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Lora surprised me by arranging a day at the spa for me. Cheryl who was my assigned hostess had given me a shower and a blow job (even though she wasn’t supposed to or allowed to).

I nodded off as I relaxed in a warm salt bath…

“Sweetie.” I heard Cheryl whisper. “Sweetie, its time to get out before you get all wrinkly.”

“Oh! I guess I nodded off.” I said groggily.

“Yes, it happens a lot.” Cheryl smiled. She was dress in her knee length, white clinical lab coat but I could tell she was naked beneath. Her firm cock pushed out a sizable bulge.

Cheryl helped me with my cozy gown and led me to the next station. My facial mask was cleaned off and I felt so clean.

“This is Shauna.” Cheryl introduced me to a tall, similarly dressed brunette. Her hair pulled back into a tight bun. Her make-up was minimal. She was handsomely pretty. “Shauna will be responsible for your electrolysis and exfoliation.”

“Nice to meet with you, Sweetie.” Shauna said with a slight European accent. “Thank you, Cheryl. I will take good care of you, Sweetie. Please come this way.”

Shauna had me remove my gown and lie on a table. Her hands glided over my skin and traced my bikini tan lines from the day before. “Sweetie, you have lovely lines.” Shauna said. “Shall we start? You are very lucky not to have a lot of hair.”

I nodded in agreement.

If I shaved my face one every couple of weeks, that was a lot. Shauna told me that there was one or two places she would clean up. Same with my chest, belly and legs.

I rolled on my tummy as she did my back.

“Sweetie, please bring your knees under you and I will do your behind.” Shauna asked me. “There are only a few hairs so it will be quick.”

I did as requested. Shauna’s face was so close to my ass hole, I could feel her breathe against it. Her gloved fingers grazed against my hole to ensure hairlessness.

“Sweetie. I will do my final test to make sure I successfully removed everything.” Shauna informed me.

Shauna used both hands to spread my ass cheeks wide apart. I felt her push her face into me. A long, wet tongue lapped me from my sack, up my crack to the top of my ass.

“Mmmm…!” Shauna moaned. “One more test.”

Shauna tried to spread my cheeks apart further and placed her mouth between. Then a hot, wet tongue speared and penetrated my hole… deeply… repeatedly…

“Nice and clean!” Declared Shauna. “Sweetie, you have a beautiful ass. I wish I could tongue it all day, but I need to finish you for your next station.”

She gave me one last kiss, before asking me to lie on my back.

“I see that Sweetie is trimmed here.” Shauna referred to my pubic hair. “Would you like me to leave it or shall I remove it? I can also shape it if you like too?”

I had never thought of that option before. “What kind of shape?” I asked.

“Well, almost any shape. Here are some options!” Shauna showed me a chart with different pictures of trimmed pubic hair.

“Oooh! I think Lora would like this. What do you think?”

“That is an excellent choice. My favourite actually.” Shauna lifted her clinical gown and showed me hers. Above her uncut penis was a very cute, heart-shaped pubic mound. It was trimmed short. I reached out to feel it. Her cock jumped and touched my hand. I grabbed it and started to stroke it.

“Shauna. It’s beautiful!” I exclaimed. “I know Lora would love it!”

Shauna smiled. I’m not sure if it was due to my choice or my stroking.

“Sweetie, you’ll have to stop that for now otherwise Pendik Ukraynalı Escort I won’t be able to concentrate!” Warned Shauna.

Shauna prepped me and carefully shaped my bush into a trimmed, heart-shape. “I need to test to make sure it is the proper length.” She opened her mouth and took me inside. Her nose pressed and rubbed against my new heart. When she finished, Shauna let my cock pop out and smiled at her work.

She helped me off the table. “All done.” I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I loved my new heart, especially the contrast against the white untanned skin. The exfoliation made my skin feel like silk.

Cheryl returned and complimented me on my pubic decision as she helped me with my gown.

I thanked Shauna for her work and left with Cheryl for my massage.

I the warm private room, Cheryl had me lie tummy down on the massage table. It didn’t have one of those donuts for your head so they gave me a rolled towel to lay my head on. My naked body was covered by a light sheet.

“Do you like scented candles?” Cheryl asked me. “We have a number of different ones.”

I selected sandal wood. It was nice and relaxing. Not over powering.

“Ready?” Asked Cheryl.

“Who is giving me my massage?” I asked.

“I will.” Answered Cheryl. “I am a certified RMT.”

