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I only fuck my A students. I tried fucking a D student that wanted to be an A student once but it was an entirely unsatisfying experience. She was just way too eager. ‘A’ students, on the other hand, fuck you because they want you.

The first time I fucked one was during my first year as a professor. Being new in town I would spend most evenings frequenting bars and coffee shops in the evenings with the hope of gaining new friends. I would go to bars the nights I wanted to get laid and go to coffee shops the nights that I wanted to get work done. I was at a coffee shop when one of my students walked in. She noticed me. Asked if she could join me. We talked about class. She asked if I lived around there. Said it was weird to think about what my house might look like. I asked if she wanted to see it. One thing led to another and soon enough she was kneeling face down on my bed with my rock hard dick ramming into her sopping wet cunt.

After fucking she told me very matter of factly that I could probably fuck most of the women in class and probably a few of the guys. I told her I wasn’t that attractive. She said, “Maybe, but you hold our attention day in and day out, you have a commanding presence, forty minutes into your class my panties are sopping wet.”

Since then I say I average about three to four fucks per semester.

Successful student fucking requires careful consideration. Like I said, I only fuck ‘A’ students and I also avoid underclassmen. Freshmen and Sophomores just haven’t figured out their emotional shit yet—although I have made exceptions.

One of my dirtiest fucks was with a first year who was just weeks over 18. She had aced the first two tests and had come to my office hours so I could show her how to use some software that she needed for her final project. I wasn’t even considering the possibility that anything would happen and invited her to come around my desk so she could see the screen. My office door was open so anyone walking by could have seen she was in there. As non-chalantly as can be, her hand landed in my crotch–the hallway view blocked by my desk and a stack of books–and started caressing my hardening shaft as I tried to explain the ins and outs of the software.

She told me she was walking home and that she lived in the commons. I walked out to the faculty parking lot, got my car, drove the route she would be walking, pulled up next to her when I saw her, and without hesitation she climbed into my front seat. We drove to my house and she stayed down so that no one would see us as I pulled into my attached garage. By the time I had parked she had my pants undone and was pulling my dick out.

We moved to the living room with our clothes being discarded along the way. Her small breasts seemingly defying gravity and her shaved twat and small ass were beyond belief. Her blow job was earnest in the way an 18 year old’s blow jobs always are and when she told me that no one had made her cum from eating her out before, after I had done so of course, I believed her. She told me she was saving herself for marriage so she made me fuck her ass. The way her asshole took my dick led me to guess that she had used that line on others. After cumming in her ass we went to the bathroom and filled up the bathtub where we continued to fondle each other. When my dick was hard again she climbed up on top of me and seemlessly led my dick into her cunt. The stubble of her shaved pussy tickled my shaft as I penetrated Bostancı Ukraynalı Escort her.

“I thought you were saving yourself for marriage,” I said.

“Nah, I just wanted you to fuck me in the ass.”

She was the only freshman I have fucked, though. Like I said, too much emotion in that set. Besides they stick around for a while. She didn’t take any other classes with me, but I did fuck her one more time her senior year after a party to celebrate our top graduating students.

I ran into her again a couple years after she graduated and she had a big wedding band on her finger. She looked at it and laughed. Later that night the doorbell rang. It was her and we had one more go for old times sake. That night I only did get to fuck her ass. She said the pussy was now strictly for her husband.

When fucking a student it is best to let them live out their fantasy. I get to fuck lots of students but I am probably the only professor they will ever get to fuck. One woman, artfully covered with tattoos and piercings through both nipples, had always wanted to dominate a professor. A reverse authority fantasy thing. While I typically try to keep the fucks to a one, maybe two, time occurrence, I let this particular one play out over the course of a week. It started out quite normally. She gave me the signals that she wanted me and I gave her the signals that she could have me and then we were at my home and on our way to a night of getting each other off. She said I was such a dominating figure in the classroom that it would be funny if I was a total sub in the bedroom. I asked her if that is what she fantasized about–dominating me–and she said, “Oh, yes.”

The first night started with what I had at the house, candle wax on my chest and ass and a fairly rigorous spanking. Each night that week she brought new things in. Handcuffs, cock rings, whips, a strapon. That was her favorite night. She just couldn’t get enough of having her professor bent over the couch while she rammed his ass with a strapon. She kept whispering in my ear how she knew I secretly desired to have every boy in the class doing the same thing. I didn’t, but I told her I did. After a week we called things off. They all quickly realize that the fantasy is hot, but continuing on would just make it mundane.

It is always interesting to see what they have underneath their clothes because that gives a pretty good indication of whether they had intended to fuck you or if this is spontaneous lust. A ratty pair of cotton underwear with an untrimmed bush is just pure spontaneous lust. When they got up in the morning they weren’t even thinking anyone would see their underwear, let alone their professor. The fuck is going to be aggressive and dirty. Its that kind of fucking that makes my dick feel four inches bigger when I am grinding into her cunt. They always cum the hardest, too.

The one’s with the matching panties and bras, deliberately chosen thongs, shaved and overly manicured bushes typically take longer. They have thought through what they wanted. I have been their object of late night masturbation for weeks and they have to decide which fantasy they want to make real. I let them be the seducer. Let them believe that I did not expect their advances, that they were the first to be so bold. The sex with them is always kinky. There is always some hidden dark fantasy that they want to live. They have tied me to beds, tried the most awkward Bostancı Üniversiteli Escort positions, told me the most perverted fantasies. Those fucks generally last till dawn as multiple fantasies get played out in a single night. Nothing like facing a lecture hall with no sleep and the woman whose twat you can still taste on your tongue is sitting in the third row.

