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Even far apart, Josh and Kyle manage to share their love

It was excruciatingly slow at the pizza shop for a Friday rush. Normally, things were already hopping by 4:30pm on a pay day, and the drivers were flying in and out the door constantly with orders by five o’clock or so. This Friday though, it was still almost tomb-like in the store at 5:30. Adam explained it to the drivers that were standing around folding boxes and staring at each other in between texting with friends.

“Guys! Even though it might be money day for most of the customers, it is also the beginning of the last shopping weekend before Christmas too. And the university is emptying out with everyone heading home for break.”

Josh sighed to himself, knowing far too well how true that was, as he thought of Kyle for what seemed like the 10,000th time since he watched his plane disappear earlier into the white clouds hanging low in the blue December sky.

Adam continued with, “Business is probably gonna suck until just before the malls close. Then we won’t be able to find our own balls for a couple hours, while we try to stay ahead of the slam that will hit about 8:30 or 9. That’s when the first ones all start getting home from shopping and are hungry and don’t want to cook anything.”

Cody spoke up also. “Yeppers! That’s the way it has been every Friday before Christmas the three years I have been here. Tomorrow night will be just as bad.”

“Yeah…I remember it being dead as hell until late all weekend, last year too. Then we were quoting hour plus delivery times by 10pm and it didn’t calm down again until after midnight,” was added by Bryan.

Before anyone else could say anything, a long series of text message tones began going off. By the time the musical beeping had sounded the fifth or sixth time in rapid succession from Josh’s pants pocket, everyone in the shop was staring at him. His cell phone was still announcing more new messages by the time he had fished it out of his cargos and flipped it open.

“Geeze Josh, ” Cody started, “You write your number on the bathroom wall down at Emerald City again?”

Josh blushed at the mention of doing such a thing at the largest gay bar in town. “Come on Codeman. You know I don’t hang out at the bars. Never have. Just not my thing.”

Cody laughed and then apologized with, “I know, little stud. If you did though…your cute little innocent looking, country boy ass would be the most popular thing that ever walked in that twink styling & modeling bar. You would need an assistant with you just to keep up with all the napkins with phone numbers being stuffed in your pockets.”

Everyone cracked up at that combination stroke and poke, but Josh didn’t react at all since he was busy reading the first text he had gotten from Kyle since he flew out for New York more than an hour and a half ago.

“I don’t even know what to say first Joshie,” was the way it began. “I guess ME TOO is the easiest!” was all that was in the first electronic note. Josh paused before going to the second, and smiled about as wide as his cheeks would permit, as he realized that must mean that Kyle had seen him and the sign along side the road at the end of the runway! He also suddenly remembered he had promised a free pizza to the guy at the gift shop on the first level of the airport terminal. He had let Josh have the huge piece of white cardboard and borrow a black magic marker to make the sign when the idea had hit him as he walked back to the Hummer. He knew what time Kyle’s flight was supposed to leave and had sat in the truck beside the road just on the other side of the airport fence for better than an hour waiting to wave it at the departing plane…hoping against all hope that Kyle just might be looking out the window at the exact right time. Now he knew that he had been!

“Damn Josh. You look like your man just made you cum,” was the whispered comment from Bryan.

Josh looked up at him and somehow managed to smile even wider than he had been. “I think he just did, Bry!” Then he blushed as he realized he indeed did have a fresh woody. He missed whatever Bryan said after that as he was busy reading the second message.

“Just in case that first one wasn’t clear enough…” was the totality of it, and Josh quickly cycled to the third to find: “I LOVE YOU TOO JOSHUA JAMES THOMAS!”

Seeing that text in all caps; as if Kyle was screaming it to the entire world; caused moistness to begin filling his eyes. Josh wiped away a tear and mumbled to Cody, “T-t-t-tell Adam I am taking a smoke break,” and he headed out the door. He didn’t really want a cigarette…in fact he hadn’t had one in almost four days now as he was determined to quit…he just wanted time alone to read whatever Kyle had said in the rest of the texts he had evidently been piling up during the hour-long hop from Pensacola to Atlanta on the prop jet. Once he had secluded himself on the old picnic table behind the shop, he went to message number four.

“We are çanakkale escort still climbing through the clouds and I won’t be able to send these until we land. But right now baby, I don’t even need a plane to be flying high!” Again; nothing more; so Josh went to the next one that had stored itself.

