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“Don’t get too excited, Scott. I’m just here for my dvds…”

Scott watched the blood rush to his ex fiance’s face in embarrassment as she thought she walked in on him with another woman, then he watched it drain away again as she took notice of the piece of meat dangling between Ura’s legs.

“Omigod Scott! Is that a penis?! Are you gay?! Omigod!”

“Wait, Denise. Denise! Calm down!” said Scott.

“How can I be calm when I walk in on you with a man?! A BLACK man?!”

Scott’s face hardened.

“Ura is not a man. Ura is a beautiful genie. If you have anything disparaging to say about her I suggest you shut the fuck up instead.”

Scott surprised himself a bit with his conviction. He pulled on a teeshirt and some sweatpants as he continued.

“I’ve had more and better sex with her this week than I ever had with you.”

And I love her more than I ever loved you, Scott added in his mind.

Ura’s eyebrows lifted at this silent admission. She’d have to think more about that later. Right now she was busy being impressed by Scott’s sudden acquisition of a backbone.

Denise rocked back as if slapped. Scott had never stood up to her before. Slowly his words sunk in.

“A genie? Is that some kind of weird, perverted sex game?” she asked.

“No, it’s magic. Here, Ura, would you mind?”

Scott gestured toward the pocketwatch. Ura nodded submissively and with a wave of her hand she clothed herself. Then, she melted into smoke and drifted across the floor and into the watch. Once she disappeared completely, the watch snapped closed. Denise’s jaw dropped.

“Believe me now?” asked Scott.

“A genie Scott? Oh goodness, think of the riches we could have!”


Denise thought on her feet, and lied quickly.

“Of course we! I was coming back to you!”

“Coming back to me? Sounded like you were coming back to me for your dvds.”

“It was… a joke?”

Scott was not stupid. He could clearly tell what was happening, but a plan started to form in his mind. If he could get the dumb bitch to follow her greed, and he knew he could, he could have one more round of fucking with her and then be rid of her for good. And this time he would command the fucking, no more taking her shit. Scott smiled.

“Oh baby! I’m so glad you’re back!” said Scott.

“I missed you Scott!” said Denise as she went to hug him.

Denise’s statement was not entirely false. The old man that she left Scott for had picked up an even younger mistress in addition to Denise, and was having a hard time dividing his Viagra between them. She thought back to that big black piece she had seen on Ura. Mmmmm.

“Do you think that maybe, I dunno, we could use your genie to celebrate us getting back together.”

Scott eyed her suspiciously, but smiled when he recognized the look on her face that indicated her desire for sex- eyebrows up while biting her lower lip.

“Of course, just let me just make my wish. Then you can go back to your apartment Kurtköy Anal Escort and pack a suitcase while I finish the wishing ritual.”

“The wishing ritual?” Denise felt deflated at the notion that she wouldn’t get her sex right now, when she wanted it.

“Of course, Ura explains it to the master right away when she is summoned for the first time. It’s very easy but a little time consuming.”

“Oh. Oh! How many wishes do you have left, Scott? We don’t want to waste any!”

“Infinite wishes, sweetheart,” said Scott as he picked up the watch, then he commanded it, “Open!”

As Denise creamed her panties clean through and dampened her skin tight jeans at the prospect of infinite wishes, Ura snaked out of the watch and took her perfect human form. Toned body, coal black skin, tall, powerful, and oh so very sexy. Scott started moving Denise to the door.

“Hello Ura,” said Scott, “Feel like granting me another wish today?”

Ura bowed low and smiled, having picked up the plan from Scott’s thoughts.

“Of course, my master. I am always ready to grant your desires.”

Denise started giggling in anticipation.

“Well then, my faithful slave, I wish for you to fuck both of us!”

“Master, will we have privacy for the ‘ritual’?” asked Ura with mock concern.

“Yes of course. Denise is just leaving.”

Scott shoved a sputtering Denise out the door and locked it behind her. He turned back to Ura and met her grin with his own. After a few seconds his face became thoughtful, and then a little worried. He had forgotten to ponder one part of his plan.

“Wait a second, I know this will be worth it, but what could the equivalent payment possibly be for you to fuck both of us?”

Ura grinned evilly. She hadn’t gotten to use this trick since the 1400’s when a Frenchman had used his first wish to make her fuck his four friends. Of course he hadn’t survived the payment so the wish didn’t get granted. She liked (maybe more than liked?) Scott though, so she would make it as pleasurable for him as possible. It helped that there were only two people to fuck, and the pleasure she always felt when playing with Scott counted as part of the payment as well. This meant she didn’t need to be so rough on him to collect her due. Still, this would definitely be a new experience for Scott.

“Well… You want me to fuck the two of you. So the payment is of course that you have to fuck…”

“The two of us,” purred a voice from behind Scott.

When he whirled around he found Ura standing directly behind him, but when he continued turning in a full circle he found her to still be standing where she was originally. Oh no.

“Oh yes,” said the Ura in front of him.

