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Robert’s eyes were almost closed but still he struggled, hanging on to that last sliver of consciousness like a shipwrecked sailor clinging to a bit of flotsam. But she was making it hard, almost impossible to stay awake. The vision of the large soft breasts that first ensnared him now danced inside his drooping eyelids. Her musky perfume filled his nostrils, tranquilizing him when he should be terrified. Her voice was cooing and inviting, promising him repose … and relief. He could no longer push away the soft hand on his cock, massaging him, stroking him, making him want to come so bad. Still he resisted. He knew, somehow, that as long as he did not orgasm he was not lost. That was her teasing almost irresistibly tempting offer: let her make him come, give in to her touch; give in to the terrible sweet drowsiness that would melt his will into hers.

How did this happen? How could he have blundered from a difficult relation with his pushy girlfriend into this nightmare? If he had only known that Dr. Ruth was not just a psychologist, but a hypnotist! He had always feared hypnosis, sensing in his depths perhaps, that he was vulnerable, especially to a woman. That was his problem with Debra; he could never stand up to her. He made good money but her constant demands for expensive gifts kept him nearly broke. He suspected she knew about the trust fund that would vest when he was twenty five and had plans for him to make her pregnant so he would have to marry her. He knew he should extricate himself from her clutches before she sucked him into the mistake of a lifetime, but never quite could.

That’s when he decided he needed psychological counseling to give himself enough backbone to send Debra packing before she triumphantly presented him with her bulging tummy. He had been taken aback by a woman with a figure and stature like Dr. Ruth, who greeted him in an erotic parody of medical garb and heels that made her still more imposing. But she had seemed so sympathetic, so motherly as she ushered him into the dimly lit office and had him sit down in such a way he could almost see up her smock. He was embarrassed to find himself constantly losing his train of thought, distracted by her large breasts and the flash of thigh flesh as she crossed and re-crossed her long, stockinged legs.

She let him talk about his weakness, how Debra made him do things, asking to describe the techniques Debra used to manipulate him. Before he knew it, she was paraphrasing his story back to him, explaining to him how weak he was, how vulnerable to domination by a woman, especially a woman with large breasts like Debra’s. It was so unfair of Debra, making him stare at her breasts until he was so horny she could do anything she wanted with him. Debra knew that he could not keep his eyes off a pair of large, bouncy breasts when she unbuttoned her top, that he would stare at her breasts and listen to her voice until he was floating, feeling dreamy and sleepy, his mind open to her commands.

Only at the last moment did he realize what was going on: Ruth was hypnotizing him. But by then he was at a disadvantage. He did not know when or how she had pushed down his trousers and had a hand between his legs, doing wonderful things to him as she spoke. He fought her intrusion into his mind with all his waning strength. But a delicious weakness was flowing into his body and brain, borne on her fingers and lilting words. But he was still holding out. He had to hold out!

Then he felt it: the exquisite, insidious pleasure had loosened his mental grip just momentarily. That was enough. A tremble, a slight rictus and the reflex began, quickly gathering strength. She felt it too, too, and stroked him slightly faster. “That’s it Bobby! You’re going to come … so good. You’re going to let me make you come. Don’t fight it, Bobby. Poor, sleepy baby. You know you want to come … so bad. Come for ME Sweetie. Come and sleep. Come … to sleep. Come … to sleep. Come, Bobby!”

It was over. At her final command, Robert felt the orgasm well up and wash away his last grip on his senses. He did not explode; her manipulation of his sex had been too gentle. He overflowed, helplessly, embarrassingly if he could have felt embarrassment. He did not spurt; come dribbled and oozed into her hand from his softening prick. Not a little, for she had been stimulating him too well and too long. On and on, she encouraged, one gooey dollop after another trickled into the hand that continued to slide up and down his deflating penis, milking him, draining him. “Such a good boy, Bobby. Such a lot of nice cum for Ruthie, all your cum. Empty. Sated. Now Ruthie’s baby can go to sleep. Sleep. Sleep, Bobby. Sleep for me.” As the light of consciousness faded, the last word the young man heard were, “Goodnight … baby.”


The next words Robert heard seemed to come much later. Light streamed in a window with frilly curtains. Robert felt warm and safe and snuggled up to the large, soft, feminine bursa escort body that held him close. “Oh, is my sleepy baby awake?” Robert felt a hand between his legs. “Oh, I think so,” the voice chuckled. Such a good boy, always ready to make Mommy happy.”

Robert naturally did not wonder where he was or how he got here. He was with Mommy Ruth and he was happy that he had made his Mommy happy.

