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Serving Rod — Chapter 5.

I would like to report the loss of my virginity!!

I would really, really like to.

Sadly… I can’t.

Things got pretty hot in that truck pretty fast. Rod, busily burying his shaft balls-deep in Chrissy, had helped to unleash whatever had been building up in Meg, and it was as if she was releasing a lifetime of pent up sexual frustration, and there was no one except me available.

I was okay with that.

Honestly, I thought she was a good kisser, not that I had a lot of benchmarks to go on. Because of her earlier comments I was going to let her take things at her own pace, so instead of getting grabby, I put my hands on her face and gently held her as we kissed. I’d seen that in a movie and thought it was romantic.

She ate it up. Once she got started, it seemed like her prior shyness had faded, or at least been overtaken by the passion of the moment. I didn’t need to push her, she had taken charge and was doing pretty damn good.

As we kissed, I felt her hand on my leg, fingers reaching further and further, and still further up my thigh. Part of me was thrilled when she found the outline of my cock, but the size-anxiety part of me was like, ‘Oh shit, now She knows.’

She gently stroked me under my pants. Maybe she was hoping it would get bigger when hard. Sadly, it already was as hard as it was going to get.

Once her hand had actually found the bulge in my pants, I figured that was consent, and it was okay to move my right hand down and feel her breast. Her tits were nice, plump mounds, and even through her heavy-duty bra I could feel her stiff nipple. When I ran my thumb across the engorged bud, she moaned softly into my ear. That was such a beautiful sound.

This encouraged me to move my left hand, slowly down her neck, across her shoulders, and down her back. I could feel her squirm a bit as the sensations tore through her.

Eventually, I could feel her panty line and the hem of her dress. I could have pulled the panties down, her dress had ridden up high enough, but for now I was content to let my hand stay above the fabric and explore the curve of her ass. It was a nice ass, I thought – round and full and curvy, the way a woman ought to be.

Meg certainly didn’t have a cheerleader body, I’d guess her to be size 16, but there in the dark all the right curves in all the right places were doing their magic, making the moment wonderful. It also helped that, as my one hand toyed with a nipple and the other explored her ass, she moaned wonderfully into my mouth, driving her tongue forward in search of mine as her hand manipulated the fabric of my pants, stimulating my cock.

It was right about then, just when I had become sure that tonight would be The Night, that the noises from the back seat began to intrude on our little moment, and at least as far as ‘my chances’ went, things took a turn for the worse.

While Meg and I were making out in the front seat, Rod and Chrissy were actively fucking in the back. There was no questioning the wet, slurping sounds of their genitals crashing together, the fevered pitch in her shrieks and moans, first in pain but by now, pure pleasure. These were accompanied by sounds from Rod — the locomotive repetition of his pistoning Cock into and out of her cunt, and his heavy, determined breath.

I knew this drill all too well, and I knew Rod was not far away from a massive ejaculation. It occurred to me that there was a significant difference in this ejaculation compared to the dozens of his I’d been a personal, um, witness to earlier. This time, the launch of his baby-batter could result in an actual baby!

Chrissy was, or had been until a few minutes ago, a virgin. With her strict parents, and, probably thinking she was safe on a double-date, was unlikely to be on birth-control. When her wails and moans of sexual bliss started to change to squeaks of protest, it was hard to miss.

Meg, apparently annoyed that her squealing cousin was interrupting the new game she was playing in the front seat with me, detached her mouth from mine. The hot, worked-up look on her face was priceless — I loved that she was really into the moment, but she was torn between her own passion and her loyalty to Chrissy.

Another squeak of protest came from the back seat, and Meg’s look turned to one of worry. I could see the conflict on her face; she was clearly enjoying our little moment but felt a larger duty as chaperone to her cousin. She peeked above the seatback, and I did the same.

The sight was one to behold. Even in the dim light, I could see Chrissy, splayed out on center of the back seat, one leg on each of the two front seat headrests, with Rod on his knees straddling the transmission tunnel, while that Cock of his determinedly pumped away at Chrissy’s tunnel.

She was still squeaking and moaning at the same time, obviously torn between the throes of bliss, but increasingly growing aware of the terror of conception. About the time our heads Onwin popped up over the back of the seat, Chrissy had started to beat on Rod with one hand, while clinging to him with the other, her own loyalties so divided, even against herself.

