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Big Ass

4th part to Sammi’s story.

After Sam graduated from high school, and knowing he’d be moving to college by the end of the summer meant he was just killing time until then. He worked for most of the summer at a restaurant as a server, and at night Sammi worked as a cam whore. He made some extremely good money by the end of the summer, and he was extremely proud of himself. After his grad party he kept in touch more with his uncle Teddy than he had ever in his life. They talked, sent pictures, and got pretty dirty but as Teddy lived a few states over they never had any chance to see each other.

But Teddy made sure his little girl knew her place, as a dirty slut meant to please men. At this point Sammi didn’t know what to think of it all, as she loved it but didn’t know truly how serious it was. She wondered whether it was all just an act or if she was truly becoming Sammi. Sam wondered if his alter ego was becoming his true self, but honestly he didn’t mind either way. He began to check out other guys, having completely lost his interest in women.

He didn’t know if he was gay, in truth he didn’t know what he was at all, but just knew it wasn’t exactly straight. Being a server gave him chances to check out plenty of guys and to practice talking to them. He looked womanly in his uniform, hardly resembling a man anymore even while out of dress, and his womanly figure certainly confused his coworkers and (guests); he was sure of it. He felt eyes on him at almost all times, especially when he wore his hair out of its bun and from behind he was entirely a woman.

But the summer eventually came to a close and he had to leave his job. He packed up his things into many cardboard boxes, told his followers that he would have to put the show on pause for several days as he moved, and loaded everything of his into his car. He said his goodbyes to his crying parents and left the house for his new life. A new life that he had no idea just how different it would be.

He drove all the way to the school, a state over in Colorado, and felt the excitement as he drove into a massive bustle of move-in day. He was overwhelmed at first, but his new confidence lead him almost blindly and he was able to make his way through the orientation and move-in. He found his room, a suite style living space that he would share with five other guys. There were two rooms of one and two rooms of two, and he was somehow lucky enough to get a single room.

By the end of move-in day he had met his roommates. Mat had the other single, a nice guy who stood at 6 foot 2 inches with a muscular body and brown hair who owned two bongs. The two-person room on Sam’s side of the suite was shared by Chris and Dave, both seemed the picture perfect example of frat boys with beach blonde hair and muscle shirts over their tanned skin. The shared room opposite that was left to Alex and Bret. Alex was also similar to Chris and Dave, but had black hair and was slightly bigger and better spoken. Bret was the closest example to a nerd of the bunch, with his slender 5’9″ build and glasses, but he was also very relaxed and enjoyed playing basketball.

Sam couldn’t help but laugh to himself by the end of the night, “To think: three jocks, a nerd, a stoner, and a sissy all living together.” He thought to himself. And with his first day over, he was already planning how he would do his ‘work’. He set up his camera stuff with his computer on his desk opposite the bed, though it was a small room so not very far from it. He would just tell his roommates that the camera stuff was for online things like chat rooms.

He opened up and set up everything of his that wasn’t his sissy stuff. He kept that in its boxes and put them deep in his closet and threw some things on it, figuring that none of his roommates would rummage through his closet of all places. He had brought a small hand held mirror with him, so he didn’t need to put his makeup stuff in the bathroom and instead would do what he did the nights that Teddy stayed at his house and do it all in his room. And with that, he had his plan.

Two nights later, after everyone was beginning to settle in and things were beginning to calm down is when he began his routine again. He waited until midnight and turned back into Sammi for her show. She stayed in her room though, and made sure to make no noise in fear of waking up her roommates. And she did this for the next few nights.

Eventually though, she began to grow restless trapped in her room. So she started looking up things about her school, things that no orientation would teach you. Some years ago she had found a website where people can make anonymous notes where glory holes were and where strippers and other street dwellers would be. Sammi used it to find some glory holes on campus, which there was a nice one in a park not too far from her dorm.

So with this information, one night she got all dressed up and left her room. She was cautious, she had her heels off while in the suite to keep from makinjg noise, and she snuck past Kurtköy Fetiş Escort Chris and Dave’s room to the door. Once out in the hall, she put on her heels and left. Being a college campus, there were still people out at midnight but none seemed too concerned or even to really notice her. She slipped right past everyone without any suspicion and got to the park.

