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15. Submission

“Marc, have you ever been granted a footjob?”

“Yes, goddess.”

“Was it good?”

“Yes,” I said, a little hesitant, remembering.

“You came?”

“Yes, goddess.”

“But you enjoyed other things with her more?”

“Yes, goddess.” It was a relief to say so.

“You made her happy?”

“I think so, goddess. She came several times.”

Nia chortled. “I figured as much. Play your cards right and you’ll get to be Chloe’s very talented boy. You want that, right?”

I gasped. “Yes, goddess. I want to make Chloe very happy.”

“Well, Chloe won’t give you a footjob now, but you’ll get something even better, a foot tease from a dominant woman, your future domina if you’re a good boy, and you will enjoy it very much. A dominant woman granting pleasure with her feet might be the best thing a submissive male, or any male, can ever experience. We already know how much a woman can enjoy proper foot worship, but we’re about to take things to a whole new level. You will learn to crave the sight and touch of your domina’s feet, any woman’s feet as long as she and your domina want that, and to get extreme joy from giving them pleasure. Understand?”

“Yes, goddess.”

“Did you like it when Chloe’s feet brought you to the edge a few hours ago?”

“Yes, goddess, very much. Chloe is very creative and talented.”

“Good boy for complimenting her without objectifying. Address us both. Goddesses.”

I shivered. “Yes … goddesses.”

“Chloe, get a little rougher. Push his nose, his chin, his head. Pat his face with your lovely delicate feet. Press down into him, don’t be shy. Marc, know that you’ll soon be fantasizing about this. You will associate Chloe’s feet with pleasure, hers and yours, and you will eagerly give her that pleasure whenever she wants, whenever she’ll allow it. You will crave her feet, becoming aroused just thinking about them. You will look forward to seeing her beautiful feet, her toenail polish as enticing as wet shiny candy, wanting them in your mouth, kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking. You will look forward to doing her toenails and fingernails yourself, making her feet that much more irresistible to you, just as you did with me. It will arouse you almost beyond belief when she allows you this privilege. She’ll use her feet to tease you, the sight of them in her pretty shoes, her sandals, especially when they show her toes or arch or when she’s wearing sexy heels. You will sneak peeks whenever you can and it’s not inappropriate. You won’t be able to keep your eyes away, just as you’ve been unable to look away from my eyes, or my foot, or Chloe’s crystal pendant. You’re aroused now, just from hearing me talk about Chloe’s sexy feet and how they make you feel, aren’t you?”

I was fully erect and streaming precum, which was easy for both women to see, but Nia still had one hand on my balls, pulling them down and away, though no longer hard enough to hurt.

“Yes, goddesses.”

“You became very aroused earlier today when I pinched your nipples between my toes, didn’t you?”

I gasped. “Yes, goddesses.”

“Chloe, stop moving your feet, just keep them on Marc’s face, cupping his nose. Let him feel you and smell you.”

“Marc, women’s feet arouse you, don’t they?”

“Yes, goddesses.”

“Say it.”

“Women’s feet arouse me.”

“Women’s feet make you hard. Repeat it.”

“Women’s feet make me hard.”

“A woman’s feet can control your arousal. Repeat everything I say unless it’s a question, in which case you’ll answer without thinking, immediately and truthfully, leaving nothing out.”

“A woman’s feet can control my arousal.”

“Chloe’s feet can control your arousal.”

“Chloe’s feet can control my arousal.”

“You can see Chloe’s feet in your mind’s eye.”

A pause. “I can see Chloe’s feet in my mind’s eye.”

“You can imagine how it would feel to take Chloe’s naked feet in your hands again.”

I shuddered. “I can imagine how it would feel to take Chloe’s naked feet in my hands again.”

“That would feel very good to you, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh yes, goddesses.”

There was a brief pause, then Chloe spoke. “Good boy, you’re doing so well.” Her voice was unsteady.

A wave of pleasure flowed through my entire body. “Thank you, goddesses.”

“You would like to massage Chloe’s feet until she orgasms.”

“I would like to massage Chloe’s feet until she orgasms.”

“Whenever she wants.”

“Whenever she wants.”

“You want Chloe to use her feet to tease you to orgasm.”

I gulped. “I want Chloe to use her feet to tease me to orgasm.”

“Good boy,” Chloe said. A stronger wave of pleasure flowed up my body.

“Massaging Chloe’s sexy feet can make you orgasm.”

“Massaging Chloe’s sexy feet can make me orgasm.”

“Chloe can make you orgasm just by directing you to look at her sexy feet and commanding you to come.”

“Chloe can make me orgasm just from looking at her sexy feet and commanding me to come.”

Nia pulled down on my balls until it hurt. “Repeat my words exactly, Marc.” Her voice was dangerous.

