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Punishment for Piggy Ch 2

A kinky professor disciplines his submissive wife.

**** Big Blue ****

The painful rod had taken its toll on the pretty woman’s big butt. The shapely cheeks glowed with a ruby flame of color. Frank Acosta had left his design of angry streaks across his wife’s round bottom. She sat on the floor, whimpering, with her knees bent and her legs tucked under her sore butt. Most of her accoutrements lay on the floor now, all except the rubber pigs nose.

I glanced at Ralph. What the fuck? McRalphster looked like he had camping tent in his pants. A large, family sized tent. ” ‘ The hell?” I thought, “was he like, spawn of Johnny Holmes, or something?

“You see, gentlemen,” Frank began, “You see the lengths I go to, for the sake of my marriage.”

Frank slipped into his easy chair, and wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead. He picked up his whiskey glass. “All for love, all for love.” The man studied the cocktail glass. He admired the way the ice cubes had melted into smooth ice sculptures in the golden brown, sour mesh. He gave the glass a swirl, and eased it back. “Ahh,” he said, with a satisfied smack of his lips, ” now THAT’S good whiskey.”

“The Modern Woman has been GIVEN too much.”

It seemed the nutty professor was in a mood to lecture.

“The result is a weakening of the social fabric. A narcissistic, spoiled, entitled, malaise has developed. A bitchiness—the Alpha Male must keep a sharp lookout, and nip it in the bud, at the first sign of trouble. I call it, the Little Princess Syndrome.”

“WHOA.” Ralph nodded his head, and listened intently, as if Frank was some wise old guru, passing his teachings on to the next generation.

Frank continued. “If you’re not careful, before you know it, you’ve got a nasty little cunt on your hands.”

“FUCKIN’ WORD, YO!!” the Ralphster agreed. “I had this biziatch one time, and you know, she was all chilled at first, ya know what I’m sayin’, but then, she went all “Cunticus” over me smokin’ me herbs at her sister’s wedding. Ya believe that shit? OK, so maybe I did reek a little, ya know what I’m sayin’, but still. Fuckin’ BULLSHIT.”

The professor cut Ralph off. “And worse, the disease is extremely contagious. Get a bunch of women together, and soon the BITCHINESS has spread like wildfire! Beware, young man, beware.”

“Biziatches’ll drive you FUCKIN’ CRAZY!!” Wigger Ralph intoned. “Bitch wouldn’t even give up the PUSSY that night!” He put a spark to his glass pipe. The professor took another slow sip of the aged Tennessee whiskey. He offered us the bottle.

“I gotta drive, Frank,” I said, and declined, but the Wigger gladly accepted another pour. The professor eloquently waxed on.

“They’ll vow to cherish and love, then shred a heart into a 1000 pieces.” He twirled the glass again. “They’ll promise to stay forever, then walk away with a smile.” He wet his lips with another sip. “You two will learn, someday. All men do.” He sucked an ice cube from the glass, and crushed the ice with his teeth.

As I listened to Frank, I noticed the Ralphster discreetly touching himself. His eyes were glued to the blonde wife. I’d swear that fuck wit had a gym sock crammed down his pants.

The pretty lady sat of the floor, still whimpering, but softer now. She wore her long straight blonde hair in a bang cut across her forehead. She had a deep, golden brown, country club tan, except for the bikini lines, which gave way to soft, lily white breasts with large red nipples, and a cute white panty V at her waist. The way she sat on the floor gave me just the briefest view of her cute feminine pink lips. It was driving me wild.

Frank was still going off, expressing the age old complaints of the specie; human male.

“They are a desirous, restless breed—this creature known as woman. No man could possibly understand. Only a fool would ever try. They are as treacherous as a viper, as fickle as the wind, and as beautiful as a dream.” Frank looked at his wife, whimpering on the white carpet. As he sipped another taste of the smokey mountain whiskey, a grimace came to his face.

“A little wood shed time, with a firm father figure, is the quite possibly the only hope we have left.” His eyes were fixed on his sexy submissive wife. She looked up at him. The couple’s eyes locked. Her large, beautiful green eyes bore into his soul.

Frank suddenly got out of his chair, overcome with emotion, and knelt at her side. “Still, we love them!” xslot He wrapped his arms around the woman. “In spite of the pain, WE LOVE THEM!!” He hugged his wife.