She serviced three cocks that night, one of which came in soon after her so she assumed they must have seen her and known where she was going. She began going to that glory hole fairly frequently, sneaking out at night all dressed up and taking photos and videos for her followers. She was happy with this new system, similar to the last one she felt unstoppable. She had found her place, and she had found her rhythm. All there was to do after that was to have fun, and she had plenty of that.

Four weeks in and she had made her mark already on the campus. She had made it her schedule to go to the glory hole Tuesdays and Fridays at midnight to two. One day, while still in boy mode she went to the bathroom there at the park and she saw the glory hole from the opposite site, where she noticed that there had been several marks of graffiti on the wall like, “Great slut every Friday night after 4.” And, “Best suck, would come again.” And with many more, it gave her confidence and she felt like she had her place here.

She had also began slipping into the shared space, like a living room, in the middle of the suite at nights for her shows as her followers also asked to see more than her room. But thus far, she hadn’t been caught and no one knew about Sammi. She had gotten to know her roommates better, she liked Mat the most as he was the most well behaved and funny. After Mat, Sam liked Bret and Alex next. And unsurprisingly she disliked Chris and Dave the most, though there could easily be far worse they were able to get annoying.

One night though, Sammi was all dressed and ready to head out when she noticed that Chris and Dave’s light was still on. She worried, but remembered that they had been out, unsurprisingly, at a frat party and said they wouldn’t likely be back until one. So she left, and on her way out of the dorms she was making her way down the stairs when her heart skipped a beat. Coming up the stairs were a drunken Chris and Dave, both obviously had had too much. Sammi told herself to act natural, they wouldn’t recognize her, and to just keep going.

When they saw her they began to try and put on their “charm” and began to whistle and try to talk to her. She just looked down and kept going, but she couldn’t help but let out a little squeak when she felt one of them grab her butt from behind and say, “Hang on, baby, have we met?” But she didn’t grace them with an answer, and instead picked up her pace. Luckily for her they didn’t try to follow her, so she could get away without anymore trouble.

The next day was a scary one for Sam, but they seemed none the wiser who that girl they hit on was, so he let up his nerves. He went on with his work as Sammi for another week, though trying to be more cautious and to make less assumptions. Though one night, on her way to the park Sammi looked back to her dorms to see a figure from her floor enter the stairway. She scurried away faster not to draw any attention and reassured herself that they couldn’t have seen her. Later that night going on to service five more men, each bigger than the last and her mouth loving the taste of their come more and more.

Sadly though, all good things come to an end, and Sammi’s sweet routine was shattered one Friday night at one in the morning. She was sucking a large eight and a half inch dick and was really loving it. She was putting everything she knew into it, when she heard some light laughing come from the boys side. Undisturbed by it she pulled the dick out of her mouth and began to pump it, wanting a nice white shower. Once the dick came all over her, it retracted quickly and she heard the door to the boys open and close rapidly twice over, then in what seemed like no time at all she was startled to see the girls door open.

Chris and Dave, the idiots, stood in the door as Chris pulled his pants up. They laughed and and Dave spoke, “Thank god our suspicions were right, if they weren’t we would’ve just barged into the girls side with a real girl in here. Heh heh.” Sammi stayed on her knees in front of the wall with come all over her face and her mouth open in horror. “We were pretty sure it was you, though, Sam. Let’s get on back to the dorm, fag!” Chris spat.

And with that the two boys marched in and grabbed Sammi off the ground, giving her only a split second to grab her bag in the hopes of grabbing the pepper spray that she kept in it. But she couldn’t, and the two boys then dragged her back to the dorms, toting a girl with come all over her face across campus and gaining quite a few confused looks. But the two boys sure didn’t mind, and Sammi was already at max embarrassment.

Once they got Kurtköy Gecelik Escort back to the suite, the two boys dragged Sammi into the living room and threw her on the couch. Dave went to get the other three boys as Chris just laughed at Sammi, who hung her head low. Once all of the boys were up and in the living room, to Sammi’s surprise and horror none of them seemed surprised. She feared the worst, and those fears were met when Chris began to explain.