We could hear her now, a stream of words with no beginning and no end, but phrases like “pull out” “don’t cum in me” “not inside” and “please, no, please don’t” followed immediately by her moans of passion as that big Cock kept battering away at the pleasure centers he’d recently discovered deep inside her.

It sounded like pleasure was winning, because her voice shifted from incoherent protesting to incoherent bliss, wailing and moaning with oblivious pleasure as her orgasm coursed through her body. I couldn’t see her face, that part of her was eclipsed from my view by Rod’s naked backside, but I got a great view of what happened next.


Rod groaned and tensed, driving that telephone-pole between his legs balls-deep into Chrissy’s inexperienced depths. I had a perfect view of Rod’s asshole and balls, and the root of his Cock, shiny and red with Chrissy’s virgin blood, as he began to inseminate her.

His asshole puckered and quivered, his balls drew up closer to the root of his Cock, and I saw more of Chrissy’s invaded hole. It was a serious situation, but it was so fucking erotic that Meg and I just watched for a few seconds as they went at it.

My hand, still on her ass, found the side of her panties, and without really thinking about it, I slipped a finger under the side and encountered the wetness of her pussy. Just about that time Meg chimed in, “Chrissy, you okay? Maybe you guys should… uh,” she stopped, maybe because I’d found her clit, maybe because the spectacle in the back seat came to a climax.

More specifically, Rod came to a climax. It was one for the record books.

Rod began to unload the deluge of seed that I knew he was more than capable of delivering. His entire perineum, the area from his asshole to where his Cock disappeared into his baby-mama’s pussy, throbbed and pulsed, dancing with joy and pleasure as his balls completed their ancient mission, a mission as old as time but as fresh as the scent of Rod’s sperm, which quickly filled the cabin of the truck.

He grunted, pulled out a bit, and slammed home again, as wave after wave of his sperm shot from his wildly-throbbing dick in search of Chrissy’s tiny little egg. We could see rivulets of his cum, still obscenely mixed with crimson traces of Chrissy’s virgin blood, squish out of the area where the two of them were coupled together as one.

He ground into her mercilessly, roaring. It scared me how much stronger and more primitive this orgasm of his was, even compared to some of the very rough, intense, and high-volume orgasms he’d had in, on, and around me. Both now fully involved in the throes of their passion, the focus of their entire world had narrowed to the white-hot tip of his penis. There was no way anyone was going to get between this raging bull and anything he wanted this badly. I just watched, slack-jawed and dumbfounded, as his undulating Cock delivered blast after blast of willing, lively sperm deep into the intimate workings of the newly made woman writhing beneath him.

In the moments since Rod’s orgasm began, Chrissy changed too. Gone were her protests, and she writhed and bucked with the glee of her own orgasm as white-hot sperm splashed against her uterus. She wrapped her legs around the father of her child, as if to draw him deeper into her, conking me in the head with one of her heels as she wrapped herself fully around her mate, the intense, glowing ball of her own orgasm sweeping over her and devouring her in the moment.

She made a stuttering, stammering repetitive series of little grunts as she gleefully accepted Rod’s baby into her. Her nails dug into Rod’s back, making deep red imprints as the raging fires of passion consumed them both.

Sex affects different people differently. In this moment, I better understood why Rod was so obsessed with it. This orgasm took over his whole body, mind and soul, Chrissy’s too. As he poured his potent seed, grinding his penis deeper and deeper into the depths of the woman pinned underneath him, he was doing more that entertaining his dick. He was doing more than busting a nut.

They were creating a life together. He was fulfilling his purpose. This act, seeding this (and every other) pussy was what he was put on earth to do. And, God damn it, he was doing a spectacular job of it.

I was aware that my finger was still on Meg’s clit. I glanced sideways at her, and while I’m sure she liked my touch, like me, she was too overwhelmed in witnessing the conception of her newest cousin. With this event transpiring in front of us, my finger felt out of place there, and despite resting on the gateway to the pussy I’d wanted my whole life, I ran my fingertip one more time across what was the object of a decade of teenage desire, then reluctantly Onwin Giriş withdrew my hand, taking a moment away from the spectacle to again look at her.

She was still mesmerized by watching her cousin and didn’t seem to notice. I returned to watching, too. A couple seconds later, as if the message took that long to get to her brain, she turned to look at me and I could see some disappointment and longing in her gaze — but by then, I was again looking at the events unfolding in the back seat.