Frank seemed to have transformed from stern disciplinarian, to caring, loving, regretful husband. He tenderly held her head to his chest. Maybe guilt had gotten the best of him, I wondered.

“Why? Because we are MEN— and we are powerless to resist,” his eyes went down to her sweet hanging tits . . . “their charms and spells.”

“There, there,” he softly said, “Shuuuuu, there, there now.” He stroked her blonde hair with a tender touch. Frank lifted her pretty face to his. “You know I only do it because I love you.” The blonde trophy wife nodded her head yes, then threw her arms around her husband.

The couple pressed their wet lips together and shared a long passionate kiss. One of Frank’s hands went to the blonde’s chest. He softly caressed the hard red nipples. I saw Frank’s tongue stick out under his thick black mustache, and plow deep into the woman’s wet mouth. Geez, were these two kinksters fixing to commence to fucking, right here in front of Ralph and I?

His hand worked its way down between the woman’s legs. She groaned as his fingers found their way to her magic spot. She sucked the man’s tongue as it darted in and out of her mouth. He finally broke off the kiss and looked deep into her eyes. He re-adjusted the rubber pigs nose on her pretty face.

“There, there, my little piglet.” Frank pulled over a brown, padded leather ottoman to center of the soft white rug. “Here you go, Sweetheart,” he patted the leather seat, “we’re not quite done yet.”

Frank reached in his shopping bag once more, and what he pulled out, made both Ralph and I chuckle. “I bought you a little something.”

“OH WOW,” Ralph said, in a stoney haze. Big Blue—the package was named. There was a picture of a cop on the cover.

She looked at him, stunned. She looked over at the small ottoman, then back at him again. Her jaw fell open. She gave her long hair a shake.

“C’mon, over you go.” Frank cheerily said. The woman looked at the object in Frank’s hand.

“No, please, Frank, not, not that. . .not with them here.”

“OVER YOU GO!” Frank said, with more authority in his voice.

“Ooooh,” the woman moaned. The scrunched up, pouting face returned to the pretty lady. She looked back once more at her husband, then obediently perched herself over the padded leather ottoman. The sheer black panty hose hugged her long legs, up to the thighs. She lay on her stomach, with her tits hanging off one side, and her ass hanging off the other. Her delightful butt faced right at me. When she looked up, the mirror stared right back at her pretty piggy face.

“Open those legs!” Frank said. She spread her knees wide. Ralph and I both shifted in our seats. Me own trousers had grown a little tight.

“Reach back and spread you butt for us, sweetheart.”

“FRANK!!” she protested, but still. Her bottom had a soft red glow to it, but the flames had died down a bit, since her thrashing. She had a nice butt, big, but not too big, just a pleasant, round set of cheeks. The kind that made you want to bury a hard dick, or a wet tongue, right in the middle. She reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks wide apart.

“That’s my little piggy!”

The lady had no more secrets. I could see it all. She had a sexy, furry pussy with a triangle of honey blonde hair surrounding two big pussy lips. A long pink, meaty clitoris perfectly divided her hairy twat, a nice pink piece of bubble gum. Between the sexy butt cheeks, she had the cutest little golden brown asshole. In the mirror, we could see her pretty red face and her long blonde hair. Two big tits spilled over the ottoman, and hung down towards the floor.

“As I said, we’re powerless to resist, their beautiful charms and powerful spells.” Frank looked at me with a grin.

“Sweet!” The Ralphster blurted, with his hand in his lap.

“Yes,” Frank agreed, “it is sweet.” He looked at his hot wife. “now—it’s FUCK time!”

“Ooooooooh,” the woman groaned, again. She looked up at the mirror with her sheepish face. Ralph shot me a wild eyed look.

Frank picked up his new toy he had pulled from his bag of tricks. In his hand he waved a long, fat, bright blue rubber dildo. The sapphire phallus appeared to be 8 or 9 inches long, and was a “real fat fucker,” according to the cop on the package cover. Frank xslot Giriş causally packed two C sized batteries into the big dildo. He twisted the cap on the obscene sex toy. HUUUUMMMMM. A low vibrating hum filled the room. Frank took his place behind his wife.

“Now, Miss Piggy, do you know WHY you’re gonna get FUCKED?”

“OH, FRANK! Be, because I’ve been a naughty little PORKER!”

Frank pressed the large rubber dick head to the lady’s damp pussy.

