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Big Dicks

This is a story of an alternate reality where there is a branch of Christianity that has rejected the dogma normally associated with sex.

Posted 8 Apr 08 — Revised June 09

Chapter 7: Marcia’s Got It

Lady Jennifer flew into her private dining room as she did earlier this morning, but rather than passing through, she went to her seat at the table. Immediately following her from the parlor was Linda, then Marcia. None of these women showed any evidence of the intense sexual release they had all just experienced. The other girls were all ready seated at the table as they were last night. Linda took the seat Lord Jacob had been in at the opposite end of the table from Lady Jennifer, while Marcia sat next to her mom.

As Marcia looked at the girls seated there, she wondered if they could have heard what had just transpired behind that door.

After Lady Jennifer had sat down she said, “Girls. I want you to meet Linda Quillis, and while she could easily pass for Marcia’s older sister, she is in fact her mother.”

“Hi.” Linda said to the assemblage.

“And yes,” Lady Jennifer continued. “She was the woman I know you all heard screaming earlier, not Marcia. Marcia was the one administering the cause of those screams.”

‘Well,’ thought Marcia. ‘At least I don’t have to wonder whether they heard.’

As if on cue, Roberta Gonzales came in pushing a cart piled high with sandwiches. Immediately following her were the other two ladies from last night that assisted her. They had large pitchers of sweet tea in each hand, and began pouring them into glasses in front of the girls. They all were wearing those French maid uniforms that weren’t looking so ridiculous anymore to Marcia. In fact, she was starting to hope she would be in one soon.

Roberta pushed the cart next to Lady Jennifer and told her, “I have tuna on rye, roast beef on sourdough, or turkey on white. Take your pick my Lady.”

“I believe I’ll have the roast beef,” she said as she grabbed one.

Roberta then began pushing the cart back across the table opposite of Marcia, stopping first to Allison Lilly’s left. “What would you like?”

“Tuna for me, thanks,” replied the studious looking girl with curly auburn hair.

“And you?” said Roberta to Sandra Nelson.

“Thank you. That turkey looks real good,” replied the Rubenesque girl with long, wavy blond hair. “It has lots of mayo. Just the way I like it.”

Roberta continued down to the left of Becky Phadt. “What will you have?” she asked.

“I’ll have the tuna,” said the girl with the Middle-East appearance.

“And how about yourself?” she said to Evellyn Robinson.

“I’d like the tuna also,” said the beautiful Nubian princess. “Thank you.”

Roberta then pushed the cart around behind Linda to her left. “So what would you like, Linda?”

Linda got a big smile on her face. “You, of course,” was her reply.

Roberta returned the smile, then leaned down, and kissed Linda with a passionate, yet quick embrace. “So what sandwich would you like?”

“Hmmm,” said Linda. “I was thinking about having tuna also, but there is only one left. I leave it in case someone else wants it. My second choice I think will be… …roast beef.” Which she helped herself to.

“You’re next,” said Roberta to Marcia.

“Do I get a kiss also?” Marcia asked.

“Like mother — like daughter,” replied Roberta with another big smile. She came around her cart and leaned in to kiss Marcia. As she did, Marcia reached up with her left hand to hold Roberta’s head as she kissed her.

She held her there at least 30 seconds, and didn’t let go until she heard, “Oh no, Linda! We’ve created a monster!” Lady Jennifer exclaimed in jest. This actually got a few giggles out of the rest of the girls.

Once she let Roberta stand up, Marcia reached around her and took a sandwich. “I agree with Sandra. That turkey looks great.”

After getting herself back together, Robert continued down to the diminutive girl with long straight black hair, Lisa Green. “And what would you care for?”

“I’ll have the roast beef too, please,” she said. Her hand almost seemed too small to grab such a large sandwich.

“And how about you?” Roberta asked the blond surfer-girl, Alyson Frazier, whom everyone calls Ally.

“I’ll have the last tuna,” she said. “Thank you for leaving it Mrs. Quillis.”

“Call me Linda, Ally,” she replied.

Alyson got a bewildered expression on her face, and when Linda understood why, she said. “Yes, I know your name. I know the names of all of you.” She said this while looking around the table. “I am the one that advised Lady Jennifer to select each of you.”

