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(* Authors Note: All characters in this story are fictional, but loosely based off of real men. All characters are over the age of 18. Now enjoy the story and please leave your feedback it is appreciated.)


In the summer after I turned 18, my Nebraska based youth group took its annual missions trip. This year was a real treat we had raised enough money for a trip a bit farther south than we had ever gone. We went to Las Vegas or Sin City as it is called. This seemed to be the perfect place for some small town teens to share the word and story of Jesus Christ the savior and Lord. It was going really well we had been set up in a nice church not far for the main strip of town. Boys in one-room girls in the other all of us sleeping on the floors of adult Sunday school rooms, usual stuff for mission trips. I promise you this is all relevant to the story, anyway, we started our work building houses and cleaning up trash as well as evangelizing to the public as the walked by on the busy sprit. I had been placed on the evangelizing team and as suspected in the 5 hours we’d been at it I had only gotten two people to take a pamphlet about the church we were working out of. A total failure on my part, I had tried extremely hard the whole day and had fun while doing it but hadn’t really reached out to many people. As we were cleaning up for the day I saw a pair of men walking towards our group. I took the chance and ran over to them pamphlet it hand and a silent pray for courage and hope running through my mind.

” Good evening gentlemen, my name is Izzy and if I could take a few moments of your time I’d like to talk about Jesus Christ. ” I refrained for looking them in the eyes it made it easier when I got rejected.

“Sure kid we’ll listen to what you have to say.” The deep voice boomed. I was shocked they agreed to listen to me! I looked up at them one of the men was quite large but not fat in any way. He had short spiked brown hair and a slightly shaggy soul patch complementing his darkly tanned skin. His deep brown eyes staring over at the other man with a loving and playful look.

“What do you say Pete? Should we listen to what the kid has to say?” His voice contained the tale tell signs of a smokers voice. Pete was much thinner and lighter skinned with shoulder length black hair and extraordinary green eyes smooth pink lips pulled into a smirk as his eyes wander up and down türkçe porno my body. I felt something stir inside of me and I couldn’t take my eyes of this man He shrugged at his friend.

“Whatever you want Crius, as long as I get food I’m content with anything.” His voice was so sweet and smooth, deeper than I had expected but none the less beautiful.

” Come with us kid we’ll take you out to eat, my treat.” Crius booming voice pulled me from the trace Pete had left me in. Restaurant food sounded so much better than the lunchmeat sandwiches my youth group would serve for the evening. I agreed to this and then took Pete and Crius over to my youth group leader and explained the situation. He agreed to let me go as long as they had me back in time for worship. The three of us walked to a little hole in the wall place with flashing neon lights of cowboy hats and boots around the name. As we walked in the air thickened and filled with a stench that wasn’t repulsive but not really welcome either.

” Welcome to Rooty’s! May I check your IDs please? ” A man barley older than me stood wearing nothing more than brown chaps and tight red briefs that outlined his um…well penis nicely. Not that I was looking I had just noticed it’s prominences. We all handed him our driver licenses to show we were all over the age of 18. Then we were guided to a table in the center of the main room.

” Alright kid let’s hear what you’ve got to say.” Crius said breaking the uncomfortable silence that surrounded us. I cleared my throat and shifted uncomfortably in my seat watching all the scandal clad men roam the room some even giving customers lap dances.

” Aw look baby cat’s got the little boys tongue.” Pete giggled and reached over ruffling my hair. I could feel my very unwanted erection press against the zipper of my jeans. Crius laughed along with Pete at my discomfort. This was the first time I had noticed they were a couple. I struggled to get the words but managed to get out the first half of my testimony of my coming to Christ in between the bites of hot wings Pete and Crius would comment on how lucky I was to have been adopted by such a loving family.

