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This is a continuation of the Then series I wrote a few years ago, I forgot my password for here and no longer use my old email, so here we go.

I finally met up with Dan and we met for dinner right after I got off work. We made a lot of small talk, the whole time I was hornier than hell and he seemed like he had somewhere else to be. Finally his cell phone rang.

“Hello, this is Dan……..Yeah, I can work that out……….Ok…Yeah….I think so, I think it will work like we talked…sounds great, see you then.”

Then he told me that it was a business client and that he needed to go. “Look, it was good to see you again. I was hoping to talk to you about a few things and a business venture I am working on. I will be back in town late next week. How about we meet next Thursday night?”

I immediately jumped on the chance, secretly hoping he wanted to hook up. It was a long week at work and I thought Thursday would never arrive.

Finally Thursday night arrived and I met Dan at the same restaurant. It was packed, so we ended up at the bar for a few drinks.

Finally Dan said “Listen, we can’t talk in here, how about you come back to my hotel room.” I did not need to be asked twice and I followed him down the road to his hotel. The whole time wondering how I could ask him if he still liked cock. In the elevator I found out.

As soon as the door closed on the elevator he turned to me. “So, I can tell you still like cock. Are you hungry?” I confessed I was hoping this would happen and he just smiled at me.

Once in his room, Jim stripped and told me to do the same. The first thing I noticed was the fact that his cock and balls were shaved, making his large cock look even bigger than I remembered. He climbed up on one of the king sized beds and positioned himself diagonally toward the small desk in his room.

I thought nothing of it and eagerly climbed on the bed when he said, Well, here you go” as he held his semi-erect penis to me. Soon I was licking his shaft and stroking him hard, all the while he was directing my efforts.

“No, get on my right side.” “:Yeah, that’s it, now lick my shaft” “Now, take it deep.” I thought nothing of it, enjoying his dominance and sucking a cock again.

I couldn’t deep throat him, but I was doing my best to please him. Then he had me shift positions and I thought we were going to 69, instead he played with my cock as I sucked his. Then he took my precum eskişehir escort on his fingers and began to message my anus, asking me when the last time I was fucked was.

“Not since the last time we hooked up.” With that he forced two fingers into my anus.

“Well then, I need to loosen you up a little.” Then two fingers turned into three fingers. All the while, he kept telling me to take him deeper. “I want your throat bitch.”

Then suddenly he told me to get on my knees on the floor. ” No, next to the bed, now turn this way. Ok, hands behind your back. Before I fuck your ass, your mouth gets it.”

I was loving his forcefulness, it reminded me of my first real male lover, Jim. Dan stepped up to me and told me to open my mouth. Sliding his manhood in, he held my head in place and slid about half his cock in. Then he said, “Tonight I am going to make you my bitch. This is your last chance to stop it, and I mean it. After this your ass is mine.”

I was so turned on and I thought I knew Dan well enough that I consented by taking him deeper in my mouth. ‘Your choice.” was his reply as he forced more of his cock in my mouth. Then he pulled out until just the head was in and then he drove in again gagging me. Without stopping he started to fuck my mouth. Soon I was taking him all the way in, tears running down my face.

Then suddenly, and thankfully, he stopped, told me to get up on the bed, on my back and pull my knees to my chest.

“Now, it’s time to fuck your sweet ass.” And without missing a beat, he slid his cock deep in me. It hurt so much, and I knew it had been a while, but I was not prepared for that. I let out a small scream.

“Shut up, butch, unless you want me to go back to fucking your mouth.” I shook my head no and he began to fuck me hard. It took a few minutes but pain turned to pleasure. “You like that don’t you?” I nodded and moaned my approval.

Then after a few more minutes he told me it was my turn to do some work. I thought he meant that I would fuck him, but then he told me to turn around on the bed and get on my hands and knees. Then he fucked me a few strokes and told me to fuck his cock.

I began to pump back on and off his cock. We did this for a few minutes, then he had me lay on my stomach, then he really fucked me hard. I felt my own cock exploded under me as he continued his assault. Finally, he thrusting became erratic and I felt him cum deep gaziantep escort in my ass.

