aren’t easy. Sometimes I think I’m correct. But if you tell me I’m wrong, adjusting to that, convincing myself of it, that you’re right and I’m wrong, takes more time than I’d realized. Or just making myself accept that even if I think what I was doing was right, that I have to accept the fact that I have to submit to your way of doing it.”

“Any examples?”

“Like today, when I was cooking lunch, and chopping all the vegetables, and you stopped me to tell me I wasn’t doing it how I knew you liked me to. When you grabbed my wrist to stop me, and held on to it, and, well, spoke to me very firm, and sort of raised your voice, and, well, corrected me, it was difficult. I had to take some deep breaths to make myself adjust my attitude, remind myself that you were right before I said ‘Yes Abbi,’ so my voice didn’t come out all wrong.”

“It didn’t sound disrespectful.”

“It took some work.”

“Oh, Chris…”

I could feel that tension coming back inside me, remembering it now, and didn’t like it. I told myself ‘SUBMIT!’ I bent down, began kissing Abbi’s foot softly, repeatedly, which put me back into the right frame of mind. She propped her left foot up onto my chest and I took it, began massaging it, with a few little kisses first, thankful that she wanted me to serve her this way.

“Are you going to that work dinner tomorrow night?”

“Honestly, Abbi, I’d rather be here with you.”

“I won’t be home until almost nine.”

“Then I’d rather be here waiting for you, doing whatever you have for me to do.”

“Awww. You really can go. You have my permission.”

“Thank you, Abbi. It’s just that those things are always all the same, and they’re no fun.”

“Then stay. I’ll have a long list of chores on the whiteboard for you.”

“Ummm, thanks?”

Abbi laughed. I massaged deeply, then kissed her left foot. Finally, I worked my way around to asking the question I needed to ask each night.

“Abbi, may I please have permission to sleep in your bed with you?”

Pulling her bare foot from my grasp, she set it on the floor.


She curled her lips into a cute, mock-quizzical look.

“Let me think…”

She wasn’t just being playful. While the answer to this question was nearly always “yes,” on occasion it was “no.” Every once in awhile, perhaps every other month or so, seemingly at random, Abbi would sweetly and gently, almost apologetically, tell me no – that I, her husband, was not allowed to sleep in the same bed with her. She’d tell me where I could sleep – sometimes on the couch, or perhaps on the floor at the foot of her bed. And we always referred to it as HER bed. She insisted that she’d never use this as a punishment, or because she was mad at me. She simply wanted to remind me that sleeping with her was a privilege – a great privilege, and that I should never, ever, take it for granted. Some nights, that privilege would be withdrawn. And every single night, I had to ask for it.

Tonight, though, I was in luck. Abbi smiled.

“Yes, Chris. Come on in.”

I climbed up, off my knees, and Abbi moved to the right to make room for me on her left.

Laughing, we kissed. She sighed. I loved the way Abbi’s lips felt against mine. Each and every time, I was amazed at how beautiful she was. Betturkey Giriş Looking into her eyes, I kissed her again, then again.

“I love you Abbi.”

“I love you too, Chris.”

Hearing her say those words warmed my heart. She sounded so sweet. Abbi was making me feel bold, and playful. I kissed her neck, then caressed her side. Finding her lips again, I kissed her deeply as she climbed on top of me, straddling my stomach as her tongue found mine. Soft, slow, and sweet. Deep breaths into each others’ mouths. A few minutes later, she just smiled at me, looking so sexy, so cute. Still feeling playful, I whispered softly in her ear.

“So can I release tonight, sweetie?”

Abbi laughed. She laughed so hard she fell off me, sort of rolling onto the bed.

“Oh, Chris. You’re so funny!”

Abbi gently stroked my cheek with her hand, smiling, now laughing only softly. She kissed me, then whispered in my ear, gently, softly, sweetly, seductively.

“No, Chris. No you may not. You may NOT ejaculate.”

She kissed me again in her sexy way, lingering, seductive. Then she laughed, loud and full. She couldn’t stop.

“Of course not, Chris!”

Now, I was hornier than ever. I had an erection that was throbbing. I kissed her cheek, again and again, then worked my way back to her lips, and kissed her deeply. Tongues dancing in each others’ mouths’, I held on to Abbi tight, as tight as I could, holding my pelvis back slightly, just to be careful, caressing her neck softly, her shoulders gently. We kissed and kissed, and then Abbi whispered to me.

“Chris, I want this. I want it now.”

“Yes, Abbi.”

I slid down her beautiful pajama’d body, kissing the small strip of her belly that had been bared as her top had ridden up as I went. Abbi threaded her fingers through my hair, and pushed my head down farther. In a single motion, I pulled down her pajama bottoms and panties, not far, just far enough, and pressed my face exactly where Abbi wanted it.