“Oooooooh!” she squirmed. “No, Frank! NO!” He massaged the rubber wang all around the wet little hole, then pressed it right on her pouting clitoris. HUUUUMM.

“OHHHHHHHH!!!” The lady groaned, her eyes got even wider. “Owww, no, Frank, don’t,” she pouted and pouted, her pretty face began to glow.

But Frank was a man on a mission. He worked the vibrator up and down on her pussy. He was getting her all juiced up, whether she liked it or not. HUUUMMMM.

“OHHH FRANK!!” Her face was beet red now. Her round butt squirmed and twitched.

“Oooh! Ahh! NO! EEE! DON’T!” She made little high pitched protests. She was creaming up real good, we could hear it.

“Let’s hear you, sweetheart! Tell me again!”

“OOOHHHH!!!,” she squealed as the dildo buzzed and hummed on her panting clit. “I’ve been a, a, OOOHHH!—- A naughty little, EEEHH!! Piggy, oink, oink oink!”

Frank, pressed the fat blue dildo to the cute pink pussy. The sapphire cock split the soft soaking wet lips, and burrowed its way up inside her little honeyed cunt.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!” she cried, and looked up in the mirror with wide eyes.

“Tell me again, SWEETHEART!” In went the big dildo.

“OOOOHH!” The woman’s mouth was in a big O shape, and her eye brows raised high on her pretty face.

Frank began to work the dildo further and further inside the woman. In, then out, then in and out again, a little deeper each stroke. Frank turned the vibrator up to high. BUUZZZ. The loud hum filled the room.

“Oh, Frank, PLEASE!” she cried. The rubber dick explored new territory, deeper and deeper. “OH, OH, OH, OH, OH.”

“Brendan, hand me the Dragon’s Tail, if you will,” he asked me, as if he was asking for the salt shaker. The supple leather rod lay on the floor where Frank had dropped it.

“NO, FRANK! UUH, UUH, UUH,” she moaned and grunted on each deep stroke. Her tight pink pussy was taking the big flexible dong now, hiding it over and over.

I handed the punishment rod to Frank. “I can’t hear you!” he said, and popped the rod down on her upturned butt.


Frank buried the humming dildo deep. Tap tap tap. “Reach back now, Miss Piggy,” tap tap tap tap tap, “reach back and hold Mr. Dildo nice and deep!”

“OH, FRANK!” The lady reached between her legs and held the humming cock deep up her jammed pussy.

“Don’t worry, Miss Piggy, Daddy’s gonna see to it you really learn your lesson well.”

Frank lay the rod across her unturned butt cheeks, then gave a flick of his wrists. Tap tap rap tap tap. He give her a series of light taps,and punctuated it with a sharper THWACK here and there. “Now get busy! Fuck your hot little twat for us!” THWACK!

“OWWWW, OH FRANK!,” she pleaded, with a grimace across her pretty face. She began working the dildo in and out, and around and around, with her arm under her stomach, and her hand busy at her puss. She wiggled the big hummer–crammed deep up her cunt. She let out a loud groan.

“C’mon, put on a good show for the boys. Show us all what a hot horny little slut you can be.”

“AHHH,” the lady moaned in shame, pain, and mainly pleasure.

“Tell me again, Miss Piggy!” Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

“I’ve been a naughty, OHHHH, little,” THWACK, “OOOOOH, PIGGY, OINK!, OINK! OINK!—-OOOHHHH!!” The lady was starting to breath deep and heavy. Her round butt jiggled side to side and she wiggled the blue fucker in and out of her wet pussy.

“FRANK!. . .please. . . uuh, uuh, please, uuh, uuh. . . PLEASE FUCK ME, SIR!”


By now the whole scene was surreal as hell, and I was in the middle of some Fellini S&M movie. I was feeling a little light headed. The whiskey and the weed weren’t helping. I think all the blood had gone to my dick. Next, things turned downright tripy.

Frank causally dropped his robe! He stood, in the nude, with only some jet black socks on his feet. A sea of dark-gray hair covered his chest, stomach xslot Güncel Giriş and legs. He had a slightly bulge to his stomach, but it wasn’t too bad, for an old man. A thick ol’ slab of meat hung down. It looked like Frank had some serious dick dangling between his legs.

I glanced at Ralph. He had a stoney hazed expression on his fat face, and his mouth lagged open—- the slobbering dog.