“I believe Bobby is ready to make Mommy happy again. Would you like to do that, Bobby?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Does Mommy’s baby want to make Mommy really, REALLY happy?”

“Oh yes, Mommy. How?”

Ruth smiled. “You know how Mommy likes you to kiss her boom-booms.” Where had he dredged up that infantilism for her breasts, she wondered.

“Yes, Mommy. I like top kiss your boom-booms.”

“I know you do, darling. Well you can kiss Mommy other places to make Mommy feel good, Sweetie,” she smiled adding a little mystery to her voice.

“Where, Mommy?” Ruth’s answer was to push his head down to her waist. “In your belly button, Mommy?” Robert giggled.

“Yes, start there, Baby. Mommy likes that. Oh, yes! Just like that.” Ruth was glad that her navel was getting reamed by the long hard tongue of a healthy young man, even if he thought he was a child. It was making her wet again.

“Mommy likes that a lot, Bobby. Now a little lower.” She gently pushed again.

“Mommy, you have hair down there!”

“Yes, Baby, I do. That’s Mommy’s ‘pussy.’ Do you like it?”

“Oh, yes. I like it Mommy, but it tickles my nose.”

“Just push it aside and keep kissing Mommy. Yes, Oh God Yes!” Ruth gasped.

“You smell funny, Mommy.”

“Yes, Sweetie. That’s my special ‘Mommy scent’ because I’m really enjoying the way you kiss her down there. Do you like my Mommy scent?”

“Uh huh. … Oh, Mommy, you taste good!”

Ruth was in heaven. With little prompting Robert was licking the wetness from her pussy lips, then moving, teasing and playing with her. His bitch girlfriend had apparently trained him to muff munch. Her loss. Ruth could feel an orgasm approach and his tongue hadn’t even touched … “Yes BABYYYYYY!”

Ruth screamed in ecstasy as the climax hit her. Hard. She always came hard when she was well eaten, but she seldom squirted as she just felt. This boy was amazing, a natural submissive, eager to please. He has just tongued her to a shattering climax, lapped up her juices, and kept going. She could hardly believe her luck. A naïve and soon-to-be-rich, baby-faced stud had walked into her office and practically asked her to enslave him. She almost laughed aloud watching his knees grow week as he stared at her in her mini-smock and well-displayed breasts. She made sure he saw a lot more of those puppies. He was so ashamed of getting an erection as she shot him the beaver while they talked, that he paid no attention to her subtle induction. How easily she slipped him into a light trance and pulled down his pants. Bingo! His cock was already dribbling precum. No man had ever been able to resist her once she got her hand on his prick.

Oh, the boy had put up a fight — cute but ineffectual efforts that she soothed away with her hand on his sex. And when she made him come, he went under deep. She had no trouble taking the sex-dazed young man home with her for a night of mind-bending sex. In fact, she could not resist having him escort her, his arm around her waist like a young lover in the thrall of a mature woman — as he was, but in ways passersby could not suspect. Conditioning him had been even easier than she expected. Because of his amazingly quick recovery, he was soon horny again after each bout and ready to be fucked into another trance, deeper each time. And this perfect treasure with his head between her legs was HERS. The possibilities were astounding.

She touched his chin to look into his alert but uncomprehending eyes. Robert was startled, but quickly saw that Mommy had screamed with pleasure, not pain. Pleasure he had given her. He waited happily as Mommy panted several minutes before she could speak.

“Such a good baby,” she sighed, still a little out of breath from the strong climax. “You make Mommy Ruth very happy, Bobby. I’m going to keep you for my baby. Do you like that?”

Robert nodded. He had never considered that Mommy would NOT keep him. He was relieved.

“You know, Bobby, you are such a good baby Mommy’s going to play a game with you. Do you want to play a game with Mommy?” she asked, adjusting her breast to allow Robert to nurse more comfortably. Ruth had been surprised and embarrassed the first time she let a boy kiss her breasts and MILK came out. That boy had been a bit scared by it, but Ruth soon fond that most men loved it. Better, she discovered it seemed to make them docile and malleable. She was using her breasts and her breast milk to take advantage of men even before she learned explicitly how to hypnotize them. She let Robert suckle çanakkale escort a few drops of the soothing milk before continuing.

“You are Mommy’s big baby, right Bobby?

Robert looked up and nodded without removing his lips from her nipple.

“And I’m your Mommy.”

Robert nodded again, a little confused by Mommy’s questions.

“But you are such a BIG baby that to other people, you don’t look like Mommy’s baby at all.” Robert listened, trying to understand. “So we are not going to tell them you are my baby.”

