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The Morning After


My eyes felt like they weighed one hundred pounds the following morning. As they slowly crept open, I saw that Patty was still nestled into my side, her hand resting on my right breast. As I stirred, Patty grunted and began to stir awake.

She looked up at me with half-squinted eyes and muttered “good morning you”, slowly resting her head on my chest as if she were ready to sleep another dozen hours. I felt her breath on my breasts and the feel of her warm body on mine was beginning to turn me on again. Patty slowly lifted herself off me, and crawled over me, clumsily flopping onto the floor, where she sat and laughed briefly.

“We both need a shower, but you need to hide the python before we head down the hall to the showers, girlie” Patty spat out after getting to her feet.

I blushed at the proclamation, which made her giggle as she tossed her shirt back on sans bra. She reached down and tossed my clothing back at my face, a sign that we needed to get moving.

“Don’t forget, we have lots to talk about, but I need a shower and we both have classes to get to today, so it will have to wait,” Patty said non-chalantly, as if we were going to discuss politics or some other pointless topic.

“Patty, are we ok?” I muttered somewhat quietly, looking for reassurance that my secret had not chased away my closest friend.

“Sarah, we’re great. Now get off your ass and get going you lazy sack of shit” Patty joked at me, which set my racing heart back to a normal pace. I grabbed my clothes, tossed them on, and we walked down the hallway for a much needed shower.

After rushing through our showers and running to make our first class, Patty and I worked toward finishing a long school day, with our hangovers doing us no favors. Going to class was useless, as I could barely concentrate through the pounding headache and the anticipation of speaking with Patty later. As the professors speaking drifted into the background, I couldn’t help but relive the night before. The passionate kissing, my first sexual experience, the taste of Patty’s breasts in my mouth, the feel of her tight pussy wrapping around my cock. I found myself having to adjust at my desk, as I unintentionally turned myself on throughout the day thinking back to her naked body pounding against mine.

My last class ended around 4PM, and I limped wearily back to the dorms – making sure I had calmed myself before leaving the classroom. I entered the room, and realized I was alone, and collapsed into the bed – exhausted and glad that the day was over. Minutes later, Patty stumbled into the room and sat on the bed across from me, staring at me with an intensity I hadn’t seen before.

“So, Kurtköy Olgun Escort you have a dick. That’s new” Patty said somewhat coldly, apparently wanting to just cut to the chase.

“Patty, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner” I began, not realizing that my eyes were beginning to fill with tears.

“Sarah, you’re my best friend and I love you, dick or no dick. I just wish you would have trusted me with this. I would never hurt you, but this is a bit of a shock, especially looking at the rest of your body. I mean, holy shit, you’re really fucking hot!”

I blushed deeply, and smiled slightly as I dipped my head.

I told Patty “I wanted to tell you, but it’s not something that comes up in conversation normally. Hey, how was class today, by the way I have a penis.” Patty laughed at the comment, realizing the absurdity of it.

Patty got up and sat next to me, placed her hand on my knee, and we talked for the next hour. I told her about my childhood and the experimental drugs I took. She kept insisting on jiggling my boobs, which made me giggle but also slightly aroused me. We hugged several times and shared some tears, as I shared with her that she was my first sexual experience.

“Wow, I had no idea. I figured a girl like you had already gotten the high school prom king to take her to bed. I’m honored, I think” Patty said somewhat confusingly.

“You were amazing, though I never thought my first time would be with another girl” I said quietly in response.

“So, are you a lesbian or something?” I asked Patty, not even sure what I was asking.

Patty laughed heartily for nearly a half a minute before responding “I don’t know, actually. I guess I got a little bit of both out of you, now didn’t I?” she said with a wink and a sarcastic smile. “I guess I don’t think of it that way. Sexual attraction happens at a deeper level, you know? Last night, you were the hottest person on the planet to me, and I could not wait to see those massive cans you were hiding. I could’ve eaten you up. If that makes me a lesbian, so be it. All I know is that last night was amazing and intense, and I will never forget it.”

I blushed and forced myself to look up at her when I said “I’m so glad my first time was with you. I don’t know what I am, but you were everything I could have hoped for.” In a moment of incredible weakness and vulnerability, I began to cry. Patty drew close to me, wrapping me in her arms, and softly kissing me on the top of my head.

“So, how about round 2?” Patty whispered into my ear. It was almost as if those were trigger words, as my heart began to race and my cock began to stiffen.

“Oh god yes” I muttered Kurtköy Sarışın Escort to her through constrained breath.

Patty started nibbling on my ear lobe and kissing the side of my neck. Her soft lips worked their way down my jawline, eventually grabbing my bottom lip gently with her teeth. She held onto it briefly, before letting go and plunging us into an opened mouth kiss.

