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During my years of exploring the world, and getting my rocks off in as many different ways, and places, as possible, the first time I enjoyed a sex romp at a highway rest area was back in the mid-nineties. I had been returning to Austin, Texas, for my senior year at the university when the need for a bathroom stop got the better of me. Too much McDonald’s drive-thru coffee. I was some fifty miles south of Oklahoma City on I-35 when I spotted a rest area. I pulled in, parked a few spots away from the closest to the building, and headed for the johns. It was nearing eight in the evening, and the sun was hitting the western horizon. I wasn’t alone in the rest area, as there were several other vehicles parked, their occupants doing much the same as I was no doubt.

Inside, the urinals were all taken, so I ducked into a stall. I had to relieve my bladder bad, and the cramps were beginning to hurt. I let loose and know I let out an accompanying sigh as my heavy stream of hot yellow piss arched into the bowl quite noisily. As I enjoyed my relief, I took the opportunity to glance to my left and right, and enjoy the bathroom graffiti that were par and parcel the nation wide.

As usual, there were the off-color jokes, phone numbers for hookers, and the “I was here on…” declarations. There was also a note that had to have been written shortly before I’d arrived. It read, “Tonight only, will be at scenic overlook MM45 from ten to mid-nite, sucking and fucking any and all,” and it gave that day’s date. I was intrigued, to say the least, but didn’t think much more about it until I left the restroom and stopped by the large wall map every rest area has. This one had a little yellow “You are here” area pointing to the rest area along I-35. I ran my gaze south, towards the Texas border, until I found the scenic overlook, MM45. I figured it was another twenty or thirty minutes down the road. I glanced at my watch. It was a quarter after eight. An hour and forty-five minutes until the anonymous offeree would be in place. I hesitated, working out the next few hours of my trip. I had wanted to hit the Dallas/Fort Worth area before looking for a motel. That was still a good two hours down the road. If I stopped at the scenic overlook, I wouldn’t be getting into Dallas until after midnight at the earliest. I put the notion out of my head and hit the road.

As it turned out, not ten minutes later I was bogged down in a traffic jam. A semi had jack-knifed in a work zone and the result was a back-up that took me nearly an hour to move two miles. By the time I was clear of the wreck, it was nearly ten-thirty, and I was beginning to get tired. I wasn’t going to make Dallas without needing to stop. At about the same time I made that decision, I passed the notification for the scenic overlook. Three miles.

“What the hell,” I mumbled. The evening was warm, the sky clear, and I wasn’t in any rush. Fifteen minutes later, the turn-off came up, and I took it. I pulled up into the roughly circular over-look parking area that sat atop a wide, flat hill. To the south and west the land dropped off and one could see lights stretching off toward the darkening horizon. The stars were popping out as well, and that was when I noticed that there was no street lights anywhere, at least turned on. The entire parking area was dark as I pulled up into one of the spots and shut off my engine.

It was quiet, except for the drone of tires on the highway a few hundred feet back. There were several vehicles parked in the area, some with lights still on and engines running. I could hear country music in the distance as well, probably from one of the parked vehicles. I settled back to wait, and relax a few minutes. To see what would happen. I didn’t immediately see anyone out and about. There weren’t any buildings around the area. Just a few parked vehicles.

After about ten minutes, I began to wonder how I was supposed to find the anonymous offerer and make contact. A couple cars left during that time, and a couple of others pulled in. I thought, “I’ll give it another ten minutes, and then I’m hitting the road.” About that time I saw a tall figure ahead, moving between a couple of parked semis. I guessed it might have been a trucker, heading off to take a leak in the darkness. I looked out across the circle towards a car that had its motor running and lights on.

“Nice night, isn’t it?”

I just about jumped when I heard the gravelly voice behind me. I turned to see a middle-aged rough-looking guy leaning down and looking in at me from my open passenger-side window. He was unshaven, with a weathered look you’d imagine most cowboys to have. He wore a brown denim jacket over a dark t-shirt and jeans.

“I was just thinking that same thing,” I replied after a moment. I held his gaze, and he held mine, for a lingering moment. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest.

“Heading into Texas?” he asked a moment later.

“Yeah. Austin,” I replied.

“Just resting?” he asked. “Or did you stop up here for another reason?”

I hesitated, tekirdağ escort realizing that I was at the moment of no turning back. Eventually, I replied without commitment. “What other reason is there, to stop up here?” He grinned in response and gave the lot behind my truck a casual glance.

