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Goosebumps run up my arms and down my spine as you buckle my collar from behind.

“Is that too tight, baby?” You ask me as you push your hips into my bottom from behind, pushing me up against the door.

“No,” I respond. “It feels perfect.”

This brings a smile to your face. I can’t see it, but can feel it against my neck as you bury your face into the side of my neck just above the black leather collar. You smell my scent mixed with the leather and it makes you even harder as you press your denim covered cock into my ass.

I whimper in response, am in an excruciating state of arousal. Weeks of verbal foreplay have my senses reeling with the feel and smell of you at my back.

You have me pinned to the door as you claim my body with your hands, running your hands up my thighs and under my skirt. I am wearing little black and white lace panties. You slide you finger under the edge of the leg and pull them away from my pussy. Running your fingers through my slit, you can feel that I am hot, wet and ready for you.

Bringing your fingers to my lips, you feed me the girl juices that are now all over your fingers. I am eager to clean your hand with my tongue and make small noises in my throat that tell you of my excitement at tasting my arousal on your skin.

“Hold still,” you command me as you slide your collar around so the ring is in the back. Using a small lock and chain, you connect me to your leash…like a good little pet.

You step back and use the chain to pull me to my knees. I follow your lead easily and kneel in front of you, looking up into your eyes with complete trust. I am ready for you, have been ready for weeks.

“Unzip my pants and take out my cock,” you tell me.

I do this eagerly, can’t wait to see you for the first time. I unzip your jeans and remove your hard member from your fly. You are not wearing underwear and you have your ring in.

My eyes open wide with fascination and excitement. I look up at you for permission and you ümraniye escort nod your approval. Using my tongue, I explore the head of your cock, taking the pre-cum from the tip. You stop me with a tug on the leash and pull me up to my feet in front of you. Taking my face in your hands, you pull my mouth to yours. Your tongue plunges into my mouth, tasting your juices that are still in my mouth.

We kiss ravenously for a few moments and then you push me back to my knees in front of you. I explore the length and head of your cock with my mouth and tongue, but you want me to take your cock deep, so you remove your ring.

“Open your mouth for me, girl,” you tell me.

I obey you immediately and you take my hair in your hands and guide my mouth over the head of your cock. Throwing your head back, you thrust your cock into my mouth. You move in and out shallowly at first letting me get used to your length, but your control is thin and soon you are hitting the back of my throat making me gag.

“Won’t last long,” you warn me. “Fuck, that’s good.”

Your cock is well lubricated with my saliva now as you use my mouth for your pleasure. Taking your balls in my hands, I squeeze gently as you buck your hips in response and start to come in my mouth and down my throat.

“God, yessss!” You cry out as you empty a hot, salty load of cum into my mouth. “Swallow it, don’t lose a drop,” You warn me.

I am your good little slut and follow your directions with pleasure.

Gently pulling the leash you draw me to my feet and walk me to the bed where you pull me down next to you and kiss me again, tasting your seed on my tongue. I whimper and squirm with your lips on mine and your tongue in my mouth. Serving you has aroused me to a desperate level. I yearn for you to touch me. My hot, wet pussy is pulsing with need.

To be continued…

“Undress for me,” you command.

I get up and stand next to the bed as I slowly remove my skirt and top.

“That’s enough,” you tell pendik escort me and motion for me to return to the bed with you in my black lace demi-bra and panties.

I lay next to you and you run your hand over my stomach to the tops of my panties. You dip you fingers under the edge and down to my pussy. I am soaking wet now.

“Mmmm,” you sound your approval of my state of arousal. “That’s my good girl, you are so wet for me.”

“Uhhhh,” I moan and arch my back as you slide two fingers inside of me.

“Oh no, not yet,” you tell me as you rise from the bed to take some rope from your bag.

“Remove your bra,” you say as you approach me, still lying on the bed.

I do this and release my breasts for your eyes for the first time. You take the rope and tie my hands together above my head and tie me to the headboard.

My large round breasts are pushed forward with this motion and my nipples are becoming hard from the cool air in the room and from your eyes on them.

You take advantage of my position and begin pinching, licking and sucking my nipples. You are not being gentle, but I don’t care. My nipples become dark pink and distended from your ministrations and I begin to moan and lift my hips from the bed in response.

“Be patient,” you admonish me. “I have waited a long time and I am going to take my time with every inch of you.”

You are determined to teach your little slut patience. The patience to wait sweetly when we cannot be together and to wait until you are ready for me to cum when we are together. This is a hard lesson for me, but I understand that it is a necessary part of my training as your submissive. I want and need all your lessons for me.

Still feeding on my now hard, wet nipples you slide your hand down into my panties again. My pussy is smooth and shaved for you. You slide two fingers into my pussy and begin to fuck me with them.

“Oh, god, yes…” I cry out and thrust my hips up to your hand.

“Please, please, please,” bostancı escort I beg you.

“Not yet,” You tell me. “I want you to come for the first time on my cock.”

You wet your fingers with my juices and slide your index finger down my slit to my ass. Using my own juices as lubricant, you push at my rear opening.

“Relax, baby,” You tell me gently as you push your finger into my ass up to your first knuckle.

“Uhhhhh,” I cry out, too wild with need to put any real words together.

“Mmmm,” you say approvingly. “So tight here. I can’t wait to fuck you here.”

“When I take your pussy and then ass, you will really be mine,” you tell me. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I answer looking into your eyes as you continue to fuck my ass with your finger.

Not able to wait any longer, you remove your finger and turn me face down on the bed. I am still tied to the headboard and need your help to roll over. You grasp my hips and pull them so my knees are under me and my still panty covered ass is perfectly presented for you.

You slide my panties from my ass, down my legs and off. You see my pussy from this reverse position for the first time. I am wet, pink and open for you.

“Fuck, yeah,” you say and kneel behind me.

You are hard again and too aroused to be gentle. Taking my hips in your hands you thrust your cock into me all at once.

“Ahhhh!” I cry out, but in excruciating pleasure, not pain.

You set a fast pace and fuck your hard cock into my pussy over and over. You control my body with your hands on my hips as my upper body is still immobilized with ropes at the head of the bed. I am at your mercy completely as you take me over and over.

You reach under my body and begin rubbing my clit as you fuck me. I don’t think I can take much more and am so close to release.

“Come for me now,” you command. “Come on my cock baby girl.”

Your words excite me and push me over the edge as my cunt begins to pulse around your cock..

“Yessss!” I cry. “Oh, thank you Sir!”

The feel of my hot pussy convulsing around you is too much for you and you begin thrusting harder, seeking your second release.

“Oh, shit, yes!” you cry as you empty your seed into me.

I am complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32