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Author’s Note: All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. This is based on a true story.


Kay Stiles inserted herself into my life the first week of sophomore year. A petite blond ex-high school cheerleader/gymnast with huge baby blue eyes and large toothy smile, she abandoned sports at university to join the geek world by choosing an accounting major. Already a geek student on the business track since high school, I was stunned by her obvious attention. Cheerleaders in high school never gave geeks like me the time of day.

She didn’t either our first year at university. No surprise when her boyfriend was a handsome blond haired blue eyed jock. But first day of second year accounting she waited until I picked a seat and took the one next to me. In classrooms and lecture halls where she normally sat in the back she sat next to me wherever I sat. She waited for me outside my other classes. We walked across campus chatting like crazy. One time I found her sitting on the bench outside the doors of the business school, books open, studying, waiting for me. I walked her to her car in the parking lot pushing my bike.

I should stop here and tell you we attended a large suburban commuter college. It had sprung from midwestern cornfields just fifteen years before. We both lived at home with our parents. Hers lived fifteen miles away on the edge of a small town in the exurbs. My folks lived just a few miles miles from campus. It took us about the same time to commute, she in her little Honda CVCC and me on my Trek road bike.

Two weeks into the semester I asked her out. She said yes. On our third date we saw an animated scifi movie called Heavy Metal at the tiny movie house in her village. Loaded with sex it put her in the mood. The moment we got into her car in the dark parking lot across the street she pressed close. After making out and feeling each other up until the lot emptied she climbed on top of me in the reclined passenger seat. Not long after I opened her top and began sucking her tiny A cup breasts she told me to take my pants off. While I pushed jeans and undies down to my knees she wiggled out of panties, straddled me, lifted her skirt and pushed onto my cock, gasping for air as she forced herself open on me. True to her cheerleader reputation she was a wild fuck.

Deprived of privacy at home we sometimes had sex in her car. Often it was late at night in the empty parking lot behind the restaurant where she worked. She just lifted her hot little waitresses’ skirt, slid on my cock in the reclined passenger seat and worked up her orgasms. One day a week second semester my classes ended at noon. With parents at work and siblings at school we had sex for an hour in my single bed before she drove back to campus for her afternoon classes. That’s where the flexibility of her tiny cheerleader’s body shined. She did the splits atop and under me frequently while we fucked. The intense stretch, she said, made sex more enjoyable and her orgasms more intense. She was so flexible that when I slung her legs over my shoulders her knees remained straight and I could push them right down next to her ears while I pounded her insatiable cunt. This opened her hips in a way which made her thighs tremble and quiver when she came.

Our best sex happened at the hotel where I worked. I had started there as a bellhop senior year in high school. I quickly learned why I had to be eighteen for the job: female guests frequently invited bellhops to their rooms for after hours fun. Officially it was against company rules to fraternize with guests but no one cared if it happened after hours. By the time I graduated from high school that spring I had dipped my wick into several middle-aged ladies. Thirty to forty year old women were hottest for it. All were married and attending conferences there. Away from husbands, families and work some were determined to get get laid. What could be more convenient than a handsome young stud in a crisp bellhop’s uniform and monkey hat?

By the time I was a college sophomore I had been promoted to concierge. Like any large hotel there are always a handful of bedrooms out of service for one reason or another. Kay and I took advantage of these rooms for late night fucks when our schedules permitted. Large queen sized beds were so much more conducive for making love than the passenger seat of her car or our single beds at home. Our first shower fucks happened there as did our first jacuzzis together. We could relax and even slept together all night a few times when our parents were away at the same time.

I blasted load after load in her tight little pussy sophomore year and ate her tiny clit to completion many times. She wasn’t big on blowing me except for a few minutes before pushing herself urgently on me.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” I once asked her when she was forcing herself on me hard.

“Mmm… God no it feels great,” she gasped.

Kay dumped me the summer after sophomore year for yet another hunky jock. I still can’t believe a former cheerleader as hot as she even deigned to give me the time of day let alone make anime porno me her boyfriend for a year. I guess my tall slim cyclist’s body had been athletic enough to meet her requirement.

* * * * *

Fast forward to a year after I graduated from university. I had moved out of the family home into an apartment of my own and had been promoted to assistant manager at the hotel. It paid well and was a good place to be while I decided whether to go on to grad school and get an MBA. Though I had passed my test and became a licensed CPA I didn’t relish the idea of crunching numbers alone in an office all day. I needed something a little more extroverted. I had also made some money on a couple of penny stocks which paid off handsomely while I was an undergrad. At twenty-three I wasn’t a millionaire but I had made my first hundred thousand and if it kept growing as it had I might be a millionaire by twenty-five.

