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I was still lying on my back catching my breath, my chest and stomach covered in more of my cum than I’d ever seen before. Miss Caroline and Miss Katie were sitting together on the couch, completely naked. Katie’s face was buried in Caroline’s massive chest as Caroline lovingly stroked her blonde hair.

“Oh my god that was intense. I’ve never felt anything like that,” I said between deep breaths.

“It’s because you’ve been such a good boy today. Serving me led to pleasure you could never imagine before. Lucky for you there will be many more chances for you to serve.”

“More?” Post orgasm my head was starting to clear. This afternoon had been amazing but what else came with “more”?

“Oh my dear pet, do you not want to keep playing?”

My desire to not disappoint her was already putting me back under her spell. “Oh no, that’s not what I mean. I just, uh, barely understand how this happened or where it might go.”

“It happened because I wanted it to happen. I’ve always thought about what it would be like to have a pet,” she looked down at Katie still latched to her nipple as if she was nursing, “…or two to play with. I didn’t come here today with any intention, I thought we were just going to hang out. But I’ve had my suspicions about how… suggestible you might be. When I saw an opportunity I took it.”

“As for this one,” Caroline moved Katie’s mouth to her other breast, “I would have expected it to have taken more to get her in this position but she’s almost as eager to please as you are.

“And what will come next? I have some ideas, but the details aren’t anything you should worry your submissive little head with. All you need to think about is how much you want to please me. To please us. You do want to please us, don’t you?”

This whole time I think I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t want this or that it couldn’t work. That I’m the man and I should be in charge. But why bother, it was in my nature to want to please people and there was nobody else I’d rather please.


Caroline raised an eyebrow at me

“…Miss Caroline”

“Good boy. You’ve made me very happy, we’re going to have a lot of fun together. You’re going to be a good little pet and do as you’re told, right?”

“Yes, Miss Caroline.”

“Mmm, wonderful,” Caroline moaned, “prove it,” she looked me up and down.

Katie’s left foot was still absent mindedly rubbing my cock, a few drips of my cum had ended up on it. Despite the strength of my orgasm my cock was starting to grow again.

“Clean up that mess you made.”

My eyes widened. Caroline could tell I didn’t like where this was going. “You sure seemed to like your pre-cum, how different could it be? You don’t want to give it a try? For me?”

I dipped my index finger into some of my cum and rubbed it between my thumb. This seemed like a big jump from pre-cum. I was a little grossed out by the idea. Some things seemed a bit harder to try on this side of an orgasm.

“Are you going to disobey me so soon?”

I didn’t want to do this but I wanted to disobey Miss Caroline even less. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and closed my eyes as I darted my tongue out. The taste wasn’t too strong but I didn’t love it. And I had only tried a small amount, I had a feeling it would get worse with larger quantities.

“Good boy, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I squeezed my eyes and mouth closed and gave an unhappy grunt.

“Well I’m a generous Mistress and that really is a lot for your first time. If you promise to lick Katie’s foot clean you can just rub the rest into your skin.”

There wasn’t much on Katie’s foot, certainly less than what was all over me, and it didn’t seem like I had much of a choice anyway, “thank you Miss Caroline.”

She smiled back and nodded at me. I rubbed my hands all around my chest, stomach, and dick, I didn’t want to make a mess when I sat up. I had heard of guys who tried to convince their girlfriends to let them come on their face by saying it was good for their skin, maybe I’d find out first hand.

Satisfied I wouldn’t drip on the floor anymore I sat up and looked down at Katie’s foot which was still sitting next to my cock. Katie was so occupied with Caroline’s tits she hadn’t noticed what was happening. Caroline pinched Katie’s nipple to get her attention. Katie moaned into Caroline’s chest and looked up at her. Caroline smiled at her and nodded towards me.

Katie realized what was happening, “oh shit,” she exclaimed and presented her left foot to me. I was impressed how easily she could slip between submitting to Caroline and dominating me.

There was a big drop on her big toe and a line of cum heading up towards her ankle. More than I wanted to eat but a manageable amount. I held her heel in one hand and her arch in the other. Bending down I placed little kisses on her toes moving up from the pinky. As I got to the big one I closed my eyes and sucked it into my mouth. The taste was a lot stronger than my suadiye escort pre-cum or even the small taste I had moments ago, saltier and more bitter, with a much thicker texture. My face scrunched up as I removed Katie’s toe from my mouth.