I whimpered. “Yes, goddesses.”

“No massage necessary.”

“No massage necessary.”

“Good bağdatcaddesi escort boy,” Chloe said. It sounded like she was crying.

“You want to touch Chloe’s naked feet, don’t you?”

“Yes, goddesses, I do.”

“Say it.”

“I want to touch Chloe’s naked feet.” I heard Chloe gasp.

“You want to slather Chloe’s naked feet with oil and massage her to orgasm, don’t you?”

“Yes goddesses, I want to slather Chloe’s naked feet with oil and massage her to orgasm.”

“And come on her command.”

“And come on her command.”

“Good boy,” Chloe said softly. It felt so good.

“You want Chloe’s soft silky graceful bare feet, covered in massage oil, caressing every inch of your body and edging you to ultimate pleasure, don’t you?”

“Yes, goddesses, yes.” I was close to coming.

Nia removed her hand from my balls.

“You want to kiss Chloe’s feet, don’t you?” Nia’s voice was gentle.

“Yes goddesses, I want to kiss Chloe’s feet.”

“You want to lick and nibble and suck Chloe’s pretty toes with their pretty painted toenails, don’t you?”

“Yes goddesses, I do.” My voice was getting shaky.

“You want Chloe to press one foot against your face and the other against this cock, don’t you?”

I groaned. “Yes I do, goddesses, I do.”

“How much?”

“Very, very much. So much.” It felt like I was just babbling now.

“You would beg Chloe to touch you with her sexy feet, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I would. I would.”

“Because it would feel so good. But that isn’t quite fair, is it? Why should Chloe touch you with her feet and give you pleasure when it wouldn’t give her pleasure in return? Women make so many concessions, so many compromises, so many accommodations in their relationships with males, it’s only fair that you do the same, isn’t it? You would have to do something for her first, and then, if she allowed it, you would have to beg.”

“Yes, goddesses.”

“Chloe, just touching Marc with your sexy feet wouldn’t do much for you, would it?”

I could hear the tears in Chloe’s voice. “I would touch my feet to Marc’s body if it would give him pleasure. I want to make him happy. I want to tease him to orgasm with just my feet, and I want to make him come on my command, even without touching his lovely cock.”

“You’re a very sweet person, Chloe, wanting to take such good care of Marc, just as he wants to take such good care of you.”

“Thank you, mistress. I truly love Marc.”

“Marc, do you truly love Chloe?”

“Yes, goddesses, I do.”

“Just as you love me?”

“Maybe even more.”

Nia sighed. “That’s just as it should be. “Chloe owns your orgasms, doesn’t she?”

“Yes.” My voice was soft.

“Chloe owns this cock, doesn’t she? Repeat it.”

“Yes, Chloe owns this cock.”

“She decides when it gets hard, she decides when it gets to experience pleasure, she decides when or if it enters a woman, how and why and when and where. Repeat for her.”

“Miss Chloe decides when this cock gets hard, she decides when it gets to experience pleasure, she decides when or if it enters a woman, how and why and when and where.” I was nothing more than a focus machine at that moment, repeating what I was told to repeat with no thoughts of my own. It felt very peaceful, even as my arousal rose.

“That’s how it should be, isn’t it? Giving Chloe that control is the least a horny slutty male like you can do if you truly love her. Repeat.”

“Yes, goddesses, that’s how it should be. Giving Chloe that control is the least a horny … slutty male like me can do if I truly love her.”

Chloe sighed. A few seconds later her feet began moving on me again, inching down in small alternating circles past my chin, my neck, pushing against my shoulders, which felt really nice, then to my chest, still in its heavy padding.

“I bet that feels good, doesn’t it?” she whispered.

“Yes, goddesses, it does.”

“Address only Chloe now, Marc.”

“Yes, goddess.”

“Good boy,” Chloe said.

I shivered in pleasure. “Thank you, Miss Chloe.”

“You’ll come from this, won’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Chloe, on your command.”

“You need to move, Marc,” Nia said. “On your back, your butt against the wall with your legs up, then scooch even closer, your strong shoulders supporting your weight, all that stretching and yoga you did under female direction helping your flexibility as your legs leave the wall, your back bent, as relaxed as you can be. You may open your eyes. Remove the padding on your arms and chest. Chloe, help him, and remove his nipple clamps. Marc, only your female owner may remove her toys from you, unless she asks you to. You may not ask her.”

“Yes, goddess.”


“Only my female owner may remove her toys from me, unless she asks me to. I may not ask her.”

“Good boy,” Chloe whispered. I shuddered, her praise resonating in me.

