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So for the next few weeks I was Ed’s bitch. I got him off pretty much everyday. Sometimes I would suck him off in a public bathroom. Sometimes, when his roommate was away, we’d have marathon sex sessions at his place. He really worked on me during those times at his place. He was really into stretching my asshole. He’d shove butt plugs up there and then try to squeeze in his fingers around the edge. He’d already gotten me to the point where he could fist me pretty easily, but he wanted more. He had this giant butt plug, which was 5 inches wide, and he was determined to get it up my ass, but even with myself doing “homework” when he wasn’t around, I just couldn’t fit that thing in. I was getting a little closer every time, though.

He also kept up the piss thing. After pretty much every orgasm he had, whether it be in my mouth, up my ass, or on my face, he would unload his bladder in the same place. I grew to love them all. When he pissed up my ass, I usually came on the spot. I liked it in my mouth, too. I started to really enjoy the taste and I imagined I could probably even drink it when I wasn’t that aroused. It really started to taste good! And when he pissed all over my face, it just made me feel so dirty that I almost couldn’t believe it.

Sometimes, when we couldn’t find a place to go, we’d just wander around campus looking for a dark corner. Or occasionally, we’d hike up into the woods a bit and hook up in a clearing or by a stream. It was warm out, so it felt great to be naked outside. Usually I’d end up completely naked and he’d keep most of his clothes on. We were both worried about getting caught, but he was the boss, so I always took everything off. I loved it, though. I loved being completely naked in the middle of the woods sucking his dick and taking it up my ass. Seeing him with his clothes on, next to my naked skin turned me on even more. I felt like such a slut. Sometimes I fantasized about getting busted by some drunken guys coming home from a party. I’d imagine that they all just lined up and took turns fucking my ass and my mouth until they were spent. I loved that fantasy because it reminded me of that time in the adult bookstore back home. It never happened, though, and I just figured that up at school I was Ed’s and only Ed’s.

It turned out I wasn’t completely correct. Ed did indeed want to share me. It was a Saturday night and I showed up at Ed’s apartment wondering if we’d go out to drink first, or just spend the night at home. “We’re going to a party,” he said, as he closed the door. “It’s a private party at a house off campus,” he added. “You’ll like it.” There was a bit of a sinister smile on his face as he said this, and I could tell he was holding something back, but at this point, I had no idea what to expect. When we got to the party, most of the people there were already pretty drunk and nothing seemed too bizarre. I still couldn’t figure out what he had planned; but I knew there was something.

I made myself a drink (gin and tonic) and looked around. There were only ten people there besides Ed and me. Ed told me that they all belonged to a club he had recently Bostancı Fetiş Escort joined. The club was originally some socially responsible, public service type group, but after one meeting they wound up watching porn and pretty soon it all fell apart. Half the club quit and the other half gave up on public service and turned it into a kind of swingers club. Ed had apparently met a girl who invited him to the club and he decided to bring me along.

There were three girls and seven guys, not including Ed and me. The guys ranged in height from about 5′ 6″ to 6′ 2″ and all were in good shape. The chicks were all pretty hot, too. Two blonde girls were wearing heels and short skirts and it looked like their legs were each about a mile long. The third one was a redhead wearing a sundress and no shoes. I figured it was her house. I had a few drinks and met everyone and for a while it just seemed like a normal little party. Then Ed stood up on the couch and yelled for everyone’s attention.

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen,” he began, “it’s time to start the evening’s entertainment. We have a newcomer tonight. (He pointed at me.) Let’s play a game with him. (Everyone agreed.) For the rest of the night, your name is Slave, okay. (I said okay – I was starting to get hard.) Take off you clothes, Slave.”

I took off my shirt, then my shoes and socks, and then my pants. I left the underwear on for a minute, but I could see that no one was satisfied, so I dropped them, too. I was hard as a rock. I was standing butt naked in a room full of people with my cock sticking straight out like a pole. Everyone else still had their clothes on. They just kept drinking and staring at me.

Ed continued, “The name of the game is ‘Name That Cum.’ You, Slave, will go around the room on your knees orally pleasuring each and every person in the room until you get a nice, big mouthful of cum. Savor the flavor and remember it. After you’ve sampled each guest, you’ll be blindfolded and do it again in a different order. The second time you’ll have to guess who’s cum it is based on the flavor. Each one you get right is worth one point. Each one wrong is minus one point. If you end up with a negative score, the punishment will be severe. Now get to work.”

I went to the first guy on my left. He still had his clothes on so I unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It was semi-hard and beautiful. I picked a good one to start with. I took it in my mouth and slurped and sucked it all around. It grew hard in an instant. My time with Ed had turned me into a damn good cocksucker. I licked it up and down and tongued the piss-slit. I sucked his balls and even got a finger around to his asshole. It didn’t take long before I felt his cock jerk and his load hit the roof of my mouth. I pulled off and rolled his jizz around with my tongue. It was definitely different from Ed’s – a bit fruitier, I thought. I tried to get a good feel for the taste and then I swallowed it down.

