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This story is totally fictional. Any resemblance to real persons or places is only coincidental, and was not the intent of the author.

The three young men stepped into Debbie’s bedroom and all three lined up at the foot of her bed. Richard pointed to the boy with striking red hair and told her. “This is Brian, and the guy with the strait blond hair is Tommy. We have been friends since grade school.”

Debbie could see the bulges at each boys crotches. She licked her lips at the very idea that very soon she would have all three hard cocks out and ready for her to play with. “My,” she smiles, “such handsome young men. How old are you boys?” she asked.

The one named Tommy answered her first. “We are all eighteen, Ma’am. I’m the oldest and Brian here just turned eighteen last week, he’s the youngest.”

She pulled her covers aside, exposing her body in the blue negligee to the three sets of eager eyes. She walked around to the blond boy, Tommy. She stood very close to him, giving him a tantalizing view of her large breasts through her sheer garment. Debbie reached down and pressed her palm against the bulge in his trouser front, rubbing in slow circles. She expelled a hiss and whispered into his ear, “I told you that you wouldn’t be sorry.”

She took Tommy into her arms and kissed him on the mouth. It was not the kiss of a mother. This was the kiss of a lustful woman for her lover. She parted her lips slightly and with just the tip of her tongue she licked his lips. And forced her tongue into his mouth to play with Tommy’s tongue. Debbie wrapped her arms around his body, pressing his hips into her’s and started grinding against the hard budge.

Temporarily she left Tommy and started working on Brian. She also rubbed her palm against the bulge in his crotch. When she kissed Brian, Debbie ran her fingers through his red hair. “I just love your bright red hair, Brian. Tell me, is all the hair on your body as red as this?”

Brian could only nod his head. He was totally speechless due to the attentions she was lavishing on him.

“Is it red down here too?” she asked, while again rubbing his crotch.

“Y-Yes Ma’am,” he croaked.

“Think I want to see for myself. Would you mind?” she cooed. Debbie dropped to her knees in front of him. Eagerly she puller down his zipper and unhooked his trousers. Then she yanked down his trousers and undershorts all the way to his ankles, with one motion.

Out popped his six inch cock, stiff and strait, from its red curly nest. Brian’s pubic hair was not quite as soft and downy as Richard’s, but still softer than a mature man’s pubic hair.

“My, what beautiful equipment you have there, Brian.” She knew that a little flattery would help him get through his shyness. Debbie cradled his balls with her finger tips, tickling his scrotum, while she stroked his shaft with the other. She could tell that he was very close to cumming, so she didn’t want to do too much to him right there.

Reluctantly she eased off on him and got up from her knees.

Now she directed her attention to the blond boy named Tommy. She reached down and traced the outline of his cock with her fingertips. Then pressed her palm against the outline of his cock and started moving her hand sensually around, caressing his cock through his jeans. “Do you like what I’m doing, Tommy?”

Tommy’s eyes were closed and he pressed his groin into her palm. His face showed that he was in ecstasy.

“Do you want me to stop?” she teased.

His face betrayed his lust. Tommy shook his head to indicate “no.”

Debbie unbuttoned Tommy’s jeans and pulled down his zipper. Like with Brian, she pulled his trousers, and undershorts right down to his ankles, exposing his private parts. She knelt in front of him and looking up into his eyes, she took the tip of his penis between her lips.

Tommy gasped when her felt her warm, wet mouth around the head to his cock. It felt just so wonderful, the things she was doing to him. He had been sucked off on occasion by girl friends, but none of them had the skill that Debbie lavished on him.

She started bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. At the same time she held his balls in her finger tips. Gently moving them to increase his pleasure.

Tommy by this time was almost whimpering, “OH GOD, if you keep doing that I’m going to shoot right down your throat.”

Debbie froze right then, with his cock still deep inside of her mouth. Searching Tommy’s face with sparkling eyes. She sucked up off the tip of his swollen manhood. Then just for good measure, licked the pee hole at the end with the tip of her tongue. She smiled up at him and said, “We can’t have you coming too soon, now, my sweet. No, not just yet, Debbie is hardly even started playing with her new toys.”

She stood up in front of the boys and started removing her negligee. “Let’s all of us get nice and naked. Then climb up on the bed and really have a party, shall we?”