I moved as Nia directed, then closed my eyes. It was an uncomfortable position, my knees dipping almost to my ears. Chloe sat on the floor, my head between her smooth toned thighs, her warm trickling sex pressed into the top of my head under her skirt, then moved so she was pinching my engorged beykoz escort nipples between her toes. Chloe removing the clamps felt so freeing, but what she was doing now was stupefying, my nipples so much more sensitive than usual, like a whole new dimension of sensation was opening in front of me.

“I didn’t give you permission to close your eyes, Marc. I want you to watch Chloe’s feet. Watch as she raises her skirt and they hover over you, flexing and stretching, their motion captivating you. They’re such pretty feet. So many horny obedient boys would be in heaven to watch those pretty feet move, making you feel so submissive, so aroused, so fortunate, so unable to think, so willing to be led by this cock wherever she wants. Imagine slathering her toes with their pretty red toenails in oil, watching as her feet reach to your chest and slide against you, teasing you, wriggling, oiling your chest, taking your nipples between her toes, pinching them, feel those engorged nipples, freed now from those clamps that were so humiliating, so stimulating, your blood, your essence filling them, ravenous for pleasure, rising to meet her feet, her toes, her teasing, her pinches.”

Chloe was doing everything Nia said, and it was dizzying. I was moaning almost continuously.

“Close your eyes. I want you to imagine Chloe’s sexy naked feet together, sole to sole, those lovely arches forming an enticing opening, a gateway to pleasure, so very like her sacred vulva, so precious to you, so worthy of worship, the promised land for horny males that a select few are fortunate and obedient enough to experience at Her pleasure. Her vagina. Imagine this cock, my cock, Chloe’s cock, entering that gateway once you’ve sufficiently begged and She has granted permission. Imagine the pleasure, imagine the bliss. That big hard cock Chloe owns between her feet, trapped, willing, receptive, and completely controlled, receiving ecstasy. Such sexy feet. Chloe knows exactly how sexy they are, how much you desire them, how much you fantasize about them, and it gives her such a sense of power to know that you are helpless to resist. She controls you, she could drain you with a touch or a word, she’s learning to give the best footjobs and you are so weak, so helpless to resist. Her feet could be bare or in cute little socks like she’s wearing now, or in stockings, perhaps silk stockings with lacy tops, garter straps and a cupless, crotchless teddy, their merest touch a blessing from your domina, your mistress, your goddess, a thing you long for above all else. Her feet own you, her feet control you, her feet command you.”

My moaning was punctuated with gasps at each of Chloe’s strong pinches, even through her thin socks. It was like a sensory overload. I was so close to orgasm but blocked, knowing somehow that I could continue like this as long as Chloe wanted but wanting so much to come. Wanting so much to please Chloe by coming on her command, wanting so much to please Chloe.

“Chloe has such beautiful feet. Such beautiful legs. Chloe is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and you are so blessed that she likes you and wants to take care of you, to be with you, to allow you to please her. The vision of her feet teasing you, owning you, imprinting themselves into your subconscious mind, the idea of her lovely naked feet touching you, one hooking underneath this cock or these balls while the other moves up and down the shaft, oiled and slick, pressing, teasing you to the edge of ecstasy, you so want to kiss her beautiful feet, to lick and suck and worship her toes, and soon, very soon Marc, you are going to come just from thinking about this while Chloe pinches your nipples, but first you will beg her for release and you will wait for her command, and you will repeat again and again that you are Chloe’s foot slave. And when you do come, oh Marc, and you will if you’re a good boy, you will come on your face and on Chloe’s beautiful naked feet, and you will lick it all up, tasting and swallowing, you will lick it up from Chloe’s beautiful feet, and anything you can’t reach she will kiss back into your mouth with her sensuously dominant lips and tongue, exactly the thing you want most, the thing you need most. When you come it will cement Chloe’s control over your orgasms forever, you will surrender the very last sliver of your free will, and it will be exactly the thing you want most in the world.”

I was no longer capable of a coherent response. Overwhelmed by desire, my mind in full flight, delirious, the extreme pleasure from Chloe’s toes pinching my nipples and Nia’s voice filling my empty head.

“Say it, Marc.”

“I am Chloe’s willing foot slave.”


“I am Chloe’s willing foot slave.”

“Repeat. Again and again.”

“I am Chloe’s willing foot slave. I am Chloe’s willing foot slave, yes I am Chloe’s willing foot slave. I am Chloe’s willing foot slave. Uhnh, I am Chloe’s willing foot slave. I am Chloe’s willing foot slave.” My voice more pleading each time.

“Beg Chloe for release.”

“Please Chloe, please may I come?”

Both women were silent.

“Please Chloe, please. Please may I come?”


“Please, please, please. I am your willing foot slave. I want this so much, please caddebostan escort let me come, please goddess, please Miss Chloe, please let me come. Command me. Please.”