Robert frowned, but Mommy Ruth kissed his forehead and returned his lips to her breasts and let him be happy again. “It’s alright, Baby. When you are alone with me, your will be my sweet little baby, but when we are with other people, Bobby, we are going to pretend you are a grown up.”

Ruth chuckled to herself leaving Robert in the dark but unconcerned. He was going to be playing a game with Mommy, making people think he was a grown up.”

“Yes, Bobby, other people are going to think that you are Mommy’s handsome new boyfriend and Mommy’s friends are going to be so jealous.”

Ruth laughed in anticipation and Robert did too, although in his present state he did not know what “jealous” meant. Ruth could hardly wait to show him off. Susan, whose balding husband seldom screwed her more than once a week, and Janet, whose perpetual boyfriend had to be bribed with BJ’s and threatened before he would go down on her, would drool when they saw Robert. And they would kill to have a prick like Robert’s to keep their horny cunts satisfied.

“And there’s another really fun part of the game, Baby,” Ruth said, an idea forming in her mind. “I think I am going give you a baby brother of sister to play with. But you’ll have to take care of him or her. Will you do that for Mommy?”

“Oh, yes, Mommy. I will. I promise!”

“Good boy. And do you know what else, Baby? Mommy is going to let you HELP Mommy make her new baby. Mommy’s new boyfriend is going to make her pregnant,” Ruth added squeezing Robert half-hard cock

“Really, Mommy? Can I do that, Mommy?” Robert asked excitedly, not knowing about “pregnant,” but willing to help Mommy make a baby.”

“Oh, Baby, can you!” Ruth replied with a rather un-motherly growl that Robert did not pick up on. “You may have, already!” she muttered under her breath, running a hand into her soppy pussy where the remains of several shots of Robert’s thick cum were still leaking out. She had hit the jackpot with this one!

“How, Mommy?”

“Oh, don’t worry, Baby. Mommy will show you exactly how. It’ll be so much fun for Baby – and for Mommy!”

“OK, Mommy. What do I do?”

“Oh, you don’t have to do anything, Baby. Mommy will take care of everything,” she cooed and began to massage Robert’s prick more vigorously. “Do you like that, Baby?”

“Oh, yes, Mommy. It feels good. What are you doing?”

“I’m playing with your ‘thingie,’ Bobby. You’re a big boy and a big boy likes to have his Mommy play with his thingie, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Mommy!”

“I know you do baby. And Mommy likes it too. Mommies love to play with thingies like my Bobby’s. We like to make thingies feel really good so they will get really big. Do you know why, Baby?”

“‘Cause you love me, Mommy?” Robert asked hopefully.

“Oh, yes, Baby. Mommy does love her big baby.” “And his horse cock,” she thought. Even though she had spent the night fucking him, Ruth was getting excited again as she saw Robert’s penis growing longer and rounder. He was amazingly well hung for such an otherwise small man, long and thick the way she liked them. Involuntarily she licked her lips. She was tempted to take him in her mouth right there. She had enjoyed his smooth, tasty cock the night before, but had discovered he had little control when his penis was surrounded by a warm, sucking, feminine mouth. She wouldn’t mind another mouthful of his cum, but she had bigger plans for this load of sperm. She felt her pussy juicing up.

“But that’s not the only reason, Baby. When I make your thingie big and stiff, it is going to help Mommy make a baby.”

“Really Mommy? How?”

“By going inside of Mommy.”

“How can my thingie go inside you, Mommy?

“Here, I’ll show you, Baby.” She guided his hand between her legs.

“You’re wet down there, Mommy,” Robert giggled. “Did you go pee pee?”

“No, sweetheart, Mommy didn’t ‘go pee pee.’ Mommy is wet because she is excited that your stiff thingie is going to get inside her to make a baby. Feel here.” She drew his fingers to her pussy lips and pushed.

“Mommy! You’ve got a hole in your tummy!” Robert exclaimed. By instinct or forgotten experience with his girlfriend Robert began sawing his fingers in and out of Ruth’s flowing pussy. The pleasure was so intense she could hardly breathe.

“Yes, Oh yes, Bobby. Mommy’s got a hole. And that’s where you’re thingie goes, right in that didim escort hole to make a baby with Mommy.”

“Here, Mommy?”

At that moment Robert’s fingers touched her clit. This, plus the knowledge that the young man’s fire-hose cock would soon be shooting her fertile womb full of baby-making jism, caused Ruth to explode in orgasm. “Yes, Baby! Make Mommy come. Make Mommy come, come so good, oh yes, yes, Baby,” Ruth babbled almost incoherently as the climax swept over her.