Debbie pulled off the çanakkale escort sheer blue pegnoir and stepped out of her matching night gown. Now totally naked, she climbed up onto her big bed and waited for the boys to join her. She spread her legs and watched all three boys strip naked for her. Her hand moved down to her pussy and she touched herself, watching the male strip show.

Brian and Tommy were the first to be completely naked since Debbie had already started to undress them. Richard was not quite as fast. She didn’t mind a bit though, since it was always a treat for her to see him strip and she wished he would do it slowly so she could really enjoy the show.

Brian crawled onto the bed on the left side of her, while Tommy was on the right side. When Richard was completely naked, he sat on the edge of the bed. Debbie stretched out her legs even wider and asked Richard if he would lick her pussy and get her nice and hot for all three of their cocks.

Richard moved in between her legs, with his head just above her pussy. He spread her pussy lips with his finger tips, and started licking the inner lips to her pussy.

Debbie jumped at the first contact of his tongue, but then relaxed and enjoyed the pleasures spreading out from her most sensual spot. “God, you are good at that,” she told him. “I can’t believe that you have such a talented tongue at only eighteen years of age. What a man you are going to be!”

Debbie held the two young men laying on either side of her. “Would you two like to play with my breasts?” she asked. “Mmmmm, I just love it when my nipples are sucked on.”

Both Tommy and Brian caressed her tits and started to lick and suck on her nipples. They made little meowing sounds, like a pair of kittens sucking in their mother’s milk.

They pressed their bodies in close and she could feel their hard cocks rubbing against her bare thighs.

She felt so luxurious, having three eager mouths, all giving her pleasure at one time. It was just too much. But still not quite enough.

Later, she thought to herself, she would have all three hard cocks. One in her pussy, and another in her mouth. While the third cock, she would have up her ass. She wanted to have them again and again all night long. Wonderful boy cock. Why had she waited so long to have young cocks like these three? This may be her first, but she knew then and there it would not be her last evening of such wanton lust. She would have to tease and please them, until they would be willing to come to her again and again, begging to rip their clothes off and give her more sexual thrills.

If she ever tired of these three she could find others. Yes, the streets and public parks were full of young eager cocks, all ready to be at her disposal. Ready to please and satisfy her hungry pussy.

She wouldn’t do them any real harm. After all, wouldn’t she be teaching them all the secrets a young man should know about pleasing their future mates and lovers?

All of these thoughts made her pussy gush again and again. She reached several climaxes before telling Richard “That is enough for now, baby. I want to feel that big cock of yours inside my pussy.”

“First, though, Brian, will you reach into my night stand drawer and take out the jar of K.Y. jelly, you will find there. That’s right. Now dig out a big blob, and smear it all over your cock.”

Debbie rolled over unto her side and told Brian, “Scoop out and rub it all into my ass hole. Good push your fingers right inside and get it all nice and slippery, inside and out. Mmmmm, that feels good!”

Brian did all the things he was told to do, and awaited further instructions.

Debbie could have enjoyed much more of the feel of his finger up her ass hole, but she was ready to have his cock replace the finger. “OK, honey, that’s enough. You can take out your finger and move your body right in behind me so your cock is just outside of my bum hole.”

Brian spooned his body up against her back.

Debbie said, “That’s great, Brian. Now, Richard, I want you to crawl up here in front of me, and put your cock right at the entrance to my pussy.”

“OK, Tommy, I want you to kneel up here by my head so that your cock is withing easy reach of my mouth.”

Tommy did as he was told.

“Mmmmm,” Debbie said “your cock looks so delicious.”

“Ok,” Debbie said, “I think we are all set. When I give the word, I want you Brian to push your cock up my ass and fuck me there. Richard you fuck my pussy, while I suck young Tommy boy right into heaven.”

“Ok, go!”

Both Richard and Brian fucked into her, while at the same time, she gobbled up Tommy’s hard cock.

It was the wildest most wanton thing that Debbie had ever done. It was also the most marvelous. All the sensations at once were totally mind-blowing. Brian and Richard were moving just right in her body. Not too fast nor too slow. Not too hard or soft. Just right. Tommy’s cock was fantastic. çeşme escort It tasted like a rare and delicious fruit. She sucked and licked him in a frenzy. Gently milking his balls, hungry for all the warm cream she knew was stored there. She enjoyed climax after climax, one blending into another, almost like it was one continuous climax, instead of several close together, but separate.

