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Story contains themes of crossdressing, feminization, incest, and anal play

Dante awoke with a little tent in his white lace panties, excited about the day to come. He smiled to himself and stretched across the clean white sheets, wearing one of the babydolls his mother bought for him, sheer, white and sexy.

His bed had been the only place he could safely go full femme for the past few months. Ever since Logan moved in he had to go back into hiding, only wearing his panties underneath boy clothes and to sleep. Having tasted a few days of freedom with his mother, he resented having to pretend to be a boy again.

Another thing he resented was that he never got to explore sex with his mom again. Logan and Sicily were inseparable from the time she moved in. Logan was in college but had a schedule similar to Dante’s, so he hardly ever got to be alone with his mom. Sometimes Logan would be in the car with her when she picked Dante up from school, denying him even a kiss from his mother.

Logan was also very clingy. If she spent more than five minutes away from Sicily she’d soon appear, hugging and kissing and telling her she missed her. Dante would secretly roll his eyes and excuse himself from the room. Logan may have thought it was the shame of witnessing his mother’s intimate affections, thinking it disgusting especially because it was with a girl – a girl Dante’s own age at that. But both Dante and Sicily knew it was jealousy.

Sicily was hesitant to touch Dante since she got back with Logan. She was convinced that touching her young son was a betrayal of Logan’s trust. It was cheating. If only I had a daughter, Sicily would think. Then she might be able to convince her lover to let her play with them as her cousin Valerie had. Interestingly enough, incest wasn’t a problem for Logan, but true orientation was. And even though Sicily thought of crossdressing Tae as a girl, she wasn’t sure Logan could be convinced.

Seeing how miserable Dante was, his mother would console him with a kiss or a caress or a cute comment whenever she could. Sometimes she would slip off the panties she’d been wearing all day and sneak them to him at night. “Enjoy, princess,” she’d say, smiling seductively before going back to her room, where Logan was surely waiting to make love to her.

She made you wet, not me, Dante would think as he sniffed the wet arousal from the middle of his mom’s panties. Dante would grow jealous at the thought, but jealousy never stopped him from rubbing his clitty until he orgasmed his own panties to imaginings of his mother having her cunt lovingly licked by the beautiful girl who stole his mom away from him.

Dante pouted in his little heart but deep down, somewhere between his legs, his jealousy melted into lust. His panties were wet with the evidence whenever he tortured himself with thoughts of what his mom and the girl young enough to be her daughter did in bed at night.

It did nothing to douse his horniness that Logan was sexy too. With long honey blond hair, partly twisted in princess braids that blended into the river of shiny gold that flowed down to her mid back, an angelic, youthful face and a wicked figure, with her perfectly perky tits – about a C cup – she had the only set of decent breasts in the house. She seemed to be always dripping sex appeal. Everything she did conveyed flirtation; the way she talked with her sultry voice, the way she dressed, with an abundance of milky cleavage and healthy, long legs out for all to see. Dante knew that his mom was enjoying her nubile teenage body like she had enjoyed his that one night, but much, much moreso.

She has real tits in her bra, and a real cunt in her panties instead of a useless boy clit, he would envy.

Dante waited for a few minutes, listening for signs that his mother or Logan was awake. When he heard nothing, he got out of bed and walked to his bedroom door, unlocking the knob. Cracking the door slightly, he listened again for signs of life momentarily before slipping silently from his room into the hallway in only his sheer white nighty and little lacy thong, his little nub of a penis swelling behind the tight panties.

The air moved around and up his legs as he walked, causing the wispy nighty to swirl and caress his bare bottom as he neared his mom’s room. His pulse quickened and his penis twitched at the riskiness of his actions. No one but his mom and his best friend Taylor had known his sexy feminine secret and his mom only found out by mistake. Even though she had been more than accepting of it, he wouldn’t want to put himself through the shock of being discovered again, especially by a sexy roommate he hardly even knew. But that didn’t stop him from being risky at times. Dante had narrowly escaped being noticed half a dozen times since Logan moved in.

He very slowly twisted the doorknob to his mother’s room, and gently pushed the door open a couple of inches. He wasn’t disappointed Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort with what he had crept upon. Long, honey blond hair bobbed between thin milk chocolate thighs that were spread wide like wings. Sicily’s fingers combed through the young girl’s hair as she pleasured her with her sweet pink lips. “Oh, yes baby girl. Lick it for mommy. Like that, oh, just like that,” Sicily encouraged her teen girlfriend in a soft sigh.