In response, I reached up under her shirt and unclipped her bra. I reached under the loose, lace garment and cupped Patty’s breasts in my hands. I tweaked her nipples as we had now erupted into a far more passionate kiss. Our tongues were enwrapped inside our opened lips, with each of us letting out subdued “uhhhhhh” noises as we progressed.

Patty had shifted to sitting in my lap, facing me as we made out. She reached behind me, pulling up my blouse and breaking our kiss long enough to lift it over my head and pitch it to the floor. “Mmmmm. I was hoping I’d get to see the girls again today” she growled sexually. She looked longingly at my cleavage, hidden in my pink lace bra, and I tugged on her shirt enough for her to get the clue. She lifted it over her head and threw it and her unclasped bra to the floor. The movement made her breasts swing considerably, and the swaying movement of the flesh turned me on even more.

I immediately dived into her breasts, my tongue extending out to lick her right nipple as my hands cupped both breasts and massaged them erotically. “Ohhhhhh, Sarah. That feels so good. Suck on my titties, please.” Her throaty moan of pleasure only served to make me even hornier, if that’s even possible. My cock grew rapidly under my skirt.

Patty’s body had tilted back slightly, arching her breasts out even further towards me. With her eyes closed, she had put her right index finger between her teeth, biting down on it lightly in sexual pleasure. She cooed at me “Sarah that feels so good.” I continued to suck on her amazing breasts, each glistening in the light the more and more I ravaged at them. My hunger for her perfect breasts was intense, and I sucked, kissed and licked them in sexual desperation.

Patty leaned forward, grabbing the back of my head and thrust our mouths back together. She moaned to me “my turn to have fun with the girls.” She reached behind and undid my bra, and moaned deeply as they poured out in front of her. “God Sarah, I’m so jealous of these. I need to get some of those hormones for myself. These are mine now!” she said playfully, pushing me down onto the bed and laying on top of me, her head nestled in my now somewhat flattened mounds.

I looked down at her, and she looked up at me with slightly squinted eyes that looked almost Kurtköy Şişman Escort maniacal. She giggled as she grabbed both my nipples and tweaked them hard. The pain was easily offset by the intense sexual pleasure, and electricity rode up my spine with each tweak. Patty crawled up slowly, and had begun sucking on my right nipple, using her tongue to wet my breast while lightly biting on my hardened nipple.

“Oh my, it looks like someone is enjoying this!” Patty said to me, undoubtedly seeing my tightly closed eyes and my biting my lower lip.

“And what’s this? You’re poking me with in my belly with some sort of plaything, no?” Patty couldn’t help but giggle as she muttered the words, which only made her sexier.

She backed up and lifted my skirt up to expose my pink panties which were doing a very poor job of holding in my stiffened cock. “My my Sarah, we’re going to have to do something about this” she said in a smoky voice.

She pulled my panties to the side, allowing my cock to spring up and out, then proceeded to lower her mouth over my shaft. She bobbed her mouth just over the head, as she stroked it with her right hand. Her tongue whipped back and forth over the slit, undoubtedly licking up my pre-cum as she deeply moaned while taking it in.

Patty shifted her hands, now using her right hand to fondle my sack while stroking me with her left hand. My cock was almost in pain from how stiff it had become, but the pleasure was far greater. As she worked on my 7″ staff, I reached up and began playing with both of my nipples, sighing “ohhhhhhhh Patty, please don’t stop. That feels so good. Oh god…”

She slowly pulled her left hand off my shaft and began swallowing my entire shaft into her throat. Each up and down movement drove me closer and closer to ecstasy, with my body arching underneath her and my hands now tightly gripping the covers of my bed on both sides.

“Oh god Patty, I’m about to cum. Oh god, oh god!” I cried out.

My cock began to twitch as I unloaded my cum into Patty’s throat. It seemed to go on forever, my shaft twitching and pulsing several times before the sensation subsided. Patty’s head emerged as she slowly pulled herself off my now softening shaft. She slowly crawled up my body, smiling devilishly and kissing my body all the way up to my neck, taking an extended stay at my breasts. She kissed me passionately, her hands grabbing hold of my breasts while she did. I could feel some of my own cum drift back into my mouth, which I gladly swallowed as we continued to make out.

We unlocked our lips and Patty slithered down my body, placing her head between my considerable mounds again. “A girl could get used to this” she said, staring at my breasts as she softly jiggled them. She sweetly kissed each breast repeatedly, and would occasionally bring the mounds together as if examining their size intently.

“Yes, a girl could get used to this” I said weakly, nearly asleep from the intense pleasure she had just brought me to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32