The three young men had unbelievable stamina. They just seemed to go on forever, like that pink bunny, beating on his drum. She knew it was unusual for young men at eighteen to have such great control. All three of them were holding back better then any mature man she had ever had.

Richard and Brian seemed to be able to coordinate their movements They pushed in, and pulled back their cocks, in sync with each other. It gave her a marvelous feeling, having both cocks almost rubbing against each other inside of her body.

Tommy was the first to cum. He called out, “Oh god here it cums. I can feel the jizz rushing out of my balls.”

Debbie clamped her lips down around Tommy’s cock. Sucking hard on his cock, like she was sucking a thick milkshake through a thin straw. Her finger tips were tickling his balls.

“AH” he gasped. “Pleeeeeeeease don’t stop. It feels like you are sucking all my insides out though my cock. Oh it feels so good Ma’am, so very, very gooooood!!!!”

Tommy collapsed in front of Debbie, completely spent.

Even so, Debbie continued to suck on him. She wanted every drop. She was going to leave Tommy totally drained. Not until she had gotten the last few drops of his cum, did she release his spent and shriveling cock from her mouth. She had swallowed down his juices as fast as she could; even so, a few drops dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. She swept them up with the tip of her tongue. Warm, fresh cum was something she really enjoyed tasting.

The exhausted Tommy rolled away from Debbie’s body. He was gasping for air. Weak as a kitten, but still contented, as he enjoyed the afterglow of his climax.

Brian was the next to climax. He could feel the churning in his balls while he pumped his cock in and out of Debbie’s bum hole. The cheeks of her ass seemed to caress his inner thighs each time he pushed into her. He reached over her body and felt her breasts again. Her fleshy tits were firm, yet the skin was so soft and smooth. He tweaked her nipple between his thumb and index finger. When he did so, he could feel her cum again, against his cock.

“Man,” he thought, ” this woman is unbelievable.” He had never met a woman that acted so sluttish. He thought it seemed as if she would let them do anything they liked – this Debbie must really like cock.

He wondered if he could talk her into sucking his cock off, after it had been buried in her shit hole. What a kick that would be. To watch her gobble down his cock when it still smelled of her own shit.

This was turning out to be the most fantastic and erotic date of his whole young life.

The churning in Brian’s balls was becoming too much for him. He was trying with all of his might, but he couldn’t hold back much longer. “Here it comes,” he called. “I just can’t hold it much longer.” The jizz shot out of the end of his cock like a gun blast.

Debbie could feel Brian’s hot cream burst into her ass. It felt wonderful. “Oh, baby, keep cumming. Shoot all that lovely goo right up my asshole. Oh, I love it. I just love it, my sweet, sweet baby.”

Brian was doing just that. He pumped her ass full to overflowing. At last he was spent. His cock started to shrink and he pulled out of her bum.

When he did pull out he looked down and he could see his cream ooze out of her ass hole and run down her leg.

Richard held back the longest. Somehow she knew he would be the last one to cum. Debbie wrapped her arms around his body and smothered his face with her wet kisses. They moved in perfect unison. His long cock reached all the way into her womb. It had been a long long time since she was fucked so deeply, so completely. She wrapped her long legs around his body. She fucked back like a crazy woman. “Oh fuck me baby, yah, fuck me deep and hard! That’s right. Oh yes fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!!”

Richard was also lost in lust. He pounded into her, like a piston engine. Faster and faster. His hips were now moving in a blur. He was trying to hold back, but Debbie’s cunt muscles seemed to massage the shaft of his cock. The feeling was fantastic.

He wanted it to last as long as he could, but the relentless massage of her cunt was breaking down every shred of his resistance. She just would not be denied. His seed was racing through the tubes inside of his cock. There was no stopping it now, so he let it cum, still pounding his hips into her in a frenzy of animal lust.

“I’m cumming,” he gasped. Then out it came the fountain of cum just kept flowing. Even with his big cock still inside of her cunt the jizz back flowed around it and soaked diyarbakır escort both of their thighs and pubic hair. After he started to shrink back down, Richard rolled out of her onto his back. He, too, was as spent as his two friends were at the moment, but there would be more to come. All four of them knew that.