I was too mesmerized watching that Cock I was so fond of servicing as it undulated and throbbed, blasting out its load, creating the next generation of humanity.

It was fucking Beautiful.

Later, as I think back to that pivotal moment, I believe that if I’d have turned to look at Meg right then, she’d probably have wanted me put a baby in her, too.

I just didn’t think of it at the time. That’s all. I hope.

The show in the back seat was dying down as Rod pulsed the last few jets of his baby-batter into Chrissy. For me, just watching Rods’ genitals functioning from this viewpoint was magic. I marveled at the incredible timing between his hips and the delivery of his seed, as every time he’d pump more of his potent sperm into her, he would press his Cock was as deep as it could possibly go into her womb.

One of the several confusing thoughts that passed thru my brain was that at least it wasn’t me who was bathing in his jizz right now. I was both relieved and jealous at the same time. Go figure.

As soon as Rod withdrew his deflating Cock from Chrissy’s messy pussy, Meg and I caught a glimpse of a river of cream pouring out of her.

Then, rather suddenly, the poor little ex-virgin started to melt down.

Overwhelmed with guilt that her passion of the moment had wiped away nearly two decades of parental indoctrination, and fearing the worst, she broke into tears, babbling incoherently. While Rod fumbled to quickly get back into his pants, Chrissy grew louder. He was stuck, and she was inconsolable. Meg reached for her cousin, and Rod threw himself back into a seated position, leaned forward to me, and snarled, “Get us the fuck out of here.”

I turned around into the driver’s position and turned the key. The trucks big-block engine roared to life. I yanked the transmission lever into Drive and gave it gas. I could barely reach the pedals, and never having driven anything this humongous before, I almost hit two other cars on the way out of the drive-in.

It was a good thing this was a “radio broadcast” drive-in theater, because if it’d been the old-fashioned speaker-on-the-door kind, I probably would have driven off with the speaker still on the door!

I pulled out of the drive-in and drove for about a mile, instinctively heading back the way we came. After a few minutes, Rod suddenly pointed to a drug-store and said “Pull in here.” “Here!”, he repeated, barking a bit. I complied.

Rod had produced from somewhere, probably one of the seat-back pockets, a small dark towel, and was attending to the mess of blood, cum, and other juices that was all over Chrissy. She’d quieted down a bit but still seemed in a state of shock. Rod was trying to comfort her, but it wasn’t helping a lot. He sighed. “I’m going to go into the drugstore and get…” she started crying again..

“NoNo d…d… don’t leave me, d… don’t go…” Chrissy wailed.

Meg looked up at him with that ‘you asshole’ glare that I’d seen at the start of the night. Honestly, at that moment she looked a lot like ‘Daria’. She asked, “RU486?” Rod looked at her, startled, but nodded. “I’ll go,” she said, but Chrissy got wide-eyed and shaking over that, too. “NoNoNoNo…” She was inconsolable.

I thought to myself ‘If it is to be it is up to me.’ All I said was, “I got this,” and I nervously went into the drug store and bought the pill. Shit, I had no idea it was fifty bucks, what a racket! I bought that, and a clear diet soda.

Returning to the parking lot I handed it all to Meg. The three of them were all out of the truck now, sitting on a low bench, one on either side of Chrissy.

Meg looked at me and smiled. “Nice touch”, she said, gesturing with the soda.

“Well…” was all I said. She put her arm around Chrissy and, handing her the pill, they quietly talked for a bit.

Just having the pill in her hand returned Chrissy to something resembling her old self. She nodded to Meg and said “You’re right, I can’t …” she couldn’t finish the sentence, but we all knew the thoughts behind it. Rod looked relieved and perturbed, all at the same time.

Chrissy giggled a little as she opened the package and said, “Bye bye baby,” and without any other ceremony, put the pill in her mouth and followed it with a big sip from the soda.

I was a relieved that the mood had been lightened, but also a little sad that the beautiful conception event that transpired not ten minutes ago, not ten inches from my face could be wiped out in Onwin Güncel Giriş ten seconds.