I held Abbi by her bare hips, my fingers just barely grazing her amazing ass. She pushed her crocth up, into my face, adjusting herself, making this easier for me, Kneeling, ass-up, cock hanging mid-air, so as not to accidentally release, I treated Abbi to what she wanted. Abbi’s pussy was beautiful. I took a deep breath, inhaling her scent, then placed my lips gently against her spreading pussy, kissing softly.

Abbi moaned. I pushed my tongue inside her, into Abbi, and gave her a long, soft lick. Her inner thighs pressed in on my face, then relaxed, then pressed on me again as I licked again harder, then harder, then gave Abbi another long, slow lick, as she let out another soft, quivering moan. Thrusting her crotch up at me, she began working her hips in little corkscrew motions as I matched her with my mouth, licking her deeper, then swirling around and sucking her entire mound, licking deeper, swirling around.

We were finding each others’ rhythm. Abbi was getting wetter. Her taste, it had taken me some time to get used to, but I was growing to love it, the taste of Abbi’s pussy, the taste of her pleasure. Taking her entire mound again in my mouth, I felt the slight bristle where she had recently shaved. Slipping out of my mouth again, I planted the softest of kisses on the top of Abbi’s mound, teasing her. Nearly screaming, she pounded her pussy up at me, into my mouth again.

Deeper licks, faster swirling rhythm, hooking my tongue higher inside her, manic little gasps, so close now. My hands caressed Abbi’s hips and ass slowly in little circles. The elastic Betturkey Güncel Giriş of her panties kept flipping over my chin; she was barely bared.

I was so painfully erect. Licking Abbi’s pussy, thrusting my tongue into her soft beautiful folds, listening to her cries of pleasure, I wanted so bad to make this so good for her. I wanted it to go on and on. All I could do was enjoy Abbi’s pleasure. Her pleasure is my pleasure. So I slowly swirled my tired tongue as Abbi pounded her crotch into my face.

Wetter now, unable to avoid swallowing some, I grimaced a bit as Abbi started rubbing herself all over my face. I listened to her moans become sharper gasps as she grabbed my hair harder, gripped my face tighter in her thighs, and enjoyed the ride, losing myself in the pleasure Abbi was losing herself in.

Abbi collapsed, relaxed on the bed, hands still on the back of my head, fingers caressing my neck absently. She moaned. My hands were still around her hips, and I left my mouth in her crotch, just very, very gently giving her little kisses on her pussy. Every one felt like heaven. Her panties still kept trying to snap up around my chin. Abbi sighed, breathed deeply, and just kept caressing my neck for a long time. I kept kissing her down there, until I stopped, and just kept breathing in her wet, post-orgasmic scent. Eventually, I heard Abbi snoring softly.

I hoped she wouldn’t sleep for long. I wasn’t allowed to get up and out from this position until she told me I could. It was possible that I could be stuck here, back arched, ass in the air, face in Abbi’s crotch, for most of the night. It had happened before. Right now, it was super sweet. But after an hour or two, I’d be aching. I guess I just had to wait.

Oh god, she sounded so sweet when it happened. That little moan, those little gasps – I’d do anything to hear that sound all the time. It was what I lived for. It was all I could live for. Abbi’s pleasure. Who knows if I’d ever experience that kind of pleasure again? I hadn’t since I’d married Abbi – not once. She hadn’t allowed it – not yet. She hadn’t told me when I would. Just “not yet.” And “trust me.” And “you can do it.” And “because I get to say so, and I like it.” And sometimes just a wordless, mysterious smile. The strange thing was how, as time went on, even though the frustration was becoming worse, I was beginning to like it more and more when she told me no.

Abbi jerked, turned toward her side, and woke, and I struggled to keep my head between her legs. She again started caressing my neck and my hair, continued it for five or ten minutes more. I resumed my little kisses to her pussy. The insides of Abbi’s upper thighs, at least the tiny bit that was bared, felt amazing. It was so very soft. Eventually, sweetly, so softly I could barely hear her with my ears covered by thigh, I could sense Abbi saying something.

“C’mere, Chris.”

I crawled out from my little cave. Abbi smiled at me. I had to resist the temptation to kiss her – not after where I’d just been kissing her. She took my face in her hands, smiled at me, then kissed me on the forehead. Then she quickly flipped her panties and jammies back up, covering herself. Again, I felt the strangeness of being naked while Abbi was dressed, even if only for bed.

We both climbed under the covers, and Abbi turned me around. She cuddled me from behind, holding me close.

“That was nice.”

I sighed deeply. I think Abbi knew what I was thinking about. She whispered softly, directly into my ear, while tracing the outline of my ear with her finger.

“You don’t need it, Chris. Not yet. You don’t need it.”

I adjusted my position so that there was no chance I’d accidentally squirt in the night. Abbi caressed my face until she fell asleep. I lay awake much longer, imagining Abbi’s pleasure, trying to settle down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32