One summer afternoon the evening supervisor called in sick. Unable to get someone to cover the shift I quickly resigned myself to the fact that my eight hour day had become a sixteen hour day. I was working at the desk in the night supervisor’s office just after nine pm when someone stuck their head in the open door. I looked up. It was my ex’s mother, Louisa Stiles.

“Hello Mrs. Stiles!” I said, surprised.

“Hi Michael,” she smiled. “I was hoping I’d catch you here.”

“Come in,” I said standing and waving her to a chair. “It’s good to see you. How are you? What brings you here?”

“I’m fine, thanks,” she said, sitting and crossing her legs. “I just attended the New Consciousness workshop in your main room this evening. How are you?”

“I’m fine,” replied. “How was the workshop? Did you like it?”

“Oh, you know, standard new age fare from another self-help guru,” she smiled, “but I enjoyed it.”

“Good,” I said, looking out the office door to the throngs filing out through reception. “He really draws the crowds doesn’t he?”

“Yes he does,” she said. “I thought I’d check it out and see if it gave me a chance to run into you.”

“By a lucky chance,” I said, explaining that I worked days and was covering for a sick supervisor.

“Did you hear about Kay and Gerard?” Louisa asked. Gerard was the guy after the guy after my ex dated me. He was a gymnast who had gone to our university.

“No,” I said.”

“Well they got married last summer after she graduated. He transferred to a Division One school on a full scholarship. Now he’s ranked top 100 in the world.”

“That’s great,” I said. “I had no idea he was so good.”

Ever the proud mother and mother-in-law she launched into the details of their wedding and their academic careers but all I could think about was what sex would be like between those two tiny athletic flexible gymnasts. I felt more than a little jealousy.

“Would you like to get a cup of coffee?” I interrupted, realizing she was going to give me the whole slide show. “It’s on me.”

“That’d be nice,” she smiled.

I led her down the hall to the dining room which had closed for the night. Kitchen staff were doing the last bit of KP before clocking out. I took Louisa off to the side into the small, wood paneled executive dining room and poured our coffees. We sat across a table from each other sipping. She did all the talking, filling me in on the wedding and the progress of her other daughter and son.

Louisa was not at all like her tiny flat-chested cheerleader daughter. Brunette instead of blond with brown eyes instead of blue, Louisa was of average height—maybe 5’6—with full breasts and nicely rounded momma hips. Shoulder length hair didn’t hide dangling earrings or her beautiful neck. She wore a face full of make up, a smart blouse, midi skirt which showed off her ass, and heels. Her smooth summer legs didn’t need hose. At 43 she was twenty years old than I but didn’t look a day over thirty with her flat tummy.

She paused for a moment. Her eyes sparkled in mine.

“I’m sorry,” she said, lowering her voice to sultry. “I didn’t mean to rub it in about Kay marrying Gerard. I know you loved her.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “We had our time. I’m happy for her. For them.”

Elbows propped on the table holding her coffeecup in both hands her eyes searched mine. Then I felt it: she had slipped off one of her heels and her toes were playing with my ankle then up the leg of my suit trousers caressing my calf.

She took another sip. “You know of all the boyfriends she had you were my favorite.”

“Thanks,” I said, surprised she was making a pass at me.

“You’re so handsome in that suit,” she said.

“You are a beautiful woman,” I said, lowering my voice.

“Mmm… it really should have been you she married,” Louisa said. “But that leaves you for me.”

Our eyes made love over our coffee cups over the implications of her comment and her toes on my calf.

“Would you like to go somewhere more private, Mrs. Stiles?” I asked.

“Very much,” she said.

* * * * *

Three years before, Louisa Stiles caught anne porno her daughter Kay riding me one day when their house was empty. She came home early on a weekday and walked in on us in her daughter’s bedroom without knocking. Kay jumped off me and hid between her bed and the wall yelling at her mother to get out.

What Kay didn’t realize is that she squeezed me so tight when she jumped off that I came. She also missed that her mother watched as my come roped into the air from my pulsing member and landed on my belly and chest. Louisa took a good look at my cock and then our eyes locked for a moment before she excused herself, backed out and closed the door.