I did as Caroline commanded giving a little shiver as it went down. Both of them laughed at my reaction. “You missed some,” Katie pushed her foot back in my face.

I made one long lick along the top of her foot getting all that was left and swallowed right away not wanting the flavor to linger this time. I licked and kissed all over her foot to make sure I didn’t miss any.

Content I’d done a good job Katie let her foot drop, “what a good little slut we have here.”

“You might want to think about adjusting your diet to help with the taste.” They both laughed again.

The idea of having to eat more of my own cum both terrified and excited me but mostly I was happy they were happy with me.

Katie was nestled into Caroline’s chest as Caroline slid her hand up and down Katie’s body and squeezed her ass. Caroline patted her opposite knee and I moved over to rest my head on it like a good puppy.

“Today has been incredible but I sadly can’t stay any longer, I have somewhere I need to be.”

Katie and I both looked at Caroline disappointed that she would leave us.

“Don’t worry my dears, I’ll be back soon enough to play some more. And until then I’m sure the two of you will enjoy yourselves.” Katie melted into Caroline as she kissed her deeply. “Of course when I’m not here Miss Katie is in charge but we still need some ground rules,” Caroline continued kissing Katie and rubbing her hands up and down her body.

“pet, you are not allowed to come without my permission. And you won’t be getting it until my next visit.”

My eyes went wide. I had just had the best orgasm of my life and now I’d have to wait to feel anything like it again. Caroline looked down at me and stroked my cheek, “I know it will be tough but you do want to please me, don’t you?” I smiled up at her and nodded. She flashed a devilish smile back and grabbed my hair pulling my head back, her tone immediately became more serious, “and if you disappoint me you will be punished.”

“Yes, Miss Caroline,” I replied fearfully.

“Good boy”

“Now little one, I said you could use the pet but that you’d have to earn it first. Well, you haven’t earned full use of him yet.”

Katie gave a playful pout to Caroline. Caroline smacked her ass, “don’t give me that look, if you want some control you need to act like it.” Katie sat up straight with her wonderful chest puffed out and looked down at me sternly trying to show us both she could be in charge.

“You’ve worshiped my tits so you can have him worship yours. But your pussy and your ass and the rest of your sexy body is off limits for now. He can touch the rest of you, even a massage would be ok. And you’re allowed to come as much as you want, but the pet can’t be the one to get you off directly. Understood?”


“And you now understand how you’ll earn full use of his talented tongue?”


“Next time you’ll have that opportunity.” Caroline looked at the clock, “actually I have a few minutes, would you like to earn his foot worship?”

Before today the idea of somebody licking and kissing her feet wouldn’t have appealed to Katie, let alone the idea of licking somebody else’s. But now she understood the wonderful warm wet sensation and the feeling of power that came with it. She’d rather the pet be allowed to lick her pussy but that wasn’t an option right now and she wasn’t really ready to licking Miss Caroline’s. Her eyes darted between my eyes, Caroline’s eyes, and Caroline’s feet.

Caroline pulled at Katies nipple making her yelp, “is that a yes, baby girl?”

Katie lowered her eyes half ashamed she allowed herself to be in this position, “yes…”

Caroline pinched her nipple harder, “yes, what?”

“Yes… Miss Caroline?”

“That’s right, little one, don’t forget your place.”

“Ok… Miss Caroline. I’ll try my best.”

“Good girl. Now turn towards me.” Katie positioned herself and Caroline extended her left foot, “start by taking a deep sniff.” Katie held Caroline’s foot, put her nose into the sole, and breathed deeply.

“Mmmm, good girl, now lick the sole.”

Katie tentatively stuck her tongue out and touched it to Caroline’s foot and quickly pulled it back. She tried again making a small lick with the tip of her tongue. When she stuck her tongue out the third time Caroline pushed her foot forward trapping Katie’s full tongue against her sole. Caroline stared into Katie’s eyes, unyielding in what she required. Katie began sliding her tongue around Caroline’s foot and Caroline relaxed giving Katie room to work. Katie lapped at the bottom of her foot covering it in a thin coat of her salvia.