Cheryl lowered the sheet to just about my bum. Her hands were strong yet gentle, untying any knots I have in my back. She massaged my feet and worked her way up my legs pushing the sheet higher and higher.

I felt Cheryl climb on the table between my legs. I looked behind and saw that she had removed lab coat. Her cock looked firm but not yet hard. Her hands kneaded the backs of my thighs, pushing upwards onto my gluts. Her slick thumbs spread the slippery oils into my crack. Deeper and deeper until her thumbs played with my hole.

“Mmmm.” I moaned and pushed my ass back to her. “Yes… Please…?”

But Cheryl just continued to tease me.

“I know you said you aren’t allowed…” I groaned.

“Shhh…” Hushed Cheryl. “This is a private room and the door is locked.”

Cheryl opened my crack. “I know Shauna ‘verified’ her work, but I think I’ll make sure too.”

Cheryl pressed her face into me and worked me with her tongue. “Mmmm… Shauna always does a perfect job.” Cheryl started tongue fucking me. Her tongue wasn’t as long as Shauna’s but it was more powerful in penetration.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me with your tongue!” I panted. “Oh gawd, that’s so nice!”

Between the oil and Cheryl’s tonguing, my ass was soaked and lubed. Cheryl moved up until she was straddling my thighs. I felt her meat slide back and forth in between my cheeks. I wanted it inside me and told her so.

“Fuck me, Cheryl! Put it in me!”

“Sweetie, there is nothing more I’d like to do than to fuck you hard and normally I would be deep inside your ass, but your lady had given us specific instructions. Under no circumstances are we allowed to fuck your ass.” Cheryl informed me. “But she didn’t say anything about playing around.”

Cheryl continued to tease me. With a hand braced on my back, Cheryl used her other to pressure her cock harder into my crack. I felt her head pressing against my hole and I pushed back onto it. Her slick knob started to penetrate and open me up. She allowed only the widest part of her knob to enter before retreating. Try as I might, I couldn’t get Cheryl to do it.

“Sweetie, I can’t.” Cheryl pouted. “But if you like, you can put yours Pendik Üniversiteli Escort in me!”

Cheryl flipped me on my back. She grabbed a different bottle of lotion and remounted me. My smaller cock nestled into her crack as she poured the cream from the bottle onto my chest. She rocked her ass back and forth as her hands smeared the salve all over. There was a mild and pleasant tingle. Her fingers pinched and played with my nipples making them even harder and more sensitive.

“Sweetie, this cream will help you maintain your breasts.” Cheryl explained. Your lady informed us that you needed a little assistance filling your bra. This will really help.”

Sitting up slightly, Cheryl hooked her feet over my thighs and spread them wide. She manoeuvered her bum left and right, back and forth until the tip of my cock pointed at her back hole. Cheryl looked down at me and smiled. “I know its not the same as me in you, but…” And lowered herself. Her hole easily accepted and accommodated my naked penis. “Normally, we use protection, but we are all tested regularly and certified clean. And I just need you inside me.”

Amazingly, she was able to squeeze it tight as she moved up and down. Slow at first, then harder and faster.

“Oh yeah! That’s it, Sweetie. Fuck me!” Cheryl groaned. “Fuck… Fuck… Fu…”

Cheryl started to cum and continued humping me. I watched as hot, white ejaculate jettisoned from her cock and onto my chest. It was too hot. I started cumming inside her.

“Cheryl! I’m cumming!” I shot my hard load inside her bowels.

“Yes! Fill me!” Cheryl screamed. “Give me your cum in my ass!”

I thrusted my hips upwards, shot everything I had until there was no more. Cheryl collapsed onto my chest as we both laid there spent. Her hole continued to pulsate and hold my cock inside her and refused to spit it out. Only when Cheryl was able to rise up and dismount me did I exit from her.

My cum dripped out and down the back of her thighs. Cheryl did nothing to stop it. Instead she massaged her cream into me before washing me down with a warm shower.

As she dried me off, Cheryl said, “Sweetie, I’m sorry our time is up here and I need to take you to the next station. But I hope you’ll come back and we can spend more time together.”

Cheryl hold my gown for me to put on. She took my hand and led me to what looked like a kind of barber’s chair where a pretty blond was waiting. “Sweetie, this is Bonnie. She’s going to do your hair and make-up.”

“Hello, Sweetie. Nice to meet you.” Bonnie smiled. “I hope you enjoyed your massage. Cheryl is the best and I always ask for her when I get mine.”