After that incident Mrs. Stiles began pressing herself closely to me when we hugged, her full breasts against my chest, her belly to mine, her pelvis to my leg. We didn’t hug often but the message seemed clear. Once when we hugged I bent down to kiss her cheek but she turned her face away and rested it on my shoulder. My lips found the side of her open neck instead. I let them linger there for a moment longer than I should. In response she pressed her mound harder into my upper thigh.

* * * * *

We rode the elevator to the fifth floor. I took her to one of the out of service bedrooms. As soon as the door closed I grabbed Louisa and kissed her, first gently then deeply. Our mouths tasted of coffee. She didn’t touch me at first, arms at her side, then she put them around me, pulled herself close and pressed her mound against my thigh.

“You’re so handsome in a suit, young man,” Louisa gasped, unbuckling my belt, opening my trousers and untucking my dress shirt. “Let’s get you out of it.”

We stepped apart and undressed, hanging our clothes in the armoire. Only our undies and her bra fell to the floor by the bed. I caressed and kissed her D cup tits the moment they were free of her lacy black bra. Her hands held my waist then my butt then my cock.

“I was hoping I’d see you again,” she smiled at my erection.

I pulled her down on the bed. We kissed and caressed each others bodies for a few minutes then she straddled me and pushed on.

“I hope I didn’t leave a spot on the the chair in the dining room or your office,” she gasped. “I got so wet for you when I first saw you.”

I remembered she had crossed her legs when she sat in the office and again in the dining room. And what about the immediate push on? Like daughter, like mother?

Her momma pussy was roomier than her daughter’s tiny one. Louisa’s big tits moved, unlike her daughter’s firm little A cup breasts which barely jiggled, backed as they were with strong pectorals of a gymnast. I cupped and caressed Louisa’s bouncing tits as she drove her body on my cock grinding her mound against my pelvis. Compared to her petite daughter fucking Louisa was like fucking a real woman.

“Oooo…mmm… I’m a terrible mother…. ooooo..mmm… fucking my daughter’s ex boyfriend… mmmm… I wanted you that time I… unnnnhhh… walked in on you! Mmm! Mmmmm! I did that on purpose to see what you looked like!” she squeaked.

“I wanted you, too,” I gasped. “That’s how bad a boyfriend I was wanting to fuck my girlfriend’s mother, lusting after her, undressing her with my eyes.”

Hands planted on my chest, her hips moved with determination.

“I loved the way you undressed me with your eyes,” she gasped, her eyes wide for a moment before closing them again. “You did it again when I walked in your office.”

“You made me crazy every time I saw you,” I said.

“Would you have fucked me if I made a pass at you back then?” Louisa gasped.

“In a minute,” I hissed.

“Oh fuck! Would you really?”

“Yes!” I said. “Sometimes when I fucked your daughter I was thinking of you.”

“You’re sooo baaaad,” she moaned. “I’m so baaaad. We are baaaaad people.”

“You’re a bad momma,” I said, following a hunch.

“Oh yes!” she said, her movements quickening. “I wanted you then! I wanted you then!”

“Screwing me while I was screwing your your daughter…”

“Oh yes!” she cried, her pussy tightening on my rod. “Yes, yes, yes, yes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Louisa stopped moving, eyes closed, chest heaving, enjoying her orgasm. My hands held her warm thighs.

Since becoming a bellhop at eighteen I had fucked several middle aged women at the hotel. There were two types: those who wanted to ride cock and those who wanted to be taken by it. Most were riders and I lay still beneath them watching and caressing them while they worked up their orgasms. Louisa was a rider. She didn’t want to be fucked by me, she wanted to fuck me. Or so I thought.

She rolled off and lay next to me panting from her exertions. We stared at the ceiling saying nothing for a long while. I wondered if she would get up, dress and leave or stay for more. Eventually I turned and looked at her. Louisa looked at me and smiled, her eyes large and bright. When I rolled to her her lips took my kisses eagerly. So did her neck, ears, shoulders and breasts.

Soon we pressed together side by side arap porno kissing sloppily. She caressed my torso, back and butt. I caressed her shoulders, arms, breasts, belly and thighs. I pushed fingers into her wet pussy and rubbed her g-spot while my thumb worked her clit. Her kisses became broken with gasps but I forced my mouth on hers sucking all the air out of her and ruling her tongue with mine. When she pushed me out of the kiss I rolled on top of her. Louisa opened her legs willingly and I pushed all the way in. Her mouth gaped in passion as my thrusts bored deep into her. Her big tits rocked to each.