“I will try to call from Atlanta. My layover is only 40 minutes but I want to hear your voice for 39 of it.” Josh smiled again and moved on to the next one. Josh had only read “Do you have any idea how big a hard…” when the pop-up announcing an incoming call covered the screen.

“Oh for the love of sweet Jesus!” he yelled at the phone before he saw the 716 area code and realized it was Kyle. He nearly dropped the cell punching the button as hard as he did to accept it before it went to voice mail. Any other time he knew it was him, Josh would usually answer with some totally insane opening like “Yankee stadium, third base,” or a tease of “You have to stop calling me or my boyfriend is gonna find out about us.” Dumb things like that seemed to always make Kyle laugh and he liked making him laugh. This time; however; Josh’s ‘hello’ was just one excited word: “Kylio!!”

“Joshie!!” rang back in his ears immediately.

Josh purred, “My Tigggger!”

Kyle’s deep voice seductively strung out, “My Pooooh.”

Other than a dual quick snicker from each, an eerie silence was all that was heard in both phones as each obviously struggled with what to say next. It wasn’t that both didn’t have an encyclopedia poised on their lips, but rather which volume to open up first. Kyle broke the barrier first.

“Umm…that was you, wasn’t it Josh?”

“Was me what?” was the tease Kyle heard back.

“Fuck you, studpuppy! You know damn well what I am talking about.” The laughter from both was the perfect ice breaker for Kyle’s next comment. “Joshua…say it to me…please. I need to hear it so I know I didn’t dream what I saw from the plane.”

“I love you Kyle. No wait. I love you and I am in love with you.”

The dead air in his ear that followed, shook Josh a little, but it finally was snapped with nearly the same exact words Kyle had softly spoken to the window of the plane as the sight of Josh holding the sign disappeared beneath the cottony clouds: “My sweet, sweet Joshua…I am in love with you too.” The new echoing silence in both their ears was created because neither knew the other was doing the very same thing at that moment…staring into space from behind tightly closed eye lids…visualizing being in each other’s arms naked and saying those words face to face.

Josh’s vision was the two of them at the farm…deep in the woods, beside the small steam-fed pool of water he considered his most special private spot. They had just finished making love on the picnic blanket after skinny dipping and the sun was high in the sky. He thought how much he was going to enjoy showing Kyle just where that place actually existed.

Kyle was seeing them cuddled so tightly together, behind the clumping of tall sea oats on the narrow sandy mini-beach that was at the water’s edge behind the house on the bay. It was midnight and even the full moon couldn’t outshine the glow on their faces after having made love under the stars…out in the open…right in front of the world and God too…even though no one was around to see them. ‘We are so going to make that special place ours someday soon,’ was the unshared goal he set.

“Whatchya thinkin’ about, Joshie?”

“I’ll tell you when I see you again, Kylio. What were you thinking, stud?”

“Same deal, babes…when I see you. But it was about us.”

They didn’t need the strange, mind meld to know they were both smiling large.

Just as Josh thought they were going to finally began to spill all sorts of things to each other, Cody’s head popped around the corner of the back of the building. “You’re up Josh…finally have a run to take.”

“Skip me Cody. I am talking to Kyle.”

“He had best be worth it man…it’s going to the people on Scotland Circle that tips $6 on their $24 order every time.”

“Peanuts compared to what this is worth to me right now, Codeman. Make whoever is up behind me real happy and tell them I said ‘Merry Christmas!’ “

“Sonbitch! You are turning down a guaranteed six buck score, five minutes from the shop? You must be in love!”

It wasn’t even a nano-second before Josh replied, “Oh hell, am I ever, Cody!” Josh shoed him away with a wave of his hand and went back to the call with Kyle.

“Joshie…there is so much I want to say to you right now, but…”

The inflection in Kyle’s voice and pause he tacked at the end of that opening made Josh swallow the ‘Me too’ he had intended to answer with. Instead he just asked, “But?”

“But we hit some serious turbulence and a nasty rain storm on the way up here. The pilot slowed us way down and shifted the flight plan some, and we ended up getting into Atlanta fifteen minutes çeşme escort late.” Josh listened as Kyle continued. “Then the gates were all stacked up and we lost another ten minutes getting to ours while waiting for a couple of other late boarding flights to move out.”


