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…directly follows from previous chapter…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


With my cloths drying in front of the fire I left Mrs. Bluxum sleeping and went in search of her granddaughter.

It had been a big morning for Debra Bluxum and me; our encounter had been really hot and heavy. All the sex on top of the heady coffee cocktail we’d been drinking, had pretty much knocked the voluptuous old woman out.

I knocked tentatively on the bedroom door before I opened it. If the girl was asleep I didn’t want to wake her.

It was a cozy feminine room. Everywhere were signs of a woman’s touch, the drapes, the rugs, the neat dressing table with poppies in a little cut crystal vase.

Dominating the room though was a massive king size bed.

Bedposts in each corner almost reached the ceiling and supported an ornate hanging canopy like something from The Arabian Nights. The mattress was at least three feet off the floor. Mrs. Bluxum would have needed a stepladder to get into it at night.

Lying spread eagle on this luxurious ‘sick’ bed with its frilly cushions and disheveled sheets was Amanda. Her curvy young body was outlined in relief under a cream-colored hospital blanket.

She’d been off school all week claiming she was unwell but was obviously skiving off. Why would you want to go to school when it was cold and wet outside and your loving grandmother was so hospitable?

Amanda’s long-suffering mother had given in to the girls constant nagging and let her stay with her grandma for a few days, until she ‘felt better’. She was secretly grateful that her daughter had such a good relationship with the old woman.

From the bedroom door the girl seemed to be asleep. Even though I was buck-naked I crept into the room for a closer look, carefully resting my bare ass down on the side of the bed.

God she really was gorgeous.

Laying on two big fluffy pillows, her long black ‘bed hair’ spilled seductively over her beautiful adolescent face, a face still to shed the last of its baby fat. Her high cheekbones and plump cheeks had a natural warm blush and her wide mouth boasted full pouting red lips. No lipstick required.

She could not have looked lovelier. I felt my lecherous cock rearing up as I studied her. She would be a model when she grew up

Women my own age (or younger) don’t interest me much. Rhonda spoilt me for older women when I was still a boy. [Read Ch.03]. St. Ophelia Retirement Village is full of the sort of women I really like. Curvy voluptuous women like Debra Bluxum, with big round asses and massive hanging tits, were all I ever wanted.

To me, all women are self absorbed, inexperienced and stupid until they reach fifty… at which point they become more lovely then they ever were in their youth.

This beautiful schoolgirl was a definite exception.

She lay in a romantic pose like Cleopatra or Venus, an arm draped up above her head. Her long dark lashes fluttered but her eyes were closed and she breathed deeply through her slightly parted lips. Her chest rose and fell regularly under the covers.

It was amazing that god or evolution or whatever could have constructed something so ravishing. With a little imagination I could trace her whole body under that light knit blanket, the twin mountains of her magnificent breasts, the swell of her belly and…

…her other arm under the covers… her other arm under the covers with a hand between her legs…

There were subtle little movements jostling the smooth lines of the quilted blanket.

Then I became aware of a humming sound.

It could have been a lawn mower outside or maybe a sports car a long way away, out on the main road. The rain splattering against the window made it hard to tell at first but the longer I listened, the more aware of it I became – and the more sure I knew what it was.

With shaking hands I reached over and plucked the thin knit blanket from under Amanda’s chin and slowly drew it down over her voluptuous body. She mumbled and squirmed around, trying to stop me while still pretending to be sleeping, but little by little I exposed more and more of her gorgeous body.

Her massive pert breasts came into view, plainly visible through the sheer white fabric of her nightie. They were so much bigger then you would expect for someone so young – DD at least.

The prominent raised areola and big hard thimble sized nipples like her grandmother’s made me shudder with lust. I felt my massive engorged cock tapping against my chest, the bulbous head nuzzling under my sternum.

As I drew the blanket further down I revealed more and more of her sexy young physique, the sort of body men would fight and die for. Her nightie was bunched up under her enormous tits exposing the smooth olive skin of her tummy and her bellybutton and then…

Suddenly there was a flurry of movement. Amanda’s arms became anchors lying stiffly beside her rigid body. They desperately held the blankets and sheets underneath, trying to prevent me from exploring beyliikdüzü escort further.

The hot little slut had been teasing me, pretending to be asleep. Now she was having a change of heart.

When I persisted her eyes popped open. “No,” she exclaimed firmly.