“In fact, Ally,” Lady Jennifer continued. “The person most responsible for you being accepted into this kingdom is Linda. She has been a long time advocate of atheists and liberals being allowed in. Her very strong belief is that we should not judge people by how they choose to label themselves, particularly when they don’t understand what that label really means. Making a requirement that everyone Betturkey joining us sees him or herself as a Christian and a conservative does not serve our kingdom well.

“Which reminds me.” Lady Jennifer looked towards Linda. “How did everything go with Chris this morning?”

“It went exactly how I thought it would,” Linda began. “Although, Tony almost blew it.”

“I know how you feel,” said Lady Jennifer. “At least he is willing to try. Jacob isn’t sold on this at all. I thought for sure he was going to kick Ally out last night. So you really think Chris will work out?”

“Definitely,” continued Linda. “Tony didn’t push him to renounce liberalism at all. He just laid out the expectations to him, and Chris took hold of them… and me… quite nicely.” They exchanged knowing glances. “Regardless of what he thinks of himself, he’s a wonderful asset to this kingdom.”

This exchange caught Marcia’s attention in a way that surprised her. Who was this man that ‘took hold’ of her mother? …And why did this bother her so much?

“Mistress Jennifer?” said Evellyn.

“Yes dear?” replied Lady Jennifer.

“While we seem to be on the subject, are there any specific requirements to be in this kingdom?” she asked. “Since nothing can be written down, I am a little confused about what is actually required of me.”

“There is only one specific requirement,” she said, “but even that’s not very specific. Simply said, you must be more of an asset to this kingdom than you are a liability.” Lady Jennifer paused for a moment before continuing. “If I were to tell you that you have no say what so ever on whether you are an asset, would you believe that you being one is out of your hands?”

“If I’m required to be an asset, but I can’t determine whether I am one, would that not be self-evident, Mistress Jennifer?” she replied.

“It would be if there was no power in being a submissive,” Lady Jennifer continued. “Not only is it well within your power to comply with the desires of others to be an asset, more importantly, it is also well within your power to convince others what you believe should be your assets.

“There are a couple of key points to consider with this. First, this is not a male/female thing. Men of this kingdom are also required to be an asset, and they too do not get to decide whether or not they are one. I would even say women have an advantage because there is a natural value to being a woman. Men don’t have this. In other words, just being a woman and going with the flow makes you an asset. Men don’t have that option. A man must be a dominant to be of value here, and for a dominant, there is no ‘going with the flow’.”

“The second point is one that liberals get so wrong. They truly see the poor and middle class as powerless, and work so damn hard at convincing all of them of that. Yet in this country… this wonderful and magnificent country… the rich are more at the mercy of the poor than the other way around. There are scores of new wealthy people created every day that got that way by delivering to the poor and middle classes what they desire — rather than just going along with the desires of the wealthy. In the same way, wealthy people are losing that wealth because they are not adapting to the changing economy, and the desires of the majority.

“The same holds true for you. Yes you must conform, but what exactly that conformity is, is within your grasp to influence. Has that made it any clearer?”

“No, Mistress Jennifer,” replied Evellyn. “I want you to understand that I am not trying to complain. I’m willing to conform, but conform to what? I’m the kind of person who likes to plan everything out. Uncertainty really makes me nervous. Don’t you have any advice at all on what I need to be?”

“Not really,” said Lady Jennifer. “We intentionally do not list specific requirements because we want to see what you can think up, so we are not looking for robots. While we want your submission, keep in mind that robots cannot submit because they cannot choose to do so.

“My best advice I can give you is to be attractive. Be the kind of person others are drawn to, and want to be around. Just be beautiful, and you’ll be just fine.”

“Be beautiful, Mistress Jennifer?” This question came from Evellyn’s neighbor, Becky. “Isn’t that awfully shallow?”

“What’s shallow is denigrating the importance of beauty,” replied Lady Jennifer. “Beauty is what makes life worth living. If life were nothing more than a chemical reaction, then beauty would be irrelevant. The liberal mindset that distains beauty denigrates our society. This kingdom, on the other hand, is dedicated to the celebration of it. A very important aspect for you to be an asset to this kingdom is being beautiful, just as men are required to be handsome.

