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I would never have guessed that such a thing would ever happen. My name is Jim and I’m married to Annie and we have friends called Pete and Ramona who got married last year.

I am an avid cyclist and about six months ago my wife Annie and her friend were going on a shopping trip to London so they suggested that I take Pete cycling with me while they were away for the weekend. So, on the Friday morning, with my bike on the back of the car, I took Annie to the train station to meet Ramona. Pete was there with his wife and also had his bike on his car. We waved the girls off on the train and headed off into the hills.

We had a great day but the weather was pretty horrible so when we got back to the cars we were really dirty. Pete suggested heading to his house where we could clean up and get some dinner. We arrived at Pete’s and locked the bikes in the garage and headed inside. Pete jumped into the shower and ten minutes later it was my turn. I had just soaped myself when the shower door opened and Pete stepped in beside me. I was shocked as he offered to help me clean up. He started applying soap to my back and gently stroked my skin. I was a bit uncomfortable being naked in a shower with another man but Pete’s touch felt really good. He rubbed soap on my shoulders while standing behind me and gently ran his hands down my arms. The sensation was so nice that I hardly noticed him stepping in closer to me as he ran his hands around my waist and up onto my chest, almost as if he was caressing a woman’s breasts.

He turned me around and I noticed instantly that his cock was rock hard but I didn’t really mind as I also had a hard on. He lifted my arms and gently placed them around his neck and xslot then placed his around my waist and pulled me close. As he did this he placed his lips on mine and before I knew what had happened we were French kissing. His tongue felt fantastic in my mouth and I noticed that our cocks were gently rubbing against each other.

This was my first gay experience and I was surprised that I was really enjoying it. I had always enjoyed dressing in girl’s clothes and I had often fantasised about being with a man but only because I felt like a girl when I was dressed. Here I was though, with my arms around another man’s neck, kissing like a teenager. And I knew that Ramona had some pretty sexy clothes. Pete whispered in my ear that we should move to the bedroom and we stepped out of the shower and gently dried off. This gave me a little time to think and I told him that I’d never been with a man before and was a little apprehensive. I also told him that I would never be able to admit to my wife what was now going through my head.

Pete then told me that he had seen Annie and Ramona kissing one day when they thought he was in another room and he was pretty sure that they were having a lesbian relationship. I was shocked by this but he told me that on another occasion he had found a pair of woman’s knickers under the bed and he knew they were not his wife’s. This was after a day that the girls were supposed to have been out shopping. This kind of made sense to me because Annie was always really horny after she had spent the day with Ramona but I had put this down to girls having fun talking about guys and getting in the mood. I would never have guessed it was because they were busy getting xslot Giriş it on with each other. I have to admit that the thought of this was quite a turn on. Pete suggested that as the girls were probably at their hotel by now, and most likely engaged in licking each other’s pussies, we should have some fun together. And I was surprised to find that I kind of liked the idea.

He took me by the hand and gently led me to the bedroom. He pulled me into his embrace and kissed me again and I could feel his hot penis against my body. He gently pushed me onto the bed and then lay on top of me. We kissed for what seemed like an age and I was aware that he was being a perfect gentleman and treating me almost as if I was the girl. I was very turned on by this and I wanted to experience what was happening. I gently ran my hand down his body until it touched the shaft of his cock. I very gingerly wrapped my hand around his penis and gently began to stroke it. It felt fantastic; so hard and I was incredibly happy that it was me that was turning him on so much. I couldn’t believe that his wife Ramona would prefer pussy instead of this beautiful penis and I became determined right there and then that I would make him happy.

We turned over so that I was on the top and I started to kiss down his body. My mouth reached the head of his cock and I touched it with the tip of my tongue. I heard my lover gasp and this only turned me on even more so I ran my tongue down the side of his shaft until I reached his balls and then back up again. I had been concerned about how it would taste but I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked it. I put the head of his cock inside my mouth ad gently started xslot Güncel Giriş to move up and down, flicking the tip with my tongue.

I could hear Pete beginning to breathe heavily but I was enjoying my first blowjob and I wasn’t about to stop. His breathing increased and he was gasping now. He told me he was about to cum and I clamped my lips even tighter around his throbbing shaft just as I felt it jerk and suddenly my mouth was filled with semen. It just kept on coming and I swallowed again and again, taking as much of his sperm as possible. He came so hard that I couldn’t swallow it all and some leaked out the corners of my mouth. Eventually, his cock stopped jerking and I sat up with a little coy smile on my face, and cum dribbling down my chin. Pete pulled me to him and kissed me passionately, our kisses sticky with his cum. Pete told me that was the best blowjob he’d ever had and he really wanted to do more with me. I told him that I really fancied him and I wanted so much to please him and Pete suggested that we sleep together for a while and then see what happened.

I said I would happily sleep with him but on one condition; I wanted to wear Ramona’s nightie and after we had slept together, and had some more fun, I would cook his dinner but I would do it only while wearing his wife’s clothes, a dress or a skirt and top. Pete pulled me to him and kissed me passionately and said he would love me to be his girl. Being a cyclist, I have quite a slight body and I know I look good in girl’s clothes. I went to Ramona’s underwear drawer and selected a black, lacy bra and matching thong. As I slipped them on I could see Pete looking at me with complete satisfaction. I then put a little black satin babydoll nightie on top, applied a little red lipstick and black eyeliner and then I positively skipped back into bed with my man. He wrapped me in his strong arms and we fell asleep together. What we did when we woke up will need to wait for part two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32