“That was so fucking good! Damn! I want it! Give me that cock! I’ve gotta have that fucker in me now. Oh shit!” Ruth raved as she scrambled on top of Robert. The role as Robert’s “Mommy” was forgotten as the sex-crazed woman squatted to position her pussy over the upright pole of the prone young man and hurriedly crammed it into her overheated box. “Yes! Oh yes!” she gasped.

“Mommy, Mommy! What are your doing?” Robert cried, his juvenilized mind alarmed by Mommy’s erratic behavior.

Robert’s anguished words and the relief of feeing the large prick at last slide deep into her pleasure palace brought Ruth back to whom she was supposed to be. “S’OK, Baby! Mommy’s just letting Baby make her feel really good, sweetheart,” Ruth gasped. “Soooo good! Such a good Baby!” Slowly she began riding him.

Robert relaxed, reassured that Mommy was happy and soothed by the delightful friction of her slippery pussy sliding up and down on his “thingie.” Instinctively he began to thrust up on her down strokes.

“That’s it baby. Help Mommy. Do you like it? Do you like helping Mommy make a baby?”

Robert could not remember anything as wonderful as having his thingie in this warm, wet hole in Mommy’s tummy. Conscious memories of his former girlfriend had been erased and he had been less than conscious during the repeated fuck sessions the night before that had molded him to Ruth’s lustful will. “Oh, yes, Mommy. I like making a baby with YOU!”

“That’s good, sweetheart.” “Good? It’s fucking great!” Ruth grunted to herself, “having that ax handle of a cock in me.” “You’re doing it just right, Honey, putting a baby in Mommy’s tummy!”

“In your — uhh — tummy — uhh — Mommy?” Robert asked between thrusts as the large woman threw herself down on him, grinding her pussy against his groin with more and more urgency, almost knocking the wind out of the slight young man.

“Yes, Bobby. A baby. A baby that will make Mommy’s tummy get sooooo big! Is that what you want, Bobby?”

“Oh, yes — uhh — Mommy. You’ll be — uhh — real pretty — uhh — with a big — tummy.”

Ruth suppressed a chuckle. She had reduced Robert’s conscious mind to that of a 4 year old, but he still thought like a man! “And what about Mommy’s boom booms, Bobby? Mommy’s boom-booms are going to get really big. Will you like that?”

“Sure, Mommy– uhh — I like you — uhh — with big, big — uhh – boom-booms!” Ruth laughed aloud this time. Robert wasn’t thinking like a man, she realized; men just thought like 4-year old boys.

“Are you sure, Bobby? Mommy’s boom-booms are going to get full of milk for our baby. You may have to help the new baby and drink some of Mommy’s milk. Do you want to do that, Bobby? Suck lots of milk out of Mommy’s big, hard boom-booms?”

“Yes, Mommy! Oh Mommy! Mommy!”

Ruth wasn’t surprised that thinking about drinking her tittie milk had done it. She felt him tremble, his breath stop. He was about to come. “Do it, Baby! Just let go. Give Mommy your baby juice. Make Mommy’s tummy and boom boom’s big, Honey. Let your thingie put a baby in Mommy. Let…”

“Agggggghhhgh!” Robert’s bucking roar interrupted her and Ruth felt the familiar warmth slam into her. Again. And again! More than last night.

“Yessssssss!” Ruth’s own orgasm caught her off guard. Her pussy clamped down on Robert’s jism-spewing prick and for a few seconds the ecstasy made her loose consciousness.

When Ruth came to her self she had collapsed on the young man, almost suffocating him with her breasts. She saw that Robert was beyond bliss: his eyes closed, his breathing slow. His mind was open, drugged by sleepy pleasure: hers to do with as she pleased, to fill with her thoughts, her desires, her feelings.

But not now. A pussy full of warm thick cum, a still-hard dick plugging her up, holding in a lake of baby-making seed, and the afterglow of the mind-blowing orgasm took their toll on Ruth, too. She was sleepy. There was nothing that needed doing that couldn’t wait. Robert was already totally hers and she could continue to deepen his conditioning later. Moreover, she had the feeling she had already gotten her wish. She would continue making sure the young man kept her pussy awash in his potent sperm, but the strength of that last climax told her this was the load that had had done her. Even now one of her eggs would be selecting the fastest, strongest sperm to invite in. Mommy was going to have a baby! Ruth sighed happily and repositioned Robert’s mouth on her breast. As her nipple found his lips Robert began to nurse, mindlessly, as a baby should. Lulled by his gentle sucking, the well-fucked woman drifted off, joining her handsome slave in sex-sated slumber.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32