“There are many ways to become more of a liability than asset to this kingdom, and losing your beauty is one of them. Then the next thing to determine is whether you will be held accountable for it. If we believe that you allowed yourself to lose your beauty, Betturkey Giriş then you are just kicked out. Since you are all women, you will get your buy out price, which can never be lowered, so don’t worry about that.

“If you’re not held accountable, such as being badly disfigured in a fire, then you’ll become a dependant of the kingdom, much like our children, or say the elderly parents of yours that need to be cared for. As a dependant there are many functions of the kingdom you can participate in, but not any of the members-only-parties or balls where we put on display our liberal sexuality.

“This kingdom is not for everyone, and we will never consider it to be one. If you don’t like it, then start your own. This kingdom requires beauty, and because of it, in the not too distant future, either my husband or myself will be declared too old to be attractive, then we both will be relegated to dependant status.”

“Sounds Harsh,” Allison Lilly said, almost to herself.

“Life’s harsh,” said Lady Jennifer to Allison. “Just like the punishment you will now receive after lunch for not saying Mistress when referencing me.”

She then spoke to everyone, “One of the most important aspects of life that you must come to grips with is that not only is life harsh, but that a great deal of misery has been inflicted on mankind by people trying to deny or avoid this fact.

“I look at most peoples’ attempts to live easy and conflict free lives and I just have to laugh. Look at me. Next month I’ll be sixty years old, and I still have twenty-year-old men desperate to fuck me silly. Do any of you really think I would live a better life if I didn’t have this kingdom demanding that I keep myself sexually attractive? Do you think that if I was told that it’s OK if I didn’t dye my hair, or wear make-up, or stay in shape, or any of the other things people say are nothing but vain activities that I would be happier, or more satisfied with myself? …Hah!

“The day will soon come when twenty-year-old men won’t find me attractive, and I’ll be asked to leave this kingdom. So what? Those demands that are placed on me have not only empowered me to remain physically young, but spiritually young as well. And when I say spiritually young, I don’t mean spiritually immature. As you will one day learn, there is a very wide chasm between these concepts, and it’s the expectations placed on you that will allow you to see the difference.

“So yes this kingdom is harsh… …and it is painful. Yet this harshness and pain allows me to live my life to its fullest, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“Mistress Jennifer?” Lisa Green asked,

“Yes Lisa,” she replied.

“Not that I want to, but has anyone else started their own kingdom like this one? I would imagine that people who have been banished would want to. Life in a kingdom like this has its advantages.”

“Several have been tried, but only one has succeeded. The failed ones tried to operate under a more forgiving structure, but they all came apart. The biggest mistake they made was in believing that we were wrong to banish them. They felt this kingdom should have given them a second chance, so they created one that would give people another opportunity. The problem is once you give someone a break for one thing, others start to argue that this other thing should also be forgiven, then the whole thing starts to unravel because you don’t have a principled ideal to rally around. Forgiveness is essential for the Christian faith, but it is a lousy model to base a kingdom on.

“Convincing a person that a single slip up will mean their dismissal is much better for them. It doesn’t allow them to entertain fantasies about how they might be able to get away with unacceptable behavior. It forces them to stay focused on their advancement into enlightened beings, and not backslide, which could evolve into a bad habit.

“The only group that has succeeded in staying together was not made up of banished people. They were people who left our kingdom because they felt we were not strict enough. They look upon themselves as a warrior class, and have modeled themselves on the ancient Spartans. Their original reason to leave as they did was to deal with the supposed Y2K apocalypse. When that didn’t materialize, their fevered delusions found new justifications for their existence in the aftermath of 9/11. They are firmly convinced that the American government will capitulate to the islamo-fascists.

“They are a dark and cruel people whom we look upon as nothing more than a motorcycle gang. They cause us a lot of problems, because many government officials believe we are one and the same. They are not as careful about lying low like we do, and attract way too much attention. One of these days there is going to be a confrontation between them and the law that could lead to some terrible ramifications within our own kingdom.”

In the pause that followed, Sandra Nelson asked, “Mistress Jennifer?”

“Yes Sandra,” she replied.

“Earlier you said that Master Betturkey Güncel Giriş Jacob almost kicked Ally out of the kingdom. Would you have let him?”

