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Jamie said it was high time I made a life for myself instead of being cooped up in the same old, same old job and environment -like living in a miserable tiny bachelor flat, paying the earth for rent and working myself to the bone with Sainsbury’s supermarket store as a warehouse assistant.

“It is okay for you,” I told him, “you earn a good salary and live in a mansion compared with my dump.”

Jamie is a Company executive and is loaded. I met him at the local bowling alley and he was quite impressed I licked him by three games.

“Well Mark you can easily remedy that, if that is what you want. No good moaning about your circumstances. You got to be positive in this life if you want to get anywhere.”

“It is so fucking easy for you, like you were born with s silver spoon in your mouth with parents to set you up in University and a good job, but me? I had nothing like that. My folks were poor. Try thinking about that Jamie before you makes judgements!”

We got to have many discussions like that during our meetings at the bowling alley and coffee afterwards. Oddly, despite our differences we got on like a house on fire and he told me he likes someone who would answer him back, In his vocation employees would not say boo to a goose for fear of losing their jobs.

He said he liked me for that and would like to Bycasino give me some hints on how to adopt a positive attitude towards life and how to really get on.

Generally at first I took his interest in me simply as a natural friendship because we seemed compatible with each other. I had no idea that his intention was any other than a plain friendship and nothing more.

And yet, having said that, I realise I have this sort of chemical attraction with him, and I liked being near to him. But did that mean anything more than simply liking and getting on with each other.

When our conversations got around to meaningful relationships I then realised there was something more afoot than just a casual friendship. He queried why I had not been out with a girl, but I said I was always too busy in my life and the idea did not particularly attract me anyway.

“We have much in common, you and me,” Jamie smiled. “I feel exactly the same way. I guess I had never seriously thought about relationships until I met you. But I shall be frank and confess my feelings for you are more than being just friends. How do you feel about that? I don’t wish to lose your friendship by saying the wrong thing that could jeopardise it, but I do feel you should know.”

Jamie sat there quietly after that and looked decidedly concerned Bycasino giriş when I did not respond straight away. I needed time to gather my thoughts. This had come as a surprise or had it? I felt for quite a while there was something lurking in my groin so to put it. And that feeling had never happened before. Not about another guy. But it was not just that. It was something very emotional as well and then I knew I was on the same wavelength as Jamie and we were meant for each other.

I guess my open smile said it all; I did not have to respond. Jamie’s expression changed from concern to relief and from that moment on, we were an item. He said the sooner I moved into his place the better. No more negativity. He even got me a job with his firm and I was a changed person.

And being fucked nearly every night, and some in between I felt decidedly wanted. His passion was my passion and we shared it so wonderfully together. It seemed like the first time we fucked and he deeply entered my being I was as one with Jamie and our sex seemed to be flavoured with all the nice things in life, it gave me a wonderful feeling of wellbeing, I was at peace with the world after each time we fucked and I wanted more and more of that peace inside my body and my mind-set to make it all perfect.

Jamie’s positive attitude meant Bycasino deneme bonusu that our sex had to be perfect, if not then he, and we would work on ii until we had achieved that, and that made for an awful lot of exploration, discovery and deviation.

Living with Jamie I knew I had met my real love in life, he had become my mentor and my saviour And I wanted to help him seek perfection and become the most arduous lover supreme.

If he wanted me girlie, I would perform for him. It was all so very exciting and deeply thrilling to pretend I was a girl and then I discovered a little more about myself and my sexual inspirations and Jamie was so clever in arranging me so I looked like a girl, imagining my anus to be a vagina and all the other deviations Jamie taught me.

Even the nectar of the perfume he wanted me to use created the most exotic and sensual atmosphere for a long and beautiful session together. I really wanted to spoil him in every way and give him of my very best, everything I could muster by way of wonderfully enduring and sharing delicious oral sensations when I’d suck his cock the way he wanted, feeling his hot cum spurt into my mouth like a volcanic eruption, and then to hear his accompanying cry as I sucked him dry.

Then, in tight jeans, bent over his knee for a sensual spanking and nudging of my plum red ass when he slipped down my jeans and plum red frilly panties, turned me on my side and fucked my ass like a steam piston which was very stimulating.

Heaven know I cannot live without Jamie any more. I need and cherish him, his positivity and all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32