Scott could only sputter as the two Uras led him into his bedroom. They giggled as they tore at his clothing, tug-a-warring his shirt from his body. The rest of his clothes came off soon after and were tossed to various corners of the room. One Ura stood behind him and twisted Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort his nipples while grinding her massive pole into his asscrack while the other kissed him gently from the front and pressed her big black package into his average white one. Scott was at once both terrified and extremely excited.

“This is going to be the best yet, lover,” purred the Uras in unison, one in each of his ears, “You are in for the time of your life.”

Scott could only shudder in reply. This time he barely fought the invisible manacles at all as they wrapped him almost gently and placed him on his hands and knees in the middle of the bed. His jaw slowly was forced open and two fourteen inch rock hard black cocks already glistened with magical lubrication. Scott felt his insides shift into the perfect size and shape for the inevitable invasion of his recently devirginized asshole. The Uras giggled a little as they admired each other, then took their places- one in front of Scott and one behind. Scott clenched his eyes closed.

“Ready to party, lover?” said the Uras in unison.

Scott felt one big fleshy bulb press against his frightened anus as he felt another start slapping against his face. After a little more poking and rubbing, the started to slap against his flesh as the Uras excited themselves. A slender finger found its way into his tight ass and began to work his prostate slowly and gently. Simultaneously, two very large and heavy testicles were shoved inside his mouth. He slowly opened his eyes as he munched on the balls and was surprised to find his bed surrounded by mirrors.

“Thought you would want to see this from every angle, baby,” said one Ura.

“We know we will,” giggled the other.

With that, the Uras gripped Scott at their target zones- one wound her fingers into his hair and the other kneaded his asscheeks. Scott felt the beginnings of penetration on both ends. He was about to get spitroasted on two magical black cocks. Just as one stick of dark meat found its way down his throat as the other widened his back door with its forced entry. He moaned around the piece in his mouth as he felt himself slowly filling up. The Uras slammed the last four inches apiece into his poor little white frame and Scott felt sure that they would touch tips inside of his body!

The massive slabs of meat sawed in and out of his body, sometimes alternating and sometimes together. The Uras moaned with pleasure as they used and abused their toy. Scott’s face turned beet red as he opened his eyes and saw himself from all angles in the mirrors. He looked like such a whore!

“I love your ass so much, Scotty. I love when I pound it deep and hard, I’m probably enjoying this almost as much as you!” said the Ura behind him with a laugh.

“The little slut has a hungry throat too, it’s almost like he wants me to fuck his face harder! You want me to fuck your face harder, Scotty?” said the other.

The only response Scott could make was with his fear filled Kurtköy Zenci Escort eyes. Ura chose to ignore his silent pleas, and she sped up her face raping to a furious tempo. The other Ura followed suit, and soon the room was filled with the lewd slapping noise of a poor victim trapped between two fleshy jackhammers. They giggled like cruel little girls as they rammed their massive poles home, over and over again.

Suddenly, Scott’s eyes teared up with shame. Despite his feelings for Ura, he had held onto the idea that he was using her to get what he wanted. But, as he felt his balls tighten with a pleasure that betrayed their owner, he realized that the question of who the true master in this relationship was a murky one. Tears poured down his face as he came like a train. His cock felt no friction, the brain numbing pleasure that wracked his body in that moment came purely from his brutal treatment at the hands of this beautiful monster fucking him to pieces from both ends.

“Oh wow, look at that!”

“The slutty little bitch is cumming all over!”

“We better join him!”

The Ura’s plowed away on their little bitch a while longer before plunging deep in unison. They came as perfect mirror images of each other. Their hands gripped Scott until the knuckles went white. Their perfect faces turned upward and their perfect lips formed an “o” of pure ecstasy. After a couple hot jets of sticky jism were blasted into poor Scott’s body from each end, they pulled their massive cocks free and glazed their victim from head to toe. They all collapsed together, and began licking each other clean. Once all of the cum was in their mouths, they shared a threeway kiss. With sticky white ropes connecting their faces, they fell asleep together.

– – –

Meanwhile at Scott’s boss’s apartment, Denise was trying to convince the old man of what she had seen.

“I really saw her turn into smoke, I know what I saw!” yelled Denise.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You know I love you, but you aren’t very fucking smart,” he said.

“Just come with me when I go back. When the genie comes out of the watch to fuck us you’ll believe me.”

“If it will make you shut the fuck up I’ll go peek in through the front window, but you are going to be gargling my balls for hours tonight. That’ll teach you not to believe every optical illusion put in front of you!”

When they arrive at Scott’s place, Denise hurries in and the old man takes his place at the window. A clean and refreshed Scott meets Denise in the entryway.

“You look great,” said Denise, “Did you take a nap while I was gone?”

“Oh just a short one, but mostly it was the wishing ritual. It’s very pleasant,” said Scott.

“Oh, well that’s nice i guess. Can you bring out the genie now?”

“Of course. Open!” he commanded.

Ura dutifully appeared and bowed to him.

Outside, the old man felt himself nearly keel over on the spot. That was no illusion! He immediately started to sneak around to the other side of the house, seeing dollar signs and planning on reaching in one of the windows near the watch so as to steal it for himself. As he neared the place where it rested, however, he took notice of what was starting to happen inside. Perhaps he might wait to take it until the free show was over?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32