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“What do you want from me?!” she whispered hoarsely, her voice quavering.

“You KNOW what I want!” he answered, his body pressed up against her, his warm breath made the hair on the nape of her neck flutter.

“I can’t do that, and you know it ….” she was almost begging now – begging him to back down.

But he was not going to be denied – not this time. He knew she was ready, she was just afraid, and a little fear in this instance was a good thing. Makes the heart beat a little harder, the skin flush.

He had been working her up to this point of submission for a long time – mostly by making her read erotic writings, watch videos, look through magazines. He had talked her through what he wanted. She knew the drill – – they had played lots of Dom/sub bedroom games – – but she had always managed to melt his heart just at the critical moment of pushing the envelope.

He took her shoulders into his strong hands, nuzzling at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. “You’re gonna give it to me tonight, babe,” he told her. “And you’re gonna love what I make you do, and what it will do to you when I get you there!”

She began to tremble in earnest now. ‘Good girls don’t do this’ It was her mother’s voice that kept chorusing in her head. ‘Good girls hate sex. They never spread their legs, never cum, never let their lovers take them to new heights … and they CERTAINLY don’t do THIS!’ She shook her head, trying to clear her mother’s voice from it.

The head toss inflamed him, “So you say no?! Don’t you trust me?!” He turned her, almost viciously, holding her firmly by the shoulders and looking into her eyes.

“Yes, I trust you,” she said, lowering her eyes. Yes, she knew the drill.

“Prove it,” he said. “Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

This was the easy part. She liked the power of taking his flaccid cock into her soft, warm mouth and feeling it grow and pulse with life. She liked hearing his moans, feeling his hands in her soft hair guiding her movements. She liked watching his hands as he touched himself while she sucked him.

She wasn’t a swallower … which he had made mental note to work on .. but she didn’t mind being covered with his cum as the head of his cock expanded and belched it all over her.

At first, it had been almost humiliating to her, but once she discovered that not only did he NOT disrespect her for allowing him to cum on her – – that it actually drew him closer to her – – she was more open to allowing him further explorations into sex play that deviated from her pious upbringing.

She had been through so much in her life that being a submissive was very hard for her … hard for her to let go, hard for her to trust that he wouldn’t turn evil and that he knew when to stop. So many don’t. But as he proved to be a truly patient lover, she became more and more trusting, and more and more wanton.

He often found himself amazed at her hedonistic reactions to his domination. She became so much more alluring to him when she let herself go like that, because he knew she was leaping over huge walls to please him. This never went unnoticed and he took great care after each push forward in their sexual görükle escort exploration to comfort and caress her – – to tell her how much she was loved and appreciated – – so that she didn’t think that he thought less of her.

Right at this very moment, however, his entire focus was on the bloated head of his cock that was being massaged by her throat. “Huuuuugggghhhh,” he groaned as she pulled back her mouth slowly. “I’m going to blow this load in your mouth, and you are going to swalloooooooowwww…..” his voice trailed off in another low growl as she tried to protest. “Take it, slave ….. take it aaHHHHHHLLLLLLLLLL…..” and he began to cum …. watching her try to swallow it, gagging, her eyes pleading with him.

He jerked his spewing cock from her mouth, and blew the last of his load on her – all over the clothes she was wearing, on her hair, in her face, and he watched as she crumpled in failure.

“Get up!” he ordered, taking her by the elbow and leading her roughly upstairs to their room.

She was somewhat afraid that she had displeased him to the point of anger, but when he pushed open the door and drug her inside, she noticed that their four-poster bed had been fitted with shackles and cuffs, there was a leather paddle, a feather duster, a sheepskin, and a leather collar studded with silver. Ah, yes. The thing. ‘We’re going to play that game’ she thought as he shoved her to the middle of the room.

“Strip,” he said, “but don’t wipe any of my cum off of your face or hair. I want you to reek of me.” Taking the submissive approach by looking at the floor; she began to strip; wondering if this time he would truly push them both to the brink of destruction.

She really wasn’t sure if she could go through with all of this, even as much as they had talked about it. Even as much as she loved and trusted him.

She felt the cool air as she took off her top, feeling her nipples stiffen in her bra. He groaned in appreciation and reached out to fondle them through her undergarments.

Suddenly overcome, he roughly pulled her to him for a kiss; a kiss which she resisted because of its fury, pushing against his broad shoulder and wriggling with all her might.

He pushed her away just as roughly, almost causing her to tumble into the floor. “I said GET NAKED” his voice was forceful – intimidating – and she quickly complied, standing soon before him as naked as the day she came into the world. “Don’t cover yourself with your hands! Come here and lie down.”

He pointed to the middle of the bed. She didn’t know whether to run to him or run away at this point, so she reluctantly moved forward, suddenly aware that her feet felt like lead. He shackled her to the bedposts, stopping along the way to take a nipple into his teeth and draw a gasp from her, or nipping her sharply on the thigh or stomach.

Once shackled, he blindfolded her, and began the task of teasing. He first ran the feather duster carefully here, there and yon, tickling the innermost part of her foot one minute, running it up the inside of her thigh the next. The sensations were overwhelming, and she was soon mewling and squirming with every pass. “I bursa escort bayan think you deserve a little reward,” he said into the vee of her legs. He positioned himself there, and with one giant sweep, passed his tongue up her pussy slit to collect all the juices that were there.

“Ooooohhhhhhh …” she arched, trying to get him to stay.

