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Chapter 3: Fun with Sindy and Jake

All characters in this story are 18 like for sure.

* * * * *

Jake sure knew how to make the rockets I had shoot high in the sky. We shot them over and over and even tried to catch them when he figured out a way to have them parachute to the ground using some of his soldier parachutes. Once he fell on top of me and we tickled each other. I made sure he got a real good feel of my tits. (Did I mention big tits run in our family.) He kept making puns and I laughed at his goofy worderisms. I kept calling him a knuckle head which he thought was funny too. As it began to get a dark I let him know I wanted to rest a while.

“All this rocket stuff has got me tired, lets sit in the lawn chairs and rest a while.” I said. As we sat in the chairs I tucked my feet up next to my butt. I acted like I didn’t know this was giving him a perfect view of my ‘barely covered with tiny panties’ pussy. I knew he could see my panties hugging the curves of my shaved pussy and tight bottom.

“Your fun to be with.” I told him after a few moments of talking about how we (he meant mankind) (I knew it would be us.) would soon be rocketing to the stars.

“You are too. I’ve never known a girl who was as interested in rockets and stars as me. Your real like sexy too.” He said looking between my legs at the nice view I was presenting to him. I pretended to be looking at the sky so he could get a nice long peek.

“Wow do you really think I’m sexy?” I asked back fishing for compliments and steering the conversation in the direction I wanted it to go.

“You sure are, like your legs are umm, well you know wow and you are real pretty too.” He said. Even though it was getting dark I could tell he was blushing as was I. I was disappointed he hadn’t mentioned my titties yet but I knew he would at some point soon. (Did I mention big titties run in our family?)

“Let me shoot one more rocket and then we can find something more fun to do.” I said winking at him. Of course he quickly loaded a rocket into the launcher and gave it to me to shoot. I shot it at an angle so he would have to go a ways to retrieve it. As soon as his back was to me as he ran to get the rocket I took off my panties. Of course I had my legs up with my heels tucked up against my bottom and my legs spread wide when he started back. I knew I had his attention when he noticed my panties were gone. After all the build up I was ready to get this show on the road or maybe get this rocket on it’s way to the stars.

“I have a big pup tent over there under the fig tree. We can go in there and have a little privacy. It even has sleeping bags to lay on.” He said taking the hint. Now we were getting somewhere. I got up and grabbed his hand. We raced to the tent and I let him open the flap so I could go in.

“Welcome (I wonder if he meant well cum) to my humble abode madam. I hope you like the amenities.” He said winking at me.

“Do you mean the yellow or the green sleeping bag or both?” I asked giggling as I got inside. It was pretty dark in the tent by then but some how we were quickly in each others arms, our tongues sword fighting and our hands trying to get underneath each other clothes. He knew I was serious about getting fucked when I started unbuttoning his pants. Like if he hadn’t figured it out before!!!! Until then he had been concentrating on getting inside my blouse and feeling my titties. With my help he got me totally undressed and I got him likewise with his help too. This was going to be more than a few kisses and tit feeling session.

“OH YEAH!” Jake said enthusiastically when he found out my pussy was shaved completely bare. I felt him start to move down my body first giving some nice sucking time on my stiff and getting harder nipples and then kissing down my tummy to my pussy. When he started licking and sucking on my love button clit I went into orgasm city immediately.

“Oh GOD! Oh fuck!” I moaned over. The old joke about how a girl holds onto a good lover (by his ears) was never truer!! He knew how to lick pussy. My sister and I had enjoyed a few sessions of eating each other but it was never like this. Jake knew how to EAT!!! It seemed to go on and on like forever and I wasn’t going to ask him to stop!!!

Suddenly we heard someone walking over tree branches near the tent. Jake froze including his tongue darn it. We lay motionless and didn’t make any noise hoping who ever it was hadn’t heard my loud moaning a few minutes earlier. Maybe they would just walk by. Suddenly the tent flap opened and we just knew we had been discovered by our parents!

“Hi love birds! I just Jake was eating your pussy when I heard those loud moans, can I come in and join the fun?”

It was only Sindy and our hearts could start beating again. I didn’t know what to do or say. I’d never been in a threesome before although I and my sister had fooled around so I was no beginner to girl-girl fun. Jake broke the ice by resuming his sucking and licking on my clit! ‘Good move’ I thought as my orgasms resumed. Sindy’s mouth found a nipple and we were off to the stars.

To Be Continued (or is that cumtinued??)…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32