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This is the start to much more fun, exciting, hot, public adventures with Master. Thank You.


“Good morning, Sir.” I say as I get into his car and shut the door.

“Good morning, my dear.” He smirks at me.

“I’m so glad to see my Master today.” He puts his hand on my face and pulls me in close kissing me hard. I gasp as our lips meet his tongue moves along with mine.

He lets me go and says, “Sweet, little one…I’m glad to see you too.” I seem to be out of breath from his kiss. He starts up the car and pulls away.

“So, where are you taking me?” I ask as I shiver and grab his arm holding onto it for some warmth.

“Mmm, I’m not going to tell.”

“Aww, I don’t like surprises…kind of. Pleeeeease tell me, Sir.”

“No.” He quickly says keeping his eyes on the road while his hand moves down to my thigh and slowly up my skirt. I shift my body closer to him to give him better reach.

With no panties on he has full and easy access to my pussy…his pussy. His finger finds the opening to my vagina I gasp as he slowly slides two fingers in. “Please tell me where we’re going, Sir.”

“I said, no.” His voice was strict. I really want to know where we’re going so I try a different approach. I place my hand on his lap I could immediately feel his hard cock through his jeans. I slowly move my hand all over his cock also using my nails to trace his shape.

“Pleeeeease, tell me Sir.” His two fingers in my pussy began to go faster and deeper. I let out a moan.

“Do I have to repeat myself!?” I could hear the anger in his voice.

“No, no, Sir. I’m sorry. Ahhh! Okay, okay, please stop.” I place my hand on his and tried to stop his hard thrusts but he’s too strong and that only made it worse and he went faster.

“Remove your hand.” I didn’t want to upset him anymore so I did as I’m told and moved my hands to his arm firmly gripping him tight. “Mmmm, you think you can get me to tell you where we’re going by seducing me and touching my cock?”

Faster he went, “No, no, no, I’m sorry Sir. Ahhh! Please, pleeeease stoooop!” I place my mouth on his should muffling my scream. His fingers came to a stop deep inside my pussy. I was breathing heavy and still gripping onto his arm as we came to a stop at stoplights.

“Look at all of these people.” I opened my eyes and looked out the window at people walking around outside a busy shopping center. “None of them have any idea what I’m doing to you.”

I giggled, “Yeah, they sure don’t.” I seemed to still be out of breath and his fingers were still inside of me. “You amaze me Sir, how you can drive while doing this to me.” The light turned green and we were still on our way to the unknown location. His fingers quickly pulled out of me making me gasp.

“Come closer and over me, undo my pants and bring my cock out.”

“Yes, Sir.” I turned to my side and onto my knees mom porn placing my hands on his pants then I brought out his cock.

“Would you like to know where we’re going…suck my cock and see if you can get me to tell you.” I licked my lips and wrapped them around his cock immediately sucking his cock down my throat and pulling back up then sucking it back down.

I repeated over and over picking up pace, sucking his cock deep down my throat and pulling out. I was so focused on sucking I forgot to use my tongue so I began to move my tongue around while sucking in his cock fast and deep. He lets out a moan and his hand moves down my back onto my butt and up my skirt finding my clit.

His finger starts working on my clit making me moan while I start sucking his cock even faster. His fingers become too intense that I slow down my sucking and pull his cock all the way out, “Pleeeeease, Sir…where are we going?”

“Mmmm, good girl. But, we’re already here.” I sit up and look out to see us parked outside of a sex store.

“Sir, you’re taking me to my first sex store?” I said in shock.

He looks at me, “Yes…I want you to behave yourself in there. Do you understand me Lauren?”

I giggle. “Yes Sir. What, do you think I’ll be a bad girl for you in public?”

“You better not.” We both get out of the car and I fix my skirt. He comes around and grabs my hand and leads me into the store. I gasp as the first thing I see are giant dildos.

He smirks and we start moving further into the store. There’s one employee at the cash register and I can only see two other men in the store. My eyes move on everything, I could feel my face turning red and I bite my lip to hold in my giggles. I feel like a kid in a candy store everything catches my eye and fascinates me.

“Holy shit! That is a huge buttplug!” I say a bit too loud and immediately could feel eyes on my back and he squeezes my hand.

He leans into my ear and says, “Naughty girl embarrassing her Master…maybe I should buy this buttplug and punish you with it.”

I gasp, “No, no, please don’t Sir.” I wasn’t whispering and I could see a man out of the corner of my eye watching us.

“Yes, I’m going to buy it. Now, grab the buttplug and hold onto it.”

“No.” I pout and look down at my hands too afraid to look at him.

He moves his lips to my ear, “I want you to get on your knees now.”

I turn and look at him, “In here?”

“Yes, on your knees…now.” He demanded. I keep my eyes on his and slowly kneel to the ground. He looks down at me, “You’ve been naughty, what do you say?”

“I’m sorry Sir. I can be a good girl for you.” He smirks and holds out his hand, “Up.” I grab his hand and move back onto my feet. “Now, grab the buttplug.”

I turn my head and look into his eyes and pout, “This one is too big for me. Can you at least buy a smaller one? Pleeeease, Sir. That’s all I’m asking and mobil porno I’ll be good for you. This one really scares me.”