I had been close to coming when she rode me but had restrained myself by not moving. Our long rest calmed me but now my load was rebuilding fast. Her hands held my arms as I railed her. I grabbed her hands, pinned them to the bed over her head and began swinging my hips in wild circles. Louisa wrapped legs around me, her body moving with mine.

“Oh yes screw me! Screw me! Screw me!” she gasped, egging me on.

I arched my back deeply and screwed her violently.

“Rape me,” she hissed. “Rape me! Rape me! Rape me! I want your rape! I want your rape! I wanted you to rape me… I wanted you to rape me… I wanted you to rape me!”

It was too much. I blasted my load deep in the canal where her daughter had been pushed out twenty-three years before, thrusting long after my chambers were empty before collapsing to her.

Louisa held my trembling body in her arms but unwrapped legs from my torso. I felt her warm feet slide over my butt and down the backs of my thighs. She hooked her feet around my calves.

I could not believe I was belly to belly with my ex’s mother, our legs twined, our wet sex joined, my cock deep inside her, my seed swimming up her uterus. I wondered if she was ovulating, her egg descending to be attacked by my boys. She wanted my rape? She wanted my baby. Broody mom who had her first at eighteen, second at twenty and third at twenty-two? Her children grown, bored housewife, she wanted another child to raise all over again.

My nose nuzzled her fragrant hair. Her fingers ran softly through mine.

“You were my rape fantasy,” she whispered in my ear, continuing her confessions. “I wanted you to rape me. I knew I couldn’t start anything with you while you were with my daughter so I wanted you to take me. I wanted you to rape me. I would have let you, Michael.”

“It wouldn’t have been rape if you let me,” I whispered.

“I would have pretended to object,” she said, “maybe even put up a bit of a fight.”

“I could never–“

“I know you wouldn’t. You’re not like that. But I can fantasize can’t I?” she said, squeezing me in her cunt.

I squeezed back.

“You must have known I wanted you,” she said. “The way I pressed against you when we hugged.”

“I got the message,” I said. “You must have know by the way I pressed back.”

“And the way your lips moved on my neck when you kissed me,” she said. “Do you remember the time you came to pick up Kay for a date and she was two hours late getting home?”

“It was a Saturday,” I said. “She had worked a day shift at the restaurant and had to stay late to cover for a waitress who was late.”

“Good memory,” Louisa said. “Do you remember that Mr. Stiles was away hunting with our son and my other daughter was at a football game?”

“Vaguely,” I said. “I remember we were alone. You took an afternoon nap.”

“I told you I was going to take a nap,” Louisa said. “You were supposed to follow me to the bedroom.”

“And rape you?”

“Yes,” she said. “But you watched football instead.”

“What did you do?” I said.

“I came seven times imagining you raping me in my bed. In Mr. Stiles bed.”

My cock which had gone halfway soft bathed in her cunt while we talked was fully erect inside her again. I pushed up on my arms and started kissing her magnificent breasts.

Louisa reached up and tapped my side. “Speaking of Mr. Stiles he’ll be expecting me. Come on, I have to go.”

I sucked her left nipple hard then gave it a tiny love bite. My hips pumped slowly, fucking her. Louisa untwined legs from mine.

“That’s nice dear,” she gasped, hands pushing my shoulders away, “but I really have to go. It’s late.”

“You’re not going anywhere Mrs. Stiles,” I said. “Not till I’m done with you.”

“Get OFF me, Michael,” she ordered, planting a foot and attempting to roll me off.

I flattened her thigh to the bed with mine, pinned her arms to the bed by her shoulders and mashed her forty-three year old pussy with thrust after thrust of my twenty-three year old cock.

“Stop. Stop! STOP!” she cried out.

“Shhh,” I said, clamping a hand over her mouth.

“No, no, no!” she muffled through my hand, her free hand slapping and pushing me.

I let go of her other hand, grabbed and shucked a pillow of its case, rolled it into a band and tied it around her head gagging her mouth. It took a minute to get ahold of her flailing arms and pin them again. Deep guttural sounds issued from her throat in time with my thrusts. She squirmed under me while I fucked her, her hips moving to meet my thrusts, sometimes going side to side wanting to screw on my dick. Higher pitched squeals in her throat announced her orgasms. She had three before my second load shot into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32