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“Honey I’m home!” I yelled from the front door as I walked into the house my arms bulging with packages.

The first thing that I noticed was the aroma of a delicious meal cooking in the oven. I realized my little boy wife had been busy since I’d left a few hours ago to go shopping. My boy wife is actually my boyfriend, but I call him my boy wife and for all intents and purposes that’s what he is.

Tonight was going to be a special night. It was the first night my lover Patrick would be coming over and joining us for dinner. Patrick is wonderful, the ultimate yuppie type, tall, in shape, handsome, rich, well hung! We met at a biker bar down the street and were immediately attracted to each other. My boyfriend Steve was there and has shall we say a penchant for cuckolding.

I must admit at first I didn’t understand the whole cuckolding thing. He had just gone through a tough divorce where his wife had left him for another man. When we first started dating he explained or tried to explain to me about his fascination with cuckolding, but I have to admit I was suspicious. I at first thought it meant that he wanted us to have this ‘open’ relationship where he could fuck anyone he wanted, which was not what I was looking for. But with his guidance I was able to research it more and more and gain a better understanding.

Steve showed me storied he had written, and pointed me towards several websites, and bought me several books on female led relationships, chastity, and cuckolding. I must say I became fascinated and it opened up a whole new world to me. He confided to me that he and his first wife had met and dated and then gotten married right out of high school and were both virgins when they wed, so he had never been with another woman. During our first sexual encounter he confessed that he was worried that he might not be able to please me and that he though his cock might be too small.

I took it very slow with him and told him that his cock size was fine (although in all honesty it was quite small) and that there were other ways to please a woman. I found it fascinating that he had only been with one other woman. Like any normal person I had my share of experiences while sowing my wild oats in college. And while I’m not a slut I’ve seen my share of cocks. I introduced him to the joys of licking my pussy to orgasm after orgasm. I also admit it took me some time to come around to where we are now, I didn’t take to this whole female led relationship and cuckolding like a duck to water. But the more I read, and the more we talked, I began to slowly understand that it was not about being mean to someone or causing pain to someone, it was about eroticism. It was about what turns two people on.

I certainly won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that the more I read and became educated the more I put things into practice. I moved slowly as you would when you’re training a dog or a small child to do things. I instituted a system of tasks and rewards based on how well he performed. And I must say he took to it like a duck to water! Within a year of starting to see him and traveling down this road, I had his cock and balls shaved and in a CB3000 chastity device. He was cooking, cleaning, and doting on me like I have never been doted on before. I learned an interesting lesson after putting him in the CB3000. When a man’s sexual release is delayed, he becomes more and more aroused, the hornier he gets (and the more eager to please you). Your pleasure will become his pleasure as he strives to serve, and to deserve your gift of holding (and eventually using) his key.

Around the house I would sometimes put him in nothing but his CB3000 and a pair of pantyhose and make him serve me. I would spend long afternoons on the couch while he licked me to orgasm after orgasm. Some days I would have yetişkin porno as many as five screaming orgasms while he remained locked and chaste in his cage, getting more and more eager to please me until I finally allowed his release. That’s when I started to call him my ‘little boy wife’ another term he seemed to love and accept. In reality that’s what he was, he was ‘little’ and when shaved he looked like a ‘boy’ and the way he served me and attended to the needs of the house he was a ‘wife’ in every aspect of the word. It seemed to turn him on to no end when I addressed him as that.

To the outside world we appeared as a ‘normal’ everyday couple. Like any other couple sitting in a bar or restaurant with a group of friends, we seemed like everyone else. But as everyone has little ‘secrets’ in their closet, we had ours. We were deeply in love and he was gentle, attentive, understanding, and I loved him very deeply and he loved me deeply too. That, I believe is the secret to our success in this relationship; complete honesty, a mutual degree of respect, a healthy dose of sex and unconditional love on both ends. There is no secret we have from each other and it’s amazing. To have a boyfriend who is not afraid to let down the walls that society normally forces them to build up is refreshing. To have a boyfriend who is not afraid to tell you his deepest, darkest secrets, who is sensitive enough to cry in front of you, but not tears of weakness, tears of love, surrender, and acceptance is one of the most erotic things a woman can experience.

