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You discovered what I had done last night and you were completely furious. You told me I would be punished for disobeying a direct order. You told me I was not to flirt with anyone at the party last night yet I could not resist. I could not resist grinding up against the guys as we danced. I never thought it would get back to you but you must have had a spy at the party because this morning I woke up to this e-mail from you.

Morning slut,

You have been a very bad girl. I am very disappointed in you . You can not even obey a simple order. Now you will be punished for blatantly disobeying me.

When I come home tonight, you will be on your knees facing the door. I want you to wear the black lace bra and thong. You know the set I bought you for Christmas. I also want your hands handcuffed behind your back.

I will be home by five, you had better be ready or else I will punish you even worse.

Your Master

I spend most of my day making sure that all of my chores are done so that you did not have any other reasons to be angry with me. Suddenly I look at the clock and realize it is four o’clock and that you will be home in an hour.

I race towards the bathroom . I turn the shower on while I grab my shaving cream and razor. Then I jump into the shower, I know that if I don’t shave myself completely bare you will not be happy at all. I make sure that there is not hair anywhere on my arms, legs, or pussy.

When I am finished with the shower, I jump out tecavüz porno and quickly towel off. I grab my brush and pull my hair back in a ponytail. You love my hair this way because it makes it easier for you to pull my head back in order to emphasize any point that you are trying to make.

Then I rush into our bedroom hoping that is not going to be difficult to find the lingerie that you want me to wear because it is already four thirty and you will be home in a half an hour. If I am not in the position you ordered me to be in then I will surely suffer your wrath and I am in enough trouble. Thankfully it does not take long to find it. I quickly slip on the thong adjust the g-string in my ass. Then I clasp myself into the bra and make sure that my breasts are placed perfectly in the cups. I take a glance at the clock. It is four fifty. “Oh shit.” You will be home in ten minutes. I grab the handcuffs from the top drawer of the nightstand next to our bed and run downstairs.

When I reach the bottom, I kneel down and clasp my hands behind my back. Now all I can do is wait for you to come home. I do not have long to wait because shortly after I kneel down I can hear the key in the lock of the front door.

You place your briefcase on the table near the door and hang your coat on the coat hook. “Good girl you did exactly what your master told you to . You do know that this does not excuse your disobedience last night.”

“Yes master.”

“You 18 porno must still be punished for what you did last night.”

” I know. I was very bad girl.”

“Now my slut, you stand up and follow me into the living room. My favorite show is coming on. You will sit on the floor and do exactly as I tell you to. First though I will unlock you handcuffs.”

I follow you into the living room and sit down on the floor at your feet . I look up at you awaiting further instructions.

“I think I could use a foot stool. Get on your hands and knees . You will stay in this position until I tell you that you may move.” I kneel down on my hands and knees as you put your feet on my back. I stay in this position throughout the entire hour long show. “How does it feel to be a human foot stool?”

“Embarrassing Master. My back is also beginning to ache. Can I please change positions?”

“I am glad this is embarrassing to you because maybe you have gotten a taste what I felt last night. Yes you may get off your hands and knees. Lay your body across my lap.”

I do exactly what my master tells me to. Suddenly I felt his hand come down up my bare ass. I jump a bit off his lap.

“Did I tell you that you could move?”

“No sir,” I yelp as he swats my ass again.

“Then don’t you dare move another inch. Do you understand me?” He hit my other cheek to emphasize his point.

“Yes sir.”

“Ten more slaps and I think you should konulu porno sufficiently have learned your lesson. I want you to count them for me. You know how excited I get if I count I may just lose track.” He slammed his hand down on my left butt cheek.

I winced but quickly said, “One.”

“Good girl,” Master said. His next blow came down upon my right.


He alternated cheeks as he continues to spank me until he was down to the final two blows. ” You were such a naughty girl last night I think that these last two blows need to be somewhere that you will remember for a long time. Flip over my bad little slut.”

I cringe yet I do exactly as I am told. I know exactly where he intends to land those final two spanks.

He ran his finger along my slit. “You are truly a slut. You’re soaking wet. Well let’s see of you enjoy this.” With that he raised his hand and let it slam down upon my highly aroused pussy.

My body jumped upward and I let out a gasp.

“You forget to count that one that means I’m going to have to do it over. He slapped my pussy lips again.

“Nine,” I practically moaned.

“Okay, this is the last one. Let’s see where should I smack you next. Maybe I should just stop at nine, teased just enough to get my guard down. He let the final blow come down right across my highly sensitive clit. “So have we learned our lesson my slut?”

“Yes master,” I said.

“Will we ever be flirting with random men again?”

“No master.”

“Good now let’s get to bed.”

“But master I am still so very horny.”

“No buts . It is time for bed I have a long say tomorrow and need my sleep.”

“Yes Master.” This must be another part of my punishment I thought to myself as we head to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32