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It was around 11 when I awoke. The sound of even deep breathing emanated from both Lily and Samantha telling me their sleep was sound brought on by an intense round of supernatural sex. I rose off the soaked bed and had to pee really badly but first I leaned down and gently kissed Samantha’s beautiful face a few times till she stirred, her vision blurry and dazed.

Sam pulled me into a deep kiss so I climbed back on top of her. As I settled my body along her she said “oomph – my bladder is so full… “

“I know… so is mine” I grinned.

“So is mine” Lilly groaned softly. Still sleep-dazed, as she rolled over and embraced us both.

“I’ll go start the shower my beauties” as I looked down to Lilly’s big beautiful cock wondering when I would get the chance to have her inside my ass.

I rose up and watched as my lovers entwined and kissed. Making my way to the bathroom I turned the dimmer lights to low and walked into the huge shower. Turning it on to steaming hot I sank to the floor and let the erotic scent of sex wash off of me from the two big rain heads. It felt so good, so alive yet relaxed to just sit there and let the evenings debauch activities wash away. I lay down on the stone floor now that the water had heated the tiles, slowly drifting, my head lolling from side to side.

I heard giggles and opened my eyes to see two sex goddesses looking down at me – one with a cunt and one with a big cock. Sam was doing the I-have-to-pee dance so I reached for her ankle and pulled her over to me. We had done this before and it was always a great turn on for both of us. She knew what I wanted so she stood over my body, a leg on either side of my hips, reached down to spread her pussy lips, and let go with a torrent of hot piss all up and down my torso, my face and then back down to my cock and balls.

Lilly immediately squatted down and lapped her tongue all around Sam’s piss hole. I could see Lilly being bathed by Sam’s acrid pee as she then maneuvered her face to get at Sam’s remaining golden shower. I was rubbing the hot pee mixed with steaming shower water all over my body, ignoring my cock so that I could pee too.

I stood and kissed Sam as I gently guided her to the floor to take my place. Lilly and I unleashed the same time – my stream hitting a bulls-eye on Sam’s cunt and belly while Lilly painted Sam’s tits and face with her own stream. Sam groaned as she fingered her clit and rubbing her piss coated breasts.

Once finished Lilly and I each took a hand and helped Samantha to her feet. I squirted and handful of liquid soap into a few washcloths. Handing them round, we proceeded to lovingly wash each other, each taking simultaneous turns to lather up every millimeter of nakedness. We came together in the center of the shower head spray as I grabbed shampoo and went to work on the ladies’ hair. They did the same to me and soon we were all squeaky clean.

I reached out grabbed a mass of towels, handing them round as we dried each other, kissed, fondled and dried some more. Lilly walked over to the counter area and brought back our big bottle of moisturizer. We all held out our hands and took big dollops of the cream. As we rubbed each other down and got more, Lilly started to pay attention to my ass, rubbing the thick cream into my crack, between my legs, all around my balls and then back up to my anus, where she slipped a finger slowly into feriköy escort my asshole.

She then got a big squirt of conditioner from the wall bottle and did them same – the extra lubricant making her finger slide easily in and out of my back door. I placed my hands on the wall and spread my legs wider to give Lilly easy access to my ass as my beautiful wife leaned into me and said “I can’t wait to see you take that beautiful cock in your ass baby … you’re going to love feeling her cum deep inside you – for the first time you’ll feel a real hot, urgent cock plowing your horny ass” she giggled as she stroking my rising cock.

Lilly said “first I want you to loosen him up with that strap-on baby – I’ve always wanted to watch a strapped-on woman fuck a guy … plus that way I’ll be able to slide right in there and your gorgeous man will take all of me easily” she growled, as she slid a second finger in me.

I was being a slutty whore now, thrusting my ass back to meet Lilly’s intruding fingers. “Make me cum so I can get a good long fucking and not need to get off… I just want you both to keep fucking me!”