Between Patrick and Steve I have the best of both worlds. Patrick in many ways is everything Steve is not. He’s tall, strong, arrogant, take charge, well hung, assertive. He was the quarterback of his college football team, went on to a successful career on Wall Street, and is gorgeous and fun to play with. When he fucks me he touches me in places that send tingles up and down my spine, places that Steven can’t touch. He puts me on all fours and fucks me doggie style which drives me wild! Steven tried on one occasion, he got me on all fours, but his cock is much too small to penetrate me. After several frustrating attempts he ended our lovemaking session with his faced buried between my legs licking me to orgasm after orgasm. After I had cum, he lay in my arms and wept on my breast as I stroked his head and attempted to soothe his ego by telling him that I loved what he did with his tongue and that although he wanted to, he couldn’t be the type of love Patrick is to me.

Tonight would be the first time the three of us would be together for dinner and some fun. Usually I would go to Patrick’s house and we would fuck our brains out before I would return to my little boy wife, his mouth and tongue eagerly awaiting his ‘treat’ as we came to call Patrick’s cum in my pussy. My little boy wife laps at my pussy, sucking Patrick’s cum out of it like a starving man who has just been given a feast. Patrick has taken to the game also. While he doesn’t quite understand the love and connection Steve and I have, he knows that I love Steve with all my heart and soul and there are no secrets between us. I view Patrick as a great friend whom I fuck on a regular basis, the ultimate friend with benefits if you will. Patrick has also become more educated in the field of cuckolding and has taken on many of the traits of the typical ‘bull’ in that sense of the word.

My little boy wife scurried from the kitchen to greet me and take the packages from my arms. He kissed me as I stood back and admired the outfit I had chosen for him before I left the house this morning. Aside from his CB3000 he wore pink maid’s outfit and white thigh highs with a little tiara on his head.

“Hi honey!” he said as he stood on tip toes to kiss my cheek. You see I’m youjizz porno quite a bit taller than Steve especially wearing the heels I was wearing today and he has to stand on tip toe to kiss me which just reinforces my superior status. “Did you have fun shopping?” he said, taking the packages from my arms and removing my coat and hanging it up and immediately dropping to his knees to remove my heels.

Once my heels were removed, I retired to the living room to relax on the couch while my little boy wife toted all the packages into the bedroom and put them away. I smirked as I pictured him removing the Victoria’s Secret items from the bags and neatly folding them and putting them into my drawers. It was going to be quite a night! Once he was done, he was back kneeling at my feet, handing me a glass of wine, and taking my nylon clad feet in his hand and massaging them.

“I’m so glad you had a good time shopping honey! I’ve been working like crazy to get ready for tonight. The house is cleaned, the laundry is done and put away, the satin sheets have been put on the bed and dinner is in the oven. Patrick’s favorite liquor is on hand and I’m so happy you finally decided to invite him over for dinner.”

I looked down at him in mixture of disbelief, wonder, eroticism, and awe at what my life had become. Here I was sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, getting a foot massage by my boyfriend who knelt at my feet his chastity device firmly in place, wearing an outfit I had picked out for him, waiting for my lover to arrive and get wildly fucked! Wow! What a great life!! I smiled and flicked his balls with my toes, thinking to myself, what in the fuck was wrong with his ex-wife for leaving him? What sane woman on the face of the earth would not embrace this lifestyle? Oh well, I thought as I broke into a full grin, her loss was certainly my gain!

“I think Patrick will love what you’ve done to make our night special. This is a big night for us. All of us, and I expect you to be on your best behavior.” He brought my foot up to his nose, inhaled deeply, placed a tiny kiss on my big toe and smiled.

“Oh honey I will be on my best behavior. You know how much I love you and how my only goal in life is to make you happy and profess my love for you!”

I worked my other foot around on his balls and his cock as the lock on his cage jingled against the plastic. I could see him growing hard, or at least as hard as he could get in his cage as he planted kisses on my feet and toes. As I said, I never hurt him or demeaned him to be purposefully mean or hurtful. But I had come to learn that he loved and craved some of the humiliations I put him through.