“So, Sam. I’m willing to bet you don’t go by that like this, so what is it that you do go by?”

“S-Sammi.” She choked on her own breath.

“Well, Sammi, I have to admit you suck some good dick. All of the comments on the boys bathroom wall would agree, also. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. For a price.”

“How- How did you know that I-” Sammi tried to ask before breaking off.

“How did we know you were a fag? Easy. It started that night we saw you in the stairwell. I knew that I recognized your face, but couldn’t put it to any girl that I could think of. Then when Dave started talking about hearing someone walking out at nights, I began to think that maybe it wasn’t a girl. We started talking to the boys about it, and they all said they had heard something at night. I figured that if they passed in front of Dave and my room then it must’ve been you.

So I checked your room while you were at class a few days ago, and I found the evidence I needed in your closet there. Tons of girls clothes, and even some naughtier things. Heh. Anyway, after that I began looking into this, found these things called Sissies, and I even found a cam site that had a guy who looked just like the girl we saw. Low and behold, it was that girl, it was you. Verified as their account even said they lived in Colorado.”

And after a moment of silence, Sammi shook the scared feeling she had and regained her ability to talk normally, “Um. So is this like an intervention? Are you guys kicking me out or something?” But despite her question, much like her experience with Teddy her asking was just a formality. She knew what the answer was, and that strange feeling had come back.

“Hah. You wish that was all you faced.” Dave Laughed, as Chris laughed right along and the rest had smiles on. That is, other than Mat and Bret, both who looked more intrigued than mocking. But Sammi didn’t get time to study their faces because Chris looked back and his face got serious. He spoke with an equally serious tone, and Sammi was genuinely a bit frightened by it.

“No, we’re not going to punish you for this or anything. If you want to be some kind of slut, then we’ll help you with that. From here on out, you’re our Suite Bitch. Whenever you’re here, we want you to be dressed up and looking nice for us. You’ll act as our maid, and you’ll keep this place clean for us, and when it’s not is when you’re going to be punished. When we’re here or when we have people over you will serve us.

“But of course, you want to be some kind of sissy slut, so don’t think you’ll miss out on being one. You’ll serve us sexually too, when we ask and with no hesitation. We own you and your body and you will love it. And as I know you do cam shows online, maybe we can set up cameras and record things to post, that’ll really get you famous. This is what you wanted though, right? If not I guess you can always request a suite change, but believe me there’s no way your identity stays a secret if you do that. So what do you say?”

Sammi sat on the couch, feeling dazed in what she has been told. Never before has she felt so at someones mercy, let alone five other people’s mercy. Teddy was different, as she saw it like some kind of lover, one that probably wouldn’t ruin her life if she backed out of it. But with this she felt backed into a corner, and no matter how much she wanted it not to be true she was kinda into it. So she nodded slowly in acceptance of her fate and tried not to show them that she was into it.

“Good. Get some sleep, then slut. Sammi starts her new life tomorrow. Be up at eight, dressed and ready.” Was the last he said before he left for his room, soon followed by the rest. Only Mat stayed, and he walked over and put his shoulder on her. She looked into his eyes and saw genuine empathy, but also something else. Something like a hunger, something that looked like that strange feeling she got in her stomach felt.

“Don’t worry Sam- I mean Sammi. I’ll make sure they don’t go too far, if it’s ever over the line just tell me and I’ll stop them.” He said softly, and turned to go back to his room. Those words gave Sammi a glimmer of hope as she got up and went back to her room. She just jumped into her bed and fell asleep, not feeling like cleaning up.

She woke up at seven and rolled out of bed surprised to see Sammi look back at her in her reflection. She had never stayed sammi through the night and it felt weird, almost more like she was a legitimate woman. But she wasn’t. She was a sissy slave now. A sissy slave that needed Kurtköy Genç Escort to get ready for the day with her new masters.

So she grabbed her box and got dressed. She chose a pair of white lace panties, white stockings, and of course still had her pink cage on and her plug in. She went with a more casual sun dress that was a soft yellow and clung to her body where it counted. She fixed her makeup and put her hair into a ponytail, having a feeling that somehow it may just be the best choice. Lastly she slipped on a pair of black pumps and looked in the mirror.