“Well baby…we barely have any layover now They already called the first class rows for my flight and that usually means all I have is maybe ten more minutes.” Josh didn’t reply. Kyle knew there was disappointment there, the same as he hoped his voice was telling Josh he was feeling it too. “I have so much I want to say and so much I want to hear you say. Hell…I need five minutes just to tell you how hard you made me with that damn sign!”

“I hope it is as hard as your voice is making me right now.” They both laughed and the mind meld silently told them they were both squeezing the lumps in their pants at the same moment right then. They both heard the other snicker.

“Kyle! Stop that!”


“I know you have your hand on it right now! Pervert!”

“And you don’t?”

Josh snickered again. Mind meld, ESP, whatever you wanted to call it…they both knew each other so well, and knew the words about their most deepest feelings they had finally shared with each other, was going to cause some very serious wood in both their pants and their minds, over the next ten days. “Yeah I do. But I am sitting behind the shop, in the dark, all by myself instead of in the middle of a crowded airport.”

“All that means is you can slip your hand down inside your pants and think about it being my lips and I have to get by with just squeezing mine under the carryon bag on my lap.”

“Oh no, you really aren’t!”

“Oh hell, yes I am!”

Josh looked around quickly and pushed his right hand between his smooth tummy and the waist band of his loose fitting cargos. He moaned a little as the tips of his fingers felt the burn of his blonde curlies. His hand snaked around the base of his thickness and he ran his thumb over the globs of moistness seeping from the slit of the mushroom. He pulled his hand back out quickly and rubbed the nearly clear whiteness on his upper lip, and then licked it into his mouth. “I am tasting your nectar right now, lover…and want that gorgeous man shaft of yours in my mouth so bad.” Another moan and his boy-on-the-way-to-manhood voice nearly made Kyle cum.

“Oh holy fuck, Josh. What I wouldn’t give to be with you at this very instant.”

“You are babes…right here with me on my knees making you feel like I always will…letting my mouth show you how much I really do love you.”

That visual caused Kyle to stealthily squeeze his lump again and softly utter, “And yours slipping in and out of my lips at the same time, baby.” Suddenly the only thing Kyle heard in his ears besides a deep moan and the same heavy breathing Josh was hearing at his end, was the loud crackle in the background of the airport intercom going off.

“Announcing the final boarding call for United flight 69 to Rochester, New York. Any passengers not on board, please proceed immediately to the gangway. FINAL CALL FOR FLIGHT 69 TO ROCHESTER, NEW YORK!”

“Dammit!” I have to go Joshie…right now.” Before Josh could get it out first, Kyle added “Love you and will call you when I land again baby.” He held the cell to his ear as he headed into the elevated, articulated tunnel to the plane’s door, refusing to say goodbye or snap it shut until he heard Josh’s voice one more time…or a stewardess forced him to. He didn’t have to wait long.

“I love you too Kyle. Always will.” Just as he added, “You almost made me cum,” he heard a female voice say, ‘Please end your call now, sir.’

Kyle couldn’t…and wouldn’t have if he could…explain to the flight attendant giving him the order, what his last words truly meant. “You almost made me too, baby…close enough that I will be joining the mile high club as soon as the fasten seat belt sign goes off.” The look of ‘Now, Sir!’ from the stew was strong enough that he only was able to add “Love you too,” before cutting off the call.

Josh stared at the phone in his hand, wondering what exactly the reference to the mile high club was all about for a few seconds before the knowing smile crossed his face. As he started to move off the picnic table, he was laughing out loud visualizing Kyle leaning against the wall of a cramped 747 bathroom, with his pants around his ankles and his eyes tightly closed as he worked himself to the finish of the thoughts they had just caused each other to have. Josh licked his lips and promised himself that he would help create the same vision for Kyle as soon as he got back to the house and could get naked and in bed. His wilting manhood twitched and oozed one more time as he planned to be smothering himself with Kyle’s pillow to be able to smell his scent while he slowly masturbated later. He then became a little sad when realized the only cuddling that would diyarbakır escort be going on for ten long days was going to be between the giant plush Tigger and Pooh that he last saw laying on the floor under the Christmas tree. His daydreaming was suddenly interrupted by Bryan.