He pumped me a few more times, then he continued to lay on me as he cock when limp inside me. Then he climbed off me and said it was shower time and asked me to join him. In the shower he asked me how I liked my first taste of cock in twenty years and my first ass fucking. I told him it was great and that I wouldn’t mind hooking up again. He just smiled.

“Well truthfully, I was hoping for a another session tonight. And you did agree to be my bitch.”

With that he led me by the hand from the shower back to the edge of the bed. Then he pushed down on my shoulders and I went to my knees. I grabbed his semi erect cock and began licking his head.

“No hands, bitch.” Then he began to put his cock down my throat, when I put a hand on his thigh he said, “I guess we need to do something about those hands.” With that he walked over to the desk in the room and messed around a minute then produced a pair of hand cuffs. Quickly he cuffed my hands behind my back. Then he went back to fucking my mouth.

He would slide out until just the head was in my mouth, then thrust in deep. Soon I was gagging as he drove in all the way, his balls slapping his chin. Once again tears streaming down my face. “Only a cockslut would be a hard as you.” He hissed. Then he told me to get on the bed, face down with my ass in the air. “No face this way”

Then he climbed up on the bed and fucked me like a rag doll. He fucked my this way for about ten minutes. Then he un-cuffed me and had me roll over on my back, and then I got ten more minutes before he had us change again. This time he laid down on the bed and I climbed on top of him. Lowering my stretched ass on his cock.

I rode him that way for a few minutes. Then Dan told me to jack off while he fucked me. I did and it did not take long to explode between Dan’s legs. Then he told me to get back on the floor, on my knees.

He got up and walked over to me and without even thinking I opened my mouth to receive the cock that was just in my ass. He told me to suck it good and I began to drive my mouth up and down his shaft, licking him as I went. Soon he held my face just inches from his manhood as he climaxed all over my face.

Then he rubbed his cock on my face. “That’s a good start, my cock bitch. Now I expect you back here first thing in the morning, 7 am. And I want giresun escort that cock and your balls shaved.”

I was stunned, work was about 45 minutes from here, how the hell was I going to pull that off. But before I could protest I realized he had my clothes. I got up to ask him what he was doing and as he throw my clothes in the hallway he said in a loud voice. “I’m throwing a cocksucker out of my room!”

As I passed him to get my clothes, he hissed, “You’d better fucking do what I told you to do!” and then he slammed the door.

Here I was, naked in a hotel hallway with fresh cum on my face, shocked. I could hear the elevator moving and I quickly gathered my clothes up and darted for the stairs, where I quickly dressed. The whole drive home I tried to piece together what had just happened, but couldn’t. All I knew was, that it made me very horny. When I got home, I finally realized his cum was dried on my face. As I jumped in the shower, I grabbed my razor. Once I finished shaving, got out of the shower dried off and admired my now hairless cock. Soon I was beating off, remembering the forcefulness Dan had used earlier. When I climaxed, it was like the spell was broken and I asked myself why did I do that? I had no answer. I cleaned up the bath room and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up at 6:30 and thought I have just enough time to get back over to see Dan. Then I stopped myself. Like hell I thought, I have an 8am meeting that I can’t be late to. So I went to work, didn’t even bother to call or text Dan, I figured I knew he would try to convince me to come anyways. I was right.

At 8:05 I get a text from Dan, “Where the FUCK were you?”

“Sorry, I forgot about an important meeting.”

“Yes you did, with some cock!”

Again Dan had stunned me, here I was at work and this was coming over my phone, in our main conference room. Suddenly I felt like every one could read my mind.

“You did agree to be my bitch didn’t you?”

I could feel my cock stir, as my boss kept talking about sale figures and budgets.

Then Dan sent, “Is your bosses cell number 555-555-1234?”

I was horrified, he had my bosses number.

“Think he would like to see this?” and then there was a picture of me sucking Dan’s cock, except you couldn’t see Dan’s face, but you could see mine.

“Be here at lunch time or we find out” with another picture attached. This time it was obvious I was getting fucked. We were facing a camera that should have been so clear to me. A look of pleasure on my face, my lover’s face hidden.

My reply was one of beaten submission, Ok, stop I will be there.”

I knew I was in trouble, I just didn’t realize what Dan was setting me up for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32