On to the next dick, I went. This was one way small. I loved it, though. I closed my eyes and pretended it was a shemale’s prick and it was Bostancı Gecelik Escort small from taking estrogen. I’d been into shemales for a while and this really turned me on. He came pretty quickly as well. Next in line was the redhead chick. She lifted her dress and showed off her beautifully trimmed fire-red pubes. It had been a long time since I was with a girl, but I dove in with everything I had. I licked around her labia and teased her by flicking her clit with my tongue. I stuck my tongue up her twat as deep as it would go and tried to lick the walls of her vagina from the inside. I sucked her clit up into my mouth and gently bit on it while licking it hard with my tongue. She screamed out and grabbed my head and I felt a gush of her juices hit my lips. I tried to lick it all up and hold it in my mouth, but by that time I had a pretty good feel for her flavor, anyway. She tasted good.

And so on it went around the room. In all, I sucked eight guys and three girls. By the end, I realized that it was going to be hard to guess who’s cum was whose. There was just too much. We took a little break and then the blindfold went on. I was in trouble from the beginning.

I knelt on the floor blindfolded and felt a cock press against my lips. I opened up and licked the length of it. It was amazing to me. I just did not get tired of sucking dick. I felt like I could do it forever. If you put a penis in my face, I’ll suck it. That’s the bottom line. I have fully become a cocksucking slut. So I took in his penis and licked it all over. It was so smooth and soft. Even hard, it was soft somehow. I tried to picture the scene from above. There’s a room filled with fully clothed people and one naked guy, blindfolded, on his knees, going around the room sucking each person’s penis or vagina until he gets a mouthful of cum. The imagery had me as hard as ever and it took all my willpower not to touch myself. One stroke of my own dick and I would’ve cum like a horse, but I wanted to save it.

Well, I got the first one right, but the next two wrong. Then there was a pussy and I got that wrong, too. My score was negative two with seven to go. Next was Ed and I got him right before he even came just from the way he smells and the shape and texture of his penis. Another vagina was next, and I got that one wrong, too. I was still at negative two with five people left. After twelve loads of semen, I was starting to feel pretty full, but they made it clear that I was to swallow, so I just focused on the flavor and tried to be a good little cumslut. The next one was the small dick, so I got him right. After him, I just guessed at the next two and went one and one. So now there was a guy and a girl left and my score was negative one. I needed to get them both right.

All along, when I was wrong, they only said, “Wrong!” They didn’t tell me who it was. So I couldn’t use the process of elimination to figure out who was left. The ones I got right narrowed the field, but I had all the girls wrong, so it could have been any of them. Then they decided to mix things up a bit more. They told me the last Bostancı Genç Escort guy was going fuck the last girl and I would have to suck the cum out of her pussy and name them both together. I knew I’d lose right there, but I was dying to give it a try. I heard them fucking for a little while and then they both got a lot louder.

Someone brought me over to the freshly fucked pussy and shoved my nose right up inside it. I had cum all over my face. I stuck my tongue up inside and all of a sudden a gallon of cum slid out onto my tongue. It was definitely a mixture of semen and pussy juice and it was a whole new flavor for me. I knew right away I could never guess who they were, but I didn’t care. I felt so naughty sucking some guy’s jizz out of a chick’s cunt that I didn’t care about the game at all. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I guessed and got it wrong and they took off the blindfold and told me I lost the game and needed to be punished.

My punishment involved Ed’s second favorite fetish. (His first favorite was stretching my asshole to inhuman limits.) Ed pissed into a tall glass and handed it to me. “Drink up, Slave,” he said. “You lost. You’re the most pathetic little cocksucker we’ve ever seen. You call yourself a slut? You don’t even know one man’s cum from another’s. You can’t tell a redhead’s pussy from a blonde’s. You’re not a slut. You’re not a cum-lover. You’re just a pathetic dirty little whore who doesn’t even deserve to taste our cum. You’re a waste of time. The only thing you’re good for is to be our fucking toilet bowl. Drink that glass and then go get it the bathtub, you stupid little bitch.”

I was a little taken aback by Ed’s tone of voice. I’d never heard him talk like that, even when he’d talk dirty to me. This time he really sounded pissed off. I got a little scared and I actually lost my erection. I also kinda felt like I let him down. I thought that maybe he’d been bragging about what a good cocksucker cumslut I was and now I’d let him down. I drank the glass of piss in one gulp (after all that alcohol, it was basically water, anyway) and went into the bathroom.

They had me lie down in the bathtub and then each one came over and pissed on me. The guys aimed their streams so that I ended up completely covered from head to toe. The chicks tried to aim, but it ended up just spraying everywhere. A good thing happened, though. While they were pissing on me, I could see Ed by the door with a smile on his face. I knew he wasn’t really mad, and I started to enjoy myself again. I rolled around in the urine and drank some right from the source. Drinking piss out of a cock is fun as hell, but lapping it up as it streams out of a pussy is even better. It splashes all over the place and it feels so good. When the last one was pissing on me, they told me to jerk myself off. I must have cum about two gallons. I was absolutely covered in semen and piss, and I was completely exhausted.

Ed walked in the bathroom with my clothes and threw them at me. “No shower for you,” he said. “Get dressed now, and go home.” I put on my clothes over my piss soaked body and walked outside alone. I walked all the way home dripping urine from my hair and face. I rubbed the cum around on my chest and stomach as I walked. I didn’t care who saw me. I was a dirty, pathetic, cocksucking, pussy-licking, cum-swallowing, piss-drinking, nasty, slutty, toilet-bowl whore. And I loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32