Sam squatted down and took my cock in her mouth in one swoop as Lilly increased her finger fucking to three digits while reaching around me a pinching my nipple – hard. I felt so wanton and free – able to just be the slut I love to be and it wasn’t long between Lilly finger fucking my asshole and Sam sucking and jerking my cock that I exploded into my wife’s mouth. Usually Sam just keeps sucking and swallowing but this time she kept jerking my dick, filling her mouth with my cum.

When I finally finished cumming Sam rose and brought her mouth to mine, tonguing me and shoving my cum into my mouth as we kissed hard. I reached over and grabbed Lilly’s head and brought my cum-filled mouth to hers which she greedily accepted. Lilly gently removed her fingers from asshole and taking us both by the hand led us back to the bed. I looked at the clock. It was still only 11:45.

Lilly pushed me onto the bed and huskily ordered me onto all fours. I decided to be a total slut and did as she demanded but started gyrating my ass back and forth, round and round for their amusement and excitement.

I looked back and Lilly was helping Sam with her harness and strap-on cock … and she was being nice about it – choosing the softer slimmer purple toy that Sam uses to stretch me out to start.

Lilly then slipped behind Samantha and holding her tight began to lube up the phallus, stroking it lewdly while saying “I can’t wait to watch you fuck your man baby … seeing those big breasts swaying and bouncing while you take his ass… ” all the while stroking and lubing that purple dick. Lilly then pushed Sam’s face down to my ass as I felt my cheeks being spread and Sam’s tongue working magic on my asshole.

I felt the cold drops of lube then drip down my crack and make contact with my hole as first a warm finger spread it around and then pushed back inside me, then two fingers, then three did the same spreading my ring wide. I was so horny now that I thrust back hard, not caring who’s fingers they were – I just needed to get fucked and now and I was not disappointed. “Damn it – someone fuck me now … please … ” I whined.

Immediately I felt the finger withdraw and the familiar head of the slender purple cock insistently gülbağ escort pressing into my asshole. Ahhhh yes – that first stretch pain was nowhere to be felt, having already entertained three fingers in my ass just moments before. I pushed back and forced the entire rubber cock deep inside me. I love that feeling – as Sam fucked me many times before – that moment when I open up and feel that entire rubber cock slide deep inside and the hips of my lover meeting my ass.

I sighed as Lilly moved and now I had something new to experience and play with. Lilly’s big cock was rock hard again and as she eased down in front of me, cock in hand pointing at my mouth so I descended on it like a starving man.

“Oh my god that is so beautiful … Watching your wife fuck you makes my heart race baby … Ooooh yeah – that’s it you sexy man – taking cock from both ends – you look so slutty and hot and so does your beautiful wife – her big tits are swaying … god you are both a dream come true … keep fucking him you sexy bitch” Lilly said loudly for all the world to hear.

And fuck me she did. Having just cum in the shower, my cock was soft, bouncing all around in time to Sam fucking my asshole. She knows that once I get going I love it when she goes long and deep and it’s always a challenge for her to not get too excited by the bulb in her pussy trying to make her cum at the same time.

I felt a slap on one cheek and then the other as my wife fucked me. “Yeah baby – take my cock you slut … take me deep my sexy cock loving husband … look at you sucking that big she dick … you are so fucking sexy with a cock in your ass and another one in your mouth … oh honey it’s so so good … my pussy is so wet … hot …SO hot SOOOO HOT… suck that big dick for me honey oooooooooo yeah” she cried as she came, holding still while an early orgasm washed through her. I felt her swaying gently and as the ripples from her orgasm faded she let lust take over and started to fuck me harder than ever before as she repeatedly slammed into me, forcing Lilly’s cock deeper in my throat than I had ever had anything before. She kept up an animal pace for a good fifteen minutes until with a banshee wail she came again, her body jerking and tensing up as she held me tight, her phallus buried in me as deeply as it could go.

Once Sam came down from her euphoric flood I pushed back against her hips until I felt the cool air rush into my open and unfilled ass. Lilly took that as her cue and getting up, her big dick shining with my saliva, moved behind me, she pulled and then pushed Sam down into the bed. My ass was empty and needed her and now… “God damnit Lilly – fuck me! NOW!” I shouted and without further ado she slid all ten inches of her big hot meat into my ass without any pretense at gentleness whatsoever.

Sam wasted no time and replaced Lilly at my face, spreading her legs wide. She had pulled the bulb out of her cunt so I dove in as Lilly pushed me forward into Sam’s drenched pussy.

How heavenly to get your ass pounded by a big hard hot cock with a soaking wet pussy to drink from at the same time. I don’t know which was better – cock or cunt – but I thought why choose – both are amazing!

“Don’t you dare cum too soon Lilly” I grunted… “You better keep fucking me forever!” I demanded and dove back into Sam’s delicious cunt. Lilly started kağıthane escort to fuck me slowly now, sensuously and deliciously pulling all the way out and maddeningly, slowly driving her entire length and girth all the way back inside the snug confines of my ass over and over again. It was bliss, the feeling almost indescribable, the pleasure almost too much. I finally clamped down and lifted up from Sam’s cunt – looking at my handy work at the huge wet spot on the bed. As Lilly pulled out I lurched forward and rolled over onto my back and pulled my legs back. Lilly gazed down upon me with such love in her eyes it was scary. Her breasts were magnificent, covered in a sheet of sweat, her cock hard and swaying in front of her. She poured more lube onto my ass and onto her big dick and gazing into my eyes slid all the way back inside.

I wrapped my legs around her ass and pulled her tight against me, trapping that big penis deep in my bowels. Now my cock had stirred to life again and it needed to have some attention so I reached for Sam who was in a blissed-out fog world of over-stimulation and brought her down on top of me. She immediately engulfed my dick in her mouth and shifted her knees so that her ass was planted on my mouth. I started to tongue fuck her anus immediately, hearing her groan and moan with pleasure as I orally plundered her ass ring.

I relaxed my legs and Lilly took the opportunity to grab my ankles high, spreading my legs which forced my cock deep into Samantha’s throat. Lifting them higher, Lilly then started to slowly deep stroke my ass with that magnificent tool. I could feel every millimeter and every veiny ridge sliding in and out of me and it was heavenly. I never wanted it to end. Sam’s cunt was drooling juice all over my chin and neck and my tongue was getting tired. I felt her reach between us and flick her clit in tight little circles and then she let loose with a fresh torrent of pee all over my face as she lifted up and arched her lower back. I held onto her ass, keeping her in place as she bathed me with her golden honey.

I exploded cum – literally exploded an orgasm all over Sam’s face, shooting rope after rope as Sam jerked my cock fast and hard as the cock inside me hit my prostrate over and again. Lilly started to now maniacally slam her big cock in and out of my ass, which was loose and open, easily taking her all. Faster and faster, harder and harder she fucked me while Sam watched from inches away urging her on … I could see Lilly’s breasts swaying and jiggling with her exertion in time to her hips.

“That’s it Lilly – fuck that tight little man-cunt baby… Fuck it hard, yeah, fuck it deep… Yeah fuck it fuck it fuck it … seeing you take a real cock in your asshole is so fucking hot baby, so beautiful … Look at that shiny dick sliding in and out of your hole honey … So fucking sexy… Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it…” she was chanting in time to Lilly’s assault. Lilly was moaning and grunting, deep dicking me in long hard strokes and I could tell from the catch in her breath that she was close. I clamped down hard on her cock, milking her dick with my anal muscles which sent her over the top. Lilly started to scream “oh damn, so good, such a fine ass … Love … fucking … this … asssssssss… cumming … c c c c c cumming” she wailed as I felt, for the first time, a real hard hot cock twitch, expand and spurt warm cum deep inside me. Lilly leaned forward, still holding onto my ankles, buried herself deep in me and rode out her orgasm pumping what felt like a quart of semen into my guts. I was hooked – and forever would want real spurting cock in me. As much as I love Sam’s toys penetrating me, nothing beats the real thing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32