One of my favorites was a woman who wore a corset, thong and stockings and then gave me a blow job and then hand job and then tit fuck before she let me fuck her. She also kept a finger in my asshole the whole night. She said she read that in Cosmo. She had me purring like a kitty.

I mostly fuck undergraduates but every now and then graduate students will make themselves available. Graduate students are a problem because they see the possibilities of a relationship. Undergraduates, well, they just want sex.

One semester I was teaching a large Freshman seminar and had two graduate student TAs. They were both new to the program and it was their first assignment. I invited them over to my house for pizza to go over syllabi and reading assignments and how to conduct sections. Like I said they were graduate students so I had no intention of fucking either of them. One of them, Angela, started talking and I noticed her tongue was pierced. I’d never been sucked off by someone with a pierced tongue but she hadn’t given me any indication that she wanted to do that with me. It was the other one, Julie, who made the first comment. “Oh, cool your tongue is pierced. Do you like it?”

“My ex did but I dumped him when I came to grad school. I was thinking I should take it out now that I am going to be in front of a classroom.”

Julie frowned and said, “You should take it for one more spin before you do.”

Angela laughed and said, “Yeah but I’d have to find someone first.”

“Well, you got a clit and a dick here so take your pick.” Julie gave an innocent oh did I say too much smile and said, “Sorry Dr. Speck.”

I just said, “Don’t apologize to me. Isn’t it every student’s fantasy to sleep with their professor?”

“The hot ones,” Angela said.

Julie said to Angela, “Speck is hot.”

Angela agreed and they both lunged for me. I hadn’t been in a threesome since college and that one sucked. This one did not suck. Julie was one of the kinkiest, dirtiest, fucks I had ever had and she led the entire proceedings. She was the first to try out Angela’s tongue and when it was my turn she pinned me on my back and ground her wet cunt into my mouth while Angela licked and sucked me. The pierced tongue was a great added sensation but didn’t match the Altoid sucking redhead from two semesters ago, the most naturally gifted cock sucker I have ever been with.

I particularly enjoyed Julie and Angela’s tits. I am not picky about tits. Small, medium and large each have their advantages. Julie and Angela both had large tits and they seemed to particularly like sandwiching me and rubbing them against me. There were so many large fucking breasts that it was hard to tell which was which. I didn’t care I sucked all of them. Julie also had a wonderfully filthy mouth. Angela was a “cocksucking slut” and I was a “cunt sucker.” When I fucked her she was praising my marvelous cock and kept saying how much she wanted to fuck it all night. When she wasn’t praising the overall awesomeness of my dick she was buried deep into Angela’s pussy. Bostancı Vip Escort

Angela was the one that insisted that I cum on their faces. “Just like in porn,” she yelled. They both kneeled in front of me with their mouths open while I unloaded my jizz onto their faces and onto their tongues. When I was done they eagerly licked it off of each other exchanging deep wet kisses. After we all cleaned up they headed home and for the rest of the time in the graduate program they were inseparable. Last I heard they were still together. They, to date, were the best TAs I ever had.

The closest I ever came to being caught was when an instructor in the department noticed the look on the face of one of my most recent fucks as she left my office. I never fuck on campus but I had spent the last night screwing her and she must have had some sort of residual glow to her.

Alice, my colleague, came into my office and asked me what was up with her and I said what do you mean and Alice said you know what I mean. There was a pause and then she laughed.

“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. I indulge myself sometimes.”

I raised my eyebrow. “They are so eager and compliant,” she said. “You want to go get coffee?”

We decided it would be cheaper to just go brew coffee at her place so we went over there and started trading stories. Alice was filthy and completely dominated the men she seduced. She showed me her closet and her toy chest. She said the most she had ever had over in one night was four and by the end of the night she just sat back and watched them all fuck and suck each other off. She even had women over and after exchanging notes I learned where my dominatrix had learned her skills.

“She fucked you in the ass?”

“All night long.”

“That I would have liked to have seen. Better yet, that I would like to do.”

“Be my guest,” I said.

She fucked me like a pro and when she was done I returned the favor. Soon we started to see more of each other and started to combine our exploits. Her favorite thing to do was to invite students over and see what she could get them to do. The innocent Mormon virgin that sucked my dick while Alice rimmed her asshole and masturbated her clit. When I blew my load into her mouth she eagerly swallowed without hesitation. By the time she went home Alice had shaved her twat smooth and I had fucked her twice.

She loved filming frat boys masturbating. Sometimes I would come home late from class and I would find her in the bedroom watching one of her home made DVDs while she vigorously rubbed on her swollen clit. Sometimes I would find her with a frat boy giving him detailed instructions on how to fuck. Sometimes I would strip down and let her suck my cock while he fucked her. Once he bent over and started sucking my cock, too. She laughed and asked me if I liked that. I said it wasn’t bad. He exploded inside her and then I fucked my first male ass. She masturbated like hell while she enjoyed the show.

All good things come to an end and eventually I got a better job offer and moved on. Alice and I meet up each year at our discipline’s annual meeting and put a little spice in the proceedings. One year she chaired a panel that I was a discussant on. The three papers were presented by three graduate students, one man and two women. Alice suggested we go get drinks. By the end of the night we were in her hotel room, all her willing slaves with each one receiving my cock according to Alice’s instructions.

The semesters roll on and as I grow older I grow a bit more selective. Every now and then one of my former students will look me up and rekindle our night or two of passion. Many have kids and have put on weight, but they all remain fabulous fucks. College taught them well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32