Sammi stared back at her, but something was different this time. On Sammi’s usual bouts late at night she was bathed in darkness and hidden from the suns eyes. Now, she felt exposed for once, truly out in the open and free. Usually it felt like Sam was just letting Sammi take control for a few hours to have some fun, but this didn’t feel like a prolonged time in charge. It felt like there was no distinction, like Sammi had become Sam, or possibly the other way.

She walked out into the living room and saw it empty, save for a box that now sat on the counter. She walked up to it and saw that it had written on it, “For the slut.” So she opened it to find it filled with a full kinky maids outfit. The dress would only barely cover her butt, and the stilettos were at least five inches on the heel. But the biggest surprise was buried under the clothes, a small necklace simply with “Sammi” on it in small metal letters.

She put the necklace on around her neck and instantly felt more slutty, despite how innocent seeming the necklace was. But while she was doing so, two hands grabbed her hips and a dick was placed on her ass. She took in a breath and flinched back, but before she could turn Dave whispered into her ear, “Get on the couch, and sit patiently for us, slut!”

She did as told, and Dave went to wake up the others. But they all arrived in the living room in nothing but boxers. Chris ordered her onto her knees in the middle of the room, and they began to surround her. And without a word all the boys standing took off their boxers releasing their cocks. All of which, to both Sammi’s horror and delight, were at least seven inches. And they immediately began festivities with Chris claiming Sammis mouth for himself, grabbing her ponytail and pulling it back for his dick to press into her open mouth.

Dave was behind her and got down to begin slapping and massaging her ass. Flanking her was Bret and Alex who both guided her hands to their throbbing cocks and got her pumping away. Mat then moved in next to Chris and put his dick in her face, once their eyes met he gave her another hopeful smile which helped to settle her nerves.

Then all hell broke loose. She was there, bobbing back and forth between two cocks, pumping away on the boys next to her as one other molested her ass. Everything in her head screamed at her not to enjoy it, screamed at her to think of it as rape and to be afraid. But she wasn’t. Rather, she was in ecstasy. She used everything she knew about sucking dick and giving hand jobs, but her brain couldn’t process it all so she was pretty pathetic.

So the boys mostly took it into their own hands, with Bret and Alex using her hands as tools to fuck, Dave putting his dick between her cheeks and taunting her sissy hole, and Mat and Chris going deeper and deeper into her throat. Her brain was beginning to fry, she felt as though she heard brain cells dying and being replaced with new ones, ones programmed only to service men. The boys were saying things, but she couldn’t hear them in her tunnel vision.

Dave bucked his hips into hers, giving her the forward push onto whichever of the two cocks she was working on. She heard the shutter of phone cameras going off, and it snapped her back to reality for a moment to look up and see most of them had their phones. “Give us a smile, girl.” Chris said disgustingly. But Sammi gladly did as asked and pulled off of Mats dick to look up at the phone and give a Cheshire grin.

Mat couldn’t help but see her beauty in that moment, with that grin and with five dicks making use of her. Her face was gorgeous as the makeup ran, and the scene almost looked like some kind of photo you would see in a museum. This pristine beauty surrounded by a disgusting brutishness, but still giving in to her carnal desires and giving this grin that shows her appetite for more.

Mat was snapped out of this when she went back to sucking his dick. Chris slapped her face and spat on her cheek, but mat then lightly grabbed her chin and tilted her up a bit, as much as having a dick in her mouth would allow, and looked her in the eyes. She felt conflicted, a painful slapping from Chris on one side but a loving embrace on the other. But her attention was taken away when she felt something down below.

Dave, who had been slapping her ass the whole time to the point of a bright red glow, had been investigating under her dress. He grabbed a hold of her caged dick and massaged it, chuckling up at Bret that she would never be using it like a real man. This seemed to be the breaking point, as her mind finished giving in and she sissy-gasmed into his hand. He laughed harder and reached back to rub it in her hair. Something about this though, set off a chain reaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32