“Thanks Bonnie. Take good care of Sweetie and I’ll make sure to take extra special care of you on your next massage.” Cheryl smiled and patted Bonnie on the bum.

Bonnie blew Cheryl a kiss, then turned to me. “Ready, Sweetie?”

Bonnie led me to her chair. “I can’t put extensions in but I can coif some nice pieces and no one will know the difference.”

“Hi. Is it okay to join you?” In walked a short Asian beauty.

“Yes, Kimi. Right on time.” Bonnie said. “This is Sweetie. Sweetie, this is Kimi. She will do your mani-pedi.”

Both of them worked on me. When they were done, I had longer black hair cut into a cute bob. Kimi had glued on some finger nails, Frenched and painted them a bright pretty pink with sparkles. They matched my toe nails too.

“Not finished yet, Sweetie!” Bonnie told me. “I need to finish your make-up.”

As Bonnie Pendik Vip Escort did her magic, she explained everything she was doing so I might be able to do it on my own later. She spent an extraordinary amount of time on my eyes. False eye lashes with heavy mascara, liner and shadow. Blush and lippy. I couldn’t believe the transition. When she was finished, I barely recognized myself when I looked in the mirror. I was beautiful.

Bonnie smiled as she looked at her work of art. “Sweetie, you look fantastic! I wish I was your girlfriend. Your eyes and cheek bone structure are perfect.”

“Wow! Sweetie, you look amazing!” Said Cheryl as she came to get me. “I think Lora will just love it! She’ll be here in a little bit so we need to get you finished for her.”

Cheryl led me back to my private dressing room. My original clothes were folded neatly and bagged. Instead, there were a number of things laid out for me to put on.

“Lora had picked out an outfit for you while you were relaxing.” Cheryl informed me. “Let me help you get dressed.

I looked at the clothes. They were so beautiful, so pretty. I was stunned.

Cheryl picked up the bra and helped me put it on. It was a pretty pink satin and lace bra with full padded B cups. I felt I was still less than a “AAA” and I’m not sure if the lotion Cheryl massaged on my breasts helped or no, but the cups did feel more full.

The stockings were pinkish, Cuban RHT with a heavy seam running up the back of my legs. Cheryl clipped them to the matched garters.

The pink, satin/lace panties were full front and rear paneled, high on the thigh French cut. Cheryl knelt in front of me and held the waist band open allowing me to step into them. She took a long time to slide them up my legs. By the time they reached my thighs, I was fully hard. Cheryl leaned forward and took me into her mouth. Her tongue swirled about. I grabbed her head and started to thrust, but Cheryl grabbed my ass and held me.

“Cheryl! Suck me! I want to cum down your throat.” I groaned.

Cheryl bobbed her head some before pulling off. “Sorry Sweetie. Nothing more I would love, but…” And pulled the panties over my bulge.

Cheryl rose up and presented me with a large box with a smaller box on top. I opened the larger box to find a beautiful, pink with white lilacs sundress. The smaller box had matching 4-inch pencil heeled slippers with open toes.

Cheryl helped me on with the rest of the outfit. I stood in front of the mirror and stared at myself.

“Sweetie, you look amazing.” Cheryl mouth was agape.

There was a knock on the door. In walked Tiffanie. “Ready… Wow! Sweetie, you look incredible! Lora is back and waiting. I think she will be extremely pleased.”

After a few careful steps in my new shoes, I walked out to meet with Lora.

Lora was sitting and looking at some mags as I walked into the lobby. She looked over the top of the magazine then back down… Pause… Then back to me.

“Sweetie?” Lora’s eyes were wide open. “Really? Oh my god you look… I barely recognized you. You…”

Lora was at a loss of words. I moved to her and gave her a big hug. Our lips touched. Her tongue played with mine. We broke apart. “Sweetie. I can’t believe how stunning you look.”

“Oh, thank you Lora for the best day of my life. This was just so fantastic. Everyone was so nice and wonderful. Thank you!” My eyes started to tear.

“Sweetie, even though her make-up is waterproof.” Tiffanie handed me a tissue.

“Ready to go?” Lora asked me. “Wow. I still can’t believe how great you look. Thanks to everyone here. You did a great job.”

Lora reached into her purse and handed Tiffanie a $200 tip. Apparently Lora had pre-paid for the session earlier.

With my new found confidence, Lora and I walked out into the bright, warm afternoon sun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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