Frank pulled a chair up in front of the woman face and had a seat. She was face to face with his hairy cock and balls. He grabbed a handful of her long pretty blonde hair, and pulled her face between his legs.

“OH!” she protested as her face was jammed into his hairy crotch.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU, MISS PIGGY.” THWACK! The woman’s voice was more muffled now, but we could still make out her words. her pretty face was pressed tight to his hot cock and balls.

“I’ve been a uh, uh, uh, naughty little uh, uh piggy! OINK! OINK! OINK!”

Frank’s dick was rapidly hardening to a long fat erection. It was flopped across the blonde’s face.


Frank sported a long, thick, cock, with a big crown head. It was dark brown with thick veins pulsing down the side. His balls were a dark, tight wrinkled pouch, and he had a thick forest of black pubes. He was a hairy fucker, that’s for sure. TAP TAP TAP.

“I’ve been a, naughty LITTLE PIGGY OINK! OINK! OINK!”

He bounced the punishment rod up and down on her nice round ass cheeks.

“OOOHH—PLEASE!! PUNISH this LITTLE PORKER! OINK OINK OINK!” He bounced his heavy cock against her face. “OH FRANK! I”M GONNA, I’M GONNA . . .”




“LET’S HEAR IT!!!” Frank snarled.

Her whole body shook and trembled. “OINK! OINK! OINK! OINK! OINK! OINK! OINK! OINK!”


A huge orgasm racked through the woman’s body in a wash of pleasure, pain and thrilling submissive humiliation. Her big butt bounced around and her hand crammed the brutal dildo deep up her aching pussy.

“OINK! OINK! OINK! OINK! YEEESSSSS, OHHHH!!!!” I watched her big ass jiggle on the foot stool, as she had her big come.

“GOOD PIGGY!,” Frank said, and packed his demanding dick into her hot mouth. “Now here is your reward!”

“Ummmm,” she squealed, and her nostrils flared as she panted. Frank kept his fat dick plugged in the lady’s wet mouth.

“SUCK SOME COCK, SWEETHEART! Nice and hard and DEEP! That’s my good slut!”

“UUUUMMMMM!!” she groaned and moaned. Frank watched the mouth work it’s magic on his throbbing cock. Up and down the hot shaft she worked her full red lips and sweet sucking mouth.

“THAT’S A’ GIRL” He popped his ass with the rod, soliciting a muffled squeal of protest.

The submissive wife seemed to be lost in the activity now. Her cheeks hollowed out as she performed her long sensual blow job. She bounced her pretty head up and down the thick shaft, her mouth stretched wide open. She sucked and licked his throbbing dickhead. She went down lower to his hairy testicles. She planted wet kisses all over his aching balls, then sucked the tight wrinkled sack into her wet mouth.

“YEAH—,” Frank groaned.

She ran her soft tongue up his dick before engulfing the hot cock in her warm sucking mouth, yet again. Soon, I watched her bury the hard cock deep in her throat, until her pretty nose came to rest in his thick patch of black pubic hairs. She gagged a little before moving her mouth back up the rod. Frank sat back with a contented grin.

“Ummm, Miss Piggy sucks a MEAN COCK.” Frank sighed, and watched his wife as as she pleasured his stiff unit with her mouth. “SUCK IT GOOD, BABY! THAT’S a good little slut!” The wet slurping sounds filled the room.

She labored on and on with her task—- sucking, licking, and fully throating his manhood. We all watched her pretty face and red lips suck up and down the hot slab of cock, over and over again. After a few minutes, she shuddered, and came again on the buzzing phallus, this time with her mouth full of cock, as she hummed a soft little tune. Tap tap tap tap. Her long, sensuous, hot, mouthing must have gone on for a good 10 or 15 minutes.

Frank finally pulled his urgent, wet cock from her lips and held it in front of her face.

“Now,” he looked at his pretty wife, “what happens to little piggies, dear?” Frank asked.

“OHH, they, they get. . .fucked, SIR!” Her big green eyes were glued to her dom husband’s fat throbbing wet dick.

“Umm hmm, and where do naughty PORKERS get fucked, sweetheart?”

A pained expression came to the blonde’s face. Her lower lip stuck out, and her cheeks glowed bright red.

“Ooooooh—-IN THE BUTT, SIR!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32