Sure, there was no way Chrissy could raise a baby and go to college, and her mom and dad would totally flip, and I didn’t figure Rod would care, but, as I watched her swallowing the soda, I had a sick but funny thought:

Even though her egg might not have even been fertilized yet, my imagination figured that the unborn baby inside her shared the same thought that Chrissy had – “Oh shit, my mom is going to kill me.”

Rod indicated that we should leave. He helped Chrissy up and gave her a hug. “Atta girl,” he said, totally underestimating the moment. “You my good little girl, ain’t ya?” Surprisingly, she looked up at him, blinking, and smiled weakly. She nodded.

We all piled back into the Suburban, Meg and I in back again, Chrissy and Rod in front. Chrissy sat, welded up against Rod, in the middle of the seat. Once we were on the road, Meg turned to me, and without much inflection said, “Pre-Med.”

What? Where did that come from? I raised a questioning eyebrow. “I’m taking Pre-Med this fall,” she said, completing the sentence. “I said the other because I thought you… were going to be an asshole too.”

I smiled. “Was I?” Maybe I could save the evening.

She frowned, and her gaze turned to her cousin up in the front seat, who was still desperately clinging to that big, stupid sperm factory behind the wheel. She looked away, out the window again.

Finally, I heard her voice, soft and dejected, dripping with sorrow and disappointment. “no.”

She never turned back.

That was the last time she ever spoke to me.

I went to reach for her, but when I put my hand on the seat to shift into position, it landed right in a large pool of cold sex juice coagulating on the leather seat. Meg had returned to her earlier self, coiled up tightly against the door and looking out the tinted window. She may as well have been on Mars.

I picked up the towel that Rod had conveniently positioned for his use. Like me, like his dads cavernous Suburban, like the dark drive-in theater, this was another obvious prop in his successful quest for Chrissy’s hymen. Just as I was about to use it to clean the seat, something in my brain made me sniff it. God, it smelled like sex, like their sex together, a bit like Chrissy’s pussy, but the parts that smelled the strongest were the globs of Rod’s semen. I inhaled the tangy scent. It smelled wonderful.

Then another thought occurred to me. For all intents and purposes I was alone in the truck, and I thought about my finger, and how — and where… I raised it to my nose. Yes, I could smell Megan’s intimate scent on it.

I looked over at her and wondered if it was even the same girl. She seemed even further away than she was a moment ago. I wondered how to bring her back.

Sadly, we were in a Suburban, not a DeLorean. But what could I have done differently?

I looked over at her, and again deeply inhaled the scent from her pussy.

Using my other hand, I scooped up some of the Rod and Chrissy juice with my fingers and tasted it. The juice from the seat was the now all-too-familiar flavor of Rod’s sperm. Then I licked my Meg finger. Compare and contrast, which is better?

As if to answer my own question, I finished wiping up the mess on the seat with the towel. Without hesitation, I held the wet, sticky rag to my face, inhaling the scent deeply until we got the girls back home. I should have been revolted at my action, but my tongue sought out the clumps of seed, and I savored the familiar taste.

It was not a long trip, but it was totally quiet. The tension was immeasurably thick, and Meg had returned to whatever planet she was on at the start of the evening — or, more than likely, a completely different, colder planet, even further away.

We dropped the girls off at Chrissys house. Rod wasn’t in the mood to walk her to the door. Even before the truck stopped, Meg was opening the door, and bolted like a hostage fleeing a crime scene. I caught a glimpse of that round ass as she disappeared into the night. Just before closing the door, the once chatty Chrissy finally spoke, voice weak and soft. “… see ya.” Then, even weaker, “…call me.”

I couldn’t believe it. The worse he treated someone, the more they loved it. A chill went down my spine. I was no different. I reached over and pulled the back door shut, and Rod headed the big truck out into the night.

We hadn’t gone much more than a block when he barked, “Get up here, cocksucker.” As we were on the move, I clambered over the seatback and flopped into the passenger seat.

“Well, that was a fucking disaster. I told you to keep them two cunts apart, didn’t I?” Rod wasted no time dropping that little guilt-bomb on me.

My eyes widened, but I didn’t dare object much. “Huh? You… you scored…” I offered meekly, trying to be positive.

He snorted. “Yeah, and nice job for the two of you practically licking my asshole while I did her! It freaked her out! Then you let her grubby cousin suggest the morning-after pill! I was gonna get some Benadryl or something to calm her down or help her sleep! My dad’s in Mexico this week — we could’ve gone all night!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32