Caroline snapped her finger at me and I crawled over by her side. I was up close to yakacık escort her lovely tits for the first time. They were full and heavy and her large pink nipples were hard. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth to her nipple. I was excited to be allowed to worship more of Miss Caroline. I sucked on her nipple and flicked my tongue across the tip.

“Kiss each toe.”

Katie looked up at Caroline with lust and placed a small kiss on her pinky toe, then the next toe, then the next.

“Try sucking the big one like a little cock, I know you know how to do that,” Caroline laughed as Katie started bobbing her head up and down.

After a minute Caroline pulled her foot from Katie and presented the other to her. Katie repeated her worship without any need for instruction this time.

Caroline pulled my head from her tits, “pet, I need you to collect all of my clothes for me.” I crawled around the room picking up everything she had discarded.

Katie had started to improvise, kissing her way around the top of Caroline’s foot, treating it lovingly. Caroline bent down to bring her head close to Katie’s. I could tell she was whispering something to her but couldn’t hear what was being said.

When Caroline was satisfied with Katie’s worship she kissed Katie on the forehead and leaned back, “thank you baby girl that was great. Look how wet you made me again.” Caroline dipped her finger into her pussy and offered it to Katie. “A little preview for you.”

Katie pulled her head back a bit and looked skeptically at Caroline’s wet fingers.

“I’m generously giving you the chance to taste me and you pull away?”

Caroline grabbed the back of Katie’s head and pulled her closer. She put her finger under Katie’s nose, “doesn’t it smell appealing?”

Katie couldn’t help but smell Caroline’s juices and her resistance softened. Katie’s mouth fell open and Caroline pushed her finger inside. She moved it in and out like a tiny cock. Katie sucked it clean and moaned at the thought of tasting more of her best friend’s pussy. Caroline showed a second pussy-coated finger to Katie who eagerly sucked it into her mouth.

“I’m sure you’d like to try some from the source but I really do need to be going now.”

Without looking in my direction Carolined stood up and demanded, “pet, dress me.”

I knelt in front of her still amazed that such a beauty was standing over me naked. I started with her panties, holding them at her feet so she could step in and then slid them up her smooth legs. As my face passed her pussy I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Caroline looked down at me with a smirk, fully understanding the level of control she had. After I slid the panties up my hands may have lingered on her ass for a moment and given a little squeeze, Caroline didn’t seem to notice or maybe she just liked it.

Next were her jeans. It’s harder putting pants on somebody else than you’d think, especially when they are standing. Caroline steadied herself using my head and I worked each of her legs into the pants which allowed me to caress her calves some more. Once both feet were through I could lift her pants by the waist. Her panties already had a slight wet spot on them. I kissed her belly once her pants were buckled and started hugging her waist, I didn’t want her to leave us right now.

She gave me a smack on the head, “stop it, pet, you’re going to make a mess and I don’t have time for this right now.”

I gave her the sad sex puppy eyes but she snapped her fingers and pointed at her clothes. I reached for her socks but she stopped me, “no, we’ll save those for last.”

I took her bra and stood transfixed by her large beautiful breasts.

“You may give each a kiss first.”

I quickly covered her left nipple with my mouth, kissing it deeply and swirling my tongue around it. I kissed across her chest and did the same to the right. Caroline smacked my ass knowing I wouldn’t stop otherwise. I slid her bra on and connected the clasp. I picked up her shirt and slipped it over her head.

Finally she sat down and pointed to the ground in front of her. I quickly dropped to my knees and picked up her socks.

“Kiss each toe once first.”

I bent my head low and placed one kiss on each toe before gently slipping each foot into its sock, taking the chance to lovingly rub her feet as I did so.

Caroline looked down with an eyebrow raised, “my shoes?”

Shit, I forgot. I crawled to the door where she’d left them before any of what happened today was even a consideration. She had worn a simple pair of black slip on sneakers. I picked them up but before I could move Caroline commanded, “use your mouth, pet,” sounding almost annoyed she had to say it.

“Yes, of course, sorry Miss Caroline,” I took one of them into my mouth and was greeted by the smell of her feet mixed with the fabric and rubber of the shoe. I dropped it in front of her and hurried back for the second one.

“You’ll learn”

I carefully şerifali escort slipped each shoe onto her feet, she patted me on the head saying, “thank you, pet,” and hopped up moving towards the door.