” You know kid I was adopted too wasn’t lucky like you and I’ve got the scars to prove it.” Crius gestured at me with his half empty whisky glass in hand. We talked about his abusive father and when he had moved sikiş izle from Australia to America. By the time we had finished his story and our food, it was time for me to go back to the church. I had enjoyed my time with the guys even if it had been uncomfortable. I couldn’t stop thinking about Pete for the rest of the night. Around midnight it came to be too much. My mind was running through the metal images of Pete’s firm body perfectly outlined by the tight jeans he had been wearing. I ran wild with the images causing my eight-inch cut cock to stand at full attention in mere seconds. I felt so guilty for thinking these thoughts about someone taken let alone a man. Lying on my back at least three feet from all the other boys I reached under the covers and slid my throbbing member out of my athletic shorts it was already slick with pre-cum.

“Fuck…” I whispered as my mind forced Pete to do a sexy strip tease just for me. I slowly began to play with my rock hard cock. My eyes were squeezed shut as the perfect stranger began to imitate my movements to his own body with the addition of wandering fingers circling his tight-pursed ass hole. Oh God why was I thinking like this and why did it make me so fucking hot. I had never had a dirty thought about men before but now all I wanted was to pin down my temptress and fuck his brains out. As the fantasies progressed getting dirtier and dirtier my strokes became more furious and my balls ached as they tightened preparing to blow the creamy load they held. As I exploded my friend shone a flashlight on my face just in time to catch the first shot hitting my lips.

” Oh… I thought you were having a nightmare but I guess I was wrong.” His hushed tone and embarrassed look hit me hard with a strong wave of guilt. But oh fuck was I more turned on now to find out I had been caught in the filthy act. He watched as I licked my own cum form my lips and hand. It had a salty bitter taste to it but wasn’t unpleasant. He was so startled and yet he didn’t look away. The look of want in his eyes was so apparent I could almost feel his mind striping me. Tonight I was going to give in to one of the worst sins of my life. We were in sin city after all.

” Hey Toby, come here.” I beckoned for him in the smoothest and most seductive voice I could. He slowly crawled on his knees over to me his flashlight pointed at the ground. Once he was porno 64 close enough I grabbed his waistband and shoved his boxers down his skinny legs. He tired to protest, I pulled my friend down to me and silenced him. Our lips moved together first in an awkward struggle for power than by my lead I forced his lips open and slid my tongue in taking full advantage of my friend’s nerves. We broke the kiss both of us panting to fill our oxygen-starved lungs. He wasn’t the one I wanted but he’d do for want I needed.

” Izzy we shouldn’t do this…” he whispered as I kissed along his neck softly nipping at the skin between each kiss. I had my mind set on taking my friend for my own selfish purposes and nothing and I do mean nothing was going to stop me. He whimpered like a little kid when I grabbed his round and bare ass in my hands slamming his body against mine.

“I-Izzy…” he moaned into my ear as his hand grabbed of both of our cocks. Fuck this kid was our pastor’s son, which would make taking his virgin ass as mine all the better. I slid my hands up his body so gentle and once I was to his shoulders I dug my nails into his soft skin and clawed down his back. That act made his moan loud enough to wake up everyone and his cock twitched violently against mine.

“Shh…” I laughed planting my lips against his once more slowly pushing him down to the ground causing my cock to slide down between his legs. I stared into his eyes they twinkled with lust. Another wave of guilt hit me as I just started into those hazel eyes. I couldn’t do it; I couldn’t take advantage of my friend like this. I moved off of Toby but he whimpered and pulled me back.

” No, Toby we can’t do this not here.” I tried to move once more but he had wrapped his legs around me holding me in place.

” We can move to an empty room please Izzy… I need you so bad. ” He bit his lip and stroked my chest softly grinning his bare ass against my cock ever so slightly.

Fuck! We snuck out of the room and headed towards the chapel in all our naked glory. We took a place on the stage up front, his body pinned to the ground underneath me, his legs wrapped around my hips and our lips locked together. I sat back on my knees staring down at Toby. His hazel eyes bore into my soul his slightly chilled fingers outlining the muscles of my chest and stomach.

“Hey what are you two doing!?” Shit! Of all people it was Toby’s dad shining a flashlight on us.

” It’s nothing dad go back to bed.” Toby peered around me meeting his father’s stare. Oh fuck please let him believe his son.

“Get back to the room you two it’s too late for you to be up.” Pastor John turned and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32