Ignoring her protest I reefed the covers so hard they were torn off the bed and fell onto the floor.

“NO… leave me alone…STOP…,” Amanda shrieked in protest. “WHAT-ARE-YOU-DOING?”

The mattress was littered with sex toys.

Scattered around her beautiful nearly naked body I saw an elaborate looking electric blue Rabbit vibrator, a big flesh colored dildo (almost as big as me), a thin little purple vibe (about as thick as a broom handle), anal beads (like half a dozen pool balls strung together), a dark bullet shaped butt plug, an red egg shaped toy, one bent in the middle, different colors, shapes…

And between Amanda’s strong athletic thighs was the slender handle and bulbous head of a big white ‘Magic Wand’, buzzing like a beehive.

“THEY’RE NOT MINE,” she wailed. “They all belong to nanna and she said I could use them…,”

I was lost for words. I jumped to my feet, holding my hands out placatingly.

“I did…didn’t mean to b… bother you, ” I stuttered. “I don’t mean to… to alarm you…”

The poor kid couldn’t meet my eye, her face burning red with embarrassment. She sat up and grasped her knees trying to hide the big buzzing Hitachi between her legs.

“They’re my nanna’s but she lets me play with them whenever I come over,” she said awkwardly.

“You don’t n… need to explain Amanda,” I said.

“I just couldn’t wait any longer…” she said in a small mortified voice glancing up at my face, gauging my reaction.

For the first time it seemed to register with her that I was naked. Her furtive glances became more lingering and her eyes began traveling up and down my muscular body.

“I was watching you and nan…” she said breathlessly, gazing cross-eyed at my huge erect dick. “I was in the hall the whole time…”

“I… we… your gran and me… we liked that you were watching,” I said softly.

She couldn’t tear her eyes away from my massive erection – the shaft as thick as a baby’s arm, ribbed and veined, and the big purple head, the size of a tennis ball with its one glaring eye… like a little person looking back at her.

I looked down at the flushed gorgeous face ogling me. The short white nightie clunk to her ravishing body so provocatively that I found myself fondling my cock, gripping my balls, stroking the long thick shaft and flicking my fingers over the hard purple helmet.

“You think I’m beautiful don’t you?” she whispered.

“You are a most beau… beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” I stuttered as I jerked my cock.

My admiration pleased her. She flashed that big wide grin that was just like her grandmother’s, enjoying the effect she was having on me.

As she relaxed she lay back down on the big fluffy pillows. She straightened the thin shoulder straps of her nightie and modestly tugged it down to cover her hairy pussy.

Sensing it was safe I sat back down beside her on the bed.

“There are lots of beautiful woman Amanda but you are really incredibly lovely,” I continued in a sincere tone. “Your body is fabulous…”

“Mmmm, yes I know, I love it too,” she said. “I look at myself in the mirror…”

Her big brown fawn eyes watched my free hand stretch out for her nubile young body.

I caressed the curve of her jaw and neck and when I accidentally grazed a huge firm breast she licked her lips.

“All the men look at me like you are… and ladies to,” she said breathlessly. “They all want to touch me and stuff like you are…”

“They all want you Amanda,” I said thickly, groping her massive firm breast. She shuddered when I pinched a big erect nipple through the thin translucent fabric.

“I want them to do it,” she said earnestly as she stretched out seductively beside me. “I would let them all do anything…”

I continued my exploration of her curvaceous body, her gazelle like legs with thick powerful thighs, and through her curly black pubic hair to tease her pussy.

“Mmmm, oh yesss… I like that… touch me there Mr… Mr… Johnny,” she groaned spreading her legs wide.

“Just Johnny,” I muttered fondling her clitoris and teasing her wet juicy cunt.

The beautiful girl was so damp, three fingers slid inside easily and my thumb massaged her clitoris, prominent and sensitive like her grandmothers. Her big tits heaved and she arched her back, groaning with pleasure.

“Mmmmm… oh yesss,” she groaned. “That’s goooood…”

I used the buzzing Magic Wand toy.

“Do you… you like this one Amanda?” I asked as playing the big white vibrating head into the gaping entrance of her pussy.

She groaned with pleasure, arching her back, her little fists gripping the bed sheet.

It took a moment for the question to register and then our eyes bodrum escort locked in mutual understanding.

