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I live on the second floor of a house on a street that is under construction. Normally I would be annoyed when the machinery starts up in the morning but when it wakes me up I just get horny. I like to sl**p in sexy little panties as it tends to excite my dreams throughout the night and keeps me primed for my daytime fantasies.

This particular morning I awoke to the sound of a jackhammer. I squirmed on my sheets and felt the smooth fabric of my minimal underthings barely keep my penis in place. I reached down and felt my smooth ass and started to wonder who was operating that jackhammer. My bed is right near the window but since I’m on the second floor I had to get up on my knees to see down into the street. I looked out and as expected there was a tanned young musclebound man operating the jackhammer. The obvious connection of the strong man handling the huge piece of machinery served to increase my lustful feelings. I started to feel down the front of my panties and stroke myself while thinking about the construction worker and what I would let him do to me in my dreams.

Suddenly I heard another noise farther up and realized that work wasn’t just happening on the street but also on the power lines, and from the way the lineman jerked his head around when I looked up it seemed he had seen me. Me in my tiny pink Victoria’s Secret thong that’s made for little tweens. He had probably been up there for awhile and saw me sleeping half-covered all morning long. Well if he was going to pretend to have not seen me I figured I could do the same.

Though my upstairs bedroom has a lot of windows I usually don’t worry about privacy as there are not many other 2-story houses nearby, but anyone up a power pole would have no problem seeing in. I’ve been dressing in panties and Pendik Yabancı Escort garters for many years but I’ve never acted on my fantasies. It can be enough just to imagine the possibilities. I figured this was the perfect time to take my fantasy up another notch and put on a little show for this gentleman. This man was a total stranger, didn’t know me from Adam, and I could pretend that I didn’t even notice him while traipsing around in a variety of girly things I’d collected over the years. Hardly any risk, right?

So I started to go through my clothes, bending over and wiggling sexily while pulling out some stockings and garter and another pair of bright yellow panties and a tiny see-through dress I’ve got for special solo occasions. Every once-in-awhile I would sneak a peak at the power pole worker. He was pretending to fiddle around with the electrical stuff and talk on his radio but I knew he was looking at me. His hand would adjust his package a little more than the usual.

Just then I heard a knock on the door. I remembered I was expecting a package I needed to sign for so even though I didn’t want to pause my little flirt fantasy I quickly grabbed a robe put it on and ran to the door. I realized that my fishnet stocking toes and a little bit of the dress would be noticeable if the UPS guy gave me an extended look but they’re usually really busy and run off as quick as they can so I wasn’t too worried. I realized the jackhammering had stopped just as I opened the door and practically had a heart attack as the man at the door was the man I originally spied working the massive tool on the road.

“Uh, hi” I stammered hesitantly, “Can I help you with something?”

“I sure hope so.” said the worker, “I’m Jon and I’m working on the Pendik Yeni Escort street outside and really need to use a restroom. Do you mind? I would really appreciate it”.

I was really nervous at this point though a little turned on by the presence of my original morning crush. I thought I noticed a slight mischievous grin and was embarrassed to see him eyeing my obviously fish-netted toes.

Mustering up some confidence I replied “Oh yeah, of course, no problem. I’ll grab you a glass of water if you like too, you must be thirsty. The bathroom is upstairs”

“Thanks a lot, I should just be a minute. I would really appreciate the water, I’ve gotten pretty hot and sweaty working all morning.”

Indeed he had. His small thin white t-shirt was clinging to his chest and abs. As I watched him move up the stairs I realized my bedroom was a mess of lingerie and panties. Hopefully he won’t peak into the open door on his way to the bathroom.

I poured Jon a glass of water and wondered to myself how bad it could be if he did find my secret and what if he liked the idea? My robe started to tent out and I quickly tried to smooth my erection down and cinch my robe a little tighter as I realized I didn’t think I was quite ready for an actual physical manifestation of my long held fantasy.

It was then that I saw him walking down the stairs with a pair of my red and white polka-dotted thong panties twirling on the end of his raised finger.

“How would you like to take off that robe of yours and change into these little panties for me?” he said.

“Those are my wife’s panties, and you really shouldn’t be snooping around.”

“Ha” he snorted, “I got a call on my radio from my friend Frank, the guy who you were prancing around in Pendik Masaj Salonu your little underwear for all morning. He told me you were watching me in your panties so I’m here to watch you back.”

I stood there frozen holding a glass of water at the foot of the stairs as he walked down. I was afraid my little fantasy was about to come true, whether I liked it or not.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” I pathetically answered. “I’ve been working around the house all morning, I didn’t even know you guys were out there.”

Jon ignored me and walked right up to untie my robe and slide it off my shoulders. He grabbed the water from me, drank the whole glass and set it down as I remained frozen in place dressed in panties, garters, and a flimsy little skirt that hid nothing and didn’t even cover my thonged ass.

Just then I heard my front door open behind me and looked over my shoulder to see the lineman, Frank, who I was teasing and dressing up for until only a few minutes ago.

“Well well well” he said, “if it isn’t Miss Priss all dressed up and ready for molesting by a couple hard working studs on the job.”

He approached from behind as Jon started to feel up my smooth stockings and up to my panties. Frank approached and immediately groped my ass. Jon grabbed the sides of my thong and yanked them down and they dropped to my ankles. He handed me the pair he had brought down from my bedroom.

“So darling, you’re going to put these little slutty panties on and we’re all going to head up the stairs to your bedroom and have us some fun with you.”

Realizing I had no choice, though still terrified that this was actually happening I took the polka-dotted panties and bend over and put them on. I then started slowly walking up the stairs. My ass was very much exposed beneath my tiny dress and the men whistled after me and groped and spanked my ass as I went up the stairs. I have to admit that about halfway up I started to try to swing my hips like a nubile young woman I was being treated like.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32