“Uh-uh-uh!” he said mockingly. “I said a reward … not the grand prize!”

His finger, however, penetrated her pussy as he spoke, bringing another pleading groan from her mouth. “My God, you’re wet!! Do you need to cum, slave?”

“Ohhhhhhh…..please ……… ”

“I’m waiting. You know how to ask me ….”

“PLEASE, Master, I beg of you … let me cum …”

He withdrew his finger. “I think not …” Her body sagged heavily on the mattress …. her moan catching in her throat … as he sucked her succulent juices from his fingers. “Ummmmm … you still taste like honey!! You still haven’t earned your cum, slave … but you will….you will …..”

She felt him uncouple the shackles, and felt him lock her wrist cuffs behind her. He removed the blindfold, and then pulled her to her feet. “It’s time…” he said, pulling her over his lap.

“I don’t think I can do this!” she begged, kicking half-heartedly, trying to fight his advances.

“Oh, yes you can! You want it … I felt how hot and wet your pussy was. Your juices are running like a faucet. Do you want to cum? Cum THIS way!” And he pulled her over his lap in one big jerk, her beautiful round ass upturned for his pleasure. “You are lying against my cock and it feels so good …. I can feel your body’s heat and trembling” he gripped the leather paddle with one hand, and the sheepskin with the other.


He swatted her ass …. and as she moaned in protest, he gently rubbed the red mark with the soft sheepskin.


The other buttock was reddened and soothed.




The paddling went on for some time. Her voice became strangled but she didn’t cry out loudly. Each glancing blow pushed her pubic mound into his thigh, her clit rubbed against his skin, keeping her on the edge of climax but not stimulating her enough to push her over.

By this time, a glistening sheen of sweat began to form on her body. The sweat mixed with the pre-cum dribbling from the head of his cock kept him lubricated as her body rocked back and forth against it with each down-swing. He finally looked at her shiney red ass and knew he had done it: he had pushed her to her brink. Now came the time to finish the job and take her anal cherry.

He eased the sobbing woman onto the floor face down and got between her legs. Leaning over her back, he whispered low: “Now we are going to finish this, and you are going to cum like you never have before. So am I. But you are going to have to trust me ….” and with that, he squirted some lube on his fingers and eased two of them into her ass, kissing and nibbling at each reddened buttock.

Her piteous moans turned him on somewhat. He knew she was getting turned on or she would have used the safeword by now. He added a third bursa escort finger to her ass while using his other hand to lube his raging hardon. He looked at her, half his hand buried in her asshole, the redness on her asscheeks from the paddling; she was submitting to it all, and she was getting turned on because of it. God, how he loved this woman! He uncoupled her arms and pulled her hips up into a kneeling position, and positioned himself for entrance into her virgin passage.

He put the head of his cock at her sphincter and said, “It’s time,” then began to push, encouraging her to push back against him by pulling on her hips.

“OOOOHHHhhhhh … go slow! You’re so BIGGGGGGGG….” she moaned into the carpet.

He pushed in a little farther, holding to let her get accustomed to it … then pushed farther still. Soon he was buried to the balls in her luscious ass, and they were both moaning.

He began to gently fuck her, and while doing so he reached carefully for the paddle and sheepskin once again. He could feel her anal muscles grip him in stubborn defiance, so he pushed his cock in to the hilt, and gave her three solid smacks, followed by gentle massages. Each time, he felt her insides leap, and felt her moan loudly. He knew she was at the abyss … now to push her over.

He was still buried in her as far as he could go. He reached under her, and had her raise up, so that her back was against his chest. With one hand, he reached for her sensitive nipples (‘Damn! forgot the nipple clamps!’ he thought moment), and with the other, he reached for her clit. It was engorged and distended beyond what he had ever thought possible – keeping her on the edge was exactly what he had done.

“Cum for me, slave.” he said hotly into her ear, licking and sucking at the lobe.

“Your clit is so hard …. I feel your ass milking me. I know you want to …. you liked being spanked, didn’t you?!?”

“Uuuhhhgggg….. .oooohhhh godddddd yeeessssss…….” He strummed her clit with gentle well-practiced fingers.

“Then cum for me ….. let your ass suck my cum from my balls ….. ” he began to thrust carefully …. allowing her body to react to his cock and stimulate him. He continued to talk into her ear, talking her through some mild cums until he knew she was staring into the face of a huge orgasm.

Without warning, he was suddenly there himself, and he managed to croak out, “Ohhhhhh … gggggodddddddd ……. IIII’m gonna cuuummmmm…. aaaahhhhhhhhh” and he bit her gently on the nape of her neck, right where it drove her crazy, as he pushed his throbbing cock as deeply into her ass as he could get it.

His thumb and forefinger of one hand gripped her clit, the other hand twisted a nipple mightily, and when she felt his cockhead expand and pulse in her ass, the stimulus was too much. She screamed for the first time that night …… and then sagged against him. She had blacked out.

She awoke to find herself back in the middle of the bed, a towel under her sore ass to catch any remainders. He was tipped up on one elbow, gazing at her lovingly.

“Hey, babe, you okay?” he asked with genuine concern in his voice.

“Yeah … that was amazing …” she sighed.

With a gentle sweep, he brushed her hair back off of her forehead, “No, YOU were amazing,” he said and he kissed her there.

She turned her face toward him …. her eyes shining. ” Soooo …… when can we play that game again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32