“They’re all good…,” she said, looking at the plethora of dildos and vibrators scattered about.

“… but I like this one best,” she said, picking up the big blue Rabbit .

“I like it on 3 and 6 to start,” she said wickedly, pressing the buttons on the little control panel with practiced skill. The big toy started to move up and down and spin around slowly, little chrome beads inside rolling over each other and shaking.

She looked at me with that big pouty smile like a bad little girl who’d been caught but was still going to be naughty.

“Do you want to see?”

I could feel blood pounding in my temples and couldn’t get my mouth to work. I nodded like an idiot.

Without any hesitation she plunged the seven inches of mechanical muscle into her dripping wet twat with a big squelching noise, all the way in until the little ‘rabbit’ ears encircled her long erect clitoris.


The vibrating toy made her sweet young body shake with pleasure. A long low animal groan escaped her as she rocked back and fourth on the exotic toy.

I started to jerk off in earnest watching this real life sex show playing out in front of me. Wrapping both hands around the thick sensitive shaft I pumped it up and down as the goddess fucked herself.

She used that big toy like she was on a ride at an amusement park. In a way I guess she was.

“…mmmm, oh YESSSS… it’s SOOO GOOD Johnny…” she sighed biting her big pouting lower lip.

Gasping and groaning she impaled her lovely cunt, out and in, the buzzing loud then soft, loud and soft.

“Now… the p… purple one,” she gasped with her eyes closed. “P… pass me the purple one p…please…”

I fumbling around, looking everywhere… where was the fucking thing? I finally found it pushed under sheets.

Amanda flicked the switch on the bottom with her thumb and it wound up noisily. It wasn’t as big as the others but it was definitely moving, whining like a dentist drill.

She held her big athletic legs up high in the air and teased her puckering little asshole with it. The vibrations made her sphincter wink open and closed.

The lovely creature laughed and cried with pleasure as her rectum stretched out to except the madly buzzing toy.

The humming vibrations becoming more and more muted and then all that could be seen of the six inch toy was half an inch of purple sticking out of her puckered little rosebud ass.

Once it was in she clamped it in there and went back to fucking herself with the big blue one. She managed to keep the Rabbit’s ‘ears’ pressed onto her clit and still lever the huge oscillating barrel in and out.

I groaned in appreciation at her clever ministrations. She pumped her hot wet cunt in a frenzy.

Edging my huge erection and watching her fucking her stunning young body I was ready to blow my load right then and there. Precum oozed and dribbled out of the top.

” I need to fuck you Amanda,” I croaked.

“P… p… put it I’m me Johnny…,” she said huskily looking up at my terrific cock. “P… please… I want it so bad…”

She discarded the dildo and held her thighs open for me.

Her damp warm hole looked so inviting. Her pussy lips were spread like a butterfly, gaping open and the base of the purple vibrator was still sticking out of her ass.

Mrs. Bluxum’s bed was at the perfect height for fucking. It was probably why the lusty old woman purchased it in the first place. Standing with my legs braced against the mattress my huge cock was almost between the teens pussy lips without even trying. The big bulbous head was only inches from her juicy wet cunt that gapped open and ready.

It would have taken the smallest of movements…

I slid into her like a knife in soft butter, my massive dong spearing her sweet young pussy.

“Oh fuck YESSSSSS…” she cried.

Amanda got up on her elbows to watch my massive cock slowly grinding her lovely tight cunt. She groaned when I buried it in and sighing as it pulled out and her fists were gripping and releasing the bed sheet.

“Mmmm… OH YES… mmmm… YES, mmmm…”

Holding her hips firmly I plunged into the little slut faster and faster. Her pussy was tight but stretched beautifully around my colossal shaft. I could feel myself loosing control.

“Oh…oh yes YES, YESSS,” she shrieked.

And then she came. The look of surprise on her beautiful young face as the massive orgasm exploded in her cunt was priceless.


Her legs were pointed up at the ceiling and her body bucked and bounced. I ponded into her tight little cunt like a jackhammer milking every last bit of sensation out of the moment.


My huge hard cock popped out of the schoolgirl’s pussy with a loud ‘shloop’ sound and sprang up like an iron bolu escort bar, wet and glistening with the young girls cum. The buzzing purple toy also slid out, buzzing loudly but impotently on the sheet.

