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Big Tits

My name is Chris and I like to work out with weights. I got tired of going to a gym with all the egos there, so I set up my own little workout area. I got a bench and a free weight set and placed them in my garage. One Saturday I was lifting when the next door neighbor came to the garage door.

His name was Ryan. He was eighteen, tall and thin as a rail.

“I wished I looked like you Chris,” he told me.

“If you work out long enough you can build your muscles up,” I told him.

Ryan asked if he could work out with me. I told him he could and we started out slow. Ryan did all I told him to do such as using proper form. When we finished working out I saw Ryan eying me up. Unfortunately, he wasn’t looking at my chest.

I saw Ryan looking at my shorts. I didn’t wear a shirt when lifting, I just had a tight pair of shorts on. Ryan was giving me a close look it seemed.

“You like what you see?” I asked Ryan.

“You were looking at my crotch,” I said to him.

Ryan’s face got red so I knew I had caught him looking. I went over and closed the garage door and then I motioned Ryan into the family room. Ryan had a puzzled look on his face. Once we were in the family room I slowly pulled my shorts down to the floor.

Ryan’s eyes looked like they were bulging out.

“Take your trunks off,” I told him.

I think Ryan was reluctant, 18 yaş porno but he did as I asked. There we both stood with out dicks out. I am about six and one half inches in length and my cock is thick. Ryan was actually long than me, but his cock was on the thin side. I walked over to Ryan and knelt before him. I took his cock in my hand and brought it to my lips.

I surrounded Ryan’s dick and took him down my throat. You should have heard Ryan. He was moaning and begging me to suck him. I took his rod down to the root. I was gagging a little, but he tasted so hot. Ryan was fully erect now and he felt huge in my mouth. It was making my eyes water a bit.

I must have got Ryan a little too excited. After a few minutes I heard Ryan groan and he unloaded down my throat. I almost choked on all his hot seed flowing down to my belly. I drank all of his offering and then I pulled off. Ryan looked like he had died and went to heaven. I figured it was my turn now.

I pulled Ryan over to the couch. I had him get onto his back. Ryan had this concerned look on his face, but it was time for him to become a man. I spread his legs and I got in between his thighs. I took my cock in hand and guided it to his virgin hole and I pushed in.

Ryan cried out that it hurt. I told him it would hurt for just a little bit. I slowly eased in past 3d porno his rim. God, he felt so good! His ass muscles were gripping me as I fed him more of my dick. Eventually I got all of my prick into his tight bowels.

I started to stroke Ryan’s ass. My ball sacs were slapping against his cheeks. That always makes me crazy when I hear that sound. I started to fuck Ryan harder now. I pounded his hole as deeply as I could. Sometimes I would just rest my cock inside Ryan just to let him feel how thick my cock felt inside him.

There was lots of moaning and pleading after we got going. Ryan got over the initial pain and he begged me to make him my lover. There was no doubt I was going to make him all mine.

“I am going to mark you with my cock Ryan, no one else can have you now.”

I thought Ryan would go crazy when I told him this. His ass muscles were clenching me hard as I ever felt. I knew this was going to be some hot fucking from now on. I must have been hitting Ryan’s prostate. His cock was standing straight up and he finally started to spurt straight up in the air. His cum hit his chest, spattering all over.

That pushed me over the edge. I drove my cock into Ryan and I let go. I shot one load after another deep into Ryan’s ass. I kept thrusting and giving all my white hot juice. Ryan’s body was shaking beneath me. I Porno 64 video could tell he felt the heat of my love offering. I kept giving Ryan my cock for a few minutes longer until I started getting soft.

I slowly withdrew my dick and I thought Ryan would go nuts. My cock came out with a plopping noise. I lowered myself and we both had a long, hot kiss together. We eventually got cleaned up and had a talk. I told Ryan no one could know what we had done. Ryan said he understood.

Ryan said he hoped we could do that again soon, maybe he could fuck me as well. I told him that was a possibility. Ryan and I continued our workouts. After we finished we always made love. It normally started out that we sucked each others cock. We would get in a 69 position and make each other hard.

I did let Ryan use my ass with his cock. I hadn’t been fucked in some time and when he entered me I felt pain. Ryan wasn’t a gentle lover. He loved to ram my ass and take me hard. That seven inches drove me over the edge more than one time. He had such large loads that he squirted into my bottom.

More often than not, I ended up giving Ryan the fucking he wanted and deserved. He ass just felt so good surrounding my cock. We always fucked bareback. Skin on skin just feels so good. Ryan thinks so too.

The summer went fast and Ryan was heading off to college. I only get to see him on holiday breaks now. I think that Ryan has found himself a lover at school and that is okay with me. I know things like that never last forever. I too have managed to find another man to share with, someone in our neighborhood. More on that the next time I write.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32