Dante watched Logan lick his mom’s pussy, wishing he could be the one between her thighs, worshipping at her altar. Or even behind Logan, serving at her pleasure, spreading her fit ass and tasting the pretty girl who loved his mom so sweetly. Precum darkened the front of his white panties. I’m so wet. I’m such a naughty girl, Dante told himself as he brushed his fingers past the wet tip of his panties, watching his own hands wipe up what had soaked in his panties.

He brought his fingers to his mouth and licked up the bit of salty wetness from his cocklet. He sighed, “mmmm.” His heart was on a bullet train and his nipples tightened behind the cups of his nightie as his cock strained even harder. Once he looked up again he was shocked by what he saw – Sicily looking directly at him, the most wicked smile spread across her lips. Dante’s heart leapt. Sicily slowly and seductively took one of Logan’s fingers into her mouth and sucked on it as if it were a thin little cock and then winked at Dante.

Logan took Sicily’s finger sucking as a sign that she wanted her to quit lapping at her juicy cunt and as soon as Dante saw her moving, he got scared and moved away from the door. Usually he’d slowly and carefully close the door again whenever he peeped on his mom and her girlfriend, but it was a little bit too risky this time. He only hoped Logan wouldn’t get too suspicious if she spotted the cracked door.

Feeling like a little perverted slut, Dante pranced away to the bathroom and locked himself safely inside. He let out a little giggle, then stood facing the mirror overhanging the sink. The light pink lipstick and slight blush he had applied at night hadn’t rubbed off. He had also let his curly brown hair grow long, just beneath his shoulders. He looked a proper young girl, just as sexy as Logan, he told himself.

Dante kissed his reflection, leaving full pink lips on the glass and then turned to the toilet. He pulled his panties down to his knees and sat down on the toilet to take a pee, holding his stiff little penis down, clutching at his panties with the other hand and pointing his toes on the cool tiled floor. He felt so feminine and sweet peeing like a young girl. After he peed, he slipped his panties down to his feet, stepped out of them and lifted his nightie over his head.

He took a lengthy, hot shower, and contemplated masturbating but decided against it just in case his mom was given space to treat her little girl to a nice clitty rub – something she hadn’t done in over a month, but he still hoped. If not though, he would still likely be gifted with a pair of her sweaty, fragrant panties from the long day, not comparable to the real thing, but very hot and very much appreciated.

He also ruminated his life. How he had graduated high school and got accepted to university. How he and Taylor were going to be on the same campus. How he liked being a girl much more than being a boy. That it was just so much fun and sexy to be the sexier sex, and that he felt so much more comfy in halters, tights, and tiny little short shorts, with makeup, long hair and fashionable heels, in bras, panties and wispy little night gowns. He had told his mom and she wasn’t very surprised, and accepted his newly found discovery with open arms and kisses. However, he knew the rest of the world wouldn’t be so accepting so he kept hidden.

Dante was sure to shave every inch of his body, leaving him smooth and soft and supple, as a girl should be. He then dried his petite body, and wrapped his towel around his flat chest, hiding the panties and nightie between his body and the thick towel.

As Dante was exiting the bathroom, Logan was tiptoeing toward it. The two froze and stared at each other. Dante’s eyes went wide, swallowing the sight of the curvier girl in the thin white tank that was barely there and her white cotton panties. Her two breasts sat up proud, scarcely covered by the scrap of thin material and her nipples jutted forward. Her tight panties failed to conceal the feminine swell of the puffy lips between her legs. Logan simply folded her hands in front of her crotch and gave Dante a queer stare, then blushed, looked down at the floor and stifled a giggle. Only then did Dante realize his towel was in the wrong place, up around his ‘breasts’ rather than his waist, how a guy would wear it. Embarrassed, he whispered a, “sorry,” and scurried to his room across the hall before Logan had a chance to notice the pitiful little bump that had Ümraniye Çıtır Escort risen below Dante’s waist.