“Well my little boy wife, I’m going to take a nap. I want you to go busy yourself making sure the table is set and dinner is perfect when Patrick gets here.” And with that, he was off and I drifted off to sleep thinking about how truly wonderful my life had become.

Patrick arrived right on time and although he had met Steven several times I think he was a bit shocked when he saw him in his pink maid’s outfit and tiara when he answered the door. But I knew from all the reading I’d done that by dressing him in that outfit, it immediately set the stage and identified everyone’s role without a word having to be spoken.

My little boy wife ushered Patrick into the living room and then scurried away to fix our drinks. I had picked out what I thought was a very sexy outfit for the evening. I work a black crotch less body stocking with no bra and a very short denim mini skirt with high black high heels. While my little boy wife was fixing our drinks Patrick and began making out on the couch, him feeling me up and playing with my hard nipples (which I always had when I was around him!) and his hand roaming toward my pussy.

Finally youporn porno my little boy wife was back with drinks. On his knees watching the spectacle of his fantasies unfold before his eyes. I must admit I have never in my life felt such power and eroticism. To know my boyfriend loved me that much that he was on his knees at my feet ready to serve while my lover and I made out, made my juices flow!

Steven has this thing about my scent. About lying in bed at my armpit level after I’ve been out with Patrick for the night and smelling the scent of my sweat mixed with Patrick’s cologne and sex. It’s a mixture that acts like a drug on him, and once he’s under the influence of that scent he will do anything! I find it incredibly erotic to know that my submissive little boy wife gets so turned on by it that I indulge him at every turn.

During dinner we all sat around the table and talked about our experience thus far and how it worked for all of us. Patrick surprised me with his forthrightness. He turned towards Steven, took a sip of his wine and said, “You know I understand where you’re coming from and what you need. Although I’m not really into guys, I have no problem letting you suck my cock for her. Especially knowing that you’re making it hard for her and knowing how much I love putting it inside her.”

After dinner, Steven busied himself at the kitchen sink still in his uniform, wearing yellow latex kitchen gloves doing the dishes. Patrick called him back into the room and had him pour some more wine. He complimented him on dinner, and then he asked a question that stunned and surprised me because he and I hadn’t really discussed it. As Steven poured Patrick another glass of wine, Patrick looked up at him and said, “So tell me, when was the last time you were inside your wife?”

Well there it was, the elephant in the room was out in the open. My little boy wife meekly placed the wine bottle on the table and came and knelt by my side. He stroked my nylon covered leg, bowed his head and answered in almost a whisper.

“It’s been a while.”

“What? I didn’t quite hear you.” Patrick said.

“It’s um been a while. Actually it’s been about two months.” I could feel his hands almost trembling as he stroked my thigh and patted his head almost as one would pet the household dog.

“And why is that? Why haven’t you been inside of her in two whole months?” Patrick’s tone took on one of a stern headmaster questioning a student who had been caught in some indiscretion.

“Um well, Nikki says that my cock is really too small for her to feel anything so there’s really no reason to put it in her, and, well that when she comes home from being with you that she’s usually too sore to even think about it, so she’s only allowed me to be inside her if I’ve gone above and beyond and pleased her.”

“I see. Well now that we know where everyone stands and what everyone’s role is, I think I’m going to have to dip my wick in Nikki’s nice wet, warm, tight pussy while you do the dishes. But first I think you know what needs doing correct?”

I have to admit that the thought of someone else dominating my little boy wife had never entered my mind. It had always been just him and I, but now as Patrick did it I found myself becoming aroused and I must say very wet.

“yyyes Sir I guess so.” Steven stumbled.

“Well I’m glad you’ve addressed me as Sir. And you only guess so? What the hell does that mean? Now you know and I know and Nikki knows what I’m talking about, so without saying another word I want you to show us that you understand.”

Patrick leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head. Without saying another word, my little boy wife shuffled across the floor on his knees, meekly unzipped Patrick’s pants and still wearing the yellow latex gloves removed Patrick’s cock (I might add here that Patrick is bigger soft than Steven is hard!) and I saw him lean forward and kiss the tip. I knew at that moment my little boy wife was smelling the scent he had come to know so well, Patrick’s cologne, his cum, and my pussy as he lowered his head and sucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32