Debbie, too, was completely filled and satisfied for the moment. She lay stretched out on her back. She relaxed there for a few minutes, looking up at the ceiling. Enjoying the warm feelings that go through a woman’s mind after making love.

She must have dozed off, but when she awakened Debbie felt a hand caressing her breast. She looked over, and it was Brian playing with his new- found toys. She moved her hand down his naked body and found a toy of her own. She smiled into his eager face and slowly started stroking his cock. He must have amazing recuperative powers; already he was hard and getting harder by the second.

Brian’s face reflected his growing pleasure, and his hips started to move in time with her stroking fingers. He whispered across to her, “Would you please suck me like you did Tommy?” His voice was almost begging.

Debbie smiled at him and nodded her head “yes.” Then gently she pushed him onto his back. His cock was standing fully erect now. It wasn’t as thick or as long as Richard’s magnificent pole, but still, he was larger than the average man. Debbie was curious to see just how much cum he would have left in his balls after the tremendous amount he had just pumped into her ass.

Debbie slid down Brian’s body, kissing and licking all the way down to his crotch. She held his cock out of the way and started licking the sensitive area between his balls and his ass, while she slowly masturbated his cock with her fingers.

Brian was out of his mind with pleasure. He had expected her to simply suck him off, but this new and wonderful tongue action was making him tingle all over. The pleasure she was giving him was just too much.

Debbie was overjoyed at the reaction she was getting from the young man. This inspired her to take it one step farther. She pushed both of Brian’s legs up over his body, until the toes were touching his shoulders. This exposed his tight boy ass to her oral explorations.

She found herself wishing she were a man. What pleasure she could have, fucking the nice tender ass with a hard cock. That may come later, at another session. Maybe, if she teased and tantalized him enough by other means, he would consent to allowing her to use one of her strap-ons. She could use one with a very small thin cock. Of course she would have to use lots of K.Y. Jelly. Not this time, though. That would just have to wait. Maybe she could coax him into returning to her again and again. “Enough daydreaming,” she thought to herself. She had better take care of the business at hand before the other two young men awakened.

She started to lick him all around his tight little bugger hole. Brian let out a gasp of pleasure.

She stared licking into the crack of his tender ass. While at the same time, sliding her fingers faster and with more urgency, up and down his still growing hard cock.

Brian was almost whimpering, it felt so good, the things she was doing to him. He wondered if she would actually put her tongue inside of his bum.

Brian didn’t have to wait long for his answer. He felt the very tip of her tongue push against his pucker hole. Then after a few seconds of effort Brian relaxed his ass muscles enough that Debbie could finally penetrate his rectum, and push even farther into his ass hole. She pushed her face as far as she could between his ass cheeks. She wanted to drive her tongue all the way in to his prostrate where all the cum was made.

“AH………. OH…….MY…. GOD………What you are doing is wonderful. It is even better then a blow-job. I’m going to cum pretty soon, I can feel it. No one has ever did the things to me that you are doing. PLEASE, PLEASE don’t stop.”

Debbie had no intention of stopping. She had gone much too far for that. She was moving the fingers of both hands, up and down Brian’s shaft. Her plan was to catch as much of his cum in her hands as possible, then lick her fingers and palms clean. His precum was bubbling out of the tip of his cock. She caught it on her finger tips and then rubbed it back into his shaft to keep it lubricated.

Debbie looked up and with her peripheral vision she could see that the other two boys were awake and watching her. Both the boys’ eyes seemed almost glowing with lust as they watched her ream their friend’s asshole. She was almost smiling with anticipation that these two would be ready for more action as soon as she finished off Brian, who was squirming like a worm caught out of its hole after sunrise. There was no way he could or wanted to, for that matter, stop the load of cum. It seemed to rise like lava in a volcano, boiling to the top before the eruption. “Oh, God, it’s cumming…. I can feel it. It’s going to be a giant load.”

Debbie’s tongue action went wild upon hearing this. Her hands also increased their speed as Brian neared climax. Then it was there. He was shooting glob after glob of his male essence into her hands. It came out thick and white.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32