“Hmm, that gives me an idea.” We walk over by collars. “I need to buy you a collar. But, you haven’t earned it yet. We are going to buy something today that scares you and will push you to your limits and when I use it on you…you might earn your collar.”

“Oh crap…ok Sir.”

He grabs a black collar and puts it on me, “Perfect fit.” He takes it off then says, “Ok, start looking for something that scares you.” We end up back over by the buttplugs and I pick out one that’s big and has different vibrate settings. We checkout with the collar, buttplug, and lube which he tells me to always keep in my purse. We leave the store and walk across the street to a coffee shop. He’s still holding my hand and leads me to the back into the one person bathroom locking the door behind. I put my purse down, “On your knees.” I get on them immediately and he already has his cock out.

I take ahold of it licking my lips and wrapping them around the head. I slowly suck his cock down my throat twirling my tongue all around. I slowly pull out never taking his cock out of my mouth then sucking it slowly back down going in deeper every time. I repeat over and over until his cock makes me gag I then pick up speed.

He lets out a moan and moves his hands into my hair taking two fists full. He starts taking over pushing my head in hard and pulling my hair bringing my head back out. I have no control anymore so I let my jaw hang open and he goes faster fucking my mouth hard. I place my hands on his thighs, “Keep your hands behind your back.” He quickly says. I do as I’m told but can’t keep them there and they end up moving back to his thighs.

He pulls my head back hard, “Naughty girl.” He turns around and grabs his belt, “Put your hands behind your back.” I obey. He wraps his belt around my wrist and firmly ties them tight. He takes ahold of my hair again I already have my mouth open and ready he shoves his cock down my throat picking up pace fucking my mouth hard.

He moans and says, “Such a naughty girl today. This is what you get for talking too loud in the store.” He slows down taking deep, slow, thrust in my mouth making me gag. At each thrust in he says, “Very. Naughty. Girl. Your. Mouth. Gets. Punished.” He comes to a stop with his cock deep down my throat. “Look at me.” I look up into his eyes. “Did you learn your lesson for talking too loud?”

“Mmm-hmm. Yes Sir.” My words are muffled but he can make it out.

“Good.” He pulls his cock all the way out and I’m out of breath. “Stand up.” I slowly get up and he takes ahold of me bending me cover the counter and lifting up my skirt. “Are you going to be too loud in the bathroom?”

“I might Sir.”

“Are your panties in your purse like I told you to do?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He grabs my panties out of my purse xnxx porno and puts them in my mouth. I am now tied up and gagged. “This will muffle you but my dear, please try to be quiet.” I shake my head yes. His finger goes down on my pussy finding my opening and goes inside, “Mmm, good girl already wet for her Master to fuck her.”

He places the head of his cock at my opening and slowly goes in making me moan. He holds it in deep and takes a grip on my hips and slowly pulls out his cock but never pulling out all the way. He repeats over and over again going very slow as if he’s teasing me.

“Please go faster Sir.” I try to say through my balled up panties.

“Faster you say?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He laughs, “Be careful what you wish for.” He immediately picks up pace and I’m already regretting what I said. I want to moan loud and scream but I have to hold it back. I’m usually a loud girl in the bedroom so this is very much a challenge for me and all I can do is moan quietly. “Look at me.” He grabs my hair pulling it back hard and lifting up my head to look at him through the mirror. “Do you want me to slow down?”

Two tears fall from my face. “Yes, please Sirrrrr!” I try to put my head back down on the counter but he holds my hair tight and goes even faster. “Noooo!”

“Then beg me to slow down.”

I look into his eyes, “Please, pleeeeeeease, Sir slow down.”

“Not good enough.” His thrusts become deeper.


“I told you not to be loud!” He says and smacks my ass. I hold back my loud moan. I’m still looking into his eyes, “Please Sir. Please Sir. I’ll do anything Sir! Anything for you!” He lets out a moan and I can feel him cum inside of me. His thrust began to slow down a bit and he lets go of my hair. I fall back onto the counter breathing deeply through my panties. “Thank you Sir. Thank you Sir. Can I please cum Sir?”

His thrusts not too fast continue as his hands move around to my chest unbuttoning my blouse and revealing my bra. His hands go underneath and his fingers find my nipples pinching them. I moan, “Can I please cum Sir? Please, Sir?” He fingers pinch and twist them as his thrust continue.

I lift my head up looking at him in the mirror, “Pleeeeease Sir let me cum! Please! Please!” His thrusts get faster as one of his hands lets go of my nipple and wraps around my neck gripping tightly.

His thrust fast and deep, “You may cum.” I cum exactly after he tells me and I keep my moans quiet. He lets go of my neck his hand moves back to my breast both of his hands grasp them as his cock comes to a stop deep inside of me. “Thank you Sir. Thank you.”

He lets go of me and takes the panties out of my mouth I gasp for air. He pulls his cock out of me, “Onto your knees and clean off my cock.” I slowly make my way onto my knees feeling pain from him being rough. I only use my tongue licking all up and down his cock getting up every last drop of our juices and swallowing.

Then my lips go around his head and quickly sucking his cock down my throat using my tongue to lick up anymore juices. I slowly pull out and suck back in deeply swallowing everything. I continue over and over until he says, “Good girl, you can stop now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32