She fell back exhausted, breathing hard and ragged, sobbing from the intensity of the orgasm she’d just had. She was unaware of the little stream of drool dripping down her cheek and the trickling stream of creamy white girl cum seeping out of her pussy.

The beautiful creature was totally spent.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


“That was wonderful my dears…”

We both jumped and turned to see Debra Bluxum standing behind us. How long she’d been standing there I had no idea.

Not only had Amanda’s Grandmother been able to sneak up on us and watch us rolling around on the bed, she’d also somehow managed to set up a complicated looking video camera without us noticing.

We may have been distracted but how preoccupied could you be?

The camera was a big and professional looking one. Mounted up high on a tripod the elaborate looking machine was pointed down at us. We hadn’t even noticed when she’d turned on the floodlight attachment mounted on top, bathing the whole bed in a clear consistent glow, perfect for filming.

Amanda and I looked at each other in wonder. How had we not noticed this?

“You don’t mind the camera do you Johnny?” asked Mrs. Bluxum plaintively looking at the shock on my face.

“I thought you’d be used to them…” she said, totally misunderstanding my reaction.

The beautiful old woman was wearing Amanda’s sexy satin bathrobe, the one I’d been forced to wear earlier. It definitely fitted her so much better then it had me. The tie around her waist was only barely holding her massive boobs in check. Her huge freckled cleavage was all but falling out of it.

Totally lost for words, I could only nod.

“Good, good,” she continued, stepping in front of the camera. “You know how pleased The Reverend Mother will be.”

Mrs. Bluxum used my raging hard erection like a handle. Holding me in her firm grip she positioned me next to her for a close up before standing up on her tiptoes to kiss me.

“I’ve watched all the movies with you in them Johnny,” she whispered in my ear as she stroked my cock. “The ones with Nurse Adams are the best. I love them all… but especially the nurse.”

The glorious old woman had known about The Reverend Mother’s video club the whole time. I made a mental note to try and be less gullible in the future.

“Then I’ll be looking out for your performances as well ma’am,” I replied leaning down to kiss her neck.

Amanda got to her knees and held her arms out to her gran. I turned aside out of shot and let Mrs. Bluxum go to her granddaughter. I was desperately horny but I had to see what these two libidinous females were going to do on their own.

Mrs. Bluxum swept Amanda into her arms.

“Oh nan…” cried the young woman. “You had him all to yourself… it wasn’t fair at all…”

“I know… I know dear,” she said consolingly. “It must have seemed most unfair and unjust.”

Kneeling together in the midst of the disheveled blankets and sheets they held each other close. Their beautiful bodies pressed seductively together.

Amanda sobbed theatrically into her nan’s shoulder.

“There, there my darling,” said Mrs. Bluxum winking at the camera. “Nanna is here now…”

Debra turned the sweet young girls face to hers and kissed her, first on both cheeks and then on her sexy pouty lips. She was gentle at first but then more firmly.

Amanda responded eagerly, kissing her nanna passionately. She slid her hand through the gaping front of the bathrobe her dear old granny was wearing and groped her huge breasts.

When the robe fell open she hunkered down to suckle on her gran’s massive turgid nipples.

“Oh that’s lovely…” groaned Debra, stroking her granddaughters back and hair. “What a good good girl…”

Mrs. Bluxum let the tight silky wrap drop off and her titanic tits fell out onto her plump round belly. The thick long nipples stood up hard and long on her raised areola.

Amanda looked at he nanna hungrily and Mrs. Bluxum’s face glowed happily at her granddaughter’s admiration. There was no doubting the desire on her sweet young face.

She helped the overexcited girl off with her nightie, lifting it up over her head.

I ogled their incredible naked bodies as they caressed and kissed each other – the young girl, perfect and tight and the voluptuous old woman with her protruding plump belly, huge hanging tits and wide thick thighs and ass.

So different but so much the same.

There was a picture in the other room that showed Mrs. Bluxum when she was young. The two of them could have been twins. Their height was the same, their features and expressions the same and they both had those wonderful wide hips, big prominent bums and magnificent big tits.

They fell theatrically onto the bed. Their arms and legs intertwined, their hands all over each other’s nude bodies. The camera was capturing their every move.

Amanda suckled and nibbled on the huge teats and fondling between Debra’s wide spread legs. She slid three fingers inside her nan’s big hairy pussy, her thumb massaging the old woman’s clitoris.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32