“Why don’t you join me for a walk?” He stood up and started down the sidewalk. His cowboy boots clacked on the concrete in the still night. I hesitated, but curiosity go the better of me and I climbed out of my truck to follow. Ahead of me, the cowboy tossed aside his cigarette into a rock pile and turned down a path away from the car park. I trailed behind him, taking note of the small, faded sign that read; Picnic Area – Please Use the Trash Receptacles. Another thirty or forty feet down and the path opened into a gravel-covered area, complete with several concrete-formed picnic tables and benches, along with a couple of battered trash cans.

The cowboy has stopped near the edge of the gravel and as I approach him I hear the tell-tale splash of piss on the ground. “Keep an eye out, will you?” he growled as he relieved himself. I stayed a few feet back from him and glanced around. We were the only ones anywhere near. He finished up and turned to face me. My eyes couldn’t help but drop to his crotch, where his long, rugged cock hung from his open fly. “Go ahead if you need to piss. I’ll keep watch,” he told me.

“I don’t need to go,” I replied, still looking at his cock, fully exposed for me just a few feet away.

He took a step closer and asked, “Is there something else you feel the need for?” He took hold of his manhood and lifted the bulbous head up. The dark piss-slit glistened in the darkness. My knees practically snapped as I dropped to the ground before him. With his cock now eye level, I reached up and took it in my hand, replacing his. He stepped right up to me, and I guided his cock into my mouth.

“That’s what I thought,” he admitted as I began to slurp on is fat knob. I tasted the last of his acrid piss on the tip as I swirled my tongue around and across it. His hands went to my head and his hips started to move. His cock pushed deep into my mouth atop my tongue to nudge my throat opening before slowly sliding back, until only his knob was between my tightened lips. Cowboy began to work my mouth steadily then, face-fucking me for a few minutes while his cock grew to a full, solid seven-inches or more. Once he was satisfied, he pushed my head back and his cock free of my mouth. I was panting for air and wanting him to put it back. I hoped that he could see my hunger in my eyes even in the midnight darkness.

Cowboy saw my hunger, but he interpreted it differently. Reaching down for my arms, he told me to stand up. Even as his strong hands began to attack the front of my jeans, he told me, “Let’s get these jeans off, why don’t we?” I kicked off my shoes and after he shoved my jeans and underwear down, I stepped out of them. Standing before him naked from the waist down, my cock was rock-hard and wagging. He roughly grabbed hold of my dick and gave me a few hard jerks.

“You need to get off, don’t you boy?” he growled into my ear.

“I sure do,” I admitted. His free hand reached down and took my balls in his hand. He squeezed them gently but firmly enough to let me know that I was his for the night.

“There’s a lot of horny truckers out on that highway who feel the same way,” he informed me. “A few might even stop in here, looking for some relief. Think you could give that relief?”

I was confused. I had thought this cowboy was going to give me the relief he talked about. Now he was talking as if I was going to be giving it. Before I could respond, he dropped to his knees in the gravel and gulped my entire cock into his mouth.

“Oooohhh, jeezzz!” I gasped as I felt my dick slip into his throat. His hand still held my balls and continued to squeeze them as his throat muscles began to work, massaging my knob. I was on the verge of cumming within seconds, and he recognized it. Just as quickly as he had captured my cock with his mouth, he released it.

I was panting when he stood up and pushed me towards the concrete picnic table near-by. He turned me to face the table end-on and pushed me right up against the edge. “Bend over,” he demanded, even as he pushed me forward with a hand between my shoulder blades. I had no choice but to obey. He was already moving up tight behind me and after kicking my feet apart, I felt his hands grab hold of my butt cheeks and pry them apart.

“Oh, god,” I groaned as I felt a cool wad of his spit drop into my crack ahead of the warm sponge of his knob. With little more preparation that that, Cowboy pressed his cock-head hard against my anal ring.

“Relax,” he hissed, and a moment later his knob popped into my butt. I arched upward with his forced entry but he pushed my chest back down as he steadily rammed his entire seven-plus inches into my guts with a single thrust.

“Ooooowwwww!” I began to howl as the last few inches invaded me. My legs were trembling hard when I felt his hairy balls bang into my own, which had pulled up tight in my groin. Although I had taken longer and thicker cocks by that point in my life, the pain he was inflicting was more from the lack of lubrication. I fought hard to concentrate on relaxing my ring, and after two or three thrusts of his cock I finally began to loosen up.