“JOSH! Finish beating off or whatever you are doing out here! We are slammed out and Adam is screaming for you to help with the phones!”

The next couple of hours were far busier at the shop than expected, and when Josh finally headed for the house on the bay at almost 1am, he was still digesting the couple of text messages he had read from Kyle around 10:00. The first one was fairly generic: “Made it finally! Mom, dad, both sis’s, and grams are all here to meet me. Will text you when I can lover.” The next came shortly after. “Headed for the house and everyone already knows your name. We are in trouble. Grams is already planning the wedding! LOL”

The sudden thumping in his chest when he read that one, was a little disconcerting; but also somewhat welcomed because he it helped him finally accept that he knew there was no way he would get through very many minutes when he finally got home Christmas Eve not mentioning Kyle’s name to his family too. Hell…just pulling in driving Kyle’s Hummer guaranteed that! He laughed and then shivered when a little voice from somewhere told him, ‘Just like we have been with saying those oh so important words to each other…take it slow with the family…they love you too.’ A sudden calmness about all the fears of coming out to the people most important to him, washed over him. Josh smiled and clicked to the next message.

That one was time-stamped a good hour later. “Unloading the car while Mom nukes the veggies for the huge late dinner she had planned. Can’t stop thinking about you even for Mom’s cooking. LOL.” The next one was more mysterious. “Get your lap top at the dorm and text me when you get home and sign on to your AOL screen name.” The fourth and final one was just as unexplained: “No matter how late it is! It will be worth it baby. Promise! I love you.”

* * * * *

Josh grabbed a Coke from the fridge and a half dozen of the mini Hershey Special Dark candy bars out of the bag laying on the counter, and headed for the bedroom with the computer tucked under his arm. Kyle’s last couple of texts had him do a quick detour to the dorm room so he could snatch it along with a change of clothes before zipping on over to the house. Once he was in the spacious master suite, he opened the drapes so the full moon hanging romantically over the bay could provide a little light and feed the mood he was in. He then quickly stripped off everything but his boxers and stretched out across the big empty bed with the open lap top beside him. The screen began to glow and the familiar ‘You’ve Got Mail’ announcement filled his ears as AOL connected. A rapid move of the cursor showed just one from Kyle and he sent a quick, ‘I am on,’ text message before he opened it. The minute or so before Kyle’s first instant message took over the upper left hand corner, he was able to read the email.

“My dear sweet Joshua, ” was how it began. “I could re-write ‘War & Peace’ right now and still not tell you everything I want to say. Even though we are half a country apart right now, you are with me…in my mind and in my heart…and I will never, ever, ever let anyone else have what you now own. After what all happened at the airport, and that unbelievable stunt of yours at the end of the runway, I can’t imagine how hard the next 10 days are going to be for me. Well…I already know just ‘how hard’ they will be…LOL…for *both* of us I hope. ROTFLMAO…and tonight I hope you are open to how we can take care of whatever ‘pops up’. Talk to you soon baby. I love you! So very much!” Josh’s cheeks hurt from the smile that kept growing wider and wider on his face as he couldn’t stop reading how it was signed: “Your Kyle.”

Josh’s thoughts were short-circuited with the tiger growl coming thru the computer speaker announcing that his boyfriend had signed on. His almost naked body quivered as he heard it and looked over at the large plush Tigger toy sitting against the head board beside him. He had childishly grabbed it to hug in bed so that he didn’t feel completely alone, and just now realized hadn’t seen the Pooh one in the living room. He shrugged that thought off and concentrated on the words in the instant message that had just popped up.

“Hey pizzaboi!” was the first line; followed immediately with, “My name’s Tiggerboi…you looking to hook up for some late night fun?”

Josh giggled to himself and rapidly replied. “Wish I was able to because I am so horny… but my boyfriend is 1,000 miles from my hard cock right now. LOL.”

The instant reply to that was “Cool. I am hard as rock too and my boyfriend is far away right now too. I won’t tell him if you want to play though and help each other get off.” A winking emoticon was tacked on at the end.

“What you have in mind, Tiggerboi?

“Oh I dunno…you ever do cyber pizzaboi?”

Josh answered honestly. “No. What’s that?”

“LOL. Oh my gawd, a virgin! LOL,” appeared on Josh’s screen, along with a happy face with a big red tongue hanging out.

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