After gulping down a mouthful of sandwich, Lady Jennifer said, “Let him?” Then after taking a drink of tea, “Sandra, I don’t know how to make this more clearer to you. Men rule in this kingdom. There is no ‘letting men’ do anything. If he had asked my advice before he had made the decision I would have tried to talk him out of it, but once he makes a decision, that’s it.”

“But Mistress Jennifer…” Sandra continued. “Of course men have strength on their side, but if we women stick together, we can’t be forced to do things we know are wrong.”

Lady Jennifer paused for a few moments to consider where to go with her response. She finally sighed, then said, “I normally would not consider punishing a girl for just expressing her opinion, but that kind of attitude needs to be nipped in the bud. I think you will be joining Miss Lilly over the arm of the couch for a sound spanking.”

Lady Jennifer paused again to think, and then continued, “This is another topic I normally leave until much later, but considering you are about to get punished for it, I think I owe you an attempt at explaining this to you.

“Let me ask you something. If I were to hear about you nagging your husband, and I showed up at your house to administer the kind of belt whipping you’re about to get now, what would be my motivation for doing it?”

Lady Jennifer paused to give Sandra a chance to answer. Her shocked expression from what her near-fate is, seemed to be all that she could deliver right now.

“Do you think I would do it because I am the gender equivalent of an ‘Uncle Tom?'” She paused again, but still nothing. “Do you think I would do it just to sell out my sisters to acquire some special favors from men?” She waited again, but now it now seemed futile to her.

“Let’s try a different tack. Why do women nag their husbands?

This seemed to be something Sandra could respond to. “To get them to do something they want… Mistress Jennifer.”

“Really?” she replied. “I never nag my husband, but I often get exactly what I want. …and a hell of a lot more often than a woman who nags her husband does.

“Let’s try this question. What would you say about the self-esteem of a woman who believes she needs to nag her husband over the self-esteem of someone like me?”

“I believe, Mistress Jennifer, that a woman who nags has low self-esteem,” Sandra replied.

“Very good. Many people think it’s the opposite. Women with low self-esteem either show it, and are doormats, or hide it, and are nags. There are no exceptions. Now the question to ask is, did they have low self-esteem and then they started nagging, or did the nagging bring about the low self-esteem? I would argue for the latter.

“Nagging and low self-esteem is a vicious cycle that is very difficult to break. A woman who nags is someone that is declaring she has no intrinsic value to her husband, so it reinforces a belief in low self-esteem. She does not believe her value to him is high enough to be rewarded with what she believes she deserves. So the next question is why do I have a high self-esteem?”

“I’m not sure exactly, Mistress Jennifer,” Sandra said.

“Let’s look at this from two different perspectives. First, who would you say takes care of their homes better, renters or owners?”

“Owners of course, Mistress Jennifer.”

“Exactly. Everyone is more likely to take care of the things they own and value. So the first step of the process to get a man to treat you the way you want to be treated is to first get him to believe he owns you. Yet the example that Muslims give shows that ownership alone is not enough. Men must also value you, and judging by all of the honor killings committed by Muslims it’s clear they do not value their women. Keep in mind that no Muslim man has ever been killed to protect the honor of a woman.

“This leads to the second perspective, and that is how businesses are ran. If you want to stay in business, do you tell your customers what they should value? Of course not! To be of value to your customers you must provide what they consider to be of value, not what you think. This is the key mistake women make. They know they want their husbands to value them, but they want to dictate what it is their men should value.

“This is probably one of the toughest things for you to grasp. The only way for your husband to value you, is by letting him decide what it is he values. It can’t be done any other way. If what he values is not what you want him to value, too bad. All of the nagging, and crying, and bargaining in the world will never change his mind. Reasoning with him might work, but you need to respect him first, and none of those other behaviors have anything to do with respect.

“Coming back around, when you nag your husband, you are trying to use negative reinforcement to get him to act the way you want. Sometimes this works, which reinforces your foolish belief that this is something you should pursue. Yet you inherently know your husband is not doing what you want because he wants to do it, and this eats away at you. You even start to believe that this is what you need to do to protect or defend your self-esteem, so that is why you nag even more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32