He leaned across my back and growled into my ear, “Yeah! You’ve got a great ass, boy!” Cowboy planted his elbows on the table to either side of me and began to ram me hard, with short, shallow strokes. His breathing turned into grunting after a few more agonizing minutes before he rumbled, “Take it! Take my load, boy!” He held his cock deep inside me and I felt his semen coating my guts. I wanted to grab hold of my cock and give it a few jacks, but the edge of the table prevented me. I could feel pre-cum drooling out of my piss-slit, wasted in the cool night air.

Cowboy started moving within me again, and after a few lazy thrusts to make sure I had every hot drop of his cum as deep as it would go, he finally, and with agonizing slowness, pulled completely out. My hole winked shut, capturing his seed, when the cool air replaced his bodily heat. He gave my right butt cheek a playful slap that echoed in the darkness and told me, “Stay right like that, boy. Don’t move and don’t play with yourself either.”

I turned and watched Cowboy tuck his flaccid manhood back into his jeans and zip up. That was when I noticed that we had had an audience. Just off the gravel picnic area stood a barrel-chested black man wearing black jeans and a Raiders jersey. He had his cock out and was giving it a slow stroke as Cowboy walked up to him. I couldn’t hear what was said, but I got the impression that not only did they know each other, but that I was the subject of their talk.

I didn’t need to guess at what I was in for. Not when Cowboy slapped the black trucker on the shoulder and vanished into the darkness towards the car park. I watched the black guy move up behind me, and he watched me. “You got a problem? Too white to take black dick?” he growled while waving his ebony bone at me.

I shook my head. “No, sir, I don’t,” I replied. I tried to relax my ass in anticipation of what I knew I was in for. I added, “You’re not the first for me. I love big black cocks.” This last I added more for him than any real preference I had.

He laid his black snake in the crack of my ass and said, “I thought so, given the way you were checking my cobra out.” He slapped my crack once with is thick cock, and then each cheek. I felt a cool dribble of a lubricant of some sort poured into my crack, and then he pressed his knob against my hole. “Open up and say, Aaaahhhh!” he laughed as he shoved into me.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!” I cried as his thick dick pried open my hole and powered into my guts. He was much thicker than Cowboy, and a couple of inches longer as well once all was said and done. He had barely fed his entire length into me before he picked up a slow but steady rhythm.

“You like that black dick, don’t you white-boy?” he purred at me. His cock slid smooth and free up and down my dirt road and I wondered what sort of lubricant he had used. My asshole was tingling and humming right along with his thrusts, and I was soon ramming myself back at him with just as much energy as he dealt me. His wonderful cock was fantastic.

“You’ve got an awesome cock, sir,” I managed to gasp.

“That’s what they all tell me, sooner or later,” he laughed before starting to pound into me with deeper and harder thrusts. He was sweating heavily and it dripped from his face onto my butt. All the while his cock drove in and out of me like a jackhammer. Our flesh was smacking together, making loud slaps as he fucked me ever harder. It wasn’t much longer before he began to jerk and grunt, and with a final jab hard into my bowels he began to unload into me.

“Yeeaahhh! Take that shit, boy! Take my dick-snot!” He held himself deep for a moment and then began to ram hard and fast up my ass. I could feel his seed dripping out of me as his cock began to soften, running down the insides of my thighs. Finally, his cock had lost its strength and he pulled back just far enough for it to plop free. I felt its greasy slickness slap across the back of my leg as well as more of his semen dribble out of my hole before he stepped back away from me.

“That’s a fine piece of ass,” he said into the night, and I turned to watch him push his spent dick back into his jeans. I started to push up and off of the table, but then I saw a pair of men in the shadows. We’d once again had an audience.

“Here. Take this, boy,” the black trucker said and handed me some folded up bills. “You earned it. Well, your ass did!” he laughed, and then headed towards the car park and his waiting semi-truck, I supposed.

By this time, I was taking in the next men who had come to enjoy my ass. Cowboy had been spreading the word and these two looked the part of road-weary truckers alright. One was a stocky, dark-skinned fellow, maybe Hispanic, and the other was a tall, skinny, and much older white guy. I was already standing when they approached me and I heard the Hispanic tell his buddy, “I guess this is the right place, eh?” I didn’t see Cowboy anywhere.