“Be a good pet until I come back and be sure to do everything Miss Katie says.”

Katie gave me a mischievous smile that worried and excited me. She had been reluctant to do some of what Caroline demanded today but she seemed to look forward to being on top.

“Yes, Miss Caroline”

Sill looking at me, her gears clearly churning, Katie asked, “how long will it be until you next grace us with your presence?”

Caroline moved to Katie who was lounging on the couch still naked. She leaned down to give her a passionate kiss, “I’ll be back in a few days,” Caroline looked toward me, “enjoy him.”

Katie strained towards Caroline as she pulled away, “where are you running off to anyway?”

“Oh I have a date,” Caroline said with a wink. She was out the door before Katie or I could even react.

We looked at each other a little dumbfounded, in part by the idea of Caroline leaving us for a date but also by how much things had changed. Yesterday we were just roommates, we’d always gotten along really well but nothing remotely sexual had happened between us. I always thought she was very sexy but never considered anything actually happening between us. Now we were left in the living room, naked, me kneeling on the floor, Miss Katie holding all the power.

The realization of how weird this was hit us both at the same time. I looked down at my chest and stomach glistening with thecum that I had massaged into my skin and my hard cock sticking out yearning for a touch I now knew wouldn’t come for a few days.

Looking up at Katie I moved my eyes across her beautiful naked form from her high arches up her long smooth legs and inner thighs, still sticky with her excitement, across her light blonde bush and tight stomach, her pillowy breasts and hard nipples, up to her devilish smile as I realized she was staring right back at me, watching me watch her.

It now felt like an honor to be in her presence in a way it never did before. But what did this mean for our relationship? Would things ever be “normal” again? Would we ever have another lazy day around the house watching TV? Or was this the new normal, me naked on my knees waiting to serve? I guess exactly how this would go was up to Miss Katie.

“I need to go clean up after all that fun, I feel like I’m covered in cum, ” Katie laughed, “well, not covered in it like you are but I want you to stay sticky for a while as a reminder.” Katie looked around the room, “plus, speaking of cum and cleaning this mess needs to be dealt with.”

“Yes, Miss Katie.”

“Mmmm, that’s never going to get old.”

She stood and patted me on the head before moving upstairs. A moment later I heard the shower start. I moved around the room straightening things up. I had to get some cleaners to help with all the cum. There seemed to be a trail of pre-cum drops from where I’d been crawling not to mention the juices left behind where Miss Caroline and Miss Katie came and the long rope I had shot when Miss Katie had shoved her fingers covered in my pre-cum into my mouth. I moved around the room scrubbing any cummy mess I could find. Some cleaned up easier than others. I did the best I could with what we had but it would probably do well if I looked into the best ways to clean up cum.

“pet!” Miss Katie yelled from upstairs. I guess her shower was done.

I hurried up to find her. She was in the bathroom standing on the bathmat naked and dripping.

She motioned towards the towel rack, “I’m not going to dry myself.”

I moved to the towels and picked the fluffiest one. “One for my hair as well.” I grabbed another and moved to her. She took one and wrapped it around her hair then spread her arms. I started around her neck, lightly patting it with the towel. I worked my way down her back rubbing it dry. Around the side and up to one arm then moved over to the other. With the towel in both hands I moved to her tits, massaging both at the same time, much longer than it took to actually dry them.

Katie looked at me with a smirk. I put my head down and continued to her belly. Not wanting to leave the job partially done I hoped that the utilitarian nature of what I was doing would mean we wouldn’t get in trouble from Miss Caroline if I dried her pussy and ass. I rubbed the towel over her bush and lightly patted her pussy, moving behind her I dried her beautiful round ass before dropping to my knees to focus on her legs.

I had always loved Katie’s legs. Long and smooth with perfectly tanned skin. Even before today I’d imagined kissing my way up her legs. I wrapped the towel around one and lovingly rubbed it up and down and all around being sure to not leave any water behind before doing the same to the other. I finished by bending low to dry her feet.

Miss Katie looked down at me, quickly dried her hair some more then dropped the towel at her feet. “Deal with these then come to my room.”

After hanging the towels I crawled down the hallway to Miss Katie’s room. She was lying across her bed face down, still naked, her hair sprawled out around her head.

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