Chloe spoke calmly, almost resignedly. “I will give you permission soon. I will command you to come and I will snap my fingers and you will spasm in helpless pleasure, endless, bottomless pleasure, coming so hard, ceding that last sliver of your free will, coming until I tell you to stop, cementing your obedience to me forever.”

“Yes goddess,” I whispered.

Chloe’s feet stilled on my chest, her toes pinched my nipples hard. “Open your eyes, look deep into mine, and say it again.”

I opened my eyes, not thinking, no longer capable of independent thought, just following orders. Her shapely legs, her hair, her beautiful face looking down at me with such tender concern, her lips turning up, her body that I’d only ever fantasized about before today but now had enjoyed in so many ways just as she had — none of that mattered — I only had eyes for hers. Upside-down might have been a little disorienting, but I was already far beyond, my vision still somehow tinged red-orange from the crystal that hung from her graceful neck. I whispered.

“I am your willing foot slave, Miss Chloe. I want this so much, please let me come. Make me yours forever. Please goddess, please Miss Chloe, please let me come. Command me. Please.”

“Seal the deal with a kiss.” She leaned over and we kissed, upside down, her full red lips soft on mine for fully half a minute. It might not have been our first kiss but it felt like one, so gentle and loving. My senses were completely aswirl. “I love you,” she whispered.

“Love you,” I mouthed.

“Chloe will snap her fingers. Each time she does you will feel a wave of pleasure sweep through your body, stronger each time, overwhelming any stray thoughts still rattling around in that empty horny little head of yours. Each snap, each pinch of your nipples will bring you closer to release, but you won’t come until your domina Chloe commands it. If you are fortunate enough that she says ‘Good boy’ it will grant even more pleasure. Each time one of us says ‘clench’ you will clench those groin muscles you’ve practiced so much with today, making you harder than you’ve ever been, trembling with overwhelming need until you’re on your edge, desperate, out of your mind with the need to come, but unable to until Chloe commands it.”

“Miss Chloe owns my orgasms,” I said.

“Good boy,” Chloe said after a few moments, and my entire body thrilled in response. She snapped her long slender fingers and it happened again, trilling up and down my spine. Then again a few seconds later. “Remove my socks. With your teeth. I want to feel your skin against mine, your lips, your tongue. Submitting to my feet, giving them pleasure, which gives you pleasure.”

I found that if I took a gentle bite at her heel, I could coax enough of her sock between my teeth to remove it. I kissed her bare foot, heel to toes and back, covering every square inch. Then again with tongue, trying not to tickle. Then the other foot. She bent her leg farther and brought her toes to my lips. I sucked each one in hungrily, licking and tonguing, then between them. Then the other foot. Chloe was sighing, perhaps in pleasure. The foot I wasn’t pleasuring was pinching my nipple.

Chloe snapped her fingers and the sound hit me like a lightning bolt, startling, searing me with sensation. “Good boy,” she whispered, her voice low and husky, and it was like a rolling aftershock of resonant pleasure.

“Just let go. Stare at my legs as you feel my toes pinching your nipples so much more intimately now. Follow my voice. It feels so good. Do whatever my voice says. Feel yourself losing control to my feet, my legs, my breasts, my voice, my words. Feel yourself submitting, we both know how much you want to. Feel yourself wanting to obey. Feel yourself NEEDing to obey. You are so relaxed. You MUST obey, you have no choice. Feel yourself going deeper.”

I heard what sounded like a page being turned.

“You want me to be in control. My voice compels you. You’re sinking deeper and deeper. Remember how you removed my panties, my top, my shoes? Remember how that felt for you, how much I enjoyed your touch, your devotion, how I looked and smelled and tasted and smiled as you pleased me. Think of what I’m still wearing and how you will remove it when I allow you. Remember the sounds I made. Know how much you’re pleasing me now, following my voice, going deeper. Obeying. Stare at my legs, see how soft and silky smooth they are. See how they shine in the light? Let their movement entrance you. Think of how hot you make me, how wet I am between these long legs. Think of how hard I make you. This is the natural way of things. There is nothing else but me. I speak, you listen. Deeper and deeper. You get hard when I command it. Your mind swirls. You are putty in my hands. You can’t look away from my shapely legs, my sexy feet. I command, you obey. You can’t look away. You must obey. You want to obey. You NEED to obey. There is nothing but me and how much you want me, how much you want my control. Think only of me and how much you need to obey. I fill your mind. I speak and you obey. You hear my voice and you obey. My voice guides you; you want so much to follow my words. You feel compelled by my voice. You’re giving in to me, to my voice and my body and my feet that you love so much. Such a compelling voice. You long to obey every word that passes my lips. Clench.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32