My ass was aching from the hard fucking I’d taken over the past half hour, and as I stood in the night, still naked from the waist down, I began to feel more of the deposited cum leaking from my hole. My cock was still rock-hard and jutting out from my crotch, aimed in the direction of the approaching truckers.

“You’d better put that thing away, son,” the older one said. “Ain’t no need for that with us.”

Even as he spoke, his Hispanic buddy was pulling his trousers open to free his cock. “How about giving my little Chihuahua a kiss, eh?” he laughed. I took his meaning and dropped to my knees before him. His cock was short and thick, like its owner, and stretched my lips as I engulfed it. His entire length fits into my mouth, right to his hairy balls which bang against my chin as he worked it along my tongue. His hands were on my head as he face-fucked me. I relaxed my jaws and went with it, hoping he was willing to give me a belly-full.

“This boy’s got a great mouth!” he told his friend after a few deep slurps on my part.

“Rusty said he’s got a great ass,” the older one replied. So, Cowboy’s name was Rusty. “That’s what I’m here for. You know, I ain’t had a tight, hot little boy’s ass in some time. Can’t get that on the Dakota run.”

“Why you think I don’t make that trip anymore?” the one in my mouth said. “If I can’t get some ass on my long hauls, I might as well take the short ones and get rejected by my Juanita.” He jabbed my face one more time and then pushed my head back hard. His cock popped free and he growled, “Get over there and spread those cheeks, eh?” I was pushed by him towards the familiar picnic table when I got to my feet.

I took my place, bent at the waist, and settled in for another ass-pounding. I was beginning to feel used and was questioning whether or not I wanted to submit to these two. The fact that my dick was still fully erect and wagging between my thighs gave me my answer. Hell, yes, I wanted this! It’s why I stopped in the “scenic overlook” in the first place, wasn’t it?

I had to lower my hips for the Hispanic trucker to line his fat dick up with my hole. The loads I’d already taken that night provided plenty of lubrication for him and with little effort he popped his fat knob into my rectum. I moaned, more for his pleasure than from mine, when he began to push more up my ass. He shoved hard and his entire four inches of fat dick filled me. It felt great, I had to admit. The stretch was sending waves of electric tingles along my core and the rhythm he took up sent those delightful tingles through my body in waves.

“Man! This ass is tight!” he groaned into the night. “Like Juanita’s pussy, back when she was still young.”

“You mean, before she had seven kids,” laughed the older trucker. I looked over at him and he had his long cock in hand and was stroking it in time with his friend’s rutting of my ass. His cock was easily ten inches long, maybe longer, and I was already craving it. My mouth was watering and I wanted him to step up and feed it to me, but I think these guys were more into one-on-one sessions than a bit of double-teaming. That was fine with me.

“Ooohh, Gary! I’m cumming already!” my latest fucker began to growl. He pushed his cock as deep into my ass as it would fit, and I felt it throbbing and pulsing at my stretched entrance. Another load was pumped into my guts that night, and I was loving it. “Oooohhh, sweat Mother Mary! Yeeaahhh!”

With his load fully deposited, the Hispanic trucker yanked free with little warning and I felt much of his thick cream spill out of my gaping hole. He was muttering something in Spanish as he stumbled to the side and began to tuck his dick away. Meanwhile, Gary, the tall, skinny, older trucker with the foot-long trouser snake took his place behind my naked ass. I raised up to give him a target and his calloused hands dug into my flesh to pry me open.

“Damn, that’s a fucking nice-looking cream-pie!” Gary admired. Much to my surprise, he leaned in and gave my crack a lick. A long, lingering, lick, from the base of my balls well past my ravaged, gaping, and leaking hole. “Fucking tasty, too!” he added.

“Man, that’s my shit you’re lapping up!” the Hispanic trucker laughed. “You always were a cum-whore, Gary!” He tossed a few folded-up bills onto the table beside me as Gary took another long lick of my ass-crack and told me, “I hope to come across you again, Amigo. You’ve got the best little boy ass I’ve had in years.” He was gone into the darkness a moment later. Behind me, Gary finished licking at my hole, which had been making my body tremble and shiver. I’d not had my ass eaten out after a good hard fuck in some time, and Gary was a pro at it. I had hoped he’d stab his tongue up my ass, to dig out some of that bowel-filling load I was carrying. Instead, Gary stood up and lay his long cock into my wet crack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32