He waited a few moments behind the bedroom door, allowing his heart to settle. It’s just an oddly placed towel, he told himself, it’s not like she found me in panties…, again. He let himself believe it was no big deal and relaxed. He locked his door, removed his towel and tossed it and the nightie on the bed. He then unlocked the large trunk at the foot of his bed that was full of his feminine wardrobe. He snatched the nightie off the bed and shook it, thinking the panties would fall from the tangled material. When no panties dropped he tossed the lingerie into the chest and picked up the towel. Where are my panties? he mused momentarily before realizing, I must have dropped them in the hallway!

Dante quickly wrapped himself in the towel again, this time around his waist like a boy, leaving his breasts bare and then opened his bedroom door. He searched the hallway floor and saw nothing, then marched to his mother’s room. “Have you seen my panties!?” he whispered uergently.

Sicily covered her nakedness with her blankets. “What? What panties?”

“I just had them. I think… I think I dropped them in the hallway, and now they’re gone.”

Sicily stared at her still feminine-looking son for a second, then realized the situation. “Well, maybe she just… thought… they were hers?”

Dante gave a look that let his mom know how unlikely he thought that was.

“Well…, okay…, so she found your panties. So what?”

“So what!? She’s gonna find out!”

“Find out what, that you wear panties? I think she’s smart enough to have figured that out already. You’re not very careful about keeping your secret, sweetie. She’s seen you in a some panties before, remember?”

“Those were just briefs.”

Sicily gave a look. “Yeah, boybrief cut panties,” she chuckled.

“Logan thinks they were briefs.”

“With a thin pink waistband?”

“Well, she didn’t say anything…”

“And that’s my point, baby. Big deal if she knows you wear panties. She’s really open minded. She wouldn’t make fun of you or anything.”

“But what if she finds out about…, us?”

Sicily adjusted herself in the bed, clutching the sheet to her breasts. “What happened between us stays between us. And it stays in the past. There is no risk of her finding out about us if we don’t do anything wrong.”

“So it was wrong?” Dante asked sadly.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that, babygirl. I just want this to work out between Logan and me so bad. But it doesn’t mean I love you any less than I did that night. I wish things could be different somehow but this is the way it has to be. And besides, I’m sure you can find a sweet girl your own age, someone you don’t have to share.”

Dante pouted. “But…, what if I want to share.”

“Aw baby, I know you do.” Sicily scooted closer to Dante and took his hand in hers, pulling him down to sit next to her on the bed. “But for now, can you just settle for being mommy’s secret girl? And if Logan finds out about your truth it’ll be better, right? That way you can be comfy and free at home. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Dante thought momentarily. “I- I don’t know-“

“It’s okay baby girl, you don’t have to know that right now. Just promise you’ll be my good girl and behave, okay? No teasing.”

Dante nodded. “But…, can I still have kisses?” he asked tenderly.

“Of course you can baby.” Sicily glanced toward her bedroom door and listened for Logan, and then kissed Dante on the lips, cupping her pretty boy’s chin with a gentle hand. A quick peck on his lips turned into two, then five and then she was parting Dante’s lips with her tongue. He accepted his mom’s invasion willingly, humming deeply. The longing inside Dante built up, springing up between his thin legs, sprouting underneath the towel.

Sicily placed her opposite hand on Dante’s knee, letting the sheet slip away from her chest and pool around her waist, revealing her modest hills of smooth brown skin and tight little pencil eraser nipples. Her hand began to slowly crawl upward, toward her cute son’s achy little love button that poked his towel. Dante shuddered in horny excitement and nervousness. If Logan was to see this, they’d be in so much trouble! The danger excited him so much.

Midway up his sensitive thigh, Sicily stopped to caress the smooth, sensitive flesh in between. Dante quivered at the wicked sensation, the soft tickle, the denial, the incestuous naughtiness. She teased him cruelly, making him squirm and whimper like a sleepy kitten, all while massaging the sexy boy’s tongue with her own. The sweet sounds Dante made when she teased him! So sexy, so erotic and needy.

Lost in tormenting her beautiful princess, Sicily became unaware of her surroundings, and the time. Right as her fingertips brushed Dante’s hard little Ümraniye Elit Escort penis, the bathroom door could be heard opening. The two quickly made themselves decent again, Dante standing up and tucking his stiff cock between his thighs, Sicily pressing her sheet to her small tits.

Logan seemed to delay a few moments and Sicily filled the suspicious silence with talk. “It’s so great that Taylor’s going too, you’ll already have a friend so far away from home.”

“Yeah, she, umm, yeah, that’s good,” Dante said, the sound of his own heart beat disrupting his thoughts.

His mother carried the rest of the conversation until her girlfriend showed up about a minute later. “Morning, Dante.”

“Hey, Logan,” Dante said, covertly glancing down at her empty hands. The only panties he saw was the tight whites that dug into the flesh of Logan’s hips and made her pussy pout. Logan couldn’t help but notice Dante’s look, though she didn’t attempt to cover herself, only smirking at Sicily who giggled and shook her head.

Dante instinctively folded his arms across his meager breasts (as he thought of his chest) and looked back to Logans face. “So, Logan, what made you choose to go into cosmetology?” Sicily asked, pushing through the awkwardness for her dainty son’s sake.

Logan spoke as she glided back into bed beside Sicily. “I guess I just like to make girls look pretty. But to do it the right way, y’know. There’s a lot people who don’t know much about hair and makeup and fashion, and I wanna help make women sexy. I know it seems kind of self-serving for a lesbian, but I really like to make girls feel good about themselves. Why? Are you thinking about going into cosmetology, Dante?”

“Oh, me? No! I was just wondering what…, makes people so sure what to study. That’s all. I’m not really sure what I want to go into yet.”

As he talked about his indecision, Dante could see that Logan’s hands were busy underneath the covers, caressing Sicily somewhere on her upper body. During the conversation, the movement went up to where his mom’s tits would be, and then down, near his mom’s lap. Though Sicily never let it show on her face, Dante was sure Logan’s hands were dancing between his mother’s legs. Logan grinned subtly. “Well, I’m gonna go eat,” Dante said abruptly and walked out.

Dante entered his own room, closed the door and then removed his towel. His cock was still hard but began to recede. Simply knowing Logan was fondling his mom kept his little quill stiff, but thankfully he had tucked himself behind his thighs so they couldn’t see a bump in his towel.

Having his breasts out so long made Dante feel less like a lady, less modest, so he decided to make it up by wearing a bra the rest of the day. It was the perfect type of modest riskiness that he loved. He opened his chest and sifted through the endless assortment of girl’s clothes. He began whispering to himself as he searched for the perfect under attire.

“You need to wear a bra today, Stacey. You were being so naughty with your tits out for everyone to see.”

He felt slightly silly chiding himself but oh so prissy and submissive too, imagining some dominant female figure talking to him. He flung a black AA-cup bralette out of the box and set it aside.

“And you let your mommy slip her hand up your dress, so I think you need to be wearing pantyhose young lady.”

Out came the black pantyhose. He knew he would have to wear pants to cover his femininity and it would be hot since it was July, but he had his mind made up. He sat naked on his knees by the chest a while, contemplating whether to wear panties too. Pantyhose might suffice but he loved panties so much he decided he would wear a pair. They’d have to be tiny, barely-there panties to be comfortable. He sifted through silk and cotton and satin and nylon of pink and white and yellow and purple and found his tiniest pair of paties. A powder blue low cut thong he barely wore because it was so small his penis kept rolling out of the confines of the soft fabric.

“Cute panties,” he whispered and stood to don them. He pulled them tight against his hips, loving the way it felt to finally be back in a pair of panties, how they hugged him, how they set between his butt, how he stretched the fabric in front to nest his private parts. He sighed contentedly. Next he donned the little non-padded bralette, deciding he’d need to wear a black shirt so that the straps and cups were less likely to show through. And then he slipped on his pantyhose, admiring the way they made his skinny legs look more shapely, modest and sexy too. Feminine innocence was always such a turn on to him, even before he slipped on his first pair of panties.

Finally, Dante put on grey joggers and a loose black tee. He tied his hair back in a poofy ponytail and headed downstairs. Underneath his clothes he could feel the secret comforts of his female undergarments hugging him, whispering in his ear, calling him a good girl. The bra squeezed tight around his chest, his soft panties caressed his intimate places as the pantyhose did his slim legs. Outwardly dressed as a male, Dante returned to his more masculine persona